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Gallatin County Illinois Cemetery

Cemetery Name Latitude
USGS 7.5' Map
Adkin Cemetery 375243N 0882033W Norris City
Asbury Cemetery 375148N 0881023W New Haven SW
Barnett Cemetery 373853N 0882022W Equality
Callicott Cemetery 374807N 0881011W New Haven SW
Campground Cemetery 374804N 0881619W Ridgway
Cottonwood Presbyterian Church 375323N 0881240W New Haven
Crawford Cemetery

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Earnshaw Cemetery 373704N 0881355W Saline Mines
Elmwood Cemetery 374459N 0882146W Equality
Equality City Cemetery 374415N 0882037W Equality
Hill Cemetery 373557N 0881637W Karbers Ridge
Hogan Cemetery 374010N 0881251W Shawneetown
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 374409N 0880816W Shawneetown
Jackson Cemetery 374821N 0881450W New Haven SW
Jones Cemetery 374941N 0881401W New Haven SW
Kanady Cemetery 374155N 0881422W Shawneetown
Lawler Cemetery 374406N 0881716W Equality
Leamington Cemetery 373820N 0881825W Equality
Level Hill Cemetery 374134N 0881602W Equality
Loyd Cemetery 374023N 0882053W Equality
McGhee Cemetery 374236N 0881331W Shawneetown
New Bradley Family Cemetery 374509N 0881504W Ridgway
New Zion Cemetery 374919N 0881201W New Haven SW
Oak Grove Cemetery 375027N 0882157W Ridgway
Old Cottonwood Cemetery 375141N 0881202W New Haven SW
Palestine Number 1 Cemetery 375338N 0881807W Norris City
Palestine Number 2 Cemetery 375407N 0881820W Norris City
Poplar Cemetery 375215N 0882221W Ridgway
Purcell Cemetery 374714N 0882005W Ridgway
Riley Cemetery 374659N 0881123W New Haven SW
Saint Josephs Cemetery 374639N 0881626W Ridgway
Saint Patrick Catholic Cemetery 374847N 0880933W New Haven SW
Shane Cemetery 375404N 0882208W Norris City
Shaw Cemetery 375414N 0882110W Norris City
Stanley Cemetery 373716N 0881111W Saline Mines
Swan Cemetery 375338N 0881251W New Haven
Union Chapel Cemetery 375047N 0882048W Ridgway
Westwood Cemetery 374312N 0880947W Shawneetown
Zion Cemetery 374848N 0881927W Ridgway

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