The Jefferson County Historical Society Files  
Jefferson County

Historical Society

The Jefferson County
Historical Society

These are individual files of the persons listed and owned by the 
Jefferson County Historical Society 


Anderson, Stinson, C.F
Appleseed, Johny 
Arendale, Dr. Lillian
Barkley, Alben
Berry, Edwin
Birger, Charles ? hanging
Bischoff, Charles Lee ? rug weaving 
Bixby, Anna
Pierce Hobbs ? milk sickness
Brock, Tarlton Fleming
Brown, James Riley
Broyles, Sen. Paul
Bryan, William Jennings
Brydon, Dora ? nurse 
Buford, John Lester ? education
Burnett, Woodrow
Casey, Zadok
Clark, George Rogers 
Coleman, Richard Ironson
Daniels, Alleta & Venita, twins
Dearinger, Lowell A.
Deere, John 
Dickens, Charles
Diliette, Pierre
Dill, John
(Mac)Duff, John ? So. IL outlaw (clans
Eater Family
Eater, Marlin ? WWII marriage
Echols, Silas ? MVTHS 
Elliston, Jerry ? Prairie Historians
Emmerson, Louis L. ? governor
Ferber, Edna ? Cairo IL
Fergerson, Capt. F. L.
Ferguson Family
Firebaugh, Max
Green, Wiley
Hall, Dr. Andy
Hamilton, Orange
Hanes, Earl
Harriss, Clarence W. 
Hartley, Joseph
Haynes, Landon C.
Herdman/Doud Family
Hitchcock, James ? photographer
Howard, John
Hubbard, Trader
Ingersoll, Robert
Jackson, Orange
Jasper & Newton
Johnson, Adam Clark
Johnson, Susannah
Judd Family
Justice, Fred
Kirkpatrick, Jeanne Jordan
Lacey, Lorenzo Dow 
Lacey, Mildred
Laur, Joseph
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Lewis, Byron R.
Lincoln, Abraham 
Lincoln, Mary Todd
Logan, John A.
Memorial Day
Maxey Family
McPherson Family 
Menard, Pierre
Misselhorn, Roscoe ? artist
Moredock, John
Moss Family
Pace Family
Pasley, U. S.
Pavey Family
Pavledes, Louis ? photographer
Pearson, Clarence woodcarver
Pepple Family
Philp Family
Powell, Paul Presley, Wayman
Rightnowar, George W. ? last will
Sandburg, Carl
Schweinfurth, Carl
Simon, Paul, Senator
Smith, Gerald C. ? letters to L. Dearinger
Sneed, Glen ? ghost towns
Settlemire Family
Sweetin-Hight murder
Tipple, Robert violin maker
Ward Family
Ward, G.F.M. ?family
Warren Family
Washington, George
Watson Brothers ? Fred P. & Harry
Watson, Fern Family
Watson, Fern- correspondence
Whitlock Family
Whittington-Payne, Ewing 
Wilbanks/Maneese ? guardianship
Williams Family
Willis Family 


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