Hunter Cemetery Tombstone Photo Gallery


Hunter Cemetery Tombstone Photo Gallery


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If you should happen to have any photos taken at this cemetery before it was taken back to nature and the restoration began I would be glad to have a copy of it for our records. Thanks for your kindness you can reach me at


My own photo gallery made my way. I incorrectly spelled Edminster on this page. It is now corrected. Thanks, Phil for letting me know. notice you only use one "I" in this surname. I was told I was not alone in doing this.

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Albee Plot


wife of Benjamin Albee


Daughter of W. E. & C. M. Anderson

Sarepta H.
Wife of
H. O. Barber
Sarepta H.
Wife of
H. O. Barber photo #2
Hannah T. Barton
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Mary A. Barton
Rufus F.
son of
S. J. & R. A. Benedict
Safe in the Fold
Andrew W. Brown

wife of Andrew

William I. Son
Burnside Plot Viola, Emery, Mabel
Children of
Samuel A. & E. F. Burnside
Flora Bell Clement Nehemiah DeMarionville
DeMarionville, Phebe Frances DeMaranville son
Jaspher De Maranville Son Lora De Maranville Dau.
Lucius H. De Maranville Son Willie De Maranville Son
Horrie De Maranville Mary

wife of Henry Edminster

Edminster Edminster photo #2
Abigail Freer wife Grange
Willie Grange Infant son Rosa Grange Wife
Walter Grange son Charles Hatch son
Ida Hatch Daughter Andrew Hunter

Born 1799 Died 1879

same as below only black & white.

Andrew Hunter

Born March 27, 1799

died Feb. 26, 1879

Black & White

Hulda Hunter

Born October 15, 1801

died December 28, 1879

Black & White

David Hunter Son Etta Hunter
Mary Hunter daughter Noah P. Hunter son
Myra V. Hunter daughter Patience Hunter daughter
Sirena Wife of Daniel Hunter Black & white photo of Hunter Cemetery
Charles Loomis, son photo #2 Charles Loomis Son
Emily Wife of Wm Pettigrew Elijah K. Pickard
Emma A. wife of Levi Rich Infant Reynolds daughter
Ezekiel Sayles George W. Sikes
Miriam Swarthout wife 1881 another side to Miriam's tombstone
Ollie Williams, Wife Alma L Willard, wife
  More to come.......


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