I have no information regarding the men in Fayette County, Illinois that were in the Civil War.  However, as I get it I will post it in here.   Anyone that has any information, please e-mail me Penny Lewis  so I can put it in here.   Please be sure to put FAYETTE CO CIVIL WAR in the subject line.  Thanking you, in advance for your cooperation. URGENT NOTICE:  Please put the County name in the subject line of any e-mail sent to me.  I cannot know what county you are writing about, if you don't tell me.

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  Historyof Fayette County and the Civil War

  My Ancestors at Vicksburg  by: W.A. Harner

My Ancestors at Shiloh  by: W.A. Harner

A Story - George Washington WASHBURN  by: Gail Radliff Mottern

A Story - Willis Dodson BALDWIN  by: Angela Baldwin Jarvis

Fayette County Men and their Units

   Civil War Project
Rosters and History for Fayette County men in the Civil War

Illinois in the Civil War



We are trying to extend, and to some degree personalize, the information on the Civil War Rosters.   Since many of us had ancestors in the Civil War the Rosters mean more to us than just a list of names, ranks and mustered in/out dates and the location they were living.  Many of these men kept diaries, wrote letters home, told stories after the war was over.  Illinois was a large contributor to the numbers of men that joined the Union Army for the purpose of Freedom for the Slaves in the South.   In some cases the whole adult male population of a given town joined the forces.  Some came back whole, some with missing limbs, maimed, or diseased.  Some didn't come back at all, to either die on a battle field, or later in the prison camps.  They were our Ancestors, and their contribution to the purpose of Freedom deserves mentioning, more than just in a list.  So, if you have any stories, handed down, letters, diaries written by any of your ancestors.  Please send them to me via e-mail, if possible, or snail mail.

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