H - I - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

H - I

Hackett, Betsey Rutland
Hackett, Reuben Bruce
Haight, John Meriden
Haines, Mr. Deer Park
Halcott, Elizabeth Eagle
Halcott, Thomas Eagle
Hall, Albert Vermillion
Hall, Augustus Farm Ridge
Hall, Bemus Freedom
Hall, Betsey Vermillion
Hall, Brintha Manlius
Hall, C. H. Northville
Hall, Charlton Adams
Hall, Chester Utica
Hall, Chester B. Ottawa
Hall, Edward C. Freedom
Hall, Emeline Vermillion
Hall, James Ophir
Hall, Joseph Troy Grove
Hall, Josiah Freedom
Hall, Justin Vermillion
Hall, Lovina Freedom
Hall, Lydia Vermillion
Hall, Martha Freedom
Hall, Mr. LaSalle
Hall, Nathan Vermillion
Hall, Philip Peru
Hall, Rachel Freedom
Hall, Reuben Richland
Hall, Temperance Freedom
Hall, William Freedom
Hallock, Moses G. Farm Ridge
Halloway, Mr. Fall River
Halvarson, Halvar K. Adams
Haman, Abijah Northville
Haman, Anthony Mission
Haman, Clark Northville
Haman, H. Rutland
Haman, John Northville
Haman, Miss Mission
Haman, Miss Mission
Hamar, Eliazbeth Vermillion
Hamar, Elizabeth Bruce
Hamar, Eugene Vermillion
Hamar, Geo. E. Vermillion
Hamar, Joseph Vermillion
Hamar, Joseph E. Vermillion
Hamar, Mary Ann Vermillion
Hamar, Minerva O. Vermillion
Hamar, Mrs. Vermillion
Hamar, Therestal Vermillion
Hamilton, Anna Eden
Hamilton, Mrs. Sarah Allen
Hammond, Samuel Fall River
Hamon, Ellen Mission
Hampson, Mr. Farm Ridge
Hanfelt, Lizzie Freedom
Hanson, Alexander Adams
Hanson, Bertha Adams
Hanson, Dorothy Rutland
Hanson, Hans O. Adams
Hanson, Helen Adams
Hanson, Lovina Adams
Hanson, Ole H. Adams
Hardaway, Sarah Ottawa
Hardin, Col. Ottawa
Harding, Almira Freedom
Harding, Charles Freedom
Harding, Charles Freedom
Harding, Chas. Manlius
Harding, Christine Freedom
Harding, Hiram Freedom
Harding, John Freedom
Harding, Mary Freedom
Harding, Park Freedom
Harding, Ruth Freedom
Harding, widow Manlius
Hardy, - LaSalle
Hardy, Eliza Ottawa
Hardy, Julia Utica
Hardy, Nathan Ottawa
Hardy, Truman Utica
Hargus, Goodman Rutland
Harkins, John Eden
Harkness, Amelia Waltham
Harley, Ann Fall River
Harman, Huldah Vermillion
Harrigan, Patrick Fall River
Harrington, Eunice Eden
Harrington, John Rutland
Harrington, John Manlius
Harrington, Thos. Manlius
Harris, Anna Peru
Harris, Sarah LaSalle
Harris, William A. Peru
Hart, Elizabeth Ottawa
Hart, Janette Ottawa
Hart, Margaret Manlius
Hart, Onis Ottawa
Hart, Sarah Otter Creek
Hartsell, Thomas   LaSalle
Hartshorn, Alfred Waltham
Hartshorn, Alfred I. Utica
Hartshorn, Calvert Utica
Hartshorn, Charles B. Utica
Hartshorn, Erasmus D. Utica
Hartshorn, Ira Utica
Hartshorn, Joshua P. Utica
Hartshorn, Lucy Utica
Hartshorn, Lydia Utica
Hartshorn, Mary Utica
Hartshorn, Mary H. Ottawa
Hartshorn, Mr. Waltham
Hartshorn, Pliny Utica
Harvey, H. P. Serena
Harwood, Charles Eden
Harwood, Heman Eden
Harwood, Louisa Eden
Harwood, Sanford Vermillion
Harwood, Sanford Eden
Harwood, Sarah Eden
Haskell, William Ottawa
Haskell, William Serena
Haskell, William Freedom
Hastings, James Troy Grove
Hatch, Betsey Deer Park
Hatch, Camp Deer Park
Hatch, Camp Deer Park
Hatch, Elizabeth Vermillion
Hatch, Harvey Deer Park
Hatch, Jethro Vermillion
Hatch, Jethro Deer Park
Hatch, Johnson Farm Ridge
Hatch, Mary Ann Vermillion
Hathaway, Mrs. Abia Otter Creek
Hathron, Wallace Northville
Havenhill, Fielding Mission
Havenhill, George Mission
Havenhill, Lovina Northville
Havenhill, Marshall Mission
Havenhill, Mary Mission
Hawes, Mary Northville
Hawks, Miss Troy Grove
Hawley, - Dayton
Hawley, Anson Vermillion
Hawley, Ezra Vermillion
Hawley, Hiram Vermillion
Hawley, Mrs. Ezra Vermillion
Hawley, Myron Vermillion
Hawley, Nathan Vermillion
Hay, Mr. Deer Park
Hayes, Gaylord Bruce
Hayes, Gaylord Bruce
Hayes, Humphrey Bruce
Hayes, James H. Bruce
Hayes, Mary Bruce
Hayes, Philip C. Bruce
Hayes, Samuel J. Bruce
Hayes, Samuel J. Deer Park
Hayes, Timothy Bruce
Hays, Geo. Rutland
Hays, Harrison Peru
Hays, James Peru
Hays, John Peru
Hays, John Eden
Hays, John Freedom
Hays, Lizzie Farm Ridge
Hays, Mary Deer Park
Hays, widow Eagle
Hayward, Charles Ottawa
Hayward, Charles Ottawa
Hayward, Estella J. Ottawa
Hayward, George Ottawa
Hazard, Mr. South Ottawa
Hazelton, - Mission
Hazleton, - Mission
Headly, Elmira Ottawa
Heath, - Northville
Heath, Dr. Northville
Heath, Elizabeth Ophir
Heath, Maria Northville
Heath, Maria Northville
Henderson, - Freedom
Henderson, Annetta Freedom
Henderson, Erastus T. Freedom
Henderson, Frances Freedom
Henderson, George Freedom
Henderson, John Freedom
Henderson, John H. Freedom
Henderson, Martha Freedom
Henderson, Mary Freedom
Henderson, Sarah Freedom
Hendrick, - Peru
Hendricks, John Eden
Hennesey, Thomas W. LaSalle
Hennesey, Thomas W. Deer Park
Henriks, Dr. Ottawa
Herrington, Sarah Deer Park
Hess, Abram Utica
Hess, Benjamin Utica
Hess, Benjamin Utica
Hess, Elizabeth Utica
Hess, Eva Utica
Hess, Eva Utica
Hess, Jemima Ottawa
Hess, Jemima Utica
Hess, Jeremiah Utica
Hess, Susan Utica
Hibbard, Eleazar Grand Rapids
Hibbard, Elezar South Ottawa
Hibbard, Henry South Ottawa
Hibbard, Henry Grand Rapids
Hibbard, Miss South Ottawa
Hibbard, Mr. South Ottawa
Hibbard, Nathaniel Mission
Hickling, William Ottawa
Hickling, Wm. Ottawa
Hickok, Hiram Troy Grove
Hickok, James B. "Wild Bill" Troy Grove
Hickok, Lorenzo B. Troy Grove
Hickok, Wm. A. Troy Grove
Hicks, Stephen G. Brookfield
Higby, Arthur Utica
Higby, Frances Utica
Higby, H. W. Utica
Higby, Helen M. Utica
Higby, Hiram Utica
Higby, Julia Utica
Higby, Thomas Frederick Utica
Higby, William Utica
Higginbotham, H. D. Earl
Higgins, John LaSalle
Higgins, John Allen
Hill, John Waltham
Hill, John Miller
Hiller, Emma Vermillion
Hine, Mary Ottawa
Hinkley, Miss Freedom
Hirst, Mrs. B. C. Ottawa
Hise, John Ottawa
Hitchcock, Lucy Freedom
Hite, Mr. Rutland
Hitt, Caleb Deer Park
Hitt, Col. Daniel F. Ottawa
Hitt, Elizabeth Deer Park
Hoadley, Elizabeth Dayton
Hoag, John Freedom
Hoag, Mr. Rutland
Hoar, Anthony Serena
Hoar, Henry Serena
Hobart, Dr. Ottawa
Hobbs, Alfred Serena
Hobbs, Dururia Serena
Hobbs, John R. Serena
Hobro, Sarah Vermillion
Hodgson, Lewis Fall River
Hodgson, Thomas South Ottawa
Hoes, Edward   Ottawa
Hoes, Ella A. Ottawa
Hoes, John V. A. Ottawa
Hoffman, - Eagle
Hoffman, Andrew J. Peru
Hoffman, Asa Peru
Hoffman, Asa Peru
Hoffman, Charles C. Peru
Hoffman, Flora Ophir
Hoffman, John Peru
Hoffman, John Peru
Hoffman, John B. Peru
Hoffman, Julietta C. Peru
Hoffman, Maria L. Peru
Hoffman, Maria R. Peru
Hoffman, Phebe Adeline Peru
Hoffman, Sarah Freedom
Hogaboom, Abbey South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Abel South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Abigail South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Adelia South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Charlotte South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Charlotte South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Cornelia South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Edgar South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Eliza South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Eliza South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Emily South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Frances South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Frank South Ottawa
Hogaboom, George South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Hannah South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Hannah South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Harriet South Ottawa
Hogaboom, John South Ottawa
Hogaboom, John Brookfield
Hogaboom, Loring South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Lucy South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Luella South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Mary South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Mary South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Mercy South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Prudence South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Richard South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Richard South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Richard South Ottawa
Hogaboom, Richard Manlius
Hogaboom, Susan South Ottawa
Hogaboom, William South Ottawa
Holcomb, Flora Ophir
Holcomb, Flora Troy Grove
Holcomb, Harlan Troy Grove
Holcomb, Harriet Troy Grove
Holcomb, Mrs. (nee Goddard) Troy Grove
Holcomb, Sophia Troy Grove
Holcomb, Warren Troy Grove
Holcomb, Zophar Troy Grove
Holden, Cornelia Freedom
Holden, David Meriden
Holden, Mary Elizabeth Freedom
Holden, Mary Elizabeth Brookfield
Holden, Salome Freedom
Holden, Sarah Freedom
Holden, Solomon Freedom
Holderman, Allen Eagle
Holderman, Eliza Eagle
Holderman, Eliza Eagle
Holderman, Harriet Mission
Holderman, Jacob Eagle
Holderman, John Eagle
Holderman, Martha Eagle
Holderman, Mrs. Eden
Holderman, Sarah Eagle
Holderman, Sarah R. Eagle
Holdridge, Arminda Eden
Holdridge, Asa Vermillion
Holdridge, Asa Deer Park
Holdridge, Asa Eden
Holdridge, Clarinda Eden
Holdridge, Lafayette Eden
Holdridge, Volney Eden
Holdridge, W. H. H. Eden
Holeman, Mr. Deer Park
Holland, Edward Utica
Holland, Edward Utica
Holland, widow South Ottawa
Hollinger, Caroline S. Deer Park
Hollinger, Elizabeth Deer Park
Hollinger, Harry C. Deer Park
Hollinger, John Deer Park
Hollinger, John D. Deer Park
Hollinger, Maria H. Deer Park
Hollinger, Martin H. Deer Park
Hollinger, Mary A. Barbary Deer Park
Hollinger, widow Deer Park
Hollinger, Wm. S. Deer Park
Hollister, Edward Ottawa
Hollister, Judge Ottawa
Hollister, M. E. Rutland
Hollister, Madison E. Ottawa
Holly, Emma Farm Ridge
Holly, George W. Peru
Holly, W. Eagle
Holman, James Deer Park
Holmes, George B. Eden
Honer, James Osage
Honey, Carrie Ottawa
Hook, Charles Ottawa
Hopkins, D. Farm Ridge
Hopkins, Harriet Peru
Hopkins, John Eden
Hopkins, Miss South Ottawa
Hopkinson, Ann Troy Grove
Hopple, Jerry Otter Creek
Hopple, Susan South Ottawa
Horham, Mr. Ottawa
Horn, widow South Ottawa
Hosford, A. P. Wallace
Hosford, Arabella Freedom
Hosford, Charles Freedom
Hosford, Fear R. Mission
Hosford, Fear R. Freedom
Hosford, John H. Freedom
Hosford, Josephine C. Freedom
Hosford, Mary Freedom
Hosford, Sarah P. Freedom
Hossack, Anna Peru
Hossack, James Ottawa
Hossack, Louise Farm Ridge
Hough, Jeremiah Northville
Houghton, Mr. Manlius
Hoveland, Yerk Miller
Howard, Mr. Ottawa
Howe, Aaron Rutland
Howe, L. Eden
Howe, W. Rutland
Howland, Dr. Allen H. Ottawa
Howland, Elizabeth Ottawa
Howland, Henry South Ottawa
Howland, Henry   Ottawa
Howser, Anna Rutland
Hoxie, Fanny Serena
Hoxie, Fremont Serena
Hoxie, Henrietta Serena
Hoxie, Henry Serena
Hoxie, John Serena
Hoxie, John Freedom
Hoxie, Lincoln Serena
Hoxie, Lydia M. Ottawa
Hubbard, Gurdon S. Manlius
Hubbard, Harriet Deer Park
Hubbard, John Freedom
Hudson, J. P. Peru
Hudson, Mr. Utica
Hull, Henry Northville
Hunt, Frank LaSalle
Hunt, Kirjeth A. Farm Ridge
Hunt, Kirjeth A. Farm Ridge
Huntington, Harriet Vermillion
Hupp, Cemantha Serena
Hupp, George Serena
Hupp, Havilah Serena
Hupp, Havilah Serena
Hupp, Jane Serena
Hupp, John Serena
Hupp, Louisa Serena
Hupp, Mr. Rutland
Hupp, Riley Serena
Hupp, Sedgwick Serena
Hupp, Stephen Serena
Hupp, Wilson Serena
Hurlburt, Dr. Harmon Ottawa
Hurlburt, Henry Ottawa
Hurlbut, General Ottawa
Hutchinson, Israel Vermillion
Hutchinson, Jonathan Vermillion
Hutchinson, Mary Vermillion
Hyat, Rachel Northville
Hyatt, - Peru
Ide, Julia LaSalle
Ide, Melissa Eden
Imil, Wm. Earl
Irwin, Col. Ottawa
Ish, - Rutland
Iverson, Nels Adams
Iverson, Paul Adams
Iverson, Thomas Adams
Ives, Mary Ottawa
Ives, Richard Manlius



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