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Jefferson County

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June 21st, 2006
Jim Sanders
Ojai, California


Recorded information regarding the Silas Sanders, who died in 1836 in Jefferson County, 
Illinois, is elusive and some conjecture is required to ascertain who he was and where 
he came from.  We realize there may be other possibilities as to some of the stated 
relationships herein. However, we will present our findings and encourage responsible 
discourse concerning these relationships. That being said, we will work backward in time, 
as it is our belief that our progenitor, Silas Sanders, is first noted as one of the young 
males listed in the 1787 and 1790 census of Wilkes County, North Carolina, in the Francis 
Sanders family. From this beginning, we then trace him to and from the entries of the Groves 
Level Baptist Church of Franklin County (now Banks County), Georgia.

  In May of 1802, during the era of the great Baptist revival, 62 members of the Nails Creek 
Baptist Church (located in present day Homer, Banks County, Georgia), left the Nails Creek 
Church, moved down the road a bit to the banks of the Grove River and formed their own church.  
They called it the Groves Level Baptist Church.  They chose Reverend Moses Sanders and Anderson 
Ivey as their leaders.

  In 1878, Moses Martin Sanders, son of David Sanders and Grandson of the Reverend Moses 
Sanders submitted to the Latter Day Saints of Saint George, Utah, information in which 
he identified his forebears and family.  Among these submissions was the identification 
of Francis Sanders, his Granduncle (hence, a brother to the Reverend Moses Sanders). 
Also identified is Silas Sanders (son of Francis), as a 2nd cousin. (David and Silas are 
cousins; hence, Francis Sanders children were 2nd cousins to David Sanders children).

  It is our belief that the Silas Sanders of Franklin County, Georgia, moved to Smith County, 
Tennessee sometime after 1807 and we have abstracted documents, which support our belief.  
Although, we have found no documentation that absolutely states this. 

We have found no indication that there was a second Silas Sanders, in the Southern states, 
during this time frame.
 We reviewed the federal censuses of 1820 and 1830 and they were the primary "proving grounds" 
for our opinion that the Silas Sanders, who is noted in Franklin County, Georgia, in 1802, 
then Smith County Tennessee, 1820, then Maury County, Tennessee 1824, then Marion County, 
Illinois and finally Jefferson County, Illinois, in 1835 was the same man.

  We also analyzed Grants, Deeds, Tax Records and Court Minutes from Smith County and Maury 
County, Tennessee and Marion County and Jefferson County, Illinois, to see if there might 
have been a second Silas Sanders in these records. Our conclusion is there was not.
  When Silas Sanders died on Moore's Prairie, Jefferson County Illinois, in 1835, his estate 
documents gave us the names of many Sanders. Only one relationship was identified, Franky, 
his wife. 
Although, it is our primary interest to provide proof that Silas was the father of Theophilus 
Sanders, who was the father of James Henry, who was the father of Harley who was the father 
of Merle, who was the father of James and therefore our direct line, we have decided to attempt 
to identify the other Sanders mentioned in the reviewed documents. 

We begin with the earliest recorded information on Silas Sanders, our GGG Grandfather.
1802 Franklin County, Georgia

	 Silas Sanders is noted as a charter member of the Groves Level Church of 
     Franklin County Georgia: 
May 1802 Members of Nails Creek Church which met at Groves Level Meeting House & 
     constituted a church included the following: Moses Sanders, Silas Sanders, David 
     Sanders, Francis Sanders, Sally Sanders, Polly Sanders, Polly Sanders (Sr)  
	 Silas would have been a minimum of 18-21 years of age in 1802; this would I indicate 
     a birth year of 1781-1785. We will provide more information in subsequent abstracts.  

1803-1806 Groves Level Church Minutes
	 We find Silas Sanders mentioned many times in the Church records of the Groves Level 
     Church, mostly for asserting himself and running afoul of the Doctrines:

1803 March, the church met on Friday and Censured Br Silas Sanders for fighting. 	
     Chose Br Anderson Ivy and Francis Sanders (We believe him to be the father of Silas) 
     to cite him to next meeting. 
1803 May, Silas Sanders was called upon to cite Sister Franky Rucker, for dancing! 
     (This may be Silas' future wife. If so she would have been 13 or 14 and a free 
     spirit herself.)
1805 March, censured Br Silas Sanders for fighting. Chose Bro Anderson Ivy & Francis 
     Sanders to cite him to next mtg.  
1805 June, the church met on Friday before the 3rd Sunday and censured and 	excluded, 
     Thany Isom and Mary Miller for dancing and not hearing the church. Censured sister 
     Franky Rucker for dancing and chose Anderson Ivy and Silas Sanders to cite her to 
     next meeting." 
1805 September, the church met on Friday before the 3rd Sunday & censured Br Silas Sanders 
     for encouraging gaming & chose Broth Geo Humble & Richard 	Maulden to cite him to next 

     The last mention of Silas Sanders in the church records:

1805 October, the church met on Saturday before the 3rd Sunday & excluded 	
     Br SILAS SANDERS for encouraging gaming and not hearing the church. Censured Br Anderson 
     Ivy for making use of aggravating discourse & appointed Br David Sanders & Geo Rucker 
     to cite him to next meeting." 

1806 Franklin County Tax Digest

	 Silas is noted as a white poll, his first year of taxation. No evidence has been 	
     found to indicate his exact age. Although using this information and the 1802 Charter 
     information from the Groves Level Church we could 	guesstimate a birth-date range of 
     as early as 1781 or as late as 1785. (This Age range would fit in the Francis Sanders 
     Family enumerated in the 1787 and 1790 census of Wilkes County, North Carolina). 

1807 September An entry from the Groves Level Church Minutes: 

	  Dismissed by letter Br Francis Sanders and Sis Polly Sanders. Bro David Sanders and 
     Sis Polly Sanders. (This type of letter was for introduction purposes, to prove good 
     citizenship to their new church. When Silas removed from Franklin County, he obviously 
     did not receive such a letter as he excluded in 1805.
	 Francis Sanders moved to Smith County, Tennessee (1820 Census) & David Sanders & wife 
     Mary Allred (Rock Creek Church records) moved to Bedford County, Tennessee. David was 
     killed in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, one of only 2 from Bedford County who died 
     there. (Rock Creek Church Minutes 	Bedford County, Tennessee).
	 Since we find no other mention of Silas Sanders in Franklin County after 1806,we can 
     assume he left between 1806 and 1807. We also may confidently 	assume that he either 
     accompanied his father (Francis) or joined him shortly after his departure from Georgia 
     in 1807 as neither Francis nor David nor Silas Sanders appear on the Franklin County tax 
     list in 1807.
	 We find no other mention of Silas Sanders until an 1817 court case in Smith County, 

1817 Smith County Tennessee

A Silas Sanders is taken to court by the state of Tennessee, County of Smith, for the 
crime of Bastardy. (Indexed in FHL film # 0024831):
This day came the attorney for the state and John Piper. Here in open court paid the 
fine of $6.25 required by law from the defendant and in behalf of the mother of the 
bastard child, Jeancy Piper. Entered into bond for keeping said child from being 
chargeable to the county for 5 years and agree to acquit the defendant and pay the cost.  
He is therefore discharged." 

We have pondered long and hard over the following question: 
Did the Bastardy case of 1817 involve our Silas? We believe so for the 
Following reasons:

Fact # 1: Our Silas Sanders, by 1817 would have been married and his family would have grown 
          to include 3 sons and a daughter (1820 Census of Smith County). 
Fact # 2: By reviewing the census data of 1820 Smith County and 1830 Marion County Illinois, 
          we are reasonably certain that our Silas could not have a son old enough to father 
          a child (A Junior) in 1817. (His oldest son was born about 1808). 
Fact # 3: The "Bastardy" Silas was not a Minor. If he were a minor, the court would have so 
          stated and a guardian would have appeared in his stead.
Fact # 4: Our Silas was of sufficient character to have committed this act:
Fact # 5: Silas did not own property. (Search of Smith County records) and therefore could 
          have been destitute.  John Piper (the girls father) on the other hand was a landowner 
          and came from a family of landowners. It would make sense that a "well off" family 
          would support the girl and probably want nothing to do with Silas Sanders. 

Conclusion #1: This Silas was of age.  
Conclusion #2: Looking to the census of 1820, in all states, there are no likely candidates 
               for the "Bastardy" Silas other that our Silas.  
Conclusion #3: An agreement must have been reached between the girl's father, John Piper and 
               Silas Sanders. 
Conclusion #4: Our Silas was an adulterer:

1820 Smith County, Tennessee  
By 1820, we have found 2 records of Silas in Smith County, the Bastardy case of 1817 and 
the census of 1820. We believe that he may have been living near 	his father, Francis, 
on the Salt Lick Creek (25 August 1818 Frances Saunders receives Tennessee Land Grant 
#10483 for 20 Acres on Salt Lick Fork of the Barren River in Smith County Tennessee).
in the 1820 census the Silas Sanders family appears to have 4 children in the house. 
The oldest male listed (Silas), is born between 1775 and 1794. The oldest female (Franky) 
was born during the same years. (Further analysis of the 1830 and 1840 Census' has proven 
that Silas' Wife, Franky, was born in 1790. Silas would have been about 35 in 1820. Franky 
would have been 30). 
A male (son) is listed on the census that is born between 1804-10 (probably born in 1808-1810). 
(This may be their eldest son and his name is probably 	William). There are 2 other males 
listed born between 1810-20. One is Theophilus (1814/1817). The other is probably Thomas 
(born 1814/1817).
A Girl is listed, born between 1804-1810 has not been identified and probably married in 
Tennessee. She is not in the family in the 1830 census.
The 1820 census is the last mention of Silas Sanders in Smith County.

1824 Maury County Tennessee

Silas Sanders moved to Maury County shortly after the 1820 Smith County census and built 
a cabin on the Flint Fork of Snow Creek. 
In 1824 he received a 50acre Land Grant (#1135) on the Flint Rock Fork of Snow Creek. 
Silas was living on this property prior to receiving his Grant as evidenced by the 
verbiage of the Grant in which the existing dwelling was called "his plantation" and 
a marked Beech tree bearing the initials "S.S." was noted. The property was surveyed 
November 24th, 1824.  
He sold the Flint Fork property to John Morrow in October 1829 and Morrow, in turn, 
sold it to Samuel Mcluney on December 29th, 1829,.

1825 Silas is found in the Tax Book of Maury County, Tennessee. He is listed in Justice 
Hedspeth's District on Page 67 and is taxed as a single pole. No family is mentioned.

1826 he is taxed again as a single pole in Oakley's Militia Company, Justice Hedspeth's District. 

The issuance of a second Grant to Silas Sanders in 1832, creates a small, 
but explainable problem: 

On February 29th, 1829, Silas received another Grant (#11863) from the State of Tennessee, 
for 99 acres and 10 poles. It was described as being on the Cold Springs Branch of 
Snow Creek, Maury County and is located in the same general area as the Flint Fork 
property. The Grant indicated that the property was surveyed on May 2nd, 1831 (A 
year after Silas left for Marion County). The Governor, signed the Grant on December 
23rd, 1832, nearly 2 years after Silas moved. 
The only plausible explanation is that Silas transferred his interest in the Cold 	
Springs property prior to the Grant being issued. We have not found the document that 
enabled this event. There is no other indication to date, of Silas being in Maury County 
after December 1829. 

1830 Census of Marion County, Illinois Dated 11/27/1830.

The Silas Sanders family has moved to Marion County, Illinois and is enumerated as follows:
The oldest male listed is born between 1780-90. (This would be Silas).
There are 2 males listed as being born between 1810-15 (William and Theophilus, our 
direct line Grandfather).
There is 1 male listed as being born between 1815-20 (Probably Thomas). 
The youngest male listed is born between 1825-1830. (Unknown) 
The oldest female (wife) is shown as being born between 1780-1790 (Franky).
The youngest girl listed is born between 1825 and 1830. (Jane)
2 other girls appear in the 1830 census in the Silas Sanders family, who were not 
enumerated in the1820 census of Smith County.  
One girl is listed as being born between 1810 and 1815.
One girl is listed as born between 1815 and 1820. Where were they in 1820?

Both of these girls should have been enumerated in the 1820 Smith County Census in Silas 
Sanders family and they were not. If they are not the daughters of 1820 Silas Sanders.  
Who are they? This leads us to one of three possibilities; 
1) That Silas may have accepted 2 of his relatives' daughters to raise; (We say this 
because 2 Sanders Girls, who married in Jefferson County, in 1838 stated, or their families 
stated in later census, that they were born in Kentucky and we have found no evidence that 
Silas was in Kentucky. Remember we have found no other Sanders in 1830 Jefferson.  
However we do find a Henry and a Benjamin Sanders in Jefferson in 1840. 
2) Another Sanders family moved into Jefferson County in the 1830's that was not listed 
in the 1840 census.
3) The Silas Sanders family of Smith County 1820 is not the same family as the 1830 
Marion County family.  

The youngest girl enumerated in 1830, is shown to be born between 1820 and 1825, we 
believe is Jane. We believe that her name could have "Hannah" Jane, who was named as 
one who carried an installment to the tax collector for Silas' estate in May of 1838. 
Jane Sanders married William Harris on November 12th, 1846, in Jefferson County.  
The Harris family, in the Jefferson census 1840, was a close neighbor of the Sanders 
and in 1854-1858 William Harris patented over 100 acres about 1 mile south of Theophilus 
Sanders, Jane's brother.   
In the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census, Jane was listed as being born in 1826 in Tennessee.  
In the census's her birthdates are not shown as exactly the same, but as we have learned, 
that is too be expected in some cases.  We feel confident that Jane is a daughter of Silas.  
Her Daughter, Perlina, married Joel E. Blackwell, November 15th, 1875, in Jefferson County.  
She died January 1st, 1919. On her death certificate it states her Mother was Jane Sanders. 
Jane's other daughter was Margaret Harris. Her marriage license states her mothers name is 
Jincey. It is evident that Jincey is the nickname for Jane. 

We do know that the three sons were born in Tennessee 1810 (William), 1813 (Thomas) and 
in 1814 (Theophilus).  This would certainly leave room for Silas to move from Tennessee 
to Kentucky and have two children, one in 1815 and one in 1817, then move back to Smith 
County, Tennessee in 1817 (where and when he was charged with Bastardy). 
(We do not support this theory).

Considering all the evidence we have found to date it seems most plausible that it is that 
same family as no other Sanders family is yet in Jefferson in the 1835-1840 time frame. 
In the 1870 Jefferson Census, John Sanders, born 1836, is living next door to Theophilus, 
with a wife, Sarah, both were born in Illinois. This could be a son of Silas and Franky. 
Probably not, we are thinking the census taker was in error and that this is actually James H. 
and Sarah.

We believe Lidia Sanders is probably one of these girls and she was born between 1815-1820.  
(A Lidia Sanders married Henry Young in 1838). She apparently died in Jeffeson County, shortly 
after the birth of her son, William Young, in 1848. Henry Youngs family is enumerated in the 
1850 Census and is shown without his wife.

Elizabeth Jane Young, was Lidia's daughter.  She married William Giles in Jefferson County, 
in 1867. They are found in Posey County, Indiana in the census of 1880. In 1900 they are in 
Cooke County, Texas. In 1900 Beckham County, Oklahoma. In 1920 they are in Farmington, New Mexico.  
In all previously mentioned census's, Elizabeth states, both her parents were born in Kentucky.  
Could Silas and Franky been in Kentucky then.  Probably not.
Sarah A. Young, another daughter of Lidia, married Martin Griffin in Dec. 1861. 

The other girl enumerated in 1830, we believe may be Elizabeth, who married Jacob Young in 
January 1838. Where did Jacob Young and Elizabeth (Sanders) go?

We have assumed that Jacob Young of Madison County was Our Elizabeth's husband. In the 1850 
census of Alton, Madison County, Illinois, an Elizabeth is listed as the wife of Jacob.  
She is shown as, born in Kentucky in 1819. Our assumption may be wrong as the marriage below 
Jacob Young married Elizabeth Anderson, 10/29/1837 Madison County, Illinois.
In 1860 they are in Bond County, Illinois.  In 1870 they are in Bond County. In 1880 Jacob is 
still in Bond County however, Elizabeth is not listed and Jacob has taken a new wife, Susan.
In 1819, a state line boundary dispute was settled and Tennessee acquired about 15 miles of 
land that Kentucky had been claiming for years. The residents of this disputed territory were 
about evenly divided between wanting to be in Tennessee or Kentucky. The main reason some folks 
wanted to be from Tennessee is that making moonshine was legal in Tennessee. (With the background 
information we have discovered on Silas, we can assume he probably wanted to be from Tennessee). 
It is entirely possible that the Silas Sanders family was living in this disputed territory 
during the years 1810-1820.
We have in our family a story passed down that James Henry Sanders, a son of Theophilus, 
was born near Louisville, Kentucky.  Try as we may, we have not been able to document any of 
our line from Kentucky. However the possibility that Lidia and Elizabeth Sanders, who are 
believed to have been born in Kentucky and seem to be in the Silas Sanders family in 1830 
(Marion County census), it would be feasible if not for the fact that the two girls were not  
enumerated in Silas Sanders family in the 1820 census. 

It is also possible that the Sanders of Adair County, Kentucky (descendants of Robert and 
Ann Elmore), who moved to Montgomery County, Illinois in the 1830's may be her family.  
William Triplett Sanders may be the William T. Sanders mentioned above in Jefferson County 
Or maybe she is the "bastard child" from the Smith County Bastardy case of 1817? 
1832 Thomas Sanders married Sarah Wallis (Wallace) on January 29th, 1832. He is shown in 
the 1840, 1850 and 1880 census to have been born in Tennessee 	between 1814 and 1817. 
We believe he is a son of Silas.
1835 Silas Sanders died at Moore's Prairie, Jefferson County, Illinois in late 1835 or early 
1836. He was approximately 50 years old. He died without leaving a will. Without a will, 
the state of Illinois required a bond of his widow, Franky 	Sanders. Two other Sanders were 
signatory to this bond, William and Moses, and we will find 3 additional Sanders identified 
in subsequent Estate Documents.

1836 A review of the Estate documents will show the persons responsible for administering 
the estate properly, Franky, William and Moses Sanders. Other documents will also show the 
purchasers of his personal property. Other estate related documents give the names of the 
Sanders associated with Silas, who paid installments on both his taxes due and his appraisers 
bill. From these documents, we can make a fairly reasonable assumption of the relationships 
of the Sanders named therein: Franky Sanders, William Sanders and Moses Sanders, from Jefferson 
County, Illinois.
	We know that Frances Sanders is Franky Sanders, Administratrix and Wife of Silas Sanders. 
William and Moses may be either brothers of Silas or sons of Silas. It appears after review of 
various census materials that one of the men may be a son and one may be a brother to Silas.  
There are no records proving either theory.  We believe that William was Silas oldest son, 
born 1808-1810 and married Ann Archey in 1841.  

Who is this Moses? Many theories abound: 
One, that he is the Moses of 1840 Greene County Arkansas and a son of Silas. We think not for 
the primary reason that Franky was born in 1790 and the Greene County, Moses was born 1797. 
He is not Silas's son.  He may be a brother and he may have been in Marion or Jefferson County 
in 1831-1839. 
Another possibility is Moses Martin Sanders, a 2nd cousin and living in Montgomery County in 
1831-1840, may have traveled the 100 miles or so to Moore's Prairie, but we think not.
Another possibility, a Moses Sanders is listed in the 1840 census of Clinton, County, which is 
between (Montgomery and Jefferson).  The name is barely legible but after much review and 
comparison of the enumerators' handwriting, we believe it is indeed a Moses Sanders. This man 
was born between 1800 and 1810. A son and a daughter are in his family born between 1835 and 1840. 
This Moses would fit into the Silas Sanders family, if William did not.  We believe that is 
possible that this is the man who was noted in Silas probate documents.
We submit it is also possible that Moses Sanders, Clinton County, died prior to the 1840 census. 
Nothing else is found regarding this name thereafter.

1836 Franky Sanders The Mrs. (Or Nrs.) Sanders, noted as a purchaser of personal property 
from Silas Sanders estate, is probably Franky Sanders.  However, if one looks closely at 
the document, they notice that the writer clearly makes his "m" distinguishable from an "N" 
in the Case of "M"oses but not so clear as in the case of Baker King; "mop pail" or "Mopping". 
Could this be a shortening of the name Norris? This is pure speculation and Mrs is probably 
the correct interpretation. 

Theos. Sanders (A shortening of the name Theophilus) buys a horse and saddle with bridle for 
$58 dollars. Theos., we believe, is enumerated in the following three census's: In 1820 Smith, 
TN (Silas Sanders family) he is show as one of 	the boys born between 1810 and 1820.  
In 1830 Marion IL (again Silas 	Sanders family), he is listed as one of the boys born between 
1810-1815. By 	1840 he has married (Charlotte Young, (12/21/1837) in Jefferson County, IL 	
and is shown as head of family. He is living next door to Franky Sanders. With this information 
we believe that he is a son of Silas Sanders. (Silas Sanders, then, Since Theophilus is our 2nd 
Great-grandfather, is my direct line 3th Great-grandfather).

William Sanders purchases a saddle and a colt for $25.50. In the 1840 census of Jefferson, 
we find a male born between 1800 and 1810 living with Franky Sanders family, possibly the 
William Sanders listed as a purchaser of the colt and Saddle. The census of Smith, TN, 
Silas Sanders Family, shows a boy 	born between 1804 and 1810. William would fit here if 
born in 1810.  In the 	1830 census of Marion (Silas Sanders), IL a boy is shown as born 
between 1810 and 1815, he would fit here. In 1841 William Sanders marries Ann Archey. William 
Sanders died on or about September 16th, 1847.  A subsequent review of other records show 
Ann Sanders in 1856, as bonding out her son, William, (born in 1847), to Lorenzo Davis.  
In 1850 she is 	shown as living, without husband, next door to Theophilus Sanders in Jefferson 	
County. We believe this will be enough support to name this William as a son of Silas. 
More on William and Ann Sanders  below.

Thomas G. Sanders bought two colts for $76.50. In attempting to substantiate him as a son of 
Silas we look to the 1820 census of Smith, TN and find another boy born between 1810 and 1820.  
Thomas would fit here. In the 1830 	Marion census (Silas), IL census a boy is shown as being 
born between 1810 	and 1815.  He would fit here. In the 1840 Census of Jefferson County IL, 	
Thomas is shown as head of family living next door to Franky Sanders, with a son under 5 and 
2 daughters under 10. In the 1850 census he is noted as being born in 1813. Thomas was married 
to Sarah Wallace on 1/29/1832. 

	In 1854 he patented 80 acres in Marion County IL and remained there until he died in 1889. 
V15#4 Spring 1991 footprints

p.16 Centralia sentinel March 6, 1889 - Uncle Tommy Sanders died on the 4th, 4 miles south of 
Salem. He came to this county in 1818. 

Mary Zinzelittia found the full obituary for Thomas G. Sanders in the Marion County Democrat, 
March 7, 1889.  I couldn't find any other paper for that date. 
Thomas G. Sanders was 75y 5m 21d and the tombstone calculator says his birth-date would be 
Sep 10, 1813. His wife died on Nov 9, 1885 but I couldn't find an obit for her.  
Surviving are 4 chldren, and only names one, Lewis E. Sanders. I found a Louis E. Sanders on 
the 1900 Marion Co., IL living at Alma who had been married 25 years and both parents born TN. 

 It is possible that Thomas G. and Thomas are two different persons.  But there is no real 
evidence to substantiate this theory. 

1837 Frances Sanders paid four dollars to Daniel Wilbanks, a court appointed appraiser, 
to be applied to his fee for the appraisal. In the document she is said to be the Administratrix.
1837 Theophilus Sanders married Charlotte Young on December 21, 1837. 
The Young's were close neighbors of the Sanders as shown in the 1840 census.  
We find 3 Sanders family members marrying into the Young family in the 1830's and 40's. 
In 1864, Theophilus Sanders is the administrator of a Jacob Young's estate.

1837 Frances Sanders made a payment to the probate court on December 3rd, 1837.
1838 Elizabeth Sanders married Jacob Young in January 1838.  This was the first 	
     mention of Elizabeth. Also this is probably not the Jacob Young whse estate 	
     was administered by Theophilus in 1864, as we find Elizabeth and Jacob in 	
     Bond county in 1870.
1838 Hannah Sanders made a payment to the court on May 18th, 1838.
1838 Theos. Sanders made a payment to the probate court on March 3rd 1838.
1838 Lidia Sanders married Henry Young in June 1838. 
1839 Moses Saunders is noted in the Court Records, March 14, 1839. Record Book B, 
     page 154 and 155:  
Moses Saunders is charged with "neglect as supervisor" by the state of Illinois.  
His attorney was a man named Fisk.....( the List of jurors looked like people from the 
Spring Garden area).  He was found not guilty.This notation gives more credibility to the 
theory that Moses of Greene County was from Jefferson County and is discussed on page 21 herein. 

1840 Census of Jefferson County Illinois, 
 	 The 1840 census of Jefferson County shows Franky Sanders, Female, 
	 Head of Family. There is a male listed (whom we believe to be William, her son, 
     (married Ann Archey in 1841), he is not the head of family and is shown as being born 
     between 1800-1810? William is not enumerated elsewhere in 	1840, so we believe he may 
     be the male enumerated 1820 and 1830 censuses and a son of  Silas and Franky.  
	 Franky is shown as born between 1790 and 1800. There are 2 boys in her family, born 
     between 1830-1840. Are they Silas Sanders sons? One girl, born between 1825-1830, may 
     be Hannah or Jane (Jincey) or Hanna Jane?
1840 Franky Sanders' next-door neighbors are, Theos. Sanders and Thomas Sanders. We believe 
     they are sons of Silas. Both enumerated in his family 1820 and 1830.
1841 William Sanders married Ann Archey on October 10th, 1841.  His family, as deducted 
     from Deed records and the 1850-1880 censuses of Jefferson County, is as follows:
1842 A daughter, Charlotte Sanders is born. 
1846 A daughter, Jerusha Sanders, is born.
1845 William Sanders is noted in the Record Book Index in March of 1845.
1846 William Sanders dies. Ann Sanders and Jesse Smith are appointed as administrators of 
     his estate.
1848 In May, a son is born to William and is named William. 

1845 William T. Sanders (Born 1822 in Tennessee) married Susan Clark on July 9th, 1845. 
There is a William T. Sanders buying land in Montgomery County, in 1840 and 1849, but he 
is born in 1832 in KY and I believe he is a son of John Sanders, son of Robert and Ann 
Elmore Sanders, Wilkes, NC. (Remember that Elizabeth Sanders was born in 1819 in Ky).  
(Robert Sanders was in 	Wilkes County during the same time period as Francis Sanders and 
they lived 	about 10-15miles apart. Robert died in 1783 and Anne and her sons moved to 	
Adair County Kentucky in 1790. One of her Grandsons, William Triplet Sanders moved to 
Montgomery County, Illinois.  He was located near Moses Martin 	Sanders in 1830-1840.  
Is there a family connection?

1846 Jane (Jincey) Sanders (perhaps Hannah Jane?) married William Harris on November 12th, 1846.

We have few clues as to who Hannah Sanders is.  She would have to have been old enough in 
1838 to warrant carrying money to the clerk and obtaining a receipt. In reviewing the Census 
of 1820 Smith County and 1830 Marion County, we find: 

Silas has only one young female, in the 1820 census, born between 1804-1810, possibly Lydia.  
In 1830 we find 3 younger females living in the family: one born 1810-1815, Lydia, one born 
1815-1820, possibly Elizabeth and one born 1825-1830, possibly Hannah. 
If she were a daughter in law, whom carried the payment to the collector, to whom was 
she married?  
We find, in the Illinois Marriage database, Jefferson County, 2 Sanders girls married 
in the 1830's: Lidia and Elizabeth. Later censuses show them as being born in Kentucky.
We have the Sanders family marrying into the Young family in Jefferson County as follows: 
Theophilus (Charlotte 1832); Lydia (Henry 1838); Elizabeth (Jacob 1838). So it seems reasonable 
that Elizabeth and Lydia are related in some way.  We just can't find the Kentucky connection. 

In the 1840's we find only one Sanders female marrying in Jefferson, Jane, who married 
William Harris on 11/12/1846.  In the 1850 census of Jefferson she is shown as being born 
in Tennessee about 1826. Although it would make her only 12 years old when she delivered the 
payment to the county clerk in 1838, She would fit and she may have been named Hannah Jane? 
This would mean she would have to be in Franky's family in 1840. A Girl is enumerated as 
born between 1825-1830. This girl would fit as Jane Harris.  We believe Jane is the 
daughter of Silas and she might have been Hannah Jane. We know that Jincey was a nickname 
for Jane, as shown on the Mariage and Birth certificates of Jane's daughters, 
Perlina and Margaret.

The 1836 Probate bond of Silas Sanders follows:

Following are the purchasers of the Silas Sanders personal property, 1836.

Below is listed the payments made to the court appointed appraisers to settle Silas 
Sanders estate. 


HANNAH SANDERS PAYMENT TO THE COURT ON MAY 18TH, 1838. We have tried to tie this girl 
to Jane Sanders but review of several documents mentions Jane as Gincy, Jincy, Gency, 
Jency, but never Hannah.

This brings us to Moses Sanders and we have his signature on the probate bond. From several 
sources we have found information that may tie this Moses to our line. We have tried to make 
him a son of Silas, but have had no luck placing him there. We do find in the 1840 Clinton, 
IL Census (Clinton Is adjacent to Marion and Jefferson County) a badly written name, which 
indexers have deciphered as "Marc Lenders". We have spent some time attempting to decipher 
the same and believe it is a "Moses Sanders".  This man was born between 1800 and 1810. A 
son and a daughter are in his family born between 1835 and 1840. This Moses would fit into 
the Silas Sanders family, if William did not. Nothing else is found regarding this name 
thereafter. Again this was the1840 Census, when Moses Sanders was also indexed in Greene 
County, Arkansas

Returning to the 1820 Smith County census, we find a Moses Sanders listed.  He is noted 
as being born between 1794-1804.  A female is in the household, presumably his wife, 
born between 1794-1804. Who is he? A few researchers have stated that Moses is Silas 
and Franky's son. However, Franky, Silas's wife, is now known to have been born in 1790 
(1820, 1830, 1840 Census deductions). Even if she were married at 14 and had her first 
child at 15, Moses wouldn't fit as a son.  She would have had too have had the child at 
13-14 years of age. Possible, but not probable?

Previous Sanders researchers have compiled information that Moses of Greene County AR 1840, 
was in Marion County IL, Jefferson County IL, and Williamson County IL at the same time.  
His wife is noted in the census's of 1850 and 60 as Gooley. We also know, by census data, 
that 3 of his sons were born in IL. The names of these sons are, Walter, born 1832, Peter, 
born 1845 and Francis, born 1847.  Joe Preston has it that Walter may have been named after 
Moses' wife's father, Walter Bean. Probable.  In the book "Facts and Folks" Jefferson County, 
(written by the Jefferson County Historical Society), it is written that Walter Bean had a 
daughter, Gulie" and that she was born in 1806. She would fit as Moses wife if her birth 
date were a bit earlier.  No other info is available about her.  
Walter Bean is noted in the 1820 Census of Smith County, Tennessee, as was Silas and Francis 
and Moses Sanders.  Is it possible that Moses met and married Gooley Bean in Smith County 
prior to the 1820 census?  She would have been 14-15 years of age, if born in 1806.   
But, why, again weren't there children until 1831?
We submit that another son of Moses, Peter, may have been named for the Peter Sanders, 
identified in 1878 by Moses Martin Sanders ordinance work, as a 2nd cousin of Moses Martin 
or in other words a son of Francis (whom was Silas' father) or, Peter could have been named 
for the brother of Walter Bean also named Peter.  Lastly, Moses son, named Francis, could 
have been named after our Francis Sanders of Wilkes County, North Carolina (1778). This 
could make Moses of AR the son of Francis and the brother to Silas. A Moses is noted in 
the estate papers of Silas's probate in 1836 Jefferson.  
1839 Moses Saunders is noted in the Index to Court Records March 14, 1839. Record Book B, 
page 154 and 155:  Moses Saunders, "neglect as supervisor"(The jurors names looks like 
people from the Spring Garden area).
1840 Moses is in Greene County, 1850 Greene County and 1860 Johnson County, Arkansas. 
His birth year, by deduction, would have him born about 1797. We know that Francis Sanders 
a juror in Franklin County, Georgia in 1798.  We have not ascertained, for sure, where he 
was after selling his land in Wilkes County in 1794. 
One problem in proving that Moses of Smith County and Moses of Greene County are one 
and the same is the fact that in the 1840 Greene census, Moses did not have a child 
listed older than 8. It would seem that there would have been older children listed 
in this family if it were the same family, unless it was a second marriage?  
Ron Egan, a direct line descendant of Moses AR, stated in Sanders Siftings 1996, that 
Moses son, Francis Marion, was killed, December 31, 1864 and his wife, Melinda Sanders 
and sons, traveled to Jefferson County, Illinois to be with her husbands family in 1865. 
We assume this would be family other that her husbands brothers?  Or, this may mean, to 
be with her father-in-law, Moses', family.  Which we believe would be Silas descendants. 
We now know that Delaney Sanders, wife of Peter Sanders also moved to Jefferson subsequent 
to the death of her husband.  

We will list below and comment on the related Sanders families of Jefferson County 1840-1880.

Melinda Sanders from Arkansas, wife of Francis Marion Sanders (who was the son of Moses 
Sanders of Greene County).
We did not find any reference to Melinda in Jefferson County, however, we found her 
re-married in Marion County 1866: 08/23/1866 Melinda J. Sanders married Ephraim Southers. 
They are indexed as "Luthers" living in T 3 R 2, very near Thomas G Sanders in T 2 R 2. 
Is he the "Family of Francis Marion", Son of Moses of Greene County? If our deductions 
are right, Thomas G. is a son of Silas. Moses of Greene County could have been Silas's 
brother. Hence, Francis Marion would have been a cousin to Thomas. Also cousin to Theophilus, 
who was in Jefferson County until 1878.

Ann Sanders family (born about 1817 TN. She is William Sanders (Silas' son) wife. 
In 1850 Ann is living next door to Theophilus Sanders with Mary Archey, born 1840, 
listed in her household.  Mary Archey is indexed as a Mulatto. We don't know if this 
is Mary's sister or daughter.  We do know that her children of William Sanders are bonded 
out to neighbors at least until 1860. In 1860 Ann is shown with Charlotte and Jerusha, 
her daughters. In 1870 Mary is listed with her daughters, Charlotte and Jerusha, in addition 
to them, there are these new arrivals in her family: Sterling 7, Mary 6, William 3, Sarah.  
Who are they?  In 1880 Jerusha and Charlotte are living in Centralia, Marion County, 
Illinois, Ann has evidently passed on. 

Mary (Archey?) Sanders, born about 1840 (NC), is listed in Jefferson County in 1860.  
She is in the family of Thomas Softley. We believe this is the Mary Archey that is 
shown in Ann Sanders family in 1850 where she is also noted as a mulatto, as she is 
in 1860. Other Sanders noted in the 1860 Softley family, along with Mary are: John P 
(Mulatto) born 1858 and Josephine (Mulatto) born 1856. In 1870 Mary is still listed 
in the Softley family with these additional Sanders: Francis, (female), (Mulatto) 
born 1856, John T. (Mulatto) born 1858, Rosa (mulatto) born 1864, Ada T. (Mulatto 
(born 1868, married George Williams, Marion county in 1888). Mary is still having 
kids and she doesn't seem to have a husband?

William T. Sanders 1850 Census Jefferson County. Wife Susan (married 7/9/1845), 
Children, James Clark (by previous marriage of Susan), Margaret born 1846, Martha E. 
born 1847 In 1860 William's family has grown to include Mary K. born 1852, and 
William O. F.  In 1871, William T. Sanders sells property in to Thomas Softly, 
who is discussed above. William moves to the Dodds Township in Jefferson County 
and is indexed there in 1880.He may not be a son of Silas Sanders as we believe 
we have proven with the available information we have processed that the William 
Sanders born 1810+/-, is a better fit. Perhaps he is a nephew of Silas. 

Although no documentation has been found to prove, beyond a doubt, Moses Sanders 
relationship to the Silas Sanders family of Marion and Jefferson County, Illinois, 
there is strong circumstantial documentation that we will describe in the following work.  
Many able researchers have traveled this trail before and their work is acknowledged 
where identifiable. It is our hope that this assimilation of theories will be of use to 
future endeavors.

Moses Sanders was born in Georgia in between 1793-1795. Previous research has shown 
that he might have been born in Franklin County to Francis and Polly Sanders. (We have 
traced Francis from 1778 in Wilkes County, North Carolina to Franklin County, Georgia).  
The Reverend Moses Sanders was a brother of Francis Sanders. (LDS Ordinance work performed 
by Moses Martin Sanders in 1878 at St. George, Utah Temple. Refer Eldon Hurst). 

We believe that Moses Married Gooley Bean, daughter of Walter Bean.  
(Walter Bean and Moses Sanders are noted in the 1820 Census of Smith County, Tennessee). 
They may have married as early as 1819 in Tennessee or as late as 1830 in Illinois.  
No marriage license has been found, however, Moses and Gooley's first born was born in 
1831/32 in Illinois. 

Moses and Gooley had sons Walter, Peter, Francis and Thomas and one daughter, Sally or Sarah.  
In the 1820 Census of Smith County, Tennessee, there is a Moses Sanders listed.  Many 
have suggested that it is the same man as noted in the 1840 Census of Green County, Arkansas.  
There is more than a strong possibility that it is not the same man (If it is the same man 
it is difficult to explain why he had no children until his son, Walter B. born in 1831/32). 
Documentation is missing for either possibility.

We have looked to the census of 1830 and consulted many other Sanders researchers as to 
where this Moses might have been in 1830 and have came up without an answer. There are 
several possibilities as to why we don't find him:

1) He was missed by the census taker.
2) He was listed but not as a head of family.
3) He was listed but the enumerator misspelled his name.
4) He was listed in an area in which the census has been destroyed.
5) He is listed and we simply do not recognize him.

We pick up the trail of Moses Sanders, who signed the bond for the Estate of Silas Sanders, 
to the State of Illinois, County of Jefferson, in October 1836.  This Moses is also listed 
in the Estate documents as one who purchases personal property from the estate.
Some believe that he is a Son of Silas.  We think not for the primary reason that Franky 
Sanders, Silas' wife was born in 1790. (1830, 1840 Census deductions) We believe that this 
Moses of Jefferson and the Moses of Greene County, Arkansas are one and the same. His 
calculated date of birth (1793-95) would make it nearly impossible for him to be a son of 
Franky. We think he is a brother of Silas Sanders and a therefore a son of Francis Sanders 
(Wilkes, NC). 
Continuing, on March 14, 1839, Moses Saunders is noted in the Court Records of Jefferson. 
(Record Book B, page 154 and 155):  He is charged with "neglect as supervisor" by the state of 
Illinois. His attorney was a man named Fisk.  (The List of Jurors appears to be people from 
the Spring Garden area).  He was found not guilty. (Refer Mary Zinzillettia)

Moses moved to Greene County, Arkansas, prior to the 1840 Census.  In Greene County, at 
the time of his arrival, were several Sanders families; among them were John, who is shown 
on the tax list in 1830 and the census of 1840. Francis, born between 1790 and 1800 and 
Peter born between 1820-1825 are both on the census of 1840, adjacent to each other.  
They were probably Father and Son. We mention these two, because of their familiar given 
names and proximity to each other on the census list. We are making an assumption that 
Francis may be a brother of Moses and was the reason that Moses moved to Greene County.  
There is more work to be done on this line.

His family composition in 1840 is as follows:
Moses born between 1790-1800.  
1 female born between 1800-1810.
2 males under 5 years.
1 male 5 years and under 10 years.
1 male 10 years and under 15 years.

The 1850 Census of Greene County, Arkansas, St. Francis Township, 
(Near the town of Clarksville), 
proves that 3 of Moses Children were born in Illinois. Also, in the 1850 Census, 
a Francis Sanders is listed in the Powell Township, adjacent to the St. Francis 
Township (Moses' Location) and taken on consecutive days, by the same entry taker, 
as Moses listing. These Sanders are probably of the same line but as of to date, 
no one has tied them together.

The Census shows the family as follows:
Moses Age, 55. Farmer. Born Georgia (1795).
Goola Age, 55. Born North Carolina.
Walter Age, 18. Born Illinois.
Peter Age, 15. Born Illinois.
Francis  Age, 13. Born Illinois.
Thomas  Age, 11. Arkansas.
Sarah Age, 8. Born Arkansas.

In the 1860 Census of Johnson County, Arkansas, Spadra Township we find:
Moses Sanders Age, 67. Farmer. Born Georgia (1793).
Gooley [Sanders] Age, 67 Born North Carolina
Sally [Sanders] Age, 17. Born Arkansas.
Moses [Sanders] Age, 8. Born Arkansas. (Grandson)
John [Sanders] Age, 5. Born Arkansas.  (Grandson)

Moses and John are listed out of normal age sequence 
Since we do not find Walter in the 1860 census (Nor Francis), we believe, for 
whatever reason, that the boys in Moses family are sons of Walters. We also 
believe that Gooley might have been beyond childbearing age (she would have been 
approximately 60), so the boys are not hers. The oldest boy, Moses was born in 
1852 so, he was probably not a son of Thomas, nor Francis, they would have been 
13 and 15 respectively.  Peter would have been 17, probably not him.  
That leaves Walter.  In 1870, in Walter's family are Moses and John and their 
(approximate) birth dates closely match.

Walter B. Sanders The perceived oldest son of Moses and Gooley was born in 
1832/32, in Illinois (probably named after Gooly's father, Walter Bean). 
Walter Sanders married Leanne (?) circa 1853 in Arkansas. His second marriage 
was to Elizabeth Pelts, August 27th, 1857 in Johnson County, Arkansas, Book Y, 
Page 20.  He was a musician in the Civil War. Walter died April 4th, 1890 in 
Socorro, New Mexico. (Reference Joe Preston). 
In the Census of 1860 Spadra Township, Johnson County, Arkansas, Post Office, 
Clarksville, Walter Sanders and his wife Elizabeth are listed and He does not 
appear to own any Real Estate.

Their 6 children are shown as: 
Moses M. born 1852 in Arkansas. 
John born 1854 Arkansas.  (Marrried Claudia Pelts. Moved to Oklahoma.  
(These first 2 children appear to be sons, of his first wife "Leanne" and 
are listed in Moses and Gooley's family in 1860.  (Remembering that Walter has 
not been found in the 1860 Census).
Thomas born 1859 Arkansas. (Married Lucinda Owens 1877).
Joseph born 1861 Arkansas. 
Gooley born 1866 Arkansas.
Alex born 1869 Arkansas.

In 1880 Walter and his family are in South Township, Dade County, Missouri. 
The family now includes:
Joseph Sanders 1861 in Johnson Co., Arkansas
Gooley Delaney Sanders 1867 in Johnson Co., Arkansas 
James Alex Sanders 1869 in Bollinger Co., Missouri
Cecilia Angeline Sanders 1872 in Missouri
Clora Jane Sanders 1875 in Johnson Co., Arkansas
Eliza Lucinda Sanders 8 JUL 1877 in Johnson Co., Arkansas
(Refer Ancestry.Com Kathy Franklin)

Moses M. Sanders is living next door to his father, Walter, in Dade Township. 	
He Married Sarah Holmes 1871, Lawrence County, Missouri.  In the 1880 Census says 
his mother is from Kentucky.  His family:

Jemima, born 1873.
William, born 1875.
John, born 1878.
Cornelius, born 1880.

Peter B. Sanders number 2 son of Moses, (Listed as J.B. in the 1860 Census on Ancestry.Com) 
is living a few doors from his father, Moses and brother, Thomas.  
In his family are:

Jane born 1837 in Arkansas
Margaret, born 1856 Arkansas.
John, born 1859 Arkansas.
Thomas King 36, who appears to own the property they are occupying.

Peter B. Sanders was killed at Prairie Grove, Arkansas December 7th, 1862. After 
he died, Delany, his wife, moved to Jefferson County, Illinois, the place of 
Peter's birth (as did Melinda, Wife of Francis Marion, who was also killed in 
the civil war).  
(Ron Egan, a very careful researcher, has stated in a couple of articles that 
Melinda moved to Jefferson County to be near her husbands' family).  
Many of the Sanders in Jefferson County in late 1860 were descendants of Silas 
Sanders. Theophilus of Jefferson and Thomas of Marion County, sons of Silas, would 
have been 1st cousins to Peter and Francis Marion Delaney Sanders, wife of Peter, 
deceased, married John Rightnower on March 3rd, 1870. They are living in T3 R2, 
Mt Vernon. Her children, of Peter B. Sanders, Margaret, born 1856, John, born 1859 
and Peter F. born 1863, are listed in the "Ritner" family in the 1870 Census of Jefferson. 
The enumerator's handwriting is so bad the name appears to be "Junders". 
(The Ancestry.Com indexers have it as "Janders").

Francis Marion Sanders, the number 3 son of Moses, was born about 1837, in Illinois, 
probably Jefferson County. He married Melinda Jane Jones August 27th, 1857 in Arkansas. 
He is mentioned several times in the Confederate Army's Company rolls as absent, sick 
and finally, returned home.  He then enlisted in the Union Army; Company "A" 2nd regiment, 
Arkansas infantry in Warren, Arkansas. 
"Bushwhackers" killed Francis near Clarksville, Arkansas on December 31st 1864. Melinda 
and her two sons James W. and John Moses witnessed the killing.  It is said she then 
moved to Jefferson County to be near her husbands' kin.  It is interesting to note 
that soon after the death of their two sons, Moses and Gooley apparently die.  The 
Sanders family is fragmented as some leave the Confederate State of Arkansas and return 
to Illinois. One may wonder if their sympathy's for the Union resulted in censure from 
their neighbors and was instrumental in their decision to leave.
We did not find any reference to Melinda in Jefferson County, however, we found her 
re-married in Marion County in 1866: 08/23/1866 Melinda J. Sanders married Ephraim 
Southers (Illinois marriage database) (they are indexed as "Luthers"), and lived living 
in T 3 R 2, very near Thomas G. Sanders in T 2 R 2.  The two Sons of Francis, James and 
John, are listed in the Marion census of 1870, in the Southers ("Luthers") family.

Thomas Sanders, the number 4 son of Moses was born about 1840/41 in Arkansas.  
He married Mary---- and is shown, with her, living next to his Mother and father in 
the 1860 Census of Johnson County, Arkansas. In 1870 Thomas is still listed in Spadra 
Township, Johnson County. In 1880 he is in Newton County, Arkansas 

Moses daughter, Sarah Margaret Sanders married James Grady Carlisle in Johnson County, 
Arkansas on February 5th, 1865).  It was Carlisle's 2nd marriage. (The first marriage 
being to Mary Ann Bean, she died in 1863). Pension Claim No. 15489. Sarah M. Carlile 
widow James Carlile Deceased. Company "A" Arkansas Volunteers. (Mexican War). 
(Refer Don Thomas).

It is interesting to note that Sarah Margaret Sanders, in 1880 stated her father and 
mother (Moses and Gooley) were from Tennessee.  Obviously, she felt there was a Tennessee 
connection but time does dim memories. In the 1865 State Census, Jefferson Co. IL, Mt. 
Vernon Township, p.33 (LDS film #0972752) a James Carlisle is listed as head of family: 
Males - 10 years and under 20 (1), 50 years and under 60 (1); Female s - 10 years and 
under (1), 20 years and under 30 (1). Total 4.

It is here we finish our compilation of theories and fact as to the relationship of 
Moses to Silas Sanders. It is our belief, as stated above, that they were brothers. 
As always we encourage responsible discourse.

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Submitted by Jim Sanders, September, 2007
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