T - Z - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

T - Z

Talcott, Mrs. Mancell Manlius
Tamer, Frances M. Utica
Tannihill, Sarah Ottawa
Tappan, Arthur Vermillion
Taylor, - Mendota
Terry, Miss Freedom
Terry, Mr. Ophir
Test, Rosanna South Ottawa
Thatcher, Celia Deer Park
Thatcher, Elizabeth Deer Park
Thatcher, Elizabeth Deer Park
Thatcher, Enos Deer Park
Thatcher, Enos Deer Park
Thatcher, George Deer Park
Thatcher, Henry Deer Park
Thatcher, Henry Deer Park
Thomas, Margaret Ottawa
Thomas, Maria Mission
Thomas, Mary Peru
Thomas, Miss Eden
Thomason, Osman Adams
Thompson, - Ottawa
Thompson, Abner F. Ottawa
Thompson, Amanda LaSalle
Thompson, Bartlett LaSalle
Thompson, Benjamin Ottawa
Thompson, Edward Ottawa
Thompson, L. Ottawa
Thompson, Louise Ottawa
Thompson, Lovina Ottawa
Thompson, Mary Freedom
Thompson, Mary Ella Ottawa
Thompson, Matty Ottawa
Thompson, Mils Miller
Thompson, P. Peru
Thompson, Rosa Freedom
Thompson, Samuel H. Ottawa
Thompson, William South Ottawa
Thompson, William Ophir
Thomson, G. L. Ottawa
Thomson, Nellie Ottawa
Thorn, Platt South Ottawa
Thornton, Hiram Ophir
Thornton, Hiram Troy Grove
Thornton, John Earl
Thornton, Lurania Earl
Thornton, Roby Earl
Thornton, Sarah Earl
Thorp, Isaac Eagle
Thurston, Benjamin Ottawa
Thurston, John D. Grand Rapids
Thurston, Mary Ottawa
Thurston, Priscilla Ottawa
Thurston, Susan Ottawa
Thurston, Susan   Ottawa
Thurston, widow Deer Park
Thurston, William Ottawa
Tibballs, Melissa A. Dimmick
Tibbals, Lydia Dimmick
Tichener, Delia A. Ottawa
Tichener, Olive Ottawa
Tichnor, Miss Troy Grove
Tilden, Eunice Peru
Tilden, Flora Peru
Tilden, John P. Peru
Tilden, Mary Peru
Tilden, William P. Peru
Tillotson, Thove Adams
Tillsbury, George Eagle
Tillsbury, George Eagle
Titus, F. E. Manlius
Tobias, Mr. Ophir
Todd, - Vermillion
Todd, Charles Deer Park
Tompkins, Lydia Peru
Torrey, Betsey Eagle
Town, Mr. South Ottawa
Towner, Daniel Ophir
Towner, Ezra Ophir
Towner, Hiram Ophir
Towner, Horace E. Ophir
Towner, James Ophir
Towner, Jane Ophir
Towner, John H. Ophir
Towner, Justin D. Ophir
Towner, Katharine Ophir
Towner, Leonard Ophir
Towner, Letitia Ophir
Towner, Lorenzo Ophir
Towner, Mary Ophir
Towner, Matilda Ophir
Towner, Nathaniel Ophir
Townsend, Alva Adams
Townsend, Charles Adams
Townsend, Daniel Peru
Townsend, Daniel J. Peru
Townsend, Deborah Adams
Townsend, George Adams
Townsend, James Adams
Townsend, John Adams
Townsend, Lois Mission
Townsend, Margaret Adams
Townsend, Mary Ann Adams
Townsend, Nathan Adams
Townsend, Olive Adams
Townsend, Peruy Adams
Townsend, Phebe Adams
Tozer, Lucy Ottawa
Tracy, - Vermillion
Tracy, Ebenezer South Ottawa
Tracy, Silas South Ottawa
Tracy, Thomas South Ottawa
Trimble, Robert Mission
Trout, Catharine Deer Park
Trout, Harriet Bruce
Trout, Harriet Farm Ridge
Trout, Hiram Deer Park
Trout, John Farm Ridge
Trout, John M. Vermillion
Trout, John M. Farm Ridge
Trout, Peter Deer Park
Trout, Phebe M. Deer Park
Trout, Sarah M. Farm Ridge
Trout, Susan Farm Ridge
Trout, William C. Farm Ridge
True, Angeline Ottawa
True, Geo. M. Ottawa
True, Joseph Ottawa
True, Joseph Ottawa
True, Wm. Ottawa
True, Wm. M. Ottawa
Trumbo, Abraham Mission
Trumbo, Abraham Manlius
Trumbo, Abraham Fall River
Trumbo, Abraham Brookfield
Trumbo, Ambrose Fall River
Trumbo, Anna Rutland
Trumbo, Barbara Rutland
Trumbo, Elias Rutland
Trumbo, Elias Rutland
Trumbo, Eliza Rutland
Trumbo, Eliza Rutland
Trumbo, Elizabeth Rutland
Trumbo, Isabella Dayton
Trumbo, Isabella Rutland
Trumbo, Jackson Fall River
Trumbo, Jane Fall River
Trumbo, John Rutland
Trumbo, Lavinia Rutland
Trumbo, Margaret Mission
Trumbo, Margaret Fall River
Trumbo, Matthias Rutland
Trumbo, Oliver W. Dayton
Trumbo, Rebecca Fall River
Trumbo, Rebecca J. Dayton
Trumbo, Sally Rutland
Tryon, Miss Fall River
Tucker, Jacob Freedom
Tucker, Levi Freedom
Tucker, S. A. South Ottawa
Turner, Arthur Deer Park
Turner, Elizabeth Deer Park
Turner, Fletcher Deer Park
Turner, George Manlius
Turner, George Deer Park
Turner, James Deer Park
Turner, Jane Deer Park
Turner, John Deer Park
Turner, Martha Deer Park
Turner, Melissa Deer Park
Turner, Nat Vermillion
Turner, William Deer Park
Turney, Miss LaSalle
Turple, Mr. Rutland
Tuttle, Thomas Rutland
Tuttle, Vincy Ottawa
Tylee, Belle Vermillion
Tylee, Capt. Brookfield
Tylee, Hattie Vermillion
Tyler, Samuel South Ottawa
Uhler, Harriet Ottawa
Underwood, Miss Northville
Vale, Isaac Richland
Van Doren, C. M. Ottawa Addenda
Van Doren, Jacob C. Ottawa Addenda
Van Doren, James Ottawa Addenda
Van Doren, James Deer Park
Van Doren, Lansing Ottawa Addenda
Van Doren, Lucas Ottawa Addenda
Van Dycke, Geo. Peru
Van Valkenburgh, Aphia Deer Park
Vance, Geo. Freedom
Vanderhoof, Sarah Northville
Vane, Chas. Ottawa
Vaughan, Mr. LaSalle
Verbeck, Eddy Mission
Verbeck, Eva Mission
Verbeck, Henry Mission
Verbeck, James Mission
Verbeck, Mabel Mission
Vermit, Vital Rutland
Vermit, Vitall Ottawa
Verner, - Osage
Vroman, - Deer Park
Wade, Elizabeth Otter Creek
Wade, Miss South Ottawa
Wade, Rebecca Otter Creek
Wade, Robert Otter Creek
Wade, widow Rutland
Wadleigh, Daniel Groveland
Wadleigh, John Groveland
Wagoner, Christian Otter Creek
Wagy, Ann Freedom
Wagy, Margaret Rutland
Wagy, Philip Freedom
Wakefield, Adda Ottawa
Wakefield, Mr. Rutland
Wakefield, Otis O. Ottawa
Wakeham, Thomas Eden
Walbridge, Alonzo Rutland
Waldo, Anna Ophir
Waldo, Charles Ophir
Waldo, Edward Y. Ophir
Waldo, Ella S. Peru
Waldo, Herbert L. Peru
Waldo, Lewis Peru
Waldo, Lewis Waltham
Waldo, Sarah H. Peru
Walker, - Peru
Walker, Adeline Ottawa
Walker, Augustus Evans Ottawa
Walker, Cyrus Ottawa
Walker, David Rutland
Walker, David Jr. Ottawa
Walker, Dr. David Ottawa
Walker, Dr. David Dayton
Walker, Elizabeth Ottawa
Walker, Geo. E. Ottawa
Walker, George L. Ottawa
Walker, Huldah Ottawa
Walker, Huldah Rutland
Walker, James Ottawa
Walker, James Dayton
Walker, Jane N. Ottawa
Walker, Jesse Ottawa
Walker, Jesse Mission
Walker, Jesse Serena
Walker, Keziah Ottawa
Walker, Margaret Ottawa
Walker, Mary Ann Ottawa
Walker, Samuel Ottawa
Walker, Wilbur F. Ottawa
Wallace, C. H. Ottawa
Wallace, Charles Earl
Wallace, Eliza Earl
Wallace, Eliza Deer Park
Wallace, Gen. W.H.L. Ottawa
Wallace, General Ottawa
Wallace, General Ottawa
Wallace, George Earl
Wallace, James Earl
Wallace, James Mission
Wallace, John Ottawa
Wallace, John Deer Park
Wallace, Major D. Earl
Wallace, Mr. Utica
Wallace, William H. L. Ottawa
Waller, Armida Farm Ridge
Waller, Ever Mission
Wallrod, Mary E. Utica
Walworth, Miss Bruce
Wamsley, Betsey Rutland
Wamsley, Margaret Rutland
Ward, - Mendota
Ward, Daniel Brookfield
Ward, Delia Northville
Ward, Dr. Manlius
Ward, Martha Bruce
Wariner, Mr. Serena
Warner, Alfred Northville
Warner, Alfred Northville
Warner, Eliazbeth Northville
Warner, Elizabeth Northville
Warner, Francis Northville
Warner, George Northville
Warner, George Northville
Warner, John Northville
Warner, Samuel Northville
Warner, Samuel Northville
Warner, Thomas Northville
Warnock, Mary Vermillion
Warren, - Vermillion
Warren, Ardilla Serena
Warren, Betsey Vermillion
Warren, Daniel Vermillion
Warren, Daniel Vermillion
Warren, Daniel Jr. Serena
Warren, Daniel Sr. Serena
Warren, Elizabeth Serena
Warren, Emma Serena
Warren, Eunice Vermillion
Warren, Ezekiel Vermillion
Warren, Ezekiel Serena
Warren, Fanny Serena
Warren, Florence Serena
Warren, Huron Serena
Warren, John Mission
Warren, Louis S. Serena
Warren, Lucien Serena
Warren, Luther Serena
Warren, Mary Serena
Warren, Mary   Ottawa
Warren, Nathan Vermillion
Warren, Nathan Serena
Warren, Olive Vermillion
Warren, Olive Serena
Warren, Polly Vermillion
Warren, Polly Eden
Warren, Ruden Serena
Warren, Samuel Serena
Warren, Sanuel Vermillion
Warren, Sylvester Troy Grove
Warren, widow Serena
Warren, William Serena
Washburn, Benjamin Vermillion
Washburn, Benjamin Jr. Vermillion
Washburn, Gustavus Vermillion
Washburn, Miss Vermillion
Washburn, Salmon B. Vermillion
Washburn, Stillman Vermillion
Waterman, Adda Ottawa
Waterman, Caroline Ophir
Waterman, E. L. Ottawa
Waterman, Effie Ottawa
Waterman, Emily Ottawa
Waterman, Eri L. Ottawa
Waterman, Fanny Ottawa
Waterman, Fred Ottawa
Waterman, Gale Manlius
Waterman, George Ottawa
Waterman, Ida Ottawa
Waterman, James Ottawa
Waterman, Mary Ottawa
Waterman, Miss Ophir
Waterman, Rebecca Ottawa
Watkins, Elizabeth Serena
Watts, P. C. South Ottawa
Wauchope, Andrew Bruce
Wauchope, Arabella Bruce
Wauchope, Jane Bruce
Wauchope, Joseph Bruce
Wauchope, Joseph Farm Ridge
Wauchope, Miss Farm Ridge
Wauchope, Samuel Vermillion
Wauchope, Samuel Bruce
Wauchope, Samuel D. Bruce
Wauchope, Sarah Bruce
Wauchope, Thomas Bruce
Wauchope, William John Bruce
Weatherspoon, Frederick Northville
Weaver, Ira Freedom
Webber, Julia Manlius
Weber, Mr. Peru
Weber, Mr. Vermillion
Webster, - Meriden
Webster, Charles Ophir
Webster, Daniel Peru
Webster, Daniel Manlius
Webster, Fletcher Peru
Wedgebury, William Farm Ridge
Weed, Edmund Ottawa
Weisman, J. P. Ophir
Weisner, John Meriden
Weitsell, John Rutland
Weitzel, Katharine Farm Ridge
Weitzell, Margaret Ophir
Welch, Belinda Troy Grove
Welch, John Troy Grove
Welch, Martha Troy Grove
Welch, Thomas Troy Grove
Welch, Thomas Jr. Troy Grove
Welch, Thos. Troy Grove
Wells, J. W. Vermillion
Wells, Mr. Eden
West, Alma J. Northville
West, Andrew J. Eden
West, Charles Northville
West, Clara F. Northville
West, Cora M. Northville
West, M. H. Northville
West, Moses H. Northville
Westgate, Abner D. Ophir
Westgate, David Ophir
Westgate, Emily Ophir
Westgate, George Ophir
Westgate, James Ophir
Westgate, Joseph Ophir
Westgate, Joseph Ophir
Westgate, Joseph B. Ophir
Westgate, Mary Ophir
Westgate, Thomas Ophir
Weston, Rufus Groveland
Whalen, Mary LaSalle
Wheatland, Elizabeth Farm Ridge
Wheatland, Ellen Farm Ridge
Wheatland, George Farm Ridge
Wheatland, Isaac Deer Park
Wheatland, Isaac Farm Ridge
Wheatland, Mary Ann Farm Ridge
Wheatland, William Deer Park
Wheatland, William Farm Ridge
Wheeler, Miss Serena
Whipple, Wm. Manlius
Whitaker, Sarah Eagle
Whitcraft, Sarah Ann Ottawa
White, Abby L. Deer Park
White, Anna Deer Park
White, Lucy Deer Park
White, Maria Northville
White, Millie Earl
White, Miss Earl
White, Rosa Deer Park
Whiteside, Chloe Ann Vermillion
Whiting, Adolphus Deer Park
Whiting, Jabez Deer Park
Whiting, John Deer Park
Whitman, Emily Groveland
Whitman, W. E. Groveland
Whitmarsh, Thomas C. Vermillion
Whitmore, Abner Northville
Whitmore, Addison Northville
Whitmore, Albert Northville
Whitmore, Albert Northville
Whitmore, Alonzo Northville
Whitmore, Benjamin Northville
Whitmore, Catharine Northville
Whitmore, David Northville
Whitmore, Emily Northville
Whitmore, Esther Northville
Whitmore, Harriet Northville
Whitmore, Harvey Northville
Whitmore, James Northville
Whitmore, James Northville
Whitmore, John Northville
Whitmore, John Northville
Whitmore, John Northville
Whitmore, Joseph Northville
Whitmore, Lorenzo Northville
Whitmore, Lucien Northville
Whitmore, Martha Northville
Whitmore, Murray Northville
Whitmore, Susan Northville
Whitmore, Tracy Northville
Whitmore, William Northville
Whitmore, William C. Northville
Whitney, Sanford Mission
Whitney, Thirza Mission
Whittier, John G. Vermillion
Whittlesey, C. C. Fall River
Wicks, E. R. Meriden
Wickwire, Daniel Rutland
Wightman, Edward Rutland
Wilburs, Mary J. R. Freedom
Wilcox, Allen Adams
Wilcox, John Brookfield
Wilcox, Lydia Peru
Wilcox, Riverius Adams
Wiley, Charles Freedom
Wiley, Eliza Freedom
Wiley, Henry Freedom
Wiley, Martha Freedom
Wiley, Miss Manlius
Wiley, Samuel Freedom
Wiley, William Freedom
Wilkinson, George Meriden
Wilkinson, Mr. Vermillion
Willey, D. Eden
Williams, Douglass Northville
Williams, E. Deer Park
Williams, Edward R. Vermillion
Williams, Edward R. Deer Park
Williams, Ellen Freedom
Williams, Evan Freedom
Williams, Helen Northville
Williams, Henrietta Deer Park
Williams, Horace Northville
Williams, Jehiel Deer Park
Williams, John Freedom
Williams, Miss Freedom
Williams, Norman Ottawa
Williams, R. B. Deer Park
Williams, Rebecca Rutland
Williams, Rinaldo Farm Ridge
Williams, Robert B. Deer Park
Williams, Susan Northville
Williams, William Freedom
Williamson, Canute Miller
Wilson, Abram Earl
Wilson, Alonzo Freedom
Wilson, Bertha E. Eden
Wilson, Caroline Earl
Wilson, Celia Eden
Wilson, Charlotte Ann Earl
Wilson, Dolly Manlius
Wilson, Edwin Earl
Wilson, James South Ottawa
Wilson, Jane Bruce
Wilson, John Deer Park
Wilson, John T. Earl
Wilson, Mary Bruce
Wilson, Miss Otter Creek
Wilson, O. J. Earl
Wilson, Osman John Earl
Wilson, Richard Earl
Wilson, Samuel Troy Grove
Wilson, Thomas Earl
Wilson, William Earl
Winans, Alva Groveland
Winslow, Mary Troy Grove
Winters, Nancy LaSalle
Winterton, William Troy Grove
Winterton, Wm. Troy Grove
Wiseman, Wm. Vermillion
Wiswall, Adaline Deer Park
Wiswall, Adeline Deer Park
Wiswall, Bruce Deer Park
Wiswall, Caroline Deer Park
Wiswall, Edwin Deer Park
Wiswall, Emily Deer Park
Wiswall, Ferris Deer Park
Wiswall, Hannah Deer Park
Wiswall, Harriet Deer Park
Wiswall, Harriet Deer Park
Wiswall, J. P. Deer Park
Wiswall, Jane Vermillion
Wiswall, Jane Deer Park
Wiswall, Jason Deer Park
Wiswall, Jason P. Deer Park
Wiswall, Jerusha Deer Park
Wiswall, Julia Deer Park
Wiswall, Sarah Deer Park
Wiswall, William Deer Park
Wixom, Abram Troy Grove
Wixom, Chauncy Troy Grove
Wixom, Henry W. Troy Grove
Wixom, Jesse B. Troy Grove
Wixom, Justin Troy Grove
Wixom, Justin D. Ophir
Wixom, Justin D. Troy Grove
Wixom, Melissa Troy Grove
Wixom, Nancy Troy Grove
Wixom, Nathan Troy Grove
Wixom, Reuben Troy Grove
Wixom, Urbin Troy Grove
Wolf, Charles Peru
Wood, Betsey Waltham
Wood, Catharine Hope
Wood, David Earl
Wood, Dea. Deer Park
Wood, Elisha Earl
Wood, Ellen Earl
Wood, Frank Vermillion
Wood, Grace Peru
Wood, Harvey Peru
Wood, James Earl
Wood, John Peru
Wood, John Eagle
Wood, John Bruce
Wood, John Deer Park
Wood, Lovina Earl
Wood, Margaret Peru
Wood, Mary Earl
Wood, Miss Peru
Wood, Mr. Utica
Wood, Newton Deer Park
Wood, Peter Earl
Wood, Peter Eagle
Wood, Sarah Deer Park
Wood, Volney Manlius
Wood, widow Bruce
Wood, William Peru
Woodbridge, Dr. John LaSalle
Woodruff, Alson Ottawa
Woodruff, Alson Ottawa
Woodruff, Alson Ottawa
Woodruff, Elizabeth Ottawa
Woodruff, Maria Ottawa
Woodruff, Minnie Ottawa
Woodruff, Nathan Ottawa
Woodruff, Ralph Ottawa
Woodruff, Ralph Troy Grove
Woodruff, Rathbun Ottawa
Woodsworth, Hiram P. Peru
Woodsworth, Silas Peru
Woodward, Anna Deer Park
Woodward, Anna Deer Park
Woodward, Elizabeth Vermillion
Woodward, Emma Deer Park
Woodward, Helen J. Deer Park
Woodward, Jane Deer Park
Woodward, Levi Vermillion
Woodward, Lewis Vermillion
Woodward, Lucinda Deer Park
Woodward, Luther Deer Park
Woodward, Martin S. Deer Park
Woodward, Mary Vermillion
Woodward, Oliver Cromwell Deer Park
Woodward, Ona Vermillion
Woodward, Sarah Deer Park
Woodworth, James A. Manlius
Woodworth, Jas. H. Manlius
Woodworth, Robert P. Manlius
Woodworth, Robert P. Manlius
Woolfolk, Austin Vermillion
Worcester, H. Freedom
Work, James B. Osage
Wormley, Inglehart Allen
Wormley, John Allen
Worsley, Ann Ophir
Worsley, Frederick W. Ophir
Worsley, Henry Ophir
Worsley, John Ophir
Worsley, Joseph Ophir
Worsley, Joseph F. Ophir
Worsley, Margaret Ophir
Worsley, Margaret Ophir
Worsley, Susan Ophir
Worsley, William Y. Ophir
Wright, Charlotte Serena
Wright, Levi Northville
Wright, Levi Northville
Wright, Louisa Freedom
Wykoff, Mr. Serena
Wyman, Mary E. Mission
Yale, Catherine C. Eden
York, John Osage
York, John N. Osage
York, Pleasant Osage
Yost, Sarah Deer Park
Young, Comfort Manlius
Young, Hannah Eagle
Young, Julia Rutland
Young, Miss Ottawa
Young, Mr. Manlius
Young, Mr. Rev. Eden
Zeluff, Levi Rutland



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