O - R - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

O - R

Oatman, Margaret Manlius
O'Brian, - Mendota
Ocean, Frank South Ottawa
O'Conner, Mr. LaSalle
O'Conner, widow LaSalle
O'Connor, Edward Deer Park
O'Connor, Elias Deer Park
O'Connor, Elizabeth Deer Park
O'Connor, John Deer Park
O'Connor, Marthin Deer Park
O'Connor, May Deer Park
O'Connor, Michael Deer Park
O'Connor, Michael Jr. Deer Park
O'Connor, Thomas Deer Park
O'Connor, William Deer Park
Oleson, Christian Miller
Oleson, Nels Adams
Oleson, Ole Miller
Oleson, Ole T. Adams
Oleson, Torson Miller
Olmstead, Allen Manlius
Olmstead, Ann Manlius
Olmstead, Anson Manlius
Olmstead, Curtis Manlius
Olmstead, David Manlius
Olmstead, Edward A. Manlius
Olmstead, Hiram Manlius
Olmstead, Hiram Freedom
Olmstead, Lewis Manlius
Olmstead, Mary Manlius
Olmstead, Sally Ann Manlius
Olmstead, Wesley Manlius
Olmstead, William Manlius
Olson, Canute Miller
Olson, Lars Miller
Olson, Lars B. Miller
Olson, Michael Miller
O'Neal, Barney Groveland
O'Neal, James LaSalle
O'Neil, Wm. Peru
O'Neill, Barney Eagle
Ormsby, C. Ophir
Orr, Thomas Troy Grove
Osborne, Adelbert Bruce
Osgood, A. Hope
Osgood, S. T. Brookfield
Osman, Eaton Goodell Ottawa
Osman, Mary E. Ottawa
Osman, Moses Ottawa
Osman, Wm. Ottawa
Osman, Wm. H. Ottawa
Ostrander, Miss Deer Park
Otis, Lucy Rutland
Otis, Mary Manlius
Otis, Seth Manlius
Owen, H. L. Eden
Owen, Sarah Utica
Page, Henry Farm Ridge
Page, Miss Farm Ridge
Paine, O. Deer Park
Painter, Andrew Bruce
Painter, Isaac Bruce
Painter, Isaac Bruce
Painter, Jane Bruce
Painter, Joseph H. Bruce
Painter, Sarah A. Bruce
Painter, Uriah Vermillion
Painter, Uriah Bruce
Palmer, A. Peru
Palmer, Homer Deer Park
Palmer, John Ottawa Addenda
Palmer, Phebe Deer Park
Palmer, William Ottawa Addenda
Parish, John South Ottawa
Parker, James M. Freedom
Parr, Amada E. Dayton
Parr, Ella Rutland
Parr, Florence South Ottawa
Parr, Francis N. Dayton
Parr, Henry Mission
Parr, Henry R. Rutland
Parr, Isabella Rutland
Parr, Jesse N. Dayton
Parr, John Rutland
Parr, John Rutland
Parr, Joseph B. Dayton
Parr, Martha A. Dayton
Parr, Mary Rutland
Parr, Mary Rutland
Parr, Mary Manlius
Parr, Mary Manlius
Parr, Samuel Rutland
Parr, Samuel Mission
Parr, Samuel Manlius
Parr, Samuel Fall River
Parr, Thomas Dayton
Parr, Thomas Rutland
Parr, William Rutland
Parr, William H. Dayton
Patch, Salome Grand Rapids
Pate, Mr. Vermillion
Patten, James G. Farm Ridge
Patterson, Thomas Hope
Paul, William Peru
Pavier, Charles South Ottawa
Pavier, Christopher South Ottawa
Pavier, George South Ottawa
Pavier, Mrs. (Nancy) South Ottawa
Payne, Christopher Dayton
Peak, M. B. Ottawa
Pearre, Celia Ottawa Addenda
Pearson, Jesse Mission
Pearson, Jesse Mission
Pearson, Mr. Fall River
Peck, David Meriden
Peck, Ira Jr. Deer Park
Peck, Ira L. Deer Park
Peck, Jane Deer Park
Peck, Julia Deer Park
Peck, Mary Deer Park
Peck, Mary Deer Park
Peck, Wayland Deer Park
Peckham, James B. Utica
Peister, H. G. Manlius
Peister, Lovina Mission
Peister, Milton Manlius
Pembroke, Calvin South Ottawa
Pembroke, Enos South Ottawa
Pembroke, Miss Ottawa
Perkins, Ada Manlius
Perkins, David Vermillion
Perkins, Lathrop Ottawa
Perley, Almira Serena
Perley, Nathaniel Ottawa
Perley, Nathaniel Serena
Perley, Phineas Serena
Perygo, William Eagle
Peterson, Anna N. Mission
Peterson, Jacob Serena
Peterson, P. H. Adams
Petigrew, William Vermillion
Petigrew, William Freedom
Pettis, Mr. Manlius
Phelps, B. T. Deer Park
Philips, - Earl
Philips, Ann Eliza Mission
Philips, James M. Earl
Philips, Jas. M. Rutland
Philips, John C. Rutland
Philips, L. A. Mission
Philips, Malvina Earl
Philips, Mary E. Dimmick
Pickens, - Otter Creek
Pickens, Henry Otter Creek
Pickens, Henry Otter Creek
Pickens, James Otter Creek
Pickens, James Otter Creek
Pierce, Deborah S. Adams
Pierce, Dr. Mission
Pierce, Ebenezer Adams
Pierce, Hannah V. Adams
Pierce, Levi Adams
Pierce, Lucy S. Adams
Pierce, Mary Rutland
Pierce, Mary E. Adams
Pierce, Mercy Otter Creek
Pierce, Nathaniel Adams
Pierce, Nathaniel S. Adams
Pierce, Robert Richey Adams
Pierce, Samuel N. Adams
Pierce, Susan Adams
Pierson, Cling Miller
Pierson, Helen Miller
Pierson, Miss Miller
Pinckney, D. J. Peru
Pine, Lucy Earl
Piper, Mary A. Freedom
Pitzer, Alva Mission
Pitzer, Alvah Rutland
Pitzer, Anna (widow) Rutland
Pitzer, Anthony Rutland
Pitzer, Anthony Freedom
Pitzer, Benjamin Rutland
Pitzer, Cathaine Rutland
Pitzer, Elizabeth Rutland
Pitzer, Elizabeth Rutland
Pitzer, George Rutland
Pitzer, Jacob Rutland
Pitzer, James Rutland
Pitzer, Jesse Rutland
Pitzer, Margaret Rutland
Pitzer, Melinda Rutland
Pitzer, Rachel Rutland
Pitzer, Sarah Ann Dayton
Pitzer, Sarah Ann Rutland
Pitzer, William Rutland
Platt, Betsey South Ottawa
Platt, Laura M. Farm Ridge
Platt, Polly South Ottawa
Platt, Priscilla Ottawa
Ploger, Mr. Eagle
Pollins, W. Ophir
Pomeroy, Mary Ann Peru
Pool, Albert South Ottawa
Pool, Ann Eliza Serena
Pool, Isaac Serena
Pool, Matthias Serena
Pope, Frances Earl
Pope, Mary Ann Manlius
Poplin, Mr. Mission
Porter, George Ottawa
Porter, Mr. South Ottawa
Porter, S. Ottawa
Potter, Adam Eden
Potter, Adam Eden
Potter, Catharine Eden
Potter, Champlin R. Eden
Potter, Darius Northville
Potter, Fanny Northville
Potter, Fanny Northville
Potter, Helen Eden
Potter, Isaac Northville
Potter, Janet Vermillion
Potter, John Northville
Potter, John Northville
Potter, Lydia Ann Northville
Potter, Lyman Northville
Potter, Nelson Northville
Potter, Orange Northville
Potter, Orson Rutland
Potter, Resolved H. Eden
Potter, Thomas J. Deer Park
Poundstone, Samuel South Ottawa
Powell, - Freedom
Powell, Albert Northville
Powell, Barbara Ann Deer Park
Powell, Benjamin R. Deer Park
Powell, Eliza Northville
Powell, Elizabeth Freedom
Powell, Euphemia Deer Park
Powell, Isaac W. Deer Park
Powell, John D. Deer Park
Powell, Mary Ann Northville
Powell, Mary E. Ottawa
Powell, Mary E. Deer Park
Powell, Sarah P. Deer Park
Powell, Thomas Deer Park
Powell, Truman S. Deer Park
Powell, William Northville
Powell, William Northville
Powell, William T. Deer Park
Powell, Wm. Northville
Powers, Aaron F. Fall River
Powers, Charles Utica
Powers, Charles R. Fall River
Powers, John Fall River
Powers, John H. Fall River
Powers, Lucy Fall River
Powers, Lura Fall River
Powers, Mary Fall River
Pratt, Delbert Deer Park
Pratt, Micah Deer Park
Pratt, Paulina Troy Grove
Prescott, Flora Ottawa
Prescott, Melvin Manlius
Price, Geo. M. Troy Grove
Price, James Mission
Proctor, Nathan Dayton
Proctor, Willard Groveland
Pugsley, - Peru
Pugsley, Jesse Peru
Pulsifer, Mr. Peru
Pumphrey, Newton LaSalle
Puntney, Elizabeth Deer Park
Quigley, Miss Bruce
Quimby, John South Ottawa
Rainey, widow Bruce
Rainey, William Bruce
Rainey, Wm. Bruce
Randall, Mr. Freedom
Ransberger, Catharine Troy Grove
Ransberger, David S. Troy Grove
Ransberger, George S. Troy Grove
Ransom, Mrs. Peru
Ransom, T. B. Peru
Ransted, Frank Earl
Rathbun, - Freedom
Rattan, Lucy Peru
Rawlin, Freeborn Mission
Rawlin, Hamilton Mission
Rawson, - Fall River
Raymond, - Vermillion
Raymond, Charles Peru
Raymond, Corrin Peru
Raymond, Emeline Peru
Raymond, Floretta Peru
Raymond, Frances Peru
Raymond, Frances Peru
Raymond, Mary H. Peru
Raymond, S. W. Peru
Raymond, Samuel Jr. Peru
Raymond, Samuel W. Peru
Raymond, Susan Peru
Raymond, Walter Peru
Reader, David Eagle
Reader, David Farm Ridge
Reader, Jacob Eagle
Reader, James N. Ophir
Reader, James Newton Eagle
Reader, Joseph Eagle
Reader, Mitchell Eagle
Reader, Rebecca Eagle
Reader, Rebecca Farm Ridge
Reddick, William Bruce
Reed, Ansel South Ottawa
Reed, Darius South Ottawa
Reed, Darius Grand Rapids
Reed, Emeline South Ottawa
Reed, Emily Troy Grove
Reed, John Freedom
Reed, Katharine Ottawa
Reed, Milton Mission
Reed, Reuben South Ottawa
Reeder, Edward Grand Rapids
Reeder, Thomas Groveland
Reese, Leah Eagle
Reese, Martha LaSalle
Reid, Henry J. Ottawa
Renfrew, Sylvester Manlius
Reser, Jacob Manlius
Reser, Jacob Manlius
Reser, Jacob Jr. Manlius
Reser, Jemima Manlius
Reser, Jemima Manlius
Reynolds, - Deer Park
Reynolds, Andrew Jackson Ottawa
Reynolds, B. B. South Ottawa
Reynolds, Barbara Deer Park
Reynolds, Benjamin B. Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Benjamin B. Jr. Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Caleb Hitt Deer Park
Reynolds, Calvin South Ottawa
Reynolds, Caroline Deer Park
Reynolds, David South Ottawa
Reynolds, David Grand Rapids
Reynolds, David Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Eleanor Ottawa
Reynolds, Eleanora Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Elisha Berry Deer Park
Reynolds, Elizabeth Deer Park
Reynolds, Enos South Ottawa
Reynolds, Fanny Ottawa
Reynolds, H. Houghton Ottawa
Reynolds, James C. Deer Park
Reynolds, James C. Deer Park
Reynolds, James C. Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Jermiah South Ottawa
Reynolds, John Fletcher Deer Park
Reynolds, John P. Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Joseph Ophir
Reynolds, Joseph Deer Park
Reynolds, Joseph Deer Park
Reynolds, Josiah Deer Park
Reynolds, Margaret Deer Park
Reynolds, Margaret Deer Park
Reynolds, Marry Berry Deer Park
Reynolds, Martin Ottawa
Reynolds, Martin Ottawa
Reynolds, Martin Ophir
Reynolds, Martin Deer Park
Reynolds, Martin Deer Park
Reynolds, Martin R. M. Deer Park
Reynolds, Mary South Ottawa
Reynolds, Mary A. Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Mary Ann South Ottawa
Reynolds, Matthew H. W. Deer Park
Reynolds, Milton Deer Park
Reynolds, Mrs. Martin Deer Park
Reynolds, Newton Deer Park
Reynolds, Pascalena Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Rector Ottawa
Reynolds, Richard South Ottawa
Reynolds, Robert Deer Park
Reynolds, Sarah Ann Deer Park
Reynolds, Sarah E. Grand Rapids
Reynolds, Smith Deer Park
Reynolds, Thomas Deer Park
Reynolds, Ursula South Ottawa
Reynolds, Washington Grand Rapids
Reynolds, William H. L. Deer Park
Rhoades, Elizabeth Ann Ottawa
Rhodes, Conway Mission
Rice, Mr. Freedom
Rice, Phebe Ophir
Richards, Mary Jane Eden
Richardson, Almira Northville
Richardson, Henry Peru
Richardson, Joshua Adams
Richardson, Mr. Vermillion
Richardson, Mrs. William Peru
Richardson, Susan Peru
Richardson, William South Ottawa
Richardson, William Peru
Richardson, Wm. Capron Peru
Richey, Candace M. Hope
Richey, David Eden
Richey, David Eden
Richey, Elizabeth Eden
Richey, Esther Ann Eden
Richey, James Manlius
Richey, James Eden
Richey, John Eden
Richey, John C. Hope
Richey, John M. Hope
Richey, Margaret Eden
Richey, Mary Eden
Richey, Mary C. Hope
Richey, Nathaniel Eden
Richey, Nathaniel Jr. Eden
Richey, Sarah Eden
Richey, Sophia Eden
Richey, Susanna Eden
Richey, William Fall River
Richey, William W. Manlius
Richey, Wm. Manlius
Rider, John Vermillion
Ridgeway, Reese Brookfield
Riley, William LaSalle
Rittenhouse, David B. Peru
Roan, Jacob Deer Park
Roberts, Dr. South Ottawa
Roberts, James Northville
Roberts, Josiah Eagle
Robins, Mr. South Ottawa
Robins, Mr. Peru
Robinson, Amelia Rutland
Robinson, Celeste Mission
Robinson, Cynthia Rutland
Robinson, Delos Mission
Robinson, James Eden
Robinson, Joseph Eden
Robinson, Lewis Rutland
Robinson, Lydia LaSalle
Robinson, Mary W. Rutland
Robinson, Mr. South Ottawa
Robinson, Sally South Ottawa
Robinson, Sarah Ottawa
Robinson, Thomas   Wallace
Rockwell, Charles LaSalle
Rockwell, John LaSalle
Rockwood, Elisha South Ottawa
Rockwood, John South Ottawa
Rockwood, John South Ottawa
Rockwood, Levi South Ottawa
Rockwood, Loring Otis South Ottawa
Rockwood, Mary South Ottawa
Rockwood, William South Ottawa
Rodney, Anna C. Ottawa
Rodney, Caesar A. Ottawa
Rogers, Mary Peru
Rogers, Miss Rutland
Rogers, Samuel W. South Ottawa
Rogers, Samuel W. South Ottawa
Rogerson, Eliza Earl
Rogerson, George Earl
Rood, Benjamin B. Mission
Rood, Charles Mission
Rood, Ellen Mission
Rood, Grace W. Mission
Rood, James Mission
Rood, James P. Mission
Rood, Joseph B. Mission
Rood, Julia E. Mission
Rood, Launcelot Mission
Rood, Levi Mission
Rood, Levi H. Mission
Rood, Levi W. Mission
Rood, Mary H. Mission
Rood, Olive Rutland
Rood, Rufus B. Mission
Rood, Sally A. Rutland
Rood, Walter D. Rutland
Root, Jonathan Freedom
Root, Mrs. (nee Goddard) Troy Grove
Root, Oscar Freedom
Root, Rasina Freedom
Root, Selden Troy Grove
Root, Warren Troy Grove
Rose, John Meriden
Ross, Archibald Tweed Farm Ridge
Ross, Henry Farm Ridge
Ross, J. Earl
Ross, John T. Farm Ridge
Ross, Mr. Rutland
Rostal, Daniel Miller
Rostal, John Miller
Rostal, Ova Miller
Rouse, Eliza Earl
Rouse, Ellen Earl
Rouse, Martha Earl
Rouse, Miles Earl
Rouse, William Peru
Rowe, Alexander Mission
Rowe, Alfred Mission
Rowe, Amelia Mission
Rowe, Ann Mission
Rowe, Ebenezer M. Mission
Rowe, Edward Mission
Rowe, Emeline Mission
Rowe, Henrietta Mission
Rowe, Isabel Mission
Rowe, Isabel Mission
Rowe, James Mission
Rowe, Jane M. Mission
Rowe, Jane M. Mission
Rowe, John H. Mission
Rowe, Mary Ann Mission
Rowe, Robert Mission
Rowe, Robert Mission
Rowe, Robert Freedom
Rowe, Samuel Mission
Roy, Joseph T. Serena
Ruger, Mary Dayton
Rugg, Charles Grand Rapids
Rugg, Geo. H. Grand Rapids
Rugg, George H. Grand Rapids
Rugg, Lewis Deer Park
Rugg, Lewis Grand Rapids
Rugg, Luke Grand Rapids
Rumrill, Emily Peru
Rumrill, Lucius Peru
Rumrill, Lucius Peru
Ruperts, Milton B. Freedom
Russel, Peter Ottawa Addenda
Russell, Sarah South Ottawa
Russell, Wm. J. Peru
Ryder, Sarah Ottawa



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