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Milita Roll Record of Henry County, Illinois 1861 and 1862

This register is original and evidently lists males in Henry County during the 1861 and 1862 years.

The information does not indicate the person served, but they were in the county and registered for the militia roll of record.

I noted on the 1st page the record written in is the town of Oxford. As far as known Oxford never had a town, only a township. Same as the towns of Clover, Cornwall and Munson, maybe it was township and not town.

Steve Morrison- HCGS

Click Here to Access 1861/1862 Militia Records of Henry County, IL

Milita Record Henry County Illinois

1861 Register

1862 Register

Oxford Town and Township pages 1-4Oxford 71-73
Clover Town & Township pages 5-6Lynn 74-75
Munson Town & Township page 7Western 76-77
Clover page 8Colona 78-79
Cornwall pages 9-10Andover 83-85
Annawan pages 11-12Osco 86-88
Colona pages 13-14Edford 89-90
Atkinson pages 15-16Hanna 91-92
Alba page 17Weller 93-95
Phenix pages 18-20Cambridge 96-98
Loraine 21-22Munson 99-100
Yorktown 23-24Geneseo 101-106
Osco 25-27Phenix 107-108
Andover 28-29Galva 109-112
Geneseo 31-37Burns 113-114
Burns 38-39Cornwall 115-116
Galva 40-44Atkinson 117-118
Cambridge 45-48Loraine 119
Wethersfield 49-51Wethersfield 120-122
Kewanee 52-58Kewanee 123-129
Western 59-61Annawan 130-131
Hanna 62-63Alba 132
Edford 64Yorktown 133-134
Lynn 65-66
Weller 67-69