M - N - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

M - N

Mackey, Agnes Farm Ridge
Mackey, Agnes (widow) Bruce
Mackey, Benjamin Bruce
Mackey, Burton Bruce
Mackey, Charles Bruce
Mackey, Ella Bruce
Mackey, George Bruce
Mackey, George Farm Ridge
Mackey, Howard Bruce
Mackey, Jabez Farm Ridge
Mackey, James Bruce
Mackey, Jane Bruce
Mackey, Jane Bruce
Mackey, Joseph Bruce
Mackey, Libbeus Bruce
Mackey, Malvina Farm Ridge
Mackey, Mariette Bruce
Mackey, Mary Bruce
Mackey, Minerva Farm Ridge
Mackey, Norton Bruce
Mackey, Norton Farm Ridge
Mackey, Norton Jr. Bruce
Mackey, Norval Bruce
Mackey, Rebecca Bruce
Mackey, Rush Bruce
Mackey, Rush Bruce
Mackey, Rush Jr. Bruce
Mackey, Samuel Bruce
Mackey, Samuel Farm Ridge
Mackey, Samuel Farm Ridge
Mackey, Stephen Farm Ridge
Mackey, T. Bruce
Mackey, William Bruce
Mackey, William Bruce
Mackey, Winfield Bruce
Macy, Anna South Ottawa
Macy, Charles South Ottawa
Macy, Clara South Ottawa
Macy, Eliza South Ottawa
Macy, George Brookfield
Macy, George B. South Ottawa
Macy, Mary South Ottawa
Maffis, Sarah Eden
Maines, Eliza South Ottawa
Maines, Ernestine South Ottawa
Maines, George H. South Ottawa
Malony, Richard Troy Grove
Mandeville, Henry Rutland
Manley, John Ottawa Addenda
Mann, Adeline Peru
Mann, Asa Peru
Mann, Christina Peru
Mann, Juliet Peru
Mann, Martha   Ottawa
Mann, Mary Ann Peru
Mann, William H. Osage
Manville, Clarissa Eden
Manville, Nathaniel Eden
Manville, Susanna Eden
Mariner, Rebecca Ottawa
Marion, Morgan South Ottawa
Markly, - Dayton
Marsh, George Brookfield
Marsh, George G. Brookfield
Marsh, John James Brookfield
Marsh, Lydia Freedom
Marsh, Mary E. A. Brookfield
Martin, Barney LaSalle
Martin, Charles Freedom
Martin, David Freedom
Martin, David B. Freedom
Martin, George Freedom
Martin, George B. Peru
Martin, John H. Groveland
Martin, Lewis W. Groveland
Martin, Miss Eden
Martin, Mrs. Freedom
Martin, Richard Freedom
Martin, William Groveland
Mason, Althea Mission
Mason, Daniel Mission
Mason, Ellen Mission
Mason, George Mission
Mason, Joseph Mission
Mason, Joseph Mission
Mason, Lewis Mission
Mason, Margaret Mission
Mason, Pamelia Mission
Mason, Sarah Ann Mission
Mason, W. W. Mission
Mason, Wellington Mission
Massey, Adeline Manlius
Massey, Ann Manlius
Massey, Charles Manlius
Massey, Christopher Manlius
Massey, Frank Manlius
Massey, Gordon Manlius
Massey, Horace Manlius
Massey, Israel Manlius
Massey, Jonathan Manlius
Massey, Lizzie Manlius
Massey, Mary A. Manlius
Massey, Myra Manlius
Massey, Stillman E. Manlius
Massey, Susan Manlius
Massey, Sylvanus Manlius
Massey, Warren Manlius
Masterman, Phebe Troy Grove
Matlock, West Rutland
Matson, Charles Henry South Ottawa
Matson, David South Ottawa
Matson, Henry South Ottawa
Matson, Jerome South Ottawa
Matson, Mary South Ottawa
Matson, Silas South Ottawa
Matteson, Gov. Ottawa
Matteson, Mary Ottawa
Mattock, D. W. Peru
Maxon, David Brookfield
Maxon, George S. Brookfield
Maxon, George S. Jr. Brookfield
Maxon, Julia Brookfield
Maxon, Lewis Brookfield
Maxon, Mrs. Sibel Brookfield
Maxon, Paul Brookfield
Maxon, Roxy Brookfield
Mays, Mary Deer Park
McCain, Daniel Eagle
McCaleb, Albert G. Hope
McCaleb, Ethelred A. Hope
McCaleb, Gilbert B. Hope
McCaleb, Herbert C. Hope
McCaleb, Hubert A. Hope
McCaleb, Samuel D. Hope
McCall, Frank Deer Park
McCann, Nellie Brookfield
McCarty, Delila Ophir
McClasky, - Earl
McClure, Catharine Eagle
McClure, Eliza Serena
McClure, Hugh Freedom
McCormick, Alfred Farm Ridge
McCormick, Ann Eliza Farm Ridge
McCormick, Bruce Farm Ridge
McCormick, Charles Farm Ridge
McCormick, Charles Farm Ridge
McCormick, Charles Farm Ridge
McCormick, Charlotte Farm Ridge
McCormick, Dow Farm Ridge
McCormick, Elizabeth Bruce
McCormick, Hampton Farm Ridge
McCormick, John Bruce
McCormick, John Farm Ridge
McCormick, Mary Farm Ridge
McCormick, Morgan Farm Ridge
McCormick, Nelson Farm Ridge
McCormick, Olive Bruce
McCormick, Olive Farm Ridge
McCormick, Ralph Farm Ridge
McCormick, Rees Farm Ridge
McCormick, Sanders Farm Ridge
McCormick, Sarah Ann Ottawa Addenda
McCormick, William Bruce
McCormick, William Farm Ridge
McCormick, William Jr. Farm Ridge
McCormick, Worth Farm Ridge
McCormick, Zachery Farm Ridge
McCoy, Mr. Deer Park
McDonald, William D. Ophir
McDonald, William H. Ophir
McEwen, Miss Manlius
McFadden, James Dayton
McFarrand, Cyrene Sophia LaSalle
McFarrand, Isaac Hubert LaSalle
McFarrand, John Forrest LaSalle
McFarrand, John H. LaSalle
McFarrand, John Isaac LaSalle
McFarrand, Mary Ann LaSalle
McFarrand, Norman LaSalle
McFarrand, Norman Nash LaSalle
McFarrand, Wm. Henry LaSalle
McFerson, Harvey Eden
McGinn, Daniel Peru
McGregor, Allen Earl
McGrew, Robert E. Richland
McIntyre, - Meriden
McIntyre, James Allen
McIntyre, Nathaniel Allen
McKee, Alexander Dayton
McKee, George Eagle
McKendree, Bishop Ottawa
McKernan , James South Ottawa
McKernan, Ann Eliza Otter Creek
McKernan, Candace Otter Creek
McKernan, George Otter Creek
McKernan, Hugh South Ottawa
McKernan, Hugh Otter Creek
McKernan, James Eagle
McKernan, James Otter Creek
McKernan, John South Ottawa
McKernan, John Otter Creek
McKernan, John Grand Rapids
McKernan, Mrs. Grand Rapids
McKernan, Patrick South Ottawa
McKernan, Patrick Otter Creek
Mckernan, Rosanna Rutland
McKernan, Rosanna Otter Creek
McKernan, Samuel Otter Creek
McKernan, Soland Otter Creek
McKernans, - South Ottawa
McKim, Joseph Serena
McKim, Mr. Ophir
McKinley, C. Rutland
McKinzie, Ezra Peru
McLaughlin, Augustus Troy Grove
McLaughlin, Bethiah Troy Grove
McLaughlin, Bethiah Troy Grove
McLaughlin, Charles Troy Grove
McLaughlin, David Troy Grove
McLaughlin, David Troy Grove
McLaughlin, Edward Troy Grove
McLaughlin, Mary Jane Troy Grove
McLaughlin, Sarah Troy Grove
McLaughlin, William Troy Grove
McMath, Mary Mission
McMillan, Angus Eden
McMillan, M. Deer Park
McNett, Abbey Northville
McNett, Charles Northville
McNett, Clara F. Northville
McNett, Daniel Northville
McNett, Eleanor Northville
McNett, Eliza Northville
McNett, Henry Northville
McNett, John Northville
McNett, Lucina Northville
McNett, Martha Northville
McNett, Mary Northville
McNett, Mary E. Northville
McNett, Michael Northville
McNett, Miss Northville
McNett, Polly Northville
McNett, Sherman Northville
McNett, Sophronia Northville
McNett, William Northville
Meacham, David Manlius
Meath, - Mendota
Melville, widow Troy Grove
Merritt, Cordelia LaSalle
Merritt, Cordelia LaSalle
Merritt, Daniel Peru
Merritt, Elijah Peru
Merritt, Elisha Ophir
Merritt, Fuller LaSalle
Merritt, Hackaliah LaSalle
Merritt, Hannah Ophir
Merritt, Martha LaSalle
Merritt, Martha Peru
Merritt, Nathan LaSalle
Merritt, Rachel Deer Park
Merritt, Stephen Peru
Merwin, Charles Northville
Merwin, Noble W. Farm Ridge
Meserve, Henry Waltham
Meserve, Joseph Waltham
Meserve, Manning Waltham
Meserve, Marietta Utica
Meserve, Marietta Waltham
Meserve, Willis Waltham
Meyers, John Eden
Micca, Jane Manlius
Micca, Louisa Manlius
Miles, Edward Ottawa
Miles, Helen Ottawa
Miles, Margaret B. Ottawa
Miles, Martha Earl
Miles, Sarah Ottawa
Miles, Susan W. Ottawa
Miller, Alice Freedom
Miller, Burnett South Ottawa
Miller, Charles Freedom
Miller, Dolly Freedom
Miller, Dyson Mission
Miller, Dyson Serena
Miller, Eugene Vermillion
Miller, Henry Freedom
Miller, Horace Eden
Miller, Hugh Eden
Miller, Jesse Freedom
Miller, Joel B. Eden
Miller, John Freedom
Miller, Joseph Rutland
Miller, Mr. Peru
Miller, Peter Mission
Miller, Rebecca Freedom
Miller, Reuben Freedom
Miller, Robert Allen
Miller, Susan Serena
Miller, Urial Serena
Miller, Urial Freedom
Milliken, Amanda Rutland
Milliken, Comfort Rutland
Milliken, Jerusha Rutland
Milliken, Lucy Rutland
Milliken, Lucy Rutland
Milliken, Margaret Rutland
Milliken, May Rutland
Milliken, Samuel Rutland
Milliken, Samuel Rutland
Mills, D. C. South Ottawa
Mills, Mr. South Ottawa
Mills, Rachel Fall River
Minkler, Peter South Ottawa
Minor, Betsy Northville
Misner, Abel Mission
Mitchel, Amanda Ottawa
Mitchel, Arthur J. Ottawa
Mitchel, Harly B. Ottawa
Mitchel, John S. Ottawa
Mitchel, Louisa Ottawa
Mitchel, Warren N. Ottawa
Mitchell, Anna Ottawa
Mitchell, Mary Ann Northville
Mitchell, Mr. Deer Park
Moffat, Mary L. Eden
Moffat, Reuben Vermillion
Moffat, Reuben Eden
Moffat, Reuben H. Eden
Moffat, Sarah Eden
Moffat, Sarah E. Eden
Moffat, Walter S. Eden
Moffat, Willis Eden
Moon, Albert Eagle
Moon, Ellen Eagle
Moon, Jacob Eagle
Moon, Jacob Vermillion
Moon, Jacob Vermillion
Moon, Jacob Otter Creek
Moon, Jane Eagle
Moon, Jane Otter Creek
Moon, Rees Eagle
Moon, Thomas Eagle
Moore, Benjamin J. South Ottawa
Moore, James Serena
Moore, L. S. P. Manlius
Moore, Lydia Eagle
Moore, S. P. Manlius
Moore, William Manlius
Moore, Wm. South Ottawa
Moore, Wm. Farm Ridge
Morehead, John Deer Park
Morehead, John Farm Ridge
Morehead, Mary Farm Ridge
Morehouse, Matilda Ophir
Morey, Emily A. Manlius
Morey, Frances Manlius
Morey, H. W. Manlius
Morey, Hanson Manlius
Morey, Nelson Manlius
Morey, Nettie Manlius
Morey, Sarah Manlius
Morey, Vivaldi Manlius
Morey, Wm. A. Manlius
Morgan, Ann Bruce
Morgan, Ann Bruce
Morgan, Eliza Bruce
Morgan, John Bruce
Morgan, Mary Bruce
Morgan, Mary Farm Ridge
Morgan, Miss Farm Ridge
Morgan, Mrs. Manlius
Morgan, Nathan Bruce
Morgan, Rees Eagle
Morgan, Rees Farm Ridge
Morgan, Sarah Bruce
Morgan, Sarah Farm Ridge
Morgan, Thomas South Ottawa
Morgan, William Bruce
Morgan, Wm. Farm Ridge
Morrison, John Hope
Morrison, Mat. Farm Ridge
Morrison, R. Ottawa
Morse, Christina Bruce
Morse, Mary Bruce
Morton, Chester Ottawa
Mosey, Thomas Adams
Moshier, Charles W. Eden
Moshier, Clara J. Eden
Moshier, Edgar W. Eden
Moshier, George Eden
Moshier, Henry C. Eden
Moshier, Ira S. Eden
Moshier, M. Charlotte Eden
Moshier, Margaret Eden
Moshier, Maria A. Eden
Moshier, Sheridan L. Eden
Mosier, Margaret A. Vermillion
Moss, Charles Ottawa
Moss, Mr. Earl
Mossman, Jas. Manlius
Motley, C. Peru
Mott, - Peru
Mulford, James Peru
Mulford, Mr. Utica
Mullen, A. Groveland
Munger, Mr. Utica
Munson, Alanson Freedom
Munson, Elliott Freedom
Munson, Fidelia Freedom
Munson, Hiram Freedom
Munson, Irena Freedom
Munson, Lewis Freedom
Munson, Miranda Freedom
Munson, Miss Rutland
Munson, Phebe Freedom
Munson, William Freedom
Munson, William Freedom
Munson, Wm. Jr. Rutland
Murphin, Mary E. Rutland
Murphy, Mr. Rutland
Murray, Henry G. Northville
Murray, John Ottawa Addenda
Murray, Martin Ottawa Addenda
Myers, - Eagle
Myers, Frederick Northville
Myers, James Peru
Myers, John LaSalle
Myers, Margaret Freedom
Myers, Mary Peru
Myers, Mr. Utica
Naramoor, Chester Eagle
Naramoor, Elisha Eagle
Naramoor, Elisha Eagle
Naramoor, L. T. Eden
Naramoor, Louisa T. Eagle
Neece, Nathaniel Manlius
Neff, Almira Mission
Neff, Betsey Mission
Neff, Betsey Mission
Neff, Daniel Mission
Neff, Ebenezer Mission
Neff, George Mission
Neff, Henry B. Mission
Neff, Isabel Mission
Neff, Janet Rutland
Neff, Janette Mission
Neff, Margaret Mission
Neff, Olive Mission
Neff, Rachel Mission
Neff, Sarahbelle Mission
Neff, Wm. D. Mission
Nelson, Halvar Adams
Nelson, Inger Ottawa
Nelson, Lars Miller
Nelson, Martha Mission
Nelson, Nels Miller
Nelson, Nels Miller
Nelson, Olena Miller
Newcomb, Jerusha Freedom
Newcomb, Kinne Serena
Newton, A. Judson Eden
Newton, Abi Eden
Newton, Amos A. Eden
Newton, Barnum Vermillion
Newton, Barnum Eden
Newton, Charlotte Eden
Newton, Daniel Ottawa
Newton, Daniel Ottawa
Newton, Esther Eden
Newton, Esther L. Eden
Newton, Eunice Eden
Newton, Geo. M. Eden
Newton, Harriet L. Eden
Newton, Henry Mission
Newton, Miss Brookfield
Newton, N. Northville
Newton, Peter Northville
Newton, Wallace Eden
Nice, Jane Ottawa
Nichols, Elizabeth Manlius
Nichols, John Adams
Nicholson, D. A. Manlius
Niles, Anna Utica
Niles, Irvin Serena
Niles, Mosely Utica
Niles, Olive Serena
Noble, Charles Peru
Norris, - Deer Park
Norris, Fanny E. Ottawa
Norris, Frederick E. Ottawa
Norris, George F. Ottawa
Norris, George H. Ottawa
Norris, Hart A. Ottawa
Norris, Isabella M. Ottawa
Norris, Mary E. Brookfield
North, John Mission
Northrop, Fanny Farm Ridge
Norton, Clarissa Deer Park
Norton, Miss Freedom
Noyes, Lucy R. Troy Grove
Nye, George Waltham



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