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Virginia, Ill.

By: J. N. Gridley

Printed by the Enquirer

Please note that the following surname index is only to Biographical sketches and is not an index of the whole book.

In the introduction to this book, Mr. Gridley had this to say: "the undersigned gathered information used in the construction of some half dozen sketches of an historical nature to be published in the Virginia Enquirer. The productions attracted the favorable attention of numerous readers of that journal, which induced the writer to prepare additional sketches. Dr. J. F. Snyder Kindly offered to furnish a series of sketches of the early physicians of the county to be added to the series which offer was gladly accepted and his contributions make the series worthy of publication in book form. Had the result of the venture been foreseen the series would have been prepared in different form. The sketch of the Doctor upon Early Illinois should have been the initial number of the series, and the arrangement would have been different in other respects. Newspaper offices are not arranged and conducted as regular book publishing concerns, and therefore numerous typographical errors are to be found which somewhat mar the effect of the volume. The more important errors are noted upon another page.

The sketches herein prepared by Dr. J. F. Snyder are the following: Early Illinois, page 21; Dr. Pothicary, page 60; Dr. h. H. Hall, page 94; William Holmes, page 139; Dr. Schooley, page 151; Dr. Tate, page 167; Dr. Elder, page 209; Dr. Lippencott, page 236; Dr. Chandler, page 275; Dr. McClure, page 296; Dr. Logan, page 354; Dr. Christy, page 384.

"The sketch of Pioneer Life in Illinois, on page 179, was written by Mrs. Emily C. Burton, of Hebron Nebraska.
The sketch of Ambrose Buraker, page 4, was dictated by himself.
The sketch of Col. J. W. Judy, on page 14, was prepared by himself.
The sketch of Judge Rearick, on page 40, was written by the Judge, except the last paragraph.
The sketch of Captain Campbell, on page 67, was written by the Captain.
The sketches of Thos. J. Collins, on page 85 and of Charles Brady, page 88, were written by Mrs. Emily Collins Brady, of Pomona, California.
The sketch of Zachariah Hash, on page 271, was prepared by his grandson.

"There are many historical facts to be found in this volume that have never been published, and which are deemed to be worthy of preservation. The writer has in his possession other matter of the same nature which may appear in a second volume.

Virginia, Ill., August, 1907.......J. N. Gridley"

If the biography is online (it will appear in red) you can click on the name to view the sketch. I'll put all of the bios online as time permits.

BEGGS, Charles, Capt. HALL, Henry Hammond, Dr.
BENNETT, William J. HARDING, Martin
BRADY, Charles HASH, Zachariah
BRADY, Emily Collins, Mrs. HASKELL, John E.
BRADY, Mahala, Mrs. HOLMES, William
BRIDGMAN, Frank HULL, Henry R.
BUCKLEY, Mark JUDY, J. W., Col.
BURAKER, Ambrose LIPPINCOTT, Charles Ellet, Dr.
BURTON, Emily, Mrs. LOGAN, David McClure, Dr.
CAMPBELL, James Gray, Capt. MADDEN, William J.
CHANDLER, Charles, Dr. MCCLURE, Samuel Dr.
CHRISTY, Samuel, Dr. MCCONNELL, Cynthia Ann
COLLINS, William H., Rev. NEEDHAM, James, Rev.
CREWS, Jesse & Hooper, Rev. POTHICARY, Thomas, Dr.
PRATT, John Wilkes, Hon.
DUNAWAY, Jacob REARICK, Francis H., Judge
DYER, Joseph SCHOOLEY, M. H. L., Dr.
ELDER, Andrew Wilson, Dr. TATE, Harvey, Dr.
GATTON, Sarah C., Mrs. TEGG, Mary Fletcher

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