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Welcome to Hardin County!
Hardin Co. ILGenWeb Coordinator
W hat do you think of this new design?

It's still a work in progress. Hi, I'm Jon Musgrave, the new county coordinator for Hardin County, as well as publisher of the new Handbook of Old Gallatin County and Southeastern Illinois. I've taken over for Ginger Hayes who has taken on some additional responsibilities for the Illinois GenWeb Project. While she won't be taking responsbility for this site anymore, she still coordinates the neighboring Pope County site. In addition to this county, I also coordinate the county ILGenWeb pages for Saline and Gallatin. I also manage www.IllinoisHistory.com, which as the name implies, focuses on Southern Illinois' fascinating history.

This site is part of the ILGenWeb Project, a collection of 102 sites for each county in Illinois, plus a number of state pages. ILGenWeb in turn is part of the US GenWeb Project which grew out of the efforts of a group of Kentucky genealogists right across the river from Hardin. All of these sites are non-commercial and managed by volunteers.

By the way, if anybody wants to volunteer to transcribe old records or be an assistant county coordinator, please e-mail me. It's volunteers like you that help make these sites successful.

©2000 Jon Musgrave
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