A - B - Name Index for Pioneer Settlers - 1877 LaSalle County, Illinois

Biographical Sketches of Pioneer Settlers

From the History of LaSalle County ~ 1877

By Elmer Baldwin


Name Index

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Some of the names are listed many times on each towns page. You may want to use your search and find on each towns page to find them.

A - B

Aaron, John Peru
Abbot, Constant South Ottawa
Abel, John Mission
Abrams, Charles H. Peru
Abrams, Edwin Evans Peru
Abrams, Eugene Peru
Abrams, George W. Peru
Abrams, Isaac Peru
Abrams, Louisa Peru
Abrams, Mary E. Peru
Abrams, Nathaniel J. Peru
Abrams, William H. Peru
Ackerman, Henry Otter Creek
Ackley, Lydia Manlius
Ackley, Maggie Farm Ridge
Adams, Hugh Northville
Adams, John Q. Vermillion
Adams, Martha Deer Park
Adams, O. N. Mendota
Adams, Sally LaSalle
Alderman, Wells Vermillion
Alexander, Anna Ottawa
Alger, Lyman Meriden
Allen, Dr. Groveland
Allen, Eliza Ann Freedom
Allen, Elizabeth LaSalle
Allen, Elizabeth Waltham
Allen, Erastus South Ottawa
Allen, Ethan Freedom
Allen, Ethan Z. Freedom
Allen, George Freedom
Allen, Hugh Northville
Allen, Hugh Northville
Allen, Lucetta Freedom
Allen, Mary Rutland
Allen, Milo Freedom
Allen, Minerva Freedom
Allen, Miss Vermillion
Allen, Miss Deer Park
Allen, Miss Deer Park
Allen, Miss Deer Park
Allen, Susan Freedom
Allen, William S. Rutland
Allis, Emily Brookfield
Alvord, Alison Vermillion
Alvord, Betsey Vermillion
Alvord, Edward Vermillion
Alvord, Joel Vermillion
Alvord, Joel Vermillion
Alvord, Joel Jr. Vermillion
Alvord, Mary Rutland
Alvord, Miss South Ottawa
Alvord, Nelson Vermillion
Alvord, Nelson Vermillion
Alvord, Philancy Adams
Alydo, Harriet Vermillion
Ambler, Miss Deer Park
Ambrose, Fred Eden
Anderson, Andrew Adams
Anderson, Andrew Miller
Anderson, Andrew Jr. Miller
Anderson, Elizabeth Miller
Anderson, Ener Miller
Anderson, Jacob Rutland
Anderson, John Grand Rapids
Anderson, Mary J. Rutland
Anderson, Mr. Dimmick
Anderson, Susan Miller
Anderson, Wm. A. Rutland
Angell, Abbey Vermillion
Angell, Albert Vermillion
Angell, Ann Vermillion
Angell, Everett Vermillion
Angell, Hannah Vermillion
Angell, Henry Vermillion
Angell, Henry Vermillion
Angell, Lydia Vermillion
Angell, Mary Jane Vermillion
Angell, Washburn Vermillion
Angevine, Jennie Mission
App, Mary J. Earl
Applebee, Nathan Deer Park
Argubright, Andrew Deer Park
Argubright, Jacob Deer Park
Argubright, James Deer Park
Argubright, Mr. Deer Park
Argubright, Nancy Deer Park
Argubright, Nancy Deer Park
Armour, Archie Ottawa Addenda
Armour, George Ottawa Addenda
Armour, James Ottawa Addenda
Armour, John Ottawa Addenda
Armstrong, - Northville
Armstrong, Abram Mission
Armstrong, Benjamin Mission
Armstrong, Charles G. Brookfield
Armstrong, Cora Deer Park
Armstrong, Edward Northville
Armstrong, Eliza M. Brookfield
Armstrong, Elsa Ottawa
Armstrong, Elsa Rutland
Armstrong, Elsa Mission
Armstrong, Fanny Mission
Armstrong, Geo. W. Brookfield
Armstrong, George W. Deer Park
Armstrong, Hart Deer Park
Armstrong, Ira Northville
Armstrong, J. W. Fall River
Armstrong, James E. Brookfield
Armstrong, Jeremiah Deer Park
Armstrong, Joel W. Ottawa
Armstrong, Joel W. Deer Park
Armstrong, John Mission
Armstrong, John G. Brookfield
Armstrong, John S. Deer Park
Armstrong, John S. Fall River
Armstrong, Joseph Mission
Armstrong, Joseph Brookfield
Armstrong, Josephine Rutland
Armstrong, Josephine Mission
Armstrong, Julia Deer Park
Armstrong, Julius C. Brookfield
Armstrong, Marshall Brookfield
Armstrong, Mrs. Elsa Mission
Armstrong, Mrs. Elsa Deer Park
Armstrong, Mrs. Elsa Strawn Brookfield
Armstrong, Mulford Deer Park
Armstrong, Nellie Deer Park
Armstrong, Nellie Fall River
Armstrong, Peruy Deer Park
Armstrong, Susan Brookfield
Armstrong, Walter Deer Park
Armstrong, William Brookfield
Armstrong, William E. Ottawa
Armstrong, William E. Deer Park
Armstrong, Wm. E. Ottawa
Arnold, Daniel Groveland
Arnold, Elizabeth Freedom
Arnold, George South Ottawa
Arnold, Jane South Ottawa
Arnold, Nancy South Ottawa
Atwater, Clarissa Troy Grove
Austin, Mary Mission
Austin, Silas Brookfield
Axtel, Mr. Troy Grove
Ayres, Burton LaSalle
Ayres, Charlotte LaSalle
Ayres, Elizabeth LaSalle
Ayres, Frank L. LaSalle
Ayres, Franklin LaSalle
Ayres, James LaSalle
Ayres, Myron D. LaSalle
Ayres, Warren N. LaSalle
Babcock, Miss Mission
Bach, Lucy Vermillion
Back, Julia P. Northville
Bailey, Annis Vermillion
Bailey, Annis Vermillion
Bailey, Augustus Vermillion
Bailey, Emily Vermillion
Bailey, Ira Meriden
Bailey, John Vermillion
Bailey, John Manlius
Bailey, Lewis Dayton
Bailey, Lewis Vermillion
Bailey, Maria Vermillion
Bailey, Maria Deer Park
Bailey, Mary Vermillion
Bailey, Rhoda Vermillion
Bailey, Rhoda Manlius
Bailey, Sarah Vermillion
Bailey, Sarah Ann Vermillion
Bailey, Timothy Vermillion
Bailey, William Vermillion
Baird, Agnes Deer Park
Baird, Carrie LaSalle
Baird, Daniel LaSalle
Baird, Marianne LaSalle
Baird, Seth LaSalle
Baker, Austin Miller
Baker, Eliza Ophir
Baker, Elizabeth Eden
Baker, Lydia Northville
Baker, Mercy Manlius
Baker, Miss Eagle
Baker, Peruy Manlius
Baldwin, Alice T. Peru
Baldwin, Asahel Ophir
Baldwin, Asahel Troy Grove
Baldwin, Daniel Farm Ridge
Baldwin, Diantha Deer Park
Baldwin, Edgar Farm Ridge
Baldwin, Elizabeth Freedom
Baldwin, Elmer LaSalle
Baldwin, Elmer Farm Ridge
Baldwin, Henry M. Farm Ridge
Baldwin, Mary Farm Ridge
Baldwin, Noble Orlando Farm Ridge
Baldwin, Susan Orvilla Farm Ridge
Baldwin, William LaSalle
Baldwin, Willis Bruce
Ball, Cepha South Ottawa
Ball, Clara Ottawa
Ball, James South Ottawa
Ballard, D. A. Earl
Ballinger, R. Groveland
Bane, Belle Deer Park
Bane, Dr. Aaron Ottawa
Bangs, L. Groveland
Bangs, Mark Groveland
Barbour, Caroline Manlius
Barbour, Ebenezer Mission
Barbour, Ebenezer Manlius
Barbour, Eleanor Mission
Barbour, Eliphalet Mission
Barbour, Henry Mission
Barbour, Marion Mission
Barbour, Miss Rutland
Barbour, Moses Mission
Barbour, Samuel Mission
Barbour, Samuel D. Mission
Barbour, Sauel D. Jr. Mission
Barbour, Susanna Mission
Barbour, William Freedom
Barbour, Wm. Mission
Baresford, - Dayton
Baresford, James Serena
Baresford, John Serena
Baresford, Lovina Serena
Baresford, Mary Ann Serena
Baresford, Robert Serena
Baresford, Theron J. Adams
Barker, Margaret Serena
Barnhart, Hiram Ophir
Barnhart, Jane Bruce
Barnhart, Samuel Bruce
Barr, Arthur Vermillion
Barr, Ellen Vermillion
Barr, Henry Vermillion
Barr, Jacob Vermillion
Barr, Jacob Vermillion
Barr, Jacob Vermillion
Barr, Sybil Vermillion
Barrackman, Benjamin Eagle
Barrackman, Charles Eagle
Barrackman, Daniel Eagle
Barrackman, Daniel Otter Creek
Barrackman, Daniel Jr. Eagle
Barrackman, Dan'l Eagle
Barrackman, James Eagle
Barrackman, Mary Eagle
Barrass, Bailey Vermillion
Barrass, Bailey Vermillion
Barrass, John Vermillion
Barrass, Julia Vermillion
Barrass, Miss Vermillion
Barrass, Onslow Vermillion
Barrass, Onslow Eden
Barrass, Orvill Vermillion
Barrass, Prudence Farm Ridge
Barrows, Nancy Deer Park
Barry, W. A. Ottawa
Bartholomew, Sheldon South Ottawa
Bascom, John South Ottawa
Basnett, Elizabeth Ottawa
Basnett, Mary Ottawa
Basnett, Thomas   Ottawa
Basore, Calloway Bruce
Basore, George Eagle
Basore, George Bruce
Bassford, Frank (Frances) Eden
Bassnett, Thomas   Ottawa
Batcheler, James Peru
Batcheller, Angeline Freedom
Batcheller, Charles Freedom
Batcheller, Elder Adams
Batcheller, Elijah Freedom
Batcheller, John Freedom
Batcheller, Joseph B. Freedom
Batcheller, Manly T. Freedom
Batcheller, Martha Serena
Batcheller, Martha Freedom
Batcheller, Mary Freedom
Batcheller, Noah S. Freedom
Batcheller, Watson Freedom
Batcheller, Wesley Freedom
Baxter, June Freedom
Baxter, Lydia Serena
Baxter, Minter Freedom
Baxter, Miss Freedom
Bayley, Ira Serena
Bayley, Lewis South Ottawa
Bayley, Thomas Rutland
Beach, Geo. S. Brookfield
Beach, widow Deer Park
Beardsley, Aaron Adams
Beardsley, Alonzo Deer Park
Beardsley, Chester Serena
Beardsley, Edwin Adams
Beardsley, George Eden
Beardsley, George Farm Ridge
Beardsley, Harriet Mission
Beardsley, Harriet Serena
Beardsley, Harriet Farm Ridge
Beardsley, Henry Serena
Beardsley, Henry G. Adams
Beardsley, James B. Farm Ridge
Beardsley, Lyman Serena
Beardsley, Miss Farm Ridge
Beardsley, O. Peru
Beardsley, Sidney P. Farm Ridge
Beardsley, William Serena
Beardsley, William Serena
Beardsly, widow Serena
Beardsly, Wm. Serena
Beaubian, Napoleon Ottawa
Beaucher, Hannah Ottawa
Beaver, Mary Ann Ophir
Becker, John Vermillion
Beckwith, Daniel Freedom
Beckwith, Edwin B. Freedom
Beckwith, Emily Deer Park
Beckwith, Horace Deer Park
Beckwith, Jedediah Deer Park
Beckwith, Laura J. Serena
Beckwith, Mary P. Freedom
Beckwith, Volney Freedom
Beebe, George Peru
Beebe, H. S. Peru
Beebe, Henry S. Peru
Beebe, James Peru
Beebe, Jennie Peru
Beebe, Lucy Peru
Beebe, Mary Peru
Beebe, Nelly Peru
Beem, Benjamin Freedom
Beem, Daniel Freedom
Beem, Elizabeth Serena
Beem, Elizabeth Freedom
Beem, Jackson Freedom
Beem, Mary Freedom
Beem, Phebe Freedom
Beem, Rachel Freedom
Beem, Sarah Freedom
Beers, Mr. South Ottawa
Beeson, John Deer Park
Beeson, Welburn Deer Park
Begg, Stephen R. South Ottawa
Beggs, - Ottawa
Beggs, Stephen R. Ophir
Belknap, H. C. Manlius
Bell, Armina Ottawa
Bell, Frank E. Ottawa
Bell, Mr. Rutland
Bell, Wm. E. Ottawa
Bell, Wm. S. Ottawa
Bellamy, Arsenith (widow) Goddard Troy Grove
Benedict, Hannah Earl
Benedict, Jane Bruce
Benedict, Sarah Peru
Bener, May Ottawa
Benjamin, Sally Vermillion
Bennet, Martha Northville
Bennett, Ella Farm Ridge
Bennett, Geo. Rutland
Bennett, Henry Rutland
Bennett, Jasper Farm Ridge
Bennett, Lucy Ottawa
Bennett, Myron B. Farm Ridge
Bennett, Philip R. Ottawa
Bennett, Sarah Manlius
Benson, Adeline Farm Ridge
Benson, Adeline Farm Ridge
Benson, Harvey Farm Ridge
Bergen, Abraham S. South Ottawa
Bernard, - Northville
Best, Miss Earl
Bignal, Miss Manlius
Billings, Joseph Ophir
Billman, John Rutland
Birch, - Ottawa
Birdsall, Benjamin Meriden
Birtwell, Sarah Otter Creek
Bishop, Barzillai Waltham
Bishop, Cynthia Farm Ridge
Bishop, Lucy Brookfield
Bishop, Susan Farm Ridge
Black, John Farm Ridge
Black, R. O. Wallace
Blackstone, T. B. Mendota
Blake, Daniel Serena
Blake, Daniel Serena
Blake, Emma Mission
Blake, George Serena
Blake, Hattie M. Serena
Blake, James A. Serena
Blake, Joshua M. Serena
Blake, Lavinia Adams
Blake, Lovina Serena
Blake, mary J. Serena
Blake, Susie A. Serena
Blanchard, Thomas Northville
Bliss, Frank Northville
Bliss, Russel Earl
Blodget, Miss Adams
Blodget, Newell Mission
Bodine, Mr. Farm Ridge
Bogwell, William Mission
Boomer, Mary Northville
Booth, Miss Rutland
Booth, Moses South Ottawa
Booth, Moses South Ottawa
Booth, Moses Rutland
Bossermans, Mr. Farm Ridge
Bosworth, Mary Manlius
Bouvarier, Clarie F. Ottawa
Bowen, Bela Mendota
Bowen, Frank Mission
Bowen, Miss Mission
Bowen, William Mendota
Boyle, Elizabeth Eagle
Bradford, Eliza Ottawa
Bradshaw, Rosanna Freedom
Bradwin, Emily Ophir
Brady, John N. Ottawa
Brady, Leah Deer Park
Brainard, Harriet Northville
Brandon, Frank Rutland
Brandon, Sarah S. Freedom
Brant, Rebecca Deer Park
Breese, Deborah Earl
Breese, Mary Earl
Brenson, Lars Miller
Brewster, Asenath Peru
Brewster, Benjamin L. Peru
Brewster, Calvin Peru
Brewster, Catharine Waltham
Brewster, Frank Peru
Brewster, Jesse Peru
Brewster, Lyman D. Peru
Brewster, Margaret Peru
Brewster, Peletiah Peru
Brewster, Sylvia A. Peru
Brewster, T. D. Peru
Brewster, Theron D. Peru
Brewster, Theron D. Jr. Peru
Bridges, Fanny Ottawa
Brigham, Ann Northville
Briley, John Eagle
Bristol, George Serena
Broadus, Eleanor Ottawa
Brock, Anna Otter Creek
Brock, Calvin B. Otter Creek
Brock, Ellen Otter Creek
Brock, Evans B. Otter Creek
Brock, Henry Otter Creek
Brock, Hiram Otter Creek
Brock, Lilly Otter Creek
Brock, Mary Otter Creek
Brock, Orilla Jane Otter Creek
Brock, Philander Otter Creek
Brock, Philander B. Otter Creek
Brock, Rees B. Otter Creek
Brock, Solomon Eagle
Brock, Solomon Otter Creek
Bronson, Albert Adams
Bronson, Alice Adams
Bronson, Arthur Adams
Bronson, Frank Bruce
Bronson, George Bruce
Bronson, George Deer Park
Bronson, Ida Bruce
Bronson, Jay Adams
Bronson, Maria Bruce
Bronson, Mary Bruce
Bronson, Methuel Farm Ridge
Bronson, Reuben Adams
Bronson, Ruhana Adams
Bronson, William Bruce
Bronson, William Bruce
Brook, Miranda Troy Grove
Brooks, widow South Ottawa
Brown, A. D. Peru
Brown, A. D. Peru
Brown, Alexander Earl
Brown, Allen Earl
Brown, Andrew Dayton
Brown, Andrew Earl
Brown, Ann South Ottawa
Brown, Charles South Ottawa
Brown, Charles South Ottawa
Brown, Charles Peru
Brown, Charles Manlius
Brown, Charles Freedom
Brown, Charles S. Adams
Brown, Clarinda South Ottawa
Brown, Cordelia South Ottawa
Brown, Cordelia Deer Park
Brown, Edward South Ottawa
Brown, Elizabeth Peru
Brown, Elizabeth Peru
Brown, Emily Manlius
Brown, Emma J. Deer Park
Brown, Ford Ottawa
Brown, George Ottawa
Brown, George Vermillion
Brown, Hannah Peru
Brown, Hannah Troy Grove
Brown, Harvey Peru
Brown, Henry Farm Ridge
Brown, Henry W. Peru
Brown, Hiram Serena
Brown, James Manlius
Brown, James Ross Brookfield
Brown, Jane South Ottawa
Brown, Jane Farm Ridge
Brown, John Fall River
Brown, Joseph Ottawa
Brown, Joseph H. Groveland
Brown, Joshua Ophir
Brown, Joshua Troy Grove
Brown, Louisa South Ottawa
Brown, Louisa South Ottawa
Brown, Lydia Troy Grove
Brown, Mary Deer Park
Brown, Mary B. Deer Park
Brown, Miss Utica
Brown, Miss Troy Grove
Brown, Obadiah Deer Park
Brown, Rebecca J. Adams
Brown, Robert Deer Park
Brown, Robert Jr. Deer Park
Brown, Russel South Ottawa
Brown, Sarah Troy Grove
Brown, Solomon Farm Ridge
Brown, Solomon Farm Ridge
Brown, Thomas Troy Grove
Brown, W. G. Freedom
Brown, William South Ottawa
Brown, William Peru
Brumback, - Manlius
Brumback, Ada Manlius
Brumback, Elizabeth Manlius
Brumback, Ella Manlius
Brumback, Ezra H. Manlius
Brumback, Geo. W. Manlius
Brumback, George W. Manlius
Brumback, Henry Dayton
Brumback, Henry Rutland
Brumback, Henry Rutland
Brumback, Ira E. Manlius
Brumback, Jervis J. Manlius
Brumback, John Howey Manlius
Brumback, Joseph Manlius
Brumback, Joseph Jefferson Manlius
Brumback, Lizzie Rutland
Brumback, Margaret Manlius
Brumback, Mary Manlius
Brumback, Merritt M. Manlius
Brumback, Mirza Manlius
Brumback, Newton W. Manlius
Brumback, Nite E. Manlius
Brumback, Oby David Manlius
Brumback, Oliver C. Manlius
Brumback, Rachel Rutland
Brumback, Samuel Manlius
Brumback, Viola Manlius
Bruner, Frank Rutland
Brunk, Noah Dayton
Brush, Adele E. Ottawa
Brush, Caroline E. Ottawa
Brush, Catherine E. Ottawa
Brush, Charles H. Ottawa
Brush, Edward P. Ottawa
Brush, H. L. Ottawa
Brush, Henry L. Ottawa
Brush, Henry L. Farm Ridge
Brush, William E. Ottawa
Bryan, Wm. H. Peru
Bryant, O. W. Meriden
Buchanan, Downey Ottawa
Buchanan, Matilda Ottawa
Buchanan, Ralph Ottawa
Buck, Aurilla Vermillion
Buck, Rhoda M. Vermillion
Buckley, Jane Ottawa
Budd, Michael Grand Rapids
Buel, C. M. Utica
Bugg, Miss Ophir
Bulbona, Washington Mission
Bullock, B. Peru
Bullock, Elisha Manlius
Bullock, Eliza Vermillion
Bullock, Ella Deer Park
Bullock, Frank W. Deer Park
Bullock, Henry Vermillion
Bullock, J. S. Vermillion
Bullock, James T. Deer Park
Bullock, Joseph T. Eagle
Bullock, Joseph T. Eden
Bullock, Lena Deer Park
Bullock, Leonard Vermillion
Bullock, Leonard Eden
Bullock, Lura Vermillion
Bullock, Martha Manlius
Bullock, Ransom Eden
Bullock, Samuel Vermillion
Bullock, Samuel Manlius
Bullock, Samuel Jr. Manlius
Bullock, Sarah Deer Park
Bullock, Susan Eden
Bullock, William Manlius
Bulsbury, Mary Otter Creek
Bunnell, L. P. Eden
Burdick, Daniel LaSalle
Burgess, Dorothy Vermillion
Burgess, Ebenezer Vermillion
Burgess, Ebenezer Vermillion
Burgess, J. Deer Park
Burgess, Jacob Vermillion
Burgess, Jacob Vermillion
Burgess, Mary Vermillion
Burgess, Sidney Vermillion
Burgess, Stokes Vermillion
Burgess, Warren Vermillion
Burgett, Betsey Ottawa
Burgett, Isaac   Ottawa
Burgett, Jane Ottawa
Burgett, Jane Ottawa
Burgett, Mandeville Ottawa
Burgett, Miss Ottawa
Burgett, Orville Ottawa
Burgett, Rebecca Ottawa
Burgett, Rodolphus Ottawa
Burhans, Miss Eden
Burk, Maggie Rutland
Burnett, Ward B. Ottawa
Burnett, Ward B. Peru
Burnham, Hannah Waltham
Burnham, Joanna Utica
Burnham, John Waltham
Burnham, Thomas Waltham
Burnham, Thomas Waltham
Burns, Eliza LaSalle
Burns, John C. LaSalle
Burns, Joseph LaSalle
Burns, W. B. Groveland
Burns, William LaSalle
Burns, William LaSalle
Burr, Charles Brookfield
Burr, Gershom Brookfield
Burr, Gershom Brookfield
Burr, Gershom Jr. Brookfield
Burr, Mary Brookfield
Burr, Ophelia Brookfield
Burr, Sellick Brookfield
Burt, Harriet Earl
Bushnell, Brewster Ottawa
Bushnell, Julietta Ottawa
Bushnell, Stephen Ottawa
Bushnell, Susan Ottawa
Bushnell, Sylvia Ottawa
Bushnell, Theron D. Ottawa
Bushnell, Vincy Ottawa
Bushnell, Washington Ottawa
Bushnell, Washington Peru
Busnell, George Frisbin Freedom
Butterfield, A. D. Rutland
Butterfield, A. D. Manlius
Butterfield, Augustus Manlius
Butterfield, Chas. W. Rutland
Butterfield, D. Rutland
Butterfield, David Rutland
Butterfield, Geo. F. Rutland
Butterfield, J. D. Rutland
Butterfield, Julia C. Rutland
Butterfield, Leavitt M. Rutland
Butterfield, Orvill Rutland
Butterfield, P. A. Rutland
Butterfield, Susan Rutland
Butterfield, Walter Rutland
Buttles, Miss Troy Grove
Button, Aladelphia Vermillion
Button, Ann Vermillion
Button, Ard Eagle
Button, Ard Vermillion
Button, Asa Vermillion
Button, Charles Vermillion
Button, Deacon Vermillion
Button, Holis Vermillion
Button, Rosanna Vermillion



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