The International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry

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The International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry is a not-for-profit lineage society committed to documenting and preserving slave genealogy for future generations.

ISDSA is in the process of collecting photos of formerly enslaved ancestors from citizens across the nation for the purpose of developing a comprehensive traveling photo exhibit.

Please submit photos of ancestors who were born from slavery times through the year 1865.

Make a copy of this form and submit the attached form with a copy of your photo to the above ISDSA address. (DO NOT MAIL YOUR ORIGINALS) as submissions will not be returned. Feel free to call or email ISDSA if you have questions.

Please use the attached form below when sending a copy of your photograph


ISDSA Presents: A Tribute to Our Enslaved Ancestors

Please include the attached photo of my enslaved ancestor in the ISDSA "Tribute to Our Enslaved Ancestors".   (Please Print)

Name of ancestor pictured ______________________________________________________

Year of Birth_____________ Place of Birth______________________

Year of Death___________ Place of Death______________________

Approximate date of photo______________________________________________

Relationship to ancestor_____________________________________________

Your Name________________________________Phone (      ) _______________________

Address _________________________________________________

City __________________________St _______ Zip _____________

Signature _______________________________________________