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The Purpose of the Society is to Research and Preserve the History of the Village of Fox Lake, Grant Township, and adjacent Chain of Lakes areas of Lake and McHenry Counties in northeastern Illinois.

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Fox Lake-Grant
Township Area
Historical Society
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Vice President:

Dan C

Pawlak Jr.



















The year 2022 marks the Twenty fifth birthday of the Fox Lake-Grant Township Area Historical Society and the Nineteeth anniversary of Grant Hall Museum.

The Fox Lake-Grant Township Area Historical Society was first incorporated in 1997 as the Fox Lake Area Historical Society. We set goals to trace the roots of our early settlers, track the various resorts and businesses which characterized this area during its early colorful history, and update the histories of the Village and Township.

In 2003, we acquired the nearly century-old former Grant Township Hall and have turned it into our headquarters and the Grant Hall Museum. We have a meeting hall and areas for work, storage of historical records and artifacts, and stories about the memorabilia. We also have set up a library for books, including Grant Community High School yearbooks since the 1930s, as well as photos and tapes about local history.

We are compiling histories of our families and businesses through the use of census records, old maps and personal interviews. We also will have more programs for the schools, boy scout and girl scout troops and other local organizations.

We have recorded audio and video tapes of meetings and the memories of senior citizens, set up history displays in community centers, at the Art Works Museum and lobbies at the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses. We formed our web pages and participated in Fox Lake area parades and trade shows. We also gave history programs for schools, scout troops, Fox Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other organizations and made a local public access cable TV program about the history of the Fox Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

We helped celebrate Grant Township's 150th anniversary in the year 2000; the Fox Lake Village's 100th in 2007; the Fox Lake Volunteer Fire Department's 100th in 2008; Grant Community High School's 70th in 2000; as well as anniversaries of local churches and other organizations.

In 2010 we celebrated the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts with exhibits at Grant Hall Museum throughout the year.


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