D - E - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

D - E

Daily, Dick Ottawa Addenda
Dakin, Lydia Eagle
Dakin, Sally Eagle
Dall, Andrew Rutland
Dana, David Peru
Dana, William Waltham
Daniels, Aaron Rutland
Daniels, Benjamin Northville
Daniels, Elizabeth Rutland
Daniels, Jonathan Dayton
Daniels, Jonathan Rutland
Daniels, Judith Rutland
Darby, D. Eden
Darling, E. B. Eagle
Dart, Lina Mission
Dart, Louisa Vermillion
Dart, Margaret Vermillion
Dart, Relefe G. Vermillion
Dart, Sarah Mission
Dart, Thomas Mission
Davidson, Dr. Ottawa
Davis, David Freedom
Davis, Fanny Troy Grove
Davis, Mr. Peru
Davis, Mr. Deer Park
Davis, Mr. Freedom
Davis, Newton Freedom
Davis, Rachel Freedom
Davis, William H. Peru
Day, Elizabeth Deer Park
Day, James South Ottawa
Day, James Serena
Day, Miss South Ottawa
Dean, Amelia Utica
Dean, Frank Utica
Dean, Mary H. Ottawa
DeBolt, Barbara Rutland
DeBolt, Cyrus Rutland
DeBolt, Cyrus Rutland
DeBolt, Elma Rutland
DeBolt, George Rutland
DeBolt, Jesse Rutland
DeBolt, Lovina Rutland
Debolt, Miss Miller
Debolt, Reason Dayton
DeBolt, Reason Rutland
Defenbaugh, Elizabeth Eden
Defenbaugh, Miss Eden
Delameter, Cyrus Mission
Deland, Mary Peru
Delano, Benton Ottawa
Delano, Charles Ottawa
Delano, Cornelia Ottawa
Delano, Edward Ottawa
Delano, Elizabeth Ottawa
Delano, James Ottawa
Delano, Loring Ottawa
Delano, Loring Rutland
Delano, Lucien Ottawa
Delano, Lucien Bonaparte Ottawa
Dennison, Bartlett South Ottawa
Densmore, Geo. L. Bruce
Densmore, Marius Bruce
Densmore, Rosa South Ottawa
Dent, John O. Osage
Dent, R. E. Osage
Dent, Thomas   Ottawa
Denton, Lizzie Vermillion
Desert, Mary Serena
Devereau, A. P. Freedom
Dewey, Ansel Adams
Dewey, Caroline Ophir
Dewey, Charles O. Adams
Dewey, Chauncey B. Adams
Dewey, Frances C. Adams
Dewey, Henrietta Adams
Dewey, Julia Ophir
Dewey, Justin Troy Grove
Dewey, Maria L. Adams
Dewey, Mary E. Adams
Dewey, Milton E. Adams
Dewey, Pliny Ophir
Dewey, Roswell LaSalle
Dewey, Roswell Troy Grove
Dewey, Samuel Adams
Dewey, Sarah LaSalle
Dewey, Sarah Troy Grove
Dewey, William R. Troy Grove
Dewey, Wm. A. Adams
Dice, Jacob Eagle
Dick, David Deer Park
Dick, Peter Serena
Dickerman, Mary Fall River
Dickey, Charles H. Ottawa
Dickey, Cyrus E. Ottawa
Dickey, Cyrus E. Ottawa
Dickey, Jesse Ottawa Addenda
Dickey, John J. Ottawa
Dickey, Judge   Ottawa
Dickey, Lyle Ottawa
Dickey, Martha Ottawa
Dickey, Martha Ottawa
Dickey, T. L. Ottawa
Dickey, T. L. Ottawa
Dickey, T. L. Deer Park
Dickey, V. Belle Ottawa
Dickey, V. Belle Deer Park
Dickinson, Amelia Utica
Dickinson, Caroline Utica
Dickinson, Cemantha Utica
Dickinson, Louisa Eagle
Dickinson, Lucy Farm Ridge
Dickinson, Margaret Utica
Dickinson, Olive Utica
Dickinson, Rev. Mr. Deer Park
Dickinson, Samuel Utica
Dickinson, Susan Utica
Dickinson, Zenas Utica
Dickinson, Zenas Clark Utica
Dimmick, Ann Deer Park
Dimmick, Daniel Dimmick
Dimmick, Elijah Dimmick
Dimmick, Ephraim Deer Park
Dimmick, Esther Deer Park
Dimmick, Esther Deer Park
Dimmick, Franklin Deer Park
Dimmick, Isaac Vermillion
Dimmick, Isaac Deer Park
Dimmick, Isaac Deer Park
Dimmick, Julia Deer Park
Dimmick, Julia Deer Park
Dimmick, L. N. Deer Park
Dimmick, L. W. Deer Park
Dimmick, Lawrence W. Deer Park
Dimmick, Minerva Deer Park
Dimmick, Minerva Deer Park
Dimmick, Olive Ottawa Addenda
Dimmick, Olive Deer Park
Dimmick, Philo C. Deer Park
Dimmick, Sophia Deer Park
Dimmick, Sophia Grand Rapids
Dimock, Marvin W. Farm Ridge
Dimock, Marvin W. Farm Ridge
Disner, - South Ottawa
Disney, - South Ottawa
Disney, - Grand Rapids
Disney, Miss Ottawa
Disney, Mordecai Adams
Divine, Alvin Eagle
Divine, Celia Eagle
Divine, Charlotte Eagle
Divine, Clemens Eagle
Divine, Elma Eagle
Divine, Emma Eagle
Divine, Hiram Eagle
Divine, Lucien Eagle
Divine, Luther Eagle
Divine, Mary Eagle
Dix, Miss South Ottawa
Dixon, John Dimmick
Doane, Corrin Earl
Doane, Hazen Earl
Doane, Nettie Earl
Doane, Samuel J. Earl
Doane, widow Earl
Dodge, - Ottawa
Doggett, Henry Miller
Domini, Marthin Freedom
Dominy, Anna Serena
Dominy, Belinda Serena
Dominy, Betsey Serena
Dominy, Ezra Serena
Dominy, Ezra A. Serena
Dominy, John Serena
Dominy, Lorenzo Serena
Dominy, Nathaniel Serena
Dominy, Rebecca Serena
Dominy, Sally Serena
Donaldson, Harriet Utica
Donnell, Agnes Bruce
Donnell, Alice Bruce
Donnell, Margaret Bruce
Donnell, Mary Bruce
Donnell, Porter Bruce
Donnell, Ross Bruce
Donnell, William Bruce
Doolittle, Maria South Ottawa
Douglass, Margaret Mission
Douglass, Miss Ottawa
Dow, Albert Earl
Dow, Elizabeth H. Earl
Dow, John R. Earl
Dow, John R. Earl
Dow, Nancy Manlius
Dow, Warren Earl
Downey, Elza Eagle
Downey, James Eagle
Downey, John Eagle
Downey, Thomas Eagle
Downs, Myron D. LaSalle
Downs, Sarah LaSalle
Drackby, Sarah Rutland
Drain, John Brookfield
Drake, - Rutland
Dresser, Charles Peru
Dresser, Elizabeth Ottawa
Dryer, C. Deer Park
Dryer, Calvin Vermillion
Dryer, Chester Vermillion
Dryer, Keziah Vermillion
Dryer, Keziah Eden
Dryer, William Vermillion
Dubois, - Northville
Dubois, - Northville
Dudley, Guy Brookfield
Dukes, Martin Otter Creek
Duncan, James LaSalle
Dunham, Asa Richland
Dunham, J. L. Richland
Dunham, Jerusha Deer Park
Dunlap, M. L. Troy Grove
Dunlap, Minzo Troy Grove
Dunlap, Nathaniel Troy Grove
Dunlap, William Troy Grove
Dunn, J. R. South Ottawa
Dunn, Martha South Ottawa
Dunnary, Robert V. Utica
Dunnavan, Albert Dayton
Dunnavan, Albert Rutland
Dunnavan, Albert Rutland
Dunnavan, Anna Rutland
Dunnavan, Belle Dayton
Dunnavan, Belle Dayton
Dunnavan, Charles Dayton
Dunnavan, Cora Dayton
Dunnavan, David Rutland
Dunnavan, Edward Dayton
Dunnavan, Elizabeth Rutland
Dunnavan, Elizabeth Rutland
Dunnavan, Emma Dayton
Dunnavan, Emma Rutland
Dunnavan, Frank W. Dayton
Dunnavan, George Rutland
Dunnavan, George M. Dayton
Dunnavan, Isaac Rutland
Dunnavan, Jane Rutland
Dunnavan, Jesse Rutland
Dunnavan, John Rutland
Dunnavan, Joseph Rutland
Dunnavan, Kathaine Rutland
Dunnavan, Louisa Jane Dayton
Dunnavan, Lucien G. Dayton
Dunnavan, Mary E. Dayton
Dunnavan, Samuel Rutland
Dunnavan, Samuel Freedom
Dunnavan, Silas L. Dayton
Dunnavan, widow Eden
Dunnavan, William L. Dayton
Dunnavan, William L. Rutland
Dunnaway, Thomas Farm Ridge
Dutton, Mr. Troy Grove
Dyer, Esther Fall River
Dyke, Clarissa Manlius
Dyke, Eunice Manlius
Dyke, James Manlius
Eager, Thomas   Meriden
Eames, Julia Vermillion
East, Joseph Mission
Eastman, Miss Ophir
Eastman, Zebina Vermillion
Eastwood, J. Q. Mission
Eaton, Alexander Deer Park
Eaton, Alexander Deer Park
Eaton, Anna Deer Park
Eaton, Belle Deer Park
Eaton, Charles L. Deer Park
Eaton, Clarence Deer Park
Eaton, Frank Deer Park
Eaton, Julius A. Deer Park
Eaton, Lucia T. Deer Park
Eaton, Nathan L. Vermillion
Eaton, Nellie R. Deer Park
Eaton, Sarah Deer Park
Eaton, Seth Vermillion
Eaton, Seth Deer Park
Eaton, William Deer Park
Ebersol, - South Ottawa
Ebersol, - Grand Rapids
Ebersol, A. M. Fall River
Ebersol, A. M. Grand Rapids
Ebersol, Albert Grand Rapids
Ebersol, Albert H. Ottawa Addenda
Ebersol, Alice Fall River
Ebersol, Calistine Fall River
Ebersol, Catharine Grand Rapids
Ebersol, Daniel Grand Rapids
Ebersol, E. Corinne Fall River
Ebersol, Elizabeth Fall River
Ebersol, Helen Grand Rapids
Ebersol, J. W. South Ottawa
Ebersol, James Fall River
Ebersol, Joseph Ottawa Addenda
Ebersol, Joseph South Ottawa
Ebersol, Joseph Fall River
Ebersol, Joseph Grand Rapids
Ebersol, Joseph P. Ottawa Addenda
Ebersol, Lelia Fall River
Ebersol, Louisa Grand Rapids
Ebersol, Samuel Grand Rapids
Eckert, Miss Troy Grove
Eddy, Nathaniel Vermillion
Eddy, Nathaniel Eden
Edgar, Miss Rutland
Edgecomb, James South Ottawa
Edgecomb, Richard Brookfield
Edwards, George Northville
Edwards, Martha Troy Grove
Edwards, Miss Troy Grove
Eells, Calvin South Ottawa
Eells, Calvin South Ottawa
Eells, Charles B. South Ottawa
Eells, Douglass A. South Ottawa
Eells, Frederick South Ottawa
Eells, Horace South Ottawa
Eells, Isabella South Ottawa
Eells, Lucien South Ottawa
Eells, Marcus South Ottawa
Eells, Nathaniel South Ottawa
Eells, Susan O. South Ottawa
Eels, Adoniram J. Ottawa
Eels, Bradford Ottawa
Eels, Bradford V. Ottawa
Eels, Franklin Ottawa
Eels, Hopy Ottawa
Eels, Hubbard Ottawa
Eels, Jonathan Ottawa
Eels, Lydia Ottawa
Eels, Nathan Ottawa
Eels, Nathan Jr. Ottawa
Eels, Varanus Ottawa
Eichelberger, Ellen Fall River
Eichelberger, Miss Ottawa
Elderding, Christian Northville
Elliot, Cook Deer Park
Elliot, John Osage
Elliot, Sarah Bruce
Elliott, Charles Vermillion
Elliott, Charles Vermillion
Elliott, Cook Vermillion
Elliott, George A. LaSalle
Elliott, Jacob Vermillion
Elliott, Jacob Vermillion
Elliott, John Deer Park
Elliott, Mary Vermillion
Elliott, Sarah Vermillion
Elliott, Sarah Vermillion
Ellis, Joel Fall River
Ellis, Mr. Deer Park
Ellsworth, Ada Eden
Ellsworth, Betsey South Ottawa
Ellsworth, Clarissa Vermillion
Ellsworth, Miss Bruce
Ellsworth, William Deer Park
Emerson, Susan Northville
Enderton, George Vermillion
Enos, Mr. Vermillion
Erickson, Tortal H. Miller
Eschback, Conrad Richland
Eschback, Peter Richland
Esdell, - Deer Park
Esmond, Miss Deer Park
Evans, Eliza A. Peru
Evans, Ellen Rittenhouse Peru
Evans, J. F. Eden
Evans, Julia Ottawa
Evans, Margaret E. Eden
Evans, Rebecca Troy Grove



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