S - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.


Sabin, Horace Manlius
Sabin, Mary Manlius
Sage, Seth Wallace
Salisbury, Mary Northville
Sample, Susan S. Rutland
Sampson, Ruhama Freedom
Sampson, Stephen Freedom
Sanders, Edward Rutland
Sanders, Maria Rutland
Sanger, David Ottawa
Sanger, Dr. W. A. Ottawa
Sanger, Harriet Ottawa
Sanger, J. Y. Ottawa
Sanger, L. P. Deer Park
Sanger, Lorenzo P. Ottawa
Sanger, Louisa Ottawa
Sanger, Lucien P. Ottawa
Sargeant, Jackson Adams
Sargeant, James Adams
Sargeant, Newton Adams
Sargeant, William Adams
Sargent, Charlotte Utica
Sargent, Susan Serena
Sayers, Col. South Ottawa
Sayers, Colonel Ottawa
Scanlan, Nancy Vermillion
Schermerhorn, Anna Ottawa
Schermerhorn, Delana Eden
Schermerhorn, Dr. Peter Ottawa
Schermerhorn, Edward Ottawa
Schermerhorn, Mr. Mission
Schock, Amelia Vermillion
Schofield, Mrs. Northville
Schoonover, Peter Vermillion
Scofield, Elma Grand Rapids
Scofield, George Freedom
Scott, Amos Osage
Scott, Ephraim Northville
Scott, John Osage
Scott, Miss Troy Grove
Scott, Richard Freedom
Scott, widow Earl
Scranton, Mrs. Ophir
Seabring, Benjamin Freedom
Seabring, Thomas Freedom
Seabring, William Freedom
Seabry, widow Freedom
Seabry, Wm. Freedom
Seaman, Anna Mary Northville
Seaman, Byron Northville
Seaman, Caroline Northville
Seaman, Charles Northville
Seaman, Delilah Northville
Seaman, Edgar Northville
Seaman, Ellen Northville
Seaman, Emma Northville
Seaman, Fanny Northville
Seaman, Henrietta Northville
Seaman, Henry Northville
Seaman, Jacob Northville
Seaman, James Northville
Seaman, Julia Northville
Seaman, Lucien Northville
Seaman, M. Adelaide Northville
Seaman, Martha Ann Northville
Seaman, Nathaniel Northville
Seaman, Richard Northville
Seaman, Sarah Northville
Seaman, Walter Northville
Searls, Ann Ophir
Searls, Betsey Northville
Searls, Gurdon Ophir
Seeley, Anna Vermillion
Seeley, Dr. Peru
Seeley, Eveline Vermillion
Seeley, John Vermillion
Seeley, John Vermillion
Seeley, Mary Vermillion
Seeley, Mary Vermillion
Seeley, Randolph Vermillion
Seeley, Samuel Vermillion
Seeley, Samuel Brookfield
Seeley, Sarah Vermillion
Seeley, William Dayton
Seeley, William Vermillion
Seeley, William Vermillion
Seeley, William Vermillion
Seeley, William Brookfield
Seeley, William Jr. Vermillion
Seers, Wm. A. Rutland
Selwin, George Northville
Sergeant, Sophia Deer Park
Setchel, Hartly Troy Grove
Sevant, Sallie Dayton
Sevins, Laura Utica
Sexton, Mr. Bruce
Seybold, Jerome Vermillion
Seybold, Josiah Vermillion
Seybold, Josiah Deer Park
Seybold, Mary Vermillion
Seybold, Mrs. Vermillion
Seybold, Thaddeus Vermillion
Shackleford, R. Deer Park
Sharp, George Vermillion
Shaver, Barbara Rutland
Shaver, Belle Rutland
Shaver, Catharine Rutland
Shaver, Cyrus Rutland
Shaver, David Rutland
Shaver, David Rutland
Shaver, David Rutland
Shaver, David R. Rutland
Shaver, Delia Freedom
Shaver, Dolcina Rutland
Shaver, Dora Rutland
Shaver, Emma Rutland
Shaver, Ephraim Rutland
Shaver, Geo. W. Rutland
Shaver, George Freedom
Shaver, Harrison Rutland
Shaver, Harvey Dayton
Shaver, Harvey Rutland
Shaver, Joseph Rutland
Shaver, Josiah Mission
Shaver, Margaret Rutland
Shaver, Mary Lovina Rutland
Shaver, Nancy Rutland
Shaver, Peter Rutland
Shaver, Rebecca Rutland
Shaver, Semantha Rutland
Shaw, Josiah E. South Ottawa
Shay, Sarah Eagle
Shay, Stephen Eagle
Shed, Clinton Troy Grove
Shed, Harriet Troy Grove
Shed, Mr. Deer Park
Shed, Rufus Troy Grove
Shed, William G. Troy Grove
Shed, Zaccheus Troy Grove
Shepherd, Mary Bruce
Shepherd, Robert Utica
Sherman, Henry Northville
Sherman, John Northville
Sherrell, Laura Adelaide Ottawa
Shinn, Abner Groveland
Shipman, George Northville
Shope, Simon P. Ottawa
Shuey, Elizabeth Grand Rapids
Shuler, Henry A. Ottawa
Shuler, John A. Ottawa
Shuler, John N. Ottawa
Shuler, Josephine Ottawa
Shuler, Mary E. Ottawa
Shuler, Rebecca J. Ottawa
Sibley, Henry Miller
Sibley, Henry Miller
Sides, Eliza Ottawa
Sigler, Oliver H. Brookfield
Simeon, Barbara Ann Utica
Simmon, Olive Eden
Simmons, Eliza Manlius
Simmons, Emily Manlius
Simmons, Frank Manlius
Simmons, Hannah Eden
Simmons, Henry Otter Creek
Simmons, Joshua Manlius
Simmons, Lizzie Eden
Simmons, Lois Manlius
Simmons, Mary E. Adams
Simmons, Melinda Manlius
Simmons, Reuben Manlius
Simmons, William Utica
Simon, Jane Utica
Simonton, Sarah Utica
Simpkins, Thomas Bruce
Simpson, F. W. Manlius
Simpson, John S. Troy Grove
Simpson, Mary Dimmick
Skeels, Lucy Serena
Skelton, James Freedom
Skinner, A. P. Manlius
Skinner, Miss Northville
Slater, Alfred Vermillion
Slater, Alfred Deer Park
Slater, B. F. Vermillion
Slater, Harriet Vermillion
Slater, Harriet Vermillion
Slater, Henry Eagle
Slater, Henry Vermillion
Slater, Jerusha Vermillion
Slater, John Vermillion
Slater, John Vermillion
Slater, John Eden
Slater, Olive Vermillion
Slater, Olive Deer Park
Slater, Sally Vermillion
Sly, Alice Northville
Sly, Anne Northville
Sly, Eliza Northville
Sly, Frederick Northville
Sly, Jackson Northville
Sly, Jane Northville
Sly, Joanna Northville
Sly, Joseph Northville
Sly, William Northville
Smallen, Reuben Brookfield
Smead, Isaac Deer Park
Smiley, Marshall Groveland
Smith, Adam Y. Ottawa
Smith, Alva O. Vermillion
Smith, Alva O. Serena
Smith, Alva O. Serena
Smith, Conrad Earl
Smith, Conrad Northville
Smith, Conrad Northville
Smith, David Earl
Smith, Dr. South Ottawa
Smith, Eakin Ophir
Smith, Edward South Ottawa
Smith, Elijah Dimmick
Smith, Eunice Serena
Smith, Frederick Earl
Smith, Frederick Northville
Smith, Henry Allen
Smith, James Serena
Smith, Jarvis Dimmick
Smith, Jefferson Eagle
Smith, John Peru
Smith, Levi C. Serena
Smith, Lois L. Serena
Smith, Lovina Ottawa
Smith, Lucy South Ottawa
Smith, Mary Ophir
Smith, Mary Serena
Smith, Peruy H. Ottawa
Smith, Phoebe Ottawa
Smith, Rhoda Serena
Smith, Richard H. Dimmick
Smith, Robina Troy Grove
Smith, S. Lisle Peru
Smith, Samuel G. Peru
Smith, Sarah LaSalle
Smith, Sarah E. Serena
Smith, Sidney Serena
Smith, Sybil E. Peru
Snack, John V. Ottawa
Snediker, D. Ottawa
Snell, Salathiel Farm Ridge
Snelling, John Rutland
Snelling, John A. Ottawa
Snelling, Mr. Mission
Sotter, - Bruce
Sotter, David Bruce
Sotter, John Bruce
South, Martin Troy Grove
Southworth, George A. Mission
Southworth, Jane Mission
Southworth, Marcus Mission
Southworth, Mary Mission
Southworth, Mr. Mission
Spaulding, Ulysses Peru
Spencer, Ellen Otter Creek
Spencer, Ellen Otter Creek
Spencer, James Otter Creek
Spencer, James Otter Creek
Spencer, John K. Rutland
Spradling, Elizabeth Mission
Spradling, Enoch Mission
Spradling, Frances Mission
Spradling, James Mission
Spradling, Josephine Mission
Spradling, Levi Mission
Spradling, Rachel Mission
Sprague, - Adams
Sprague, Abel Manlius
Sprague, Abel Manlius
Sprague, Ephraim Manlius
Sprague, Ephraim Manlius
Sprague, Ephraim Fall River
Sprague, George Ottawa
Sprague, George Vermillion
Sprague, George Serena
Sprague, Horace Ottawa
Sprague, Horace South Ottawa
Sprague, Horace Serena
Sprague, Rachel South Ottawa
Springer, Nancy Bruce
St. Clair, - Ottawa
St. Clair, Amos Serena
St. Clair, Eliza Jane Serena
St. Clair, Eugene Serena
St. Clair, John Rutland
St. Clair, John Serena
St. Clair, Laura E. Serena
St. Clair, Lucretia Serena
St. Clair, Martha E. Serena
St. Clair, Mary Ann Serena
St. Clair, Rachel Serena
St. Clair, Rachel Freedom
St. Clair, Rev. John Serena
St. Clair, Sarah E. Serena
St. Clair, Watson Serena
St. Clair, William Serena
Stadden, Elizabeth Dayton
Stadden, Jonathan Dayton
Stadden, Jonathan Rutland
Stadden, Mary Dayton
Stadden, Mary Dayton
Stadden, Richard Dayton
Stadden, William Dayton
Stadden, William Dayton
Stadden, Wm. Rutland
Stadden, Wm. Rutland
Stanford, Emery Vermillion
Stanford, Frank Vermillion
Stanford, Russell Vermillion
Stanford, Sarah Vermillion
Stanford, Susan Vermillion
Stanley, Sally Deer Park
Stanton, Lydia South Ottawa
Stasen, Winley Bruce
Stebbins, Abdolonymus Manlius
Stebbins, Abner Manlius
Stebbins, Austin Manlius
Stebbins, Edgar Manlius
Stebbins, Emery Manlius
Stebbins, Henry Manlius
Stebbins, Lorinda Manlius
Stebbins, Louana Manlius
Stebbins, Louana Manlius
Stebbins, Louis Manlius
Stebbins, Mary Manlius
Stevens, Allen Allen
Stevens, Charles Troy Grove
Stevens, Eliza Serena
Stevens, Emma Troy Grove
Stevens, Mr. Brookfield
Stevenson, Amanda Troy Grove
Stevenson, Eliza Ottawa
Stevenson, James Rutland
Stewart, Miss Deer Park
Stewart, Mrs. Vermillion
Stewart, Willis Vermillion
Stillwell, Miss Vermillion
Stilson, Hannah Earl
Stilson, S. T. Earl
Stilson, Samuel T. Earl
Stipes, Matilda Fall River
Stipes, Rachel Fall River
Stockham, Joseph Northville
Stocking, - Manlius
Stockton, John Freedom
Stoddard, L. L. Peru
Stone, Dr. Ottawa
Stone, J. G. Ottawa
Stone, Miss Ottawa
Stoughtonbury, Ella Northville
Stoutenbury, James Adams
Strawn, Abner Ottawa
Strawn, Bertha South Ottawa
Strawn, Christopher C. Ottawa
Strawn, Clara South Ottawa
Strawn, Cora Belle South Ottawa
Strawn, David Ottawa
Strawn, David Ottawa
Strawn, David South Ottawa
Strawn, Douglass Ottawa
Strawn, Eli Ottawa
Strawn, Eli Utica
Strawn, Elisa Deer Park
Strawn, Eliza Ottawa
Strawn, Ella South Ottawa
Strawn, Elsa Brookfield
Strawn, Franklin Ottawa
Strawn, H. C. Deer Park
Strawn, Harlan L. South Ottawa
Strawn, Henry C. Ottawa
Strawn, Henry L. Ottawa
Strawn, Isaiah Ottawa
Strawn, Isaiah Ottawa
Strawn, Isaiah Ottawa
Strawn, Jacob Rutland
Strawn, James Ottawa
Strawn, Jemima Ottawa
Strawn, Jeremiah Ottawa
Strawn, Jermiah South Ottawa
Strawn, Joel   Ottawa
Strawn, Joel   Ottawa
Strawn, John Mission
Strawn, Louisa Ottawa
Strawn, Martha Ottawa
Strawn, Mary Ottawa
Strawn, Matilda Ottawa
Strawn, Nancy Ottawa
Strawn, Phebe Ottawa
Strawn, Robert Ottawa
Strawn, Sarah Ann Ottawa
Strawn, Sarah Ann Ottawa
Strawn, Susan Ottawa
Strawn, Susan South Ottawa
Strawn, Theodosia South Ottawa
Strawn, Walter South Ottawa
Strawn, Zilpa Ottawa
Strickland, Nettie Ottawa
Stuart, Mary Farm Ridge
Sturgess, Thomas Bruce
Sullivan, Thomas Allen
Summers, John L. Allen
Sumner, Miss Deer Park
Suples, Handy Northville
Suples, Hugh Northville
Suples, Lewis Northville
Supus, Lewis Northville
Sutphen, Albert Earl
Sutphen, Carrie T. Earl
Sutphen, Charles H. Earl
Sutphen, Charles T. Earl
Sutphen, Ford Earl
Sutphen, George Earl
Sutphen, Gilbert Earl
Sutphen, Mary Earl
Sutphen, Sarah Earl
Sutphen, Weller Earl
Sutton, Miss Rutland
Suydam, Julia Deer Park
Swanson, Edward LaSalle
Swanson, John LaSalle
Swanson, Mrs. LaSalle
Swarts, Lucy Ophir
Sweetland, Amanda Northville
Sweetland, Charles Northville
Sweetland, Harrison W. Northville
Sweetland, Hattie Northville
Sweetland, Henry Northville
Sweetland, Horatio Northville
Sweetland, Martha Northville
Sweetland, Reuben Northville
Swift, Albert Dimmick
Swift, Emma Vermillion
Swift, Henry Dimmick
Swift, Lyman Dimmick
Swift, Mary Eden
Swift, Mary Dimmick
Swift, Milton H. Ottawa
Swift, Mr. Eden
Swift, Mrs. Anna Groveland
Symonds, Alfred Deer Park



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