Silas Saunders Probate Record  
Jefferson County



Know all men by these presents that we, Franky Saunders, William Saunders 
and Moses Saunders of the county of Jefferson and state of Illinois are 
held and firmly bound unto the people of the State  of Illinois in the 
penal sum of six hundred dollars current money of the United States, which 
payment will and truly be made and performed. 
We and each of us bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators 
and assigns, jointly, severally and firmly by these presents. 

Witness our hands and seals this 25th day of October A.D. 1836.

	The condition of the above obligation is such that if said Franky Saunders, 
Adminstratrix of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of 
Silas Saunders deceases, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory 
of all and singular the goods and chattels right and credits of the said deceased 
which shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of her the said Franky Saunders 
as such administratriso  or the  the hands of any person or persons for her, and 
the same so made all exhibit or cause to be exhibited in the court of probate for 
the said County of Jefferson agreeably  to law, and such goods and chattels rights 
and credits do well and truly administer according to law and all the rest of the 
said goods and chattels rights and credits which shall be found remaining upon the 
account of the said administratriso, the same being first examined and allowed by 
the court of probate shall allow and pay unto such person or persons respectively 
as maybe legally entitled there to, and further do make a just and true account of 
all her actings and doings when there unto required by the said court and of it 
shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the deceased 
and the same be provide in court and letters testamentary or of a administrators
be obtained thereon and the said Franky Sanders is such case on being required 
thereto render and deliver upon the same letters of adminstration granted to her 
as aforesaid and shall in general do and perform all the acts which may at anytime 
be required of her by law then this obligation to be born, otherwise to remain in 
full force and virtue.

FRANKY SAUNDERS    (Her  "X"  mark)
WILLIAM SAUNDERS   (His  "X"  mark)
MOSES SANDERS      (His signature)

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Submitted by Jim Sanders, September, 2007


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