C - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.


Cadwell, Alexander Deer Park
Cadwell, Alexander Deer Park
Cadwell, Charlotte LaSalle
Cadwell, Charlotte Deer Park
Cadwell, Cushman Deer Park
Cadwell, George Deer Park
Cadwell, Jacob Deer Park
Cadwell, Jacob Deer Park
Cadwell, Lyman South Ottawa
Cadwell, Lyman Deer Park
Cadwell, Sheldon LaSalle
Cadwell, Sheldon Deer Park
Cadwell, Sheldon Jr. Deer Park
Cadwell, William Farm Ridge
Cahill, Cornelius Peru
Cain, Anna Dayton
Calkins, Helen Farm Ridge
Calkins, James Farm Ridge
Calkins, John W. Farm Ridge
Calkins, Mary Farm Ridge
Calkins, William W. Farm Ridge
Cameron, Dwight R. Ottawa
Campbell, - Eagle
Campbell, C. C. Ottawa
Campbell, Charles Ottawa
Campbell, Elizabeth Ottawa
Campbell, George C. Ottawa
Campbell, George C. Ottawa
Campbell, J. C. Otter Creek
Campbell, James B. Ottawa
Canfield, Dr. Earl
Canton, Judge Farm Ridge
Canuteson, Oliver Miller
Carey, Abijah Ophir
Carey, Absalom Ophir
Carey, Calvin Ophir
Carey, Elias Ophir
Carey, John Ophir
Carey, Minerva Ophir
Carey, Nancy Ophir
Carey, Sally Ophir
Carey, Washington Ophir
Carleton, Austin B. Eden
Carothers, John M. Ottawa
Carr, Barney S. Northville
Carr, Charles Northville
Carr, Daniel Ophir
Carr, John T. Northville
Carr, Lindsey Northville
Carr, Mrs. Ophir
Carr, Nathan T. South Ottawa
Carr, R. D. Northville
Carr, Robert Ophir
Carter, - Manlius
Carter, Adolphus Earl
Carter, Alonzo Earl
Carter, Benjamin Earl
Carter, Ferdinand Earl
Carter, Herman H. Earl
Carter, James Earl
Carter, Joel Earl
Carter, Joel Earl
Carter, Joseph Earl
Carter, Levi Ophir
Carter, Levi Earl
Carter, Lucien Earl
Carter, Samuel O. Earl
Carter, Sylvester Earl
Carter, Uri Earl
Carter, Urial Earl
Cartwright, Dr. Freedom
Cartwright, Peter Ottawa
Cartwright, Peter Freedom
Case, A. Deer Park
Case, Louisa Deer Park
Casey, Miss Farm Ridge
Casort, Frank Peru
Cass, Lewis Ottawa
Castle, Emeline Vermillion
Castle, M. B. Freedom
Catlin, Chas. Manlius
Caton, Arthur Ottawa
Caton, Carrie Ottawa
Caton, John Dean Ottawa
Caton, Laura Ottawa
Cavanaugh, Matthias Otter Creek
Cavanaugh, Mr. Wallace
Cavarly, Alfred Jr. Ottawa
Cavarly, Alfred W. Ottawa
Cavarly, Fanny Ottawa
Cavarly, Henry Ottawa
Cavarly, Julianna Ottawa
Cavarly, Lyman D. Ottawa
Cavarly, William Ottawa
Chalfant, Lydia Ottawa
Champlin, Bertha A. Ottawa
Champlin, Caroline   Ottawa
Champlin, Christopher Ottawa
Champlin, Christopher Brookfield
Champlin, Cordelia Ottawa
Champlin, Cordelia Deer Park
Champlin, Elizabeth Ottawa
Champlin, Elizabeth Ottawa
Champlin, Fanny Ottawa
Champlin, John C. Ottawa
Champlin, Mary C. Ottawa
Champlin, Mary C. Brookfield
Champlin, Sarah Ottawa
Champlin, Sarah Ottawa
Champney, Alice B. Earl
Channel, Alva Rutland
Channel, Jackson Rutland
Channel, John Rutland
Channel, Joseph Rutland
Channel, Malvina Rutland
Channel, Mary Rutland
Channel, Mary Rutland
Channel, Sarah Rutland
Channel, Solomon Rutland
Chapman, Henry C. LaSalle
Chapman, Herman B. LaSalle
Chapman, W. H. Rutland
Charles, A. D. Northville
Charles, C. C. Peru
Charles, C. C. Peru
Charles, H. Peru
Charles, Phebe Peru
Charles, Phebe M. Ottawa
Charles, Susan Peru
Chase, A. Richland
Chase, Eliza Otter Creek
Chase, James Deer Park
Cheever, S. W. Ottawa
Cheever, S. W. Utica
Chester, Howard Ottawa
Chew, Miss South Ottawa
Christy, Miss Earl
Chumasero, William Peru
Chumasero, William Peru
Church, Frank Ottawa
Church, Jerry Ottawa
Church, Judge Peru
Church, Miss Peru
Clark, Adaline Manlius
Clark, Alice Deer Park
Clark, Amos Farm Ridge
Clark, Beebe Farm Ridge
Clark, Beebe Farm Ridge
Clark, Carlos Manlius
Clark, Caroline Manlius
Clark, Charles Vermillion
Clark, Charles Deer Park
Clark, Charlotte Utica
Clark, Clara M. Manlius
Clark, Climena Waltham
Clark, Dana B. Richland
Clark, David South Ottawa
Clark, David Deer Park
Clark, Dolphus Manlius
Clark, Eldridge G. Brookfield
Clark, Eldridge Gerry Brookfield
Clark, Granville Vermillion
Clark, Henrietta Farm Ridge
Clark, James Utica
Clark, James Freedom
Clark, Jas. Utica
Clark, Jesse A. South Ottawa
Clark, Jesse A. South Ottawa
Clark, John Vermillion
Clark, John Manlius
Clark, John Deer Park
Clark, John Utica
Clark, John Jr. Deer Park
Clark, Julia A. LaSalle
Clark, Julius South Ottawa
Clark, Justus M. South Ottawa
Clark, Lydia Deer Park
Clark, Mabel Utica
Clark, Mary Mission
Clark, Mary Manlius
Clark, Mercy Manlius
Clark, Miss Ottawa
Clark, Moody Deer Park
Clark, Olive Vermillion
Clark, Richard Manlius
Clark, Sally Ann Manlius
Clark, Sarah Deer Park
Clark, Sarah Deer Park
Clark, T. Osage
Clark, William Dayton
Clark, Wm. A. Rutland
Clayton, Caroline Deer Park
Clayton, Caroline Deer Park
Clayton, Ellen Deer Park
Clayton, George Deer Park
Clayton, James Deer Park
Clayton, John Deer Park
Clayton, Manning Deer Park
Clayton, Sarah Deer Park
Clayton, Sarah Deer Park
Clayton, William Deer Park
Clayton, William Jr. Deer Park
Clegg, Alexander Groveland
Clegg, Florence Groveland
Cleveland, Elizabeth Vermillion
Clifford, Charles Eagle
Clifford, L. Serena
Cloud, Jos. Ottawa
Cloud, Joseph Ottawa
Clyburne, Mr. Fall River
Coates, John L. Peru
Cochran, John Allen
Cody, Bridget LaSalle
Cody, Ellen LaSalle
Cody, Ford C. Freedom
Cody, Frederick Freedom
Cody, Harriet Freedom
Cody, James LaSalle
Cody, John LaSalle
Cody, Joy Freedom
Cody, Louisa Freedom
Cody, Samuel L. Freedom
Coffing, Catharine Peru
Coffing, Chruchill Peru
Coffing, John Peru
Coffling, Mr. Peru
Cogswell, Ruth Vermillion
Cokeby, Timothy Peru
Cokeley, Cornelius Peru
Cokeley, John Peru
Cokeley, Maggie Peru
Cokeley, Mary Peru
Cokeley, Nellie Peru
Cokeley, Theresa Peru
Cole, Hiram Farm Ridge
Cole, Lyman Dayton
Coleman, Edw. Ottawa
Coleman, Hester Ann Eagle
Coleman, James Eagle
Coleman, John Eagle
Coleman, Julia Ann Eagle
Coleman, Lilla Eagle
Coleman, Mr. Fall River
Coleman, William Eagle
Coles, Dr. Peru
Coll, Elizabeth Waltham
Collen, James M. Osage
Colliday, Mr. Peru
Collins, Eliza Bruce
Collins, Jane Mission
Collins, Margaret Ophir
Collins, Miss Deer Park
Collister, Clara C. Hope
Colton, Charles Mission
Colton, Walter Freedom
Conard, David W. Miller
Conden, Kate Freedom
Condon, Frank Freedom
Cone, Jane   Ottawa
Cone, Orville Manlius
Connard, David Rutland
Connard, David Rutland
Consols, Peter Brookfield
Conway, Mr. Vermillion
Cook, - Ottawa
Cook, B. C. Ottawa
Cook, Burton C. Ottawa
Cook, Edward Earl
Cook, George D. Ottawa
Cook, John T. Earl
Cook, Mehitable Vermillion
Cook, Miss Deer Park
Cook, Nellie Ottawa
Cook, Polly Eden
Cook, S. Earl
Cook, Sarah Deer Park
Cooley, Jonathan Northville
Cooley, Simon Ophir
Cooley, Simon Ophir
Coon, Matthew R. Deer Park
Cooper, Lovina Ophir
Cooper, Mary Otter Creek
Cooper, Nelson Groveland
Cooper, William T. Deer Park
Copeland, William Richland
Corbit, Timothy Rutland
Corning, Emma Mission
Corton, John A. Peru
Corwin, Franklin Eden
Corziar, Amzi Utica
Cosgrove, Annie LaSalle
Cosgrove, Cronise LaSalle
Cosgrove, Daniel LaSalle
Cosgrove, Daniel LaSalle
Cosgrove, Luke LaSalle
Cosgrove, Terrance LaSalle
Cotton, Lucy S. Ottawa
Covell, Thomas R. Ottawa
Cowen, Walter Ottawa
Cowgill, Roxena Eagle
Cox, Deborah South Ottawa
Coyrell, Charles Peru
Craig, Benjamin Otter Creek
Cram, James O. Troy Grove
Cramer, Anna Eagle
Cramer, Henry Eagle
Cramer, Miss Otter Creek
Cramer, Rachel Eagle
Crandall, Esther Ophir
Crane, Robert South Ottawa
Crawford, David Northville
Crawford, David Northville
Cristler, Catharine Serena
Cristler, Hiram Meriden
Crook, - South Ottawa
Crook, Charles South Ottawa
Crook, Lucy South Ottawa
Crook, Minnie South Ottawa
Crook, S. South Ottawa
Crook, Sylvanus South Ottawa
Crosiar, Amzi Utica
Crosiar, James LaSalle
Crosiar, Simon LaSalle
Crosiar, Simon Eden
Crosiar, Simon Utica
Crosiar, William LaSalle
Cross, Frances C. Ottawa
Cross, Rev.   Ottawa
Crotty, - Manlius
Crotty, Jeremiah Manlius
Crotty, William Brookfield
Crumrin, Benton Vermillion
Crusen, Susan Deer Park
Cullen, William Serena
Culver, Emil Northville
Culver, Terrena Utica
Cummings, Almira Deer Park
Cummings, Bradish Deer Park
Cummings, Charles Deer Park
Cummings, Frances Deer Park
Cummings, Henry Deer Park
Cummings, Henry Deer Park
Cummings, Maria Ottawa
Cummings, Maria Deer Park
Cummings, Mrs. Bradish Deer Park
Cummings, Sargeant Vermillion
Cummings, Sargeant Bruce
Cummings, Sergeant Deer Park
Cummings, Sophia Bruce
Cummings, Sophia Deer Park
Cummings, William Deer Park
Cunliff, Miss South Ottawa
Cunnigham, James Meriden
Cunningham, Peter Mission
Currier, John Earl
Curry, Henry Rutland
Curry, Julia Dayton
Curtis, Henry Northville
Curtis, Mr. Vermillion
Curtis, W. W. Wallace
Curyea, Geo. W. Serena
Curyea, William M. Serena
Cushman, George Ottawa
Cushman, William H. W. Ottawa
Cushman, Wm. H. Ottawa
Cutting, - Richland



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