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Rev. Fred Attig
Shawneetown High School Bus

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Rev. Fred Attig
  • Ami Lilley Plexico
    Here you go. My great grandfather,

    Rev. Fred Attig is the man standing on the far right of the photograph, in the dark jacket and lighter pants.


    I really don't know anything else about the photo, but am guessing it may have been taken in the 1940s.

    He moved to Southern Illinois from Wisconsin in 1937 or 1938, I think, so certainly it wouldn't have been any earlier than that.

    As I mentioned, he was a missionary with the American Sunday School Union, and worked to establish Sunday schools and camps throughout the area.

    He wrote down some recollections of interesting things that happened over his career, and in it he said that he often worked with public school districts and sometimes used their school buildings or buses for the Bible camps.

    I assume that explains the school bus in this photo. I really wish I could identify anyone in the photo, but nothing is written on the back.

    Maybe you or someone else visiting your site will see some familiar faces.

    I hope The attached is a photo of the Albert Dutton homestead

    Ami Lilley Plexico

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