Gallatin Co Place Names from USGS

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Gallatin Co.
Place Names from USGS

NOTE: A list of all Gallatin Co IL place names from the USGS, including towns, cemeteries, schools, churches, streams, valleys, etc., including many that are historic but no longer in existence.

Gallatin Co. Place Names from USGS

Total 209 feature records & Names

Place Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Adkin Cemetery cemetery 375243N 0882033W Norris City
Asbury Cemetery cemetery 375148N 0881023W New Haven SW
Asbury Church church 375150N 0881021W New Haven SW
Asbury, Township of civil 375316N 0881245W New Haven
Barnett Cemetery cemetery 373853N 0882022W Equality
Bear Creek stream 375220N 0881857W Ridgway
Beaver Creek stream 373620N 0881144W Saline Mines
Beaver Pond lake 375228N 0880528W Wabash Island
Beaver Trail trail 373706N 0881630W Karbers Ridge
Beaver Trail trail 373648N 0881410W Saline Mines
Berdick Slough gut 375150N 0880530W Wabash Island
Berkel Mine mine 374058N 0882050W Equality
Bethlehem Church church 375243N 0882035W Norris City
Big Lake lake 374351N 0880631W Grove Center
Bird School (historical) school 374306N 0881053W Shawneetown
Black Branch stream 373939N 0881804W Equality
Black Branch stream 375026N 0880807W New Haven SW
Black Lake lake 374436N 0880537W Grove Center
Blue Blaze Mine mine 373652N 0881515W Karbers Ridge
Bowlesville (historical) populated place 374027N 0881245W Shawneetown
Bowlesville, Township of civil 373842N 0881249W Shawneetown
Brickyard School (historical) school 374221N 0881006W Shawneetown
Buckeye School (historical) school 373903N 0881321W Shawneetown
Burnt Shanty Hollow valley 373942N 0882121W Equality
Callicott Cemetery cemetery 374807N 0881011W New Haven SW
Campground Cemetery cemetery 374804N 0881619W Ridgway
Cane Creek stream 375048N 0881955W Ridgway
Captain Vinyard Hollow valley 373800N 0882033W Equality
Cattail Slough swamp 374619N 0880852W New Haven SW
Cattail Slough swamp 375157N 0880741W New Haven SW
Cedar Bluff School (historical) school 373732N 0881727W Equality
Central School (historical) school 373853N 0882227W Equality
Clark Pond lake 375339N 0880632W Emma
Clayton Hollow valley 373751N 0881712W Equality
Cockerel Branch stream 374340N 0882131W Equality
Colbert Hollow valley 373757N 0882141W Equality
Cottonwood populated place 375321N 0881247W New Haven
Cottonwood Presbyterian Church cemetery 375323N 0881240W New Haven
Cow Pond Slough swamp 374733N 0880816W New Haven SW
Crackle Ditch canal 374917N 0880754W New Haven SW
Crawford Creek stream 374755N 0881818W Ridgway
Cypress Ditch canal 374547N 0880956W New Haven SW
Dorsey School (historical) school 374200N 0881756W Equality
Dortch Private Strip airport 373937N 0881115W Shawneetown
Downen Heliport airport 375030N 0881021W New Haven SW
Eagle Creek stream 373910N 0881519W Equality
Eagle Creek, Township of civil 373831N 0881934W Equality
Eagle Number 1 Fresh Water Lake reservoir 374030N 0881400W Shawneetown
Eagle Number 1 Fresh Water Lake Dam dam 374030N 0881400W Shawneetown
Eagle Number 2 Lake reservoir 374406N 0881318W Shawneetown
Eagle Number 2 Lake Dam dam 374406N 0881318W Shawneetown
Eagle Ripple Ford crossing 373910N 0881512W Equality
Earnshaw Cemetery cemetery 373704N 0881355W Saline Mines
Elba populated place 374935N 0881935W Ridgway
Elmwood Cemetery cemetery 374459N 0882146W Equality
Emmanuel United Methodist Church church 374302N 0881108W Shawneetown
Enterprise School (historical) school 373716N 0881356W Saline Mines
Equality populated place 374402N 0882036W Equality
Equality City Cemetery cemetery 374415N 0882037W Equality
Equality, Township of civil 374402N 0881849W Equality
Fehrer Lake lake 374509N 0880444W Wabash Island
Fields Church church 374438N 0881056W Shawneetown
First Baptist Church church 374749N 0881529W Ridgway
First Baptist Church church 374304N 0881109W Shawneetown
First Presbyterian Church church 374303N 0881113W Shawneetown
Fish Lake lake 374337N 0880544W Grove Center
Fresh Water Lake reservoir 374412N 0881254W Shawneetown
Fresh Water Lake Dam dam 374412N 0881254W Shawneetown
Gallatin County civil 374600N 0881400W New Haven SW
Gibsonia populated place 373849N 0881545W Equality
Gold Hill summit 374135N 0881249W Shawneetown
Gold Hill, Township of civil 374412N 0881243W Shawneetown
Goose Pond swamp 375125N 0880706W Wabash Island
Goose Pond Scatters swamp 375108N 0880719W Wabash Island
Greer School (historical) school 373955N 0881907W Equality
Grindstaff Hollow valley 373724N 0881919W Karbers Ridge
Grindstaff Hollow Club Dam dam 373712N 0881930W Karbers Ridge
Grindstaff Hollow Club Lake reservoir 373712N 0881930W Karbers Ridge
Grinnel Slough gut 375224N 0880558W Wabash Island
Gum Springs School (historical) school 373957N 0881135W Shawneetown
Hazel Ridge Church church 375417N 0882127W Norris City
Hickory Hill Church church 374407N 0881718W Equality
Hickory Hill School (historical) school 374407N 0881719W Equality
High Knob summit 373601N 0881941W Karbers Ridge
High Knob Picnic Area locale 373601N 0881923W Karbers Ridge
High Knob Recreation Site locale 373605N 0881948W Karbers Ridge
Hill Cemetery cemetery 373557N 0881637W Karbers Ridge
Hogan Cemetery cemetery 374010N 0881251W Shawneetown
Horseshoe Creek stream 374316N 0882221W Equality
Horseshoe Pond lake 375252N 0880600W Emma
Hulda Lake lake 374725N 0880628W Wabash Island
Hutt Creek stream 373841N 0881845W Equality
Illinois No Name Number 2017 Dam dam 374412N 0881306W Shawneetown
Illinois, State of civil 400001N 0891501W Mount Pulaski
Immaculate Conception Cemetery cemetery 374409N 0880816W Shawneetown
Indian Wall Picnic Area locale 373620N 0881649W Karbers Ridge
Inman populated place 375016N 0881023W New Haven SW
Island Ripple Bridge (historical) bridge 374150N 0881557W Equality
Jackson Cemetery cemetery 374821N 0881450W New Haven SW
Joes Slough swamp 375016N 0880930W New Haven SW
Jones Cemetery cemetery 374941N 0881401W New Haven SW
Junction populated place 374324N 0881412W Shawneetown
Kanady Cemetery cemetery 374155N 0881422W Shawneetown
Kanady School (historical) school 374214N 0881309W Shawneetown
Kedron populated place 373956N 0882029W Equality
Kuykendall Valley valley 374021N 0881426W Shawneetown
Lakeview Picnic Area locale 373711N 0881610W Karbers Ridge
Lawler populated place 374341N 0881709W Equality
Lawler Cemetery cemetery 374406N 0881716W Equality
Lawler Ditch canal 374300N 0881630W Equality
Leamington populated place 373822N 0881825W Equality
Leamington Cemetery cemetery 373820N 0881825W Equality
Level Hill Cemetery cemetery 374134N 0881602W Equality
Little Cypress Ditch canal 374427N 0881458W Shawneetown
Little Eagle Creek stream 373919N 0881743W Equality
Little Wabash River stream 375327N 0880540W Emma
Long Pond lake 374502N 0880617W Wabash Island
Loyd Cemetery cemetery 374023N 0882053W Equality
Maher Hill summit 373902N 0882135W Equality
McGhee Cemetery cemetery 374236N 0881331W Shawneetown
Mill Slough gut 374909N 0880554W Wabash Island
Mill Slough gut 375031N 0880446W Wabash Island
Millrace Slough stream 374234N 0880721W Grove Center
Mud Lake lake 373554N 0880950W Saline Mines
Negro Spring Salt Well well 374218N 0881741W Equality
New Bradley Family Cemetery cemetery 374509N 0881504W Ridgway
New Haven populated place 375431N 0880745W New Haven
New Haven, Township of civil 375036N 0880557W Wabash Island
New Hope Church church 375057N 0881448W New Haven SW
New Market (historical) populated place 374730N 0881418W New Haven SW
New Zion Cemetery cemetery 374919N 0881201W New Haven SW
North Fork Saline River stream 374342N 0881917W Equality
North Fork, Township of civil 374910N 0881912W Ridgway
Oak Grove Cemetery cemetery 375027N 0882157W Ridgway
Oak Grove Church church 375025N 0882157W Ridgway
Ohio River stream 365912N 0890750W Wyatt
Old Cottonwood Cemetery cemetery 375141N 0881202W New Haven SW
Old Cottonwood Church church 375123N 0881135W New Haven SW
Old Shawneetown populated place 374149N 0880812W Shawneetown
Olive School (historical) school 374210N 0882120W Equality
Omaha populated place 375325N 0881811W Norris City
Omaha City Reservoir reservoir 375330N 0881912W Norris City
Omaha City Reservoir Dam dam 375330N 0881912W Norris City
Omaha Oil and Gas Field oilfield 375145N 0881945W Ridgway
Omaha, Township of civil 375253N 0881844W Norris City
Palestine Number 1 Cemetery cemetery 375338N 0881807W Norris City
Palestine Number 2 Cemetery cemetery 375407N 0881820W Norris City
Pine Ridge Campground locale 373653N 0881604W Karbers Ridge
Pisgah Church church 373940N 0881621W Equality
Pisgah School (historical) school 373944N 0881654W Equality
Pond Settlement Ditch canal 374734N 0881049W New Haven SW
Poplar Cemetery cemetery 375215N 0882221W Ridgway
Poplar Church church 375217N 0882220W Ridgway
Poplar Hollow valley 374034N 0881955W Equality
Pounds Escarpment cliff 373621N 0881648W Karbers Ridge
Pounds Hollow valley 373748N 0881607W Equality
Pounds Hollow Dam dam 373718N 0881617W Karbers Ridge
Pounds Hollow Recreation Area locale 373703N 0881617W Karbers Ridge
Pounds Lake reservoir 373718N 0881617W Karbers Ridge
Purcell Cemetery cemetery 374714N 0882005W Ridgway
Rice Hollow valley 373758N 0882045W Equality
Ridgway populated place 374757N 0881540W Ridgway
Ridgway Precinct civil 374800N 0881501W Ridgway
Ridgway, Township of civil 374914N 0881248W New Haven SW
Riley Cemetery cemetery 374659N 0881123W New Haven SW
Rim Rock Forest Trail Point of Interest locale 373613N 0881619W Karbers Ridge
Rim Rock Recreation Area locale 373615N 0881636W Karbers Ridge
Ringgold School (historical) school 374051N 0881312W Shawneetown
Ringold Church church 374051N 0881309W Shawneetown
Robinette Creek stream 373856N 0881750W Equality
Round Pond lake 374523N 0880555W Wabash Island
Running Slough gut 375025N 0880605W Wabash Island
Running Slough stream 374554N 0880241W Wabash Island
Saint Joseph Church church 374751N 0881548W Ridgway
Saint Josephs Cemetery cemetery 374639N 0881626W Ridgway
Saint Patrick Catholic Cemetery cemetery 374847N 0880933W New Haven SW
Saint Patricks Church church 374843N 0880923W New Haven SW
Saline Mines locale 373717N 0881102W Saline Mines
Saline Mines Church church 373659N 0881114W Saline Mines
Saline Mines School (historical) school 373718N 0881121W Saline Mines
Saline River stream 373415N 0880732W Saline Mines
Saline Rocks Ferry (historical) crossing 373650N 0881150W Saline Mines
Saline Tip Ferry (historical) crossing 373549N 0881030W Saline Mines
Sandy Branch stream 374126N 0882235W Rudement
Schneider Pond reservoir 373654N 0881300W Saline Mines
Schneider Pond Dam dam 373654N 0881300W Saline Mines
Shane Cemetery cemetery 375404N 0882208W Norris City
Shaw Cemetery cemetery 375414N 0882110W Norris City
Shawnee, Township of civil 374459N 0880618W Grove Center
Shawneetown populated place 374247N 0881112W Shawneetown
Shawneetown Hills range 374449N 0880743W Shawneetown
Shore to Shore Horse Trail trail 373612N 0881536W Karbers Ridge
Stanley Cemetery cemetery 373716N 0881111W Saline Mines
Sugarcamp Branch stream 373940N 0881804W Equality
Swan Cemetery cemetery 375338N 0881251W New Haven
Talbott Landing locale 373651N 0880900W Saline Mines
Talley Ferry (historical) crossing 373808N 0881347W Shawneetown
Thacker Hollow valley 373805N 0881755W Equality
Turkey Creek stream 373810N 0881356W Shawneetown
Union Chapel Cemetery cemetery 375047N 0882048W Ridgway
Wabash River stream 374753N 0880138W Wabash Island
Welsh Lake (historical) lake 374441N 0880338W Grove Center
Westwood Cemetery cemetery 374312N 0880947W Shawneetown
White Oak Creek stream 374931N 0881859W Ridgway
Wildcat Hills range 374205N 0882009W Equality
Willow Pond Slough swamp 374816N 0880628W Wabash Island
Yellowbank Slough swamp 375012N 0880709W Wabash Island
Zion Cemetery cemetery 374848N 0881927W Ridgway
Zion Church church 374846N 0881927W Ridgway

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