J - L - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

J - L

Jackson, Elizabeth Manlius
Jackson, Elma Rutland
Jackson, G. W. Brookfield
Jackson, G. W. Brookfield
Jackson, Giles W. Manlius
Jackson, Harriet Manlius
Jackson, Henry A. Manlius
Jackson, Hiram Farm Ridge
Jackson, James Northville
Jackson, Joseph Rutland
Jackson, Maggie Farm Ridge
Jacobs, George Manlius
Jacobs, Miss Miller
Jacobs, Mr. Manlius
Jacobs, Pyam Ottawa
Jacobs, Pyam Grand Rapids
Jacobson, John Groveland
Jacobson, Oscar Groveland
Jacobson, Sarah M. Groveland
Jacoby, Mr. Deer Park
Jacson, Florence Northville
Jameson, Phebe M. Manlius
Jenkins, widow Eden
Jenks, Abbey Deer Park
Jenks, Chancellor Deer Park
Jenks, Charles Deer Park
Jenks, Charles Deer Park
Jenks, Cynthia Deer Park
Jenks, Cynthia Deer Park
Jenks, John Deer Park
Jenks, Livingston Deer Park
Jenks, Morgan Deer Park
Jenks, Nancy Deer Park
Jenks, Olive Deer Park
Jenks, Oliver Deer Park
Jenks, Sarah Deer Park
Jennings, Aphelia Brookfield
Jennings, Catharine Louisa Brookfield
Jennings, David Brookfield
Jennings, David Brookfield
Jennings, Dr. Deer Park
Jennings, Ebenezer Brookfield
Jennings, Emily Jane Brookfield
Jennings, Frederick Brookfield
Jennings, Hannah Manlius
Jennings, Hannah Brookfield
Jennings, Henry Brookfield
Jennings, Julia Brookfield
Jennings, Julia Brookfield
Jennings, Levi Brookfield
Jennings, Levi Jr. Brookfield
Jennings, Lucy Ann Brookfield
Jennings, Mary South Ottawa
Jennings, Mary Brookfield
Jennings, Mary Brookfield
Jennings, Matthew Brookfield
Jennings, Ophelia Brookfield
Jennings, Stephen Freedom
Jennings, Stephen Brookfield
Jewett, widow Earl
Johnson, Frances Earl
Johnson, George Miller
Johnson, Harriet Earl
Johnson, Mary Ophir
Johnson, Miss Earl
Johnson, Miss Bruce
Johnson, Mr. Earl
Johnson, Mr. Utica
Johnson, Sarah Rutland
Johnson, William Rutland
Johnston, Aurelia Ophir
Johnston, Cynthia Ophir
Johnston, George Ophir
Johnston, James Ophir
Johnston, John Ophir
Johnston, Wealthy Ann Ophir
Jones, - Waltham
Jones, Alfred W. Northville
Jones, Benton Northville
Jones, Charles Northville
Jones, Charles Waltham
Jones, Charlotte South Ottawa
Jones, Daniel Vermillion
Jones, Elma Northville
Jones, Fanny Waltham
Jones, Israel Richland
Jones, John Northville
Jones, Levi Vermillion
Jones, Martha Peru
Jones, Mary Vermillion
Jones, Mary Eden
Jones, Misner Northville
Jones, Mr. Vermillion
Jones, Raymond Vermillion
Jones, Stephen A. Waltham
Jones, Susan Vermillion
Jones, W. L. F. Northville
Jones, widow Vermillion
Jones, William T. Serena
Jones, Willie Waltham
Jordan, Richard C. Ottawa Addenda
Kallum, Jacob Adams
Kallum, John Adams
Kallum, Mark Adams
Keenan, Edward Northville
Keenan, John Northville
Keller, W. H. Richland
Kelley, Hester Eagle
Kelley, Mr. South Ottawa
Kellogg, Alfred Vermillion
Kellogg, Jerusha Dimmick
Kelly, John Rutland
Kelly, William Eden
Kelsey, - Troy Grove
Kelsey, Levi Troy Grove
Kelsey, Lydia A. Troy Grove
Kelsey, Mrs. Levi Troy Grove
Kelsey, Myra Troy Grove
Kennedy, Miss Ottawa
Kent, Caroline Mahala Vermillion
Kent, Huldah Vermillion
Kent, Huldah Deer Park
Kent, Leslie Vermillion
Kenyon, Orvilla Groveland
Kenyon, widow Freedom
Kepner, Michael Allen
Kerns, Mary Jane Manlius
Kerr, Miss Peru
Kessler, Wm. South Ottawa
Kettleson, Thove Adams
Keyes, J. F. Rutland
Keys, Edward Rutland
Keys, Elias H. Rutland
Keys, Emily Rutland
Keys, Sarah Rutland
Kidney, Jane Northville
Kilbourn, R. W. Manlius
Killduff, Patrick M. Peru
Kimball, Lovell Ottawa
Kimball, Lovell Manlius
Kimball, Russell South Ottawa
King, Henry Freedom
King, Martha Eden
King, Mary Elizabeth Deer Park
King, Mrs. Freedom
King, Samuel Freedom
King, Ward Bruce
Kingman, Israel Dimmick
Kingsbury, George Vermillion
Kingsley, Harvey Deer Park
Kingsley, Henry Eden
Kingsley, Henry Eden
Kinne, Eli M. Northville
Kinne, Eli M. Northville
Kinne, P. F. Northville
Kinne, W. C. Northville
Kinney, H. S. Peru
Kinney, Henry S. Peru
Kinney, Henry S. Peru
Kinney, Susan Manlius
Kinnie, Lavega G. Peru
Kirkpatrick, Andrew Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Andrew Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Andrew Jr. Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Cornwell Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, John Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Mary Jane Vermillion
Kirkpatrick, Mary Jane Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Murray Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Nathaniel Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Sarah Vermillion
Kirkpatrick, Sarah Ann Deer Park
Kirkpatrick, Susanna Eden
Kirkpatrick, Wallace Deer Park
Kite, Elizabeth Rutland
Kite, Jacob Dayton
Kite, Sarah Rutland
Kite, Sarah Rutland
Kleiber, Aaron Rutland
Kleiber, Aaron Otter Creek
Kleiber, Etta Rutland
Kleiber, Jonathan Rutland
Kleiber, Joseph Rutland
Kleiber, Margaret Rutland
Kleiber, Margaret Rutland
Kleiber, Mary Rutland
Kleiber, Melissa Rutland
Kleiber, Stephen Rutland
Kleiber, William Rutland
Knapp, Alvan Vermillion
Knapp, Austin Vermillion
Knapp, Dora Vermillion
Knapp, Edw'd Vermillion
Knapp, George Vermillion
Knapp, Lloyd C. Vermillion
Knapp, Lloyd C. Deer Park
Knapp, Sarah Vermillion
Knapp, Sarah Deer Park
Knapp, Solon South Ottawa
Knickerbocker, James Mission
Knickerbocker, Sarah Dayton
Knight, Elijah Freedom
Knight, Jane LaSalle
Knight, Mr. Vermillion
Knuteson, Oliver Miller
Lafferty, James Ottawa
Lamar, Helen Northville
Lamb, Charles Groveland
Lamb, George Freedom
Lamb, Isaac H. Waltham
Lambert, William Dayton
Lammy, Laura Manlius
Lancaster, William Hope
Landers, A. P. Eden
Lane, C. Allen
Lane, Elias C. Allen
Lane, Jim Troy Grove
Lane, M. C. Allen
Lane, Mary Northville
Lane, Sarah Deer Park
Lane, W. H. Allen
Langworthy, Orilla LaSalle
Lapsley, Samuel LaSalle
Larkin, Martha Freedom
Lathrop, Alfred Richland
Lathrop, Dixwell LaSalle
Lathrop, Dixwell Ophir
Lathrop, Mr. Eden
Lathrop, Sarah Waltham
Laughlin, Fanny Vermillion
Laughlin, Robert Brookfield
Laughlin, William Vermillion
Lavinia, T. S. Ottawa
Law, Elizabeth Bruce
Law, Morris Mission
Law, Sarah Bruce
Lawrence, C. H. Ottawa
Lawry, Elizabeth Freedom
Le Beau, F. Peru
Leavens, Oranzo Ottawa
Leavenworth, E. Deer Park
Ledore, A. Osage
Lee, Alva Deer Park
Lee, Betsey Ottawa
Lee, Geo. W. Grand Rapids
Leek, Sarah Rutland
Lefevre, Ann Deer Park
Leland, Cyrus A. Ottawa
Leland, Edwin S. Ottawa
Leland, George M. Ottawa
Leland, Georgiana J. Ottawa
Leland, Judge Sherman Ottawa
Leland, Lorenzo Ottawa
Leland, Lorenzo Ottawa
Leland, Lorenzo Ottawa
Leland, Lorenzo Jr. Ottawa
Leland, Marcia Ottawa
Leland, Sherman E. Ottawa
Lemar, Helen A. Northville
Lemar, Luther J. Northville
Lemar, Otis K. Northville
Lemar, Thomas Northville
Leonard, Athalia A. Ottawa
Leonard, Caroline Peru
Leonard, Cornelia Peru
Leonard, Cornelia Peru
Leonard, Eliza Ann Deer Park
Leonard, Fanny Deer Park
Leonard, Francis LaSalle
Leonard, Greaty Peru
Leonard, Harvey Peru
Leonard, Harvey Peru
Leonard, James Freedom
Leonard, James M. Deer Park
Leonard, James M. Deer Park
Leonard, John LaSalle
Leonard, John Vermillion
Leonard, Julia A. Peru
Leonard, Julia Ann Peru
Leonard, Levi Vermillion
Leonard, Lois Jane LaSalle
Leonard, Manning Deer Park
Leonard, Mary Ann Peru
Leonard, Mr. Peru
Leonard, Rebecca B. LaSalle
Leonard, Rebecca Blake LaSalle
Leonard, Sarah Vermillion
Lester, Maria Serena
Letsome, - Northville
Letts, - Rutland
Letts, David Dayton
Letts, David Eden
Letts, David Freedom
Letts, David Waltham
Letts, David Jr. Eden
Letts, James R. Eden
Letts, M. Eden
Letts, N. Madison Rutland
Levi, - Brookfield
Lewis, - Northville
Lewis, Asa Brookfield
Lewis, Charles Fall River
Lewis, Charles F. Northville
Lewis, Cyrus B. Ottawa
Lewis, Cyrus B. Brookfield
Lewis, E. C. Deer Park
Lewis, Edward Northville
Lewis, Edward C. Fall River
Lewis, Edward W. Northville
Lewis, John Fall River
Lewis, Joseph D. South Ottawa
Lewis, Lorilla Peru
Lewis, Martin Serena
Lewis, Martin Serena
Lewis, Miss Manlius
Lewis, Morris Fall River
Lewis, Samuel Northville
Lewis, Samuel R. Fall River
Lewis, Sarah Jane South Ottawa
Lewis, William Peru
Lewis, William Vermillion
Lewis, William Fall River
Lewis, Zimri Peru
Lewis, Zimri Jr. Peru
Libbey, Frank South Ottawa
Lincoln, Godfrey Deer Park
Lincoln, Job G. Deer Park
Linder, William Richland
Linderman, Lewis Manlius
Linderman, Mary Manlius
Lindley, George LaSalle
Lindley, Giles LaSalle
Lindley, Jane South Ottawa
Lindley, Laura M. LaSalle
Lindley, Margaret Ottawa
Lindley, Philo LaSalle
Lindley, Philo LaSalle
Lindley, Philo Jr. LaSalle
Linton, Mahlon B. South Ottawa
Liston, Lemuel Mission
Liston, Lucy Mission
Liston, Maria Mission
Liston, Steward Mission
Little, Charles Deer Park
Little, Daniel Vermillion
Little, Daniel Eden
Little, Dorcas Deer Park
Little, Dorcas D. Deer Park
Little, Ebenezer Vermillion
Little, Ebenezer Deer Park
Little, Elizabeth B. Deer Park
Little, Fernal Vermillion
Little, Fernal Deer Park
Little, George Deer Park
Little, James Eden
Little, James Brookfield
Little, John Eden
Little, Lucy Eden
Little, Lucy Brookfield
Little, Mary Vermillion
Little, Mary Deer Park
Little, Miss Otter Creek
Little, Moody Eden
Little, Moses Vermillion
Little, Moses Deer Park
Lockwood, - Manlius
Lockwood, E. D. Eden
Lockwood, Emma J. Deer Park
Lockwood, M. Otter Creek
Logan, John A. Ottawa
Long, Catharine Rutland
Long, Catharine Rutland
Long, Christopher South Ottawa
Long, Christopher Rutland
Long, Christopher Vermillion
Long, Elizabeth Dayton
Long, Elizabeth Rutland
Long, Jane Rutland
Long, Lewis Rutland
Long, William Rutland
Loomis, Fanny Eden
Loomis, Henry Vermillion
Lord, Eliazbeth Jane Eagle
Loring, Alzina Manlius
Loring, David Manlius
Loring, Eliza Jane Manlius
Loring, George Manlius
Loring, Hulbert Manlius
Loring, John Manlius
Loring, Sally Manlius
Loring, Wm. R. Manlius
Lovejoy, Owen Fall River
Low, George Peru
Loyd, Abram Ottawa
Loyd, Jane Ottawa
Loyd, Jane Ottawa
Loyd, Jane Farm Ridge
Loyd, John Ottawa
Loyd, Marion Ottawa
Loyd, Mary Ann Ottawa
Loyd, Sarah Ottawa
Loyd, Sarah South Ottawa
Loyd, Thomas   Ottawa
Loyd, Thomas   Ottawa
Loyd, Wahington Ottawa
Lukins, Sarah Earl
Lundy, Benjamin Vermillion
Lundy, Benjamin Jr. Vermillion
Lundy, Charles Vermillion
Lundy, Eliza Vermillion
Lundy, Esther Vermillion
Lundy, Mrs. E. M. Vermillion
Lundy, Susan Vermillion
Lundy, William L. Vermillion
Lyman, Jerusha Serena
Lyman, John Freedom
Lyman, John W. Freedom
Lymer, John Freedom
Lynn, Mr. Earl



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