F - G - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

F - G

Fairchild, Belinda (widow) Troy Grove
Fairchild, Mr. Utica
Farley, Dr. Brookfield
Farnsworth, Albert South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Daniel South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Elicta South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Elizabeth South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Elizabeth South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Phebe South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Phebe South Ottawa
Farnsworth, Robert South Ottawa
Farnsworth, William South Ottawa
Faro, Stephen Eagle
Faro, widow Vermillion
Farrell, Zaccheus Waltham
Farwell, Isaac Freedom
Farwell, S. B. Ottawa
Farwell, S. B. Freedom
Farwell, Seth B. Ottawa
Fay, Mr. Deer Park
Fellows, Beach Mission
Fellows, Delia Mission
Fellows, Dr. H. B. Ottawa
Fellows, Jane Mission
Fellows, Joseph Mission
Fellows, Lydia Ottawa
Fellows, Maud Mission
Fellows, William Mission
Ferguson, Charles A. Freedom
Ferguson, Clara Brookfield
Ferguson, James Troy Grove
Ferguson, John Troy Grove
Ferguson, John Jr. Troy Grove
Ferguson, Mary Freedom
Ferguson, Patrick Freedom
Ferrel, Charles T. Fall River
Field, Adeline O. LaSalle
Field, Adeline O. Farm Ridge
Field, Charlotte B. LaSalle
Finch, Philinda Serena
Finley, Phebe Ottawa
Fisher, Abner S. Ottawa
Fisher, Charles Ottawa
Fisher, George S. Ottawa
Fisher, George S. Ottawa
Fisher, Helen Ottawa
Fisher, Janet Ottawa
Fisher, Janet Ottawa
Fisher, Susan Ottawa
Fisk, Laura Northville
Fisk, Mr. South Ottawa
Fitch, Jabez South Ottawa
Fitch, Joel Freedom
Fitzgerald, Garret Dimmick
Fitzsimmons, - Peru
Fleming, Anna Vermillion
Fleming, Miss Ophir
Flint, Samuel B. Serena
Flint, William Allen
Flulin, James B. Eden
Foot, Caroline Dimmick
Foote, Louise Ottawa
Foote, Mr. Deer Park
Ford, - Peru
Ford, Alvin Ottawa
Ford, Emma Freedom
Ford, John J. Brookfield
Ford, Josephine B. Freedom
Ford, Nancy Fall River
Forrest, Mary Ann LaSalle
Forsyth, George W. Ottawa
Foss, Andrew Richland
Foss, Henry Eden
Foster, - Northville
Foster, Abram Earl
Foster, Abram Earl
Foster, Alfred Earl
Foster, Amos Earl
Foster, Amzi Earl
Foster, Betsey Earl
Foster, Charles Mendota
Foster, Charles B. Troy Grove
Foster, Elisha Earl
Foster, Mary Ottawa
Foster, Millie Earl
Foster, Miss LaSalle
Foster, Mr. South Ottawa
Foster, Myers Mission
Foster, Phebe Northville
Foster, Polly Northville
Foster, Thomas Eden
Foster, Willard Earl
Foster, William Earl
Fowler, Robert South Ottawa
Francis, Moreland Deer Park
Fredenburg, Augustus   Ottawa
Fredenburg, Charles Ottawa
Fredenburg, Elizabeth Ottawa
Fredenburg, Ella   Ottawa
Fredenburg, Henry Ottawa
Fredenburg, Isaac H. Ottawa
Fredenburg, Mary Ottawa
Fredenburg, Platt Ottawa
Fredenburgh, Isaac Troy Grove
Freeland, Augusta Mission
Freeland, Mary Mission
Freer, T. L. Bruce
Fremont, - Groveland
Frenary, Jas. N. Rutland
Frewlin, Nels Miller
Frink, Elias Groveland
Fry, Abby Angell Farm Ridge
Fry, Adam Allen
Fry, John Vermillion
Fuller, Ashbel Freedom
Fuller, Candace Deer Park
Fullerton, Joseph Waltham
Fulton, Franklin Vermillion
Fulton, Henry L. Vermillion
Fulton, Juliette Vermillion
Fulwilder, Eliza Bruce
Fulwilder, Jackson Bruce
Fulwilder, John Bruce
Fulwilder, John Jr. Bruce
Funk, Elizabeth Rutland
Funk, Henry Rutland
Furman, Benjamin Meriden
Gage, Benjamin Frank Brookfield
Gage, Harriet E. Brookfield
Gage, Ida A. Brookfield
Gage, Isaac Brookfield
Gage, Issac Eden
Gage, Louisa Brookfield
Gage, Richard Brookfield
Galloway, A. J. Peru
Galloway, Archibald Fall River
Galloway, Catharine Eagle
Galloway, Catharine Eden
Galloway, Elijah M. Eagle
Galloway, George Vermillion
Galloway, George Fall River
Galloway, James South Ottawa
Galloway, James Vermillion
Galloway, James Manlius
Galloway, James Fall River
Galloway, James Brookfield
Galloway, James Jr. Fall River
Galloway, Jane Fall River
Galloway, John Fall River
Galloway, John R. Fall River
Galloway, Lydia Vermillion
Galloway, Lydia M. Eagle
Galloway, Marshall Fall River
Galloway, Mary Eagle
Galloway, Mary Fall River
Galloway, Mrs. Manlius
Galloway, Reeder Fall River
Galloway, Robt. Deer Park
Galloway, Samuel Eagle
Galloway, Samuel Fall River
Galloway, Samuel C. Eagle
Galloway, Sarah Fall River
Galloway, Susan Fall River
Gannet, Rachel Eagle
Gappin, C. C. Vermillion
Gardner, Bridget Ophir
Gardner, Miss Troy Grove
Gardner, Phebe Manlius
Garrison, James Deer Park
Garrison, William Lloyd Vermillion
Garrity, Miss LaSalle
Geer, Miss Ophir
Gentleman, Casbia Fall River
Gentleman, Eliza Fall River
Gentleman, James Fall River
Gentleman, William Fall River
Gentleman, William Fall River
George, Horace B. Dayton
German, Priscilla A. Deer Park
Gibbs, Emily Peru
Gibbs, O. J. Troy Grove
Gibson, Asher Northville
Gibson, Geo. W. Rutland
Gibson, George Dayton
Gibson, John Rutland
Gibson, John F. Rutland
Gibson, Maria Rutland
Gibson, Martha Rutland
Gibson, Theodore C. Rutland
Gibson, William Rutland
Gibson, Wm. L. Rutland
Gifford, Charles Northville
Gilbert, Chas. A. Farm Ridge
Gilbert, H. F. Ottawa
Gilbert, Henry South Ottawa
Giles, D. D. Mendota
Gillespie, Ann Rutland
Gillett, - Troy Grove
Gillett, Almon Ophir
Gillett, Daniel S. Ophir
Gillett, Dennis T. Ophir
Gillett, Emeline Ophir
Gillett, Gideon Ophir
Gillett, Luna Ophir
Gillett, Mrs. (nee Goddard) Troy Grove
Gillett, Ruth Ophir
Gillett, Ruth Ophir
Gillett, Samuel N. Ophir
Gillett, Simeon B. Ophir
Gilman, Wm. Peru
Gilson, Emma Peru
Gilson, Emma Deer Park
Gilson, Frances Peru
Gilson, George T. Peru
Gilson, George W. Peru
Gilson, George W. Deer Park
Gleim, Anna Farm Ridge
Gleim, Frederick Farm Ridge
Gleim, George Farm Ridge
Glover, - Ottawa
Glover, Henry S. Ottawa
Glover, J. O. South Ottawa
Glover, James South Ottawa
Glover, Joseph O. Ottawa
Glover, Julia Ottawa
Glover, Julia Ottawa
Glover, Otis R. Ottawa
Glover, William Ottawa
Goble, Mr. Freedom
Gochanour, Wm. H. Otter Creek
Goddard, Amanda Troy Grove
Goddard, Lucy Troy Grove
Goddard, Riverius Troy Grove
Goddard, Rosanna Troy Grove
Goddard, Ruth Ophir
Goff, Alif Eagle
Goff, Alif Groveland
Goff, Jacob Eagle
Goff, Janet Eagle
Goff, Samuel Eagle
Goff, William Eagle
Good, Walter South Ottawa
Goodale, G. M. Osage
Gooddard, William H. Brookfield
Goodell, Adaline Ottawa
Goodell, Althea Ottawa
Goodell, Andrew   Ottawa
Goodell, Eaton Ottawa
Goodell, Edward Ottawa
Goodell, Emma Ottawa
Goodell, Henry Ottawa
Goodell, Maria Ottawa
Goodell, Maria Ottawa
Goodell, Mr. Brookfield
Goodell, Roswell Ottawa
Goodell, William Vermillion
Goodrich, Hattie Brookfield
Goodwin, Mary Vermillion
Gorbet, Debby Ann Deer Park
Gorbet, Henry Utica
Gorbet, Henry Utica
Gorbett, Angeline South Ottawa
Gorbett, Debby Ann South Ottawa
Gorbett, Francis Asbury South Ottawa
Gorbett, George South Ottawa
Gorbett, Henry South Ottawa
Gorbett, Henry South Ottawa
Gorbett, John South Ottawa
Gorbett, Joseph South Ottawa
Gorbett, Margaret South Ottawa
Gorbett, Mary South Ottawa
Gorbett, Mary Ann South Ottawa
Gorbett, Peter South Ottawa
Gorbett, Samuel South Ottawa
Gorbett, Sarah South Ottawa
Gorbit, Mary South Ottawa
Gordon, Miss Ophir
Gordon, Nancy Peru
Goslin, Madison Vermillion
Gossage, Charles Ottawa
Gould, Elizabeth Northville
Gould, N. Troy Grove
Gould, Nahum LaSalle
Gould, Nahum Troy Grove
Gould, Semira LaSalle
Gove, E. Groveland
Gove, John T. Groveland
Graff, Samuel Northville
Graham, Frederick Brookfield
Graham, William H. Earl
Gransden, Albert Northville
Gransden, Alice Northville
Gransden, Anna Northville
Gransden, Martha Northville
Gransden, Thomas Northville
Gransden, Thomas Northville
Grant, Charlotte Mission
Grant, General Ottawa
Graves, Horace Hope
Graves, William H. Hope
Gray, - Ottawa
Gray, A. G. Eden
Gray, Abner Deer Park
Gray, Arthur Deer Park
Gray, Fanny Deer Park
Gray, Geo. W. Groveland
Gray, Mr. Northville
Gray, O. C. Earl
Gray, William Deer Park
Gray, William Deer Park
Green, - Dayton
Green, Anna Brookfield
Green, Catharine Dayton
Green, Catharine Dayton
Green, Charles H. Ottawa
Green, Charles H. Farm Ridge
Green, Charles Henry Ottawa
Green, D. S. Dayton
Green, David Dayton
Green, David Dayton
Green, Eliza Dayton
Green, Eliza Rutland
Green, Henry Ottawa
Green, Henry South Ottawa
Green, Henry Farm Ridge
Green, Isaac Dayton
Green, Jesse Dayton
Green, Jesse Rutland
Green, John Dayton
Green, John Rutland
Green, John Rutland
Green, John Rutland
Green, John Rutland
Green, John Rutland
Green, John Manlius
Green, Joseph Dayton
Green, Martha E. Ottawa
Green, Mary P. Ottawa
Green, Nancy Dayton
Green, Nancy Rutland
Green, Rachel Dayton
Green, Rebecca Dayton
Green, Sally South Ottawa
Green, widow Manlius
Green, William Ottawa
Green, William Dayton
Greene, - Fall River
Greenfield, E. C. Peru
Greenfield, Maria Deer Park
Greenleaf, Seraphena Freedom
Greenless, Andrew Fall River
Greenless, Robert Serena
Gregg, David L. LaSalle
Gregg, Ezra Freedom
Gregg, Hugh M. Freedom
Gridley, Caroline E. Ottawa
Gridley, Caroline E. Farm Ridge
Gridley, Chas. H. Farm Ridge
Gridley, Harriet Ottawa
Gridley, Henry W. Farm Ridge
Gridley, Laura W. Farm Ridge
Gridley, Lucy S. Farm Ridge
Gridley, Ralph Jr. Ottawa
Gridley, Rev. Ralph Ottawa
Gridley, Rev. Ralph Ottawa
Gridley, Samuel B. Ottawa
Griffith, David Allen
Griffith, Isaiah Vermillion
Griffith, Lutitia Eagle
Griggs, Enos Freedom
Grimes, Daniel Osage
Grinnell, Aaron Serena
Grist, Elwood Richland
Griswold, R. W. Ottawa
Griswold, W. Northville
Groom, Abram Eagle
Groom, Abram Eden
Groom, Alida Eden
Groom, Betsey Eden
Groom, Delia Eden
Groom, Joseph Eden
Groom, Peter Eden
Groom, William Vermillion
Groom, William Eden
Groom, William Eden
Grove, Anna Rutland
Grove, Barbara Dayton
Grove, Barbary Rutland
Grove, Clara Rutland
Grove, David Dayton
Grove, David Rutland
Grove, Davis Rutland
Grove, Elias Rutland
Grove, Eliza Rutland
Grove, Elizabeth Rutland
Grove, Elizabeth Rutland
Grove, Elma Rutland
Grove, Emma Rutland
Grove, George Rutland
Grove, Isabella Rutland
Grove, J. M. Groveland
Grove, Jeremiah Rutland
Grove, Jesse Rutland
Grove, John Rutland
Grove, John Rutland
Grove, John Groveland
Grove, Joseph Dayton
Grove, Joseph Rutland
Grove, Joseph Rutland
Grove, Katharine Rutland
Grove, Lewis Rutland
Grove, Mary Rutland
Grove, Miss Eden
Grove, Miss Miller
Grove, Nancy Rutland
Grove, Rebecca Rutland
Grove, Samuel Dayton
Grove, Samuel Rutland
Grove, Samuel Rutland
Grove, Samuel Rutland
Grove, Semantha Rutland
Gruber, Jacob South Ottawa
Gum, Joseph Deer Park
Gum, Malvina Eagle
Gum, Norton Bruce
Gunderson, Garver Rutland
Gunn, Aaron LaSalle
Gunn, Aaron Freedom
Gunn, Aaron E. LaSalle
Gunn, Bella E. LaSalle
Gunn, Elizabeth S. LaSalle
Gunn, Lucy G. LaSalle
Gunn, Lydia C. LaSalle
Gunn, Moses W. LaSalle
Gunn, Nettie Z. LaSalle
Gunnison, Margaret Miller
Gurley, Delia Ottawa
Gurley, Delia Troy Grove
Gurley, Jason Troy Grove
Gurley, Jason Jr. Troy Grove
Gurley, Joel Troy Grove
Gurley, John A. Troy Grove
Gurley, Julius Troy Grove
Gurley, Sarah Troy Grove



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