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The Hunter Cemetery Fence Project!

Can you picture this?  It is in the Making!

(photo by M. Horack/fence mockup by Kay Hosmer)

They have been working on the Fence.  Much like above photo but with a gate instead.



Photo of Amanda Moranville, niece of Ron ~ photo emailed to me from Kay.

The Photos below Kate & I took in December 2005; unless otherwise noted.

Looking north the little blue dot is Kate. looking westerly and south

Northwest corner of fence

Kate standing in gate.

The fence project is in the works, more of it needs to be put up as time goes by.


We now have a wonderful start towards making a small, nearly forgotten area, a respectable place of rest for our ancestors who are buried at Hunter Cemetery.

Here's our next goal.....

1.) We have the fence and now are in the process of installing it.  If you would care to help installing the fence, donate time, money, whatever:

Contact:  Kay Hosmer, or any board member for more information, or send your contribution to Hunter Cemetery Association `` address is below..

No contribution is too small....remember, it's the pennies that grow into dollars!!

Anyone contributing $80.00 or more, is eligible to have their name, or family name, posted in our Recognition Center, located in Hunter Cemetery. Recognition Center pictured below.

Photos below were taken by me, Foxie, unless otherwise noted. Taken in December 2005 when it was very cold. You may click on the thumbnails and they will open in own window for a bigger view.

Hunter Cemetery Association ~~~ "We salute those who have been Remembered"

Recognition side of the center

Recognition Center

Kate with close up of Hunter Cemetery Association Side


Kate with close up of Hunter Cemetery Association Side


Here was one way we earned money for the restoration of Hunter Cemetery:

"John Deere Classic Held in 2003"

      Hunter Cemetery Association is working again this year with Birdies for Charity, a not for profit organization connected with the PGA, and the John Deere Classic held at Deere Run in East Moline, Illinois. When you chip in to help Birdies for Charity, you can win some great prizes, too! But Hunter Cemetery Association will be the real winner. That's because participating charities receive every single penny of the donations from this program. Contact us for your Birdies for Charity pledge card and help raise a fence at Hunter Cemetery!

      All Birdies for Charity pledge cards must be received by our office no later than Sept. 5, 2003, to be eligible for the prize drawings.


Hunter Cemetery Association is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

The Hunter Cemetery Association

Linda Wallace

P.O. Box 64

Annawan, IL  61234

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