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Posted by Lynne Evans <[email protected]> on Sun, 26 Dec 1999

In 1836, Valentine Pope, Simeon Pope, Lemuel Pope, Micajah Pope and Daniel Davidson all entered land in the same section in Fayette County. This was section 27.  Valentine Pope was married to Elizabeth Davidson. What is the connection between the Daniel Davidson who bought land next to Valentine and his brothers and Elizabeth Davidson?  Any help unraveling this mystery would be appreciated. I am having a very difficult time determining the parents of Elizabeth.

Posted by Sherry Ellison <[email protected]> on Thu, 23 Dec 1999

My Great-Grandmother, Elender Green, Was born in Fayette County in 1828. I am trying to find out her parents names. This seems to be a brick wall. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Sherry Ellison

Posted by Kathleen Rizer <[email protected]> on Fri, 17 Dec 1999

Albert Buchanan was apparently born abt 1851. His wife was Marian McConkey. They had a dau. Minerva Ellen Buchanan b. 9 July 1872 in Fayette co, Illinois. Seeking complete dates for this family.

Posted by Rhonda E. Harris <[email protected]> on Wed, 15 Dec 1999

Looking for descendants of Granville MAHAN, born 1815 North Carolina and Nancy Elizabeth LEE born November 1818 Kentucky. Their children were all born in Fayette and Shelby County.Also for familys with the Surnames listed.All are from the Fayette County area.

Posted by Larry R. Babb <[email protected]> on Fri, 10 Dec 1999

I am seeking information on Elisha F. BECK, born about 1845 to Paul BECK. He appears in the 1850 and 1860 Federal census in Fayette County, Illinois. I am seeking information on him, his siblings, and ancestors. An Elisha F. BECK appears on the Illinois Marriage Index web site with Christia Ann WATERS, born 1845 in Ohio, on March 10, 1864 in Shelby County, Illinois. Christia Ann later married Joseph MORRISON in Morgan County, Illinois in 1876. Any information would be helpful and much appreciated.

Posted by Kathleen Rizer <[email protected]> on Fri, 10 Dec 1999

Looking for further information on Martha Ann Crume was b. 1831 and died 28 Dec 1884. Would like locations. (She may have died in Fayette Co, Ill.) She was the dau. of William A. Crume and Rebecca Frakes of Decatur Co., Ind. Martha Married William B. Buchanan 5 Sept 1850 in Decatur Co. This couple had 11 children. Have birthdates and some death dates and spouses for them.
William Buchanan died 25 Aug 1905 in Fayette Co, Illinois.

Posted by Wilma Godsey Yantz <[email protected]> on Tue, 30 Nov 1999

Looking for any one related to the Godsey clan from Fayette Co. IL, came to this Co. in mid 1800's from Pittsylvania Co. VA  This is my direct line and would like to fill in some blanks. William and Frances Haizlip Godsey, Buried in Fayette Co.  James Henry Godsey married to Charlotte Hoover; John Wesley married to Eliza A. Brown, and Edith Barnhart.  They later moved to CA.

Posted by Betty Tinker Wells <[email protected]> on Mon, 29 Nov 1999

I am searching for information on the Tinker family of Fayette County, Ill. If anyone has any information on the following I would be so grateful. Thanks. Descendants of Jacob TINKER
1 Jacob Tinker b: Abt. 1780 in North Carolina d: Bet. 1824 - 1864
. +Sarah Crickman b: Abt. 1795 in North Carolina m: Bet. 1800 - 1820
2 John Jacob Tinker b: December 25, 1823 in Missouri d: January 25, 1881 in Fayette County, Il
.... +Elizabeth F. Tucker b: November 22, 1829 in Union twp, Knox County, OH m: April 23, 1846 in Fayette County, Ill d: July 08, 1925 in Fayette County, Il
... 3 Benjamin Wilson Tinker b: April 22, 1850 in Cumberland Twp, Fayette, Illinois d: February 06, 1925
....... +Martha Ann Akeman b: Abt. 1853 in Missouri m: June 09, 1881 in Cumberland twp, Fayette County, Ill d: Bef. 1880
... 3 George W. Tinker b: July 31, 1851 in Cumberland Twp, Fayette, Illinois d: December 01, 1864 in Otego twp, Fayette County, Illinois
... 3 Laura J. Tinker b: February 01, 1856 d: February 23, 1865 in Otego twp, Fayette County, Illinois
... 3 William Maxey Tinker b: October 07, 1857 in Cumberland Twp, Fayette County, Illinois d: August 31, 1928 in Vandalia, Illinois
....... +Luella E. Chapin b: November 06, 1862 in Steuben, Indiana m: Bef. 1890 in Stueben County, Ind. d: May 22, 1898 in Vandalia, Illinois
... 3 Jacob Melvin Tinker b: December 10, 1859 in Cumberland Twp, Fayette, Illinois
....... +Laura E. Washburn b: Abt. 1860 in Pennsylvania m: February 22, 1881 in Brides's residence in Fayette County, Ill (Otega)
... 3 Fernandus Gordon Tinker b: October 23, 1861 in Cumberland Twp, Fayette County, Illinois d: March 26, 1952
... 3 Holly J. Tinker b: December 04, 1863 in Cumberland Twp, Fayette County, Illinois d: November 01, 1864 in Otego twp, Fayette County, Illinois
... 3 Sina Catherine Tinker b: September 19, 1865 in Otego twp, Fayette County, Illinois d: April 24, 1950 in Portage, Kalamazoo County, MI
....... +Delmar A. Newman b: March 21, 1851 in Van Buren twp, LaGrange County, In. m: October 06, 1889 in Fayette County, Ill d: May 28, 1932 in Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Mi.
... 3 Carrie May Tinker b: April 02, 1868 in Otego twp, Fayette County, Illinois d: April 27, 1941
....... +William M. Green b: Abt. 1866 in Fayette County, Ill m: February 28, 1889 in Fayette County, Ill d: Bet. 1893 - 1935
... 3 Celura Tinker b: June 04, 1870 in Otego twp, Fayette County, Illinois d: October 24, 1958 in Fayette County, Il
....... +John Logan Stapp b: December 05, 1870 in Fayette County, Il m: January 01, 1890 in Fayette County, Ill d: May 28, 1979 in Fayette County, Il
... 3 Eugene Carr Tinker b: 1877
2 James M. Tinker b: June 07, 1826 in Sumner Co., Tennessee
.... +Rebecca Campbell m: December 07, 1867
... 3 William G. Tinker b: May 11, 1870 d: January 27, 1901 in At his home in Otega
... 3 George W. Tinker b: May 11, 1870
... 3 Curtis Tinker
... 3 Abner Tinker
2 Green W. Tinker b: Abt. 1833 in Missouri
2 Emaline Tinker b: Abt. 1844 in Fayette County, Il
2 James J. Tinker b: Abt. 1849 in Fayette County, Il
*2nd Wife of Jacob Tinker:
. +Maria Smith m: April 11, 1811 in Brunswick, Gilead Evangelical Ltheran Church at Center Brunswick, Rensselaer, New York

Posted by Sharon McElroy <[email protected]> on Mon, 22 Nov 1999

I have just found a land patent for Cornelius McElroy entered in 1848, I have never seen this name in the tax list or census records of 1850 Fayette County can some one give me any clues??? PLEASE!!!!!
Sharon McElroy

Posted by Patricia Kilgore Sorensen <[email protected]> on Mon, 22 Nov 1999

I am searching for obituary or death notice for information
on my grandfather's, Charles H. Kilgore, death, November 25,1934. I don't know that he lived in Fayette County, Sefton Township, Illinois, but from vague childhood memories, it seems he was killed in an (early) automobile accident. I've had a great deal of difficulty finding any information on this gentlemen, my
father (of Iowa) never spoke of him, so he may have had a "reputation", and since he preceeded my birth by some 14 years, and most of my father's family has passed away, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Patricia Kilgore Sorensen

Posted by Verda George <[email protected]> on Sun, 21 Nov 1999

Not sure if they were in this Fayette County. Know they had their first child in Macoupin County. I think this was my grandmother Molissa Alice or it could have been a child I don't know about. My great grandfather's name was John Wesley and my great grandmother's first name was Narcissus. Their children's names were Molissa Alice, Mary Francis, Allen Sylvester, Rosa Bell, Minnie Rachel, Nimuel Edward, Jessie Albert, and Eugene H. Sure would appreciate any info. My gggrandfather and gggrandmother's names were Joseph Stalcup and Margie Cole. Thanks, Verda

Posted by Charles Crow <[email protected]> on Sun, 21 Nov 1999

Ramsey, Fayette County, IL. Looking for information on Mary Frances Paschal.

Posted by Jim French <[email protected]> on Sun, 21 Nov 1999

Researching Quinn M. Hauskins, of Fayette County, IL, in 1880. Is he the son of William and Elizabeth Hoskins/Hauskins of Jersey County, and TN before? Is his brother Clayton Tiffen Hauskins?

Posted by Margaret Shaffer McCrary<[email protected]> on Sat, 20 Nov 1999

Is there anyone out there that is related in anyway to Vernon Chumley? And do you have any information on how Vernon and Guy Shaffer were related? Mom has told me that someway we are related and I have not been able to verify anything yet. I do know that when we moved to Ramsey in Fayette County that Vernon used to come and see us. I do know that he worked on the railroad. Can anyone give me some more information on this? I am trying to work up a book on our family history and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Margaret Shaffer McCrary

Posted by Sherry Sloan Ellison <[email protected]> on Sat, 13 Nov 1999

My Great-Grandmother, M. Elender Green, Was born in Fayette Co., Il. in 1828. She Married John Griffith. I am trying to find out ANYTHING about her, and am having no luck at all. Anything you can provide me with is greatly appreciated. Thank You, Sherry

Posted by Cindy Myers <[email protected]> on Thu, 11 Nov 1999

I am searching for information on my gggrandfather, Fleetwood Thomas, who was born in Fayette County, IL. I believe he was born about 1859 in Bluff City. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Thanks!

Posted by Dawn Hofaker <[email protected]> on Sat, 06 Nov 1999

Am looking for any information about Levi West and his wife Emeline Pyatt. They are listed on 1880 census for Sharon Township with 4 children: Benjamin, Ellen, George and Obi.

Posted by Stan Forbes <[email protected]> on Wed, 03 Nov 1999

Searching for info about the Forbes family in Fayette county. My father was Joseph Carl Forbes married to Nora Belle Sampson. He was born April 23 1911 died november 1950 his father was Joseph Montraville Forbes married to Arizone Belle Mitchell. His father was John Montraville Forbes married to Sarah Martha Webb. His father was Montraville Forbes born sept 1 1826 died may 26 1909.

Posted by Michael J. Rauckman <[email protected]> on Sun, 31 Oct 1999

I am looking for information on Franz Rauckmann, He died and was buried in ST.Peters IL in 1928.

Posted by Sue Zobbe <[email protected]> on Thu, 21 Oct 1999

Sidney and Harriette Power Bagley came to Fayette Co IL ca 1872 and lived there the rest of their lives. Their daughter, Minnie Etta Bagley, m.1, Curtis Ray (divorced), m.2 Sylvanus Hiatt. She was killed by lightning on Easter Sunday 1904. Her daughter, Beulah Lillian Ray, had a daughter, Elizabeth Ray, b. August 27, 1913. (Father may have been Charles Severns.) Harriette Power's mother was Maria/Mary Sefton Power, and they probably moved to Fayette Co. to be near Sefton cousins.

Posted by Marie Pittman <[email protected]> on Fri, 15 Oct 1999

I'm at the 'brick wall' on Barbary Kirts Smith Pittman's date & place of death. She and husband, Green Pittman, migrated from Bartholomew Co IN in 1850 and settled in Brownstown. She was born in 1814 in KY and is believed to have died in 1907 or 08. I have several questions that might help determine date/place of death. Any help is very appreciated! Marie Pittman
1. Is/was there a community named Mt. Zion in Fayette Co?
2. Does anyone know if there was more than one funeral home in Brownstown ca. 1907-08?
3. Name of newspaper in the Brownstown area ca. 1907-08.

Posted by Margi Cole <[email protected]> on Wed, 13 Oct 1999

Looking for anyone who might be related or have information on the families of BURDICK, COON, DAVIS, GREENE, IRISH, RANDOLPH. All of these families migrated with the Seventh Day Baptist movement on the East coast during the 1860s and settled in Farina, IL (Fayette County). Please email if you have a connection or are researching these lines.

Posted by Beverly Drum <[email protected]> on Wed, 13 Oct 1999

Looking for information on the parents of my ggrandparents James Christie and Gertrude Pribble. Believe Gertrude's parents to be Asberry Pribble and Mary Taylor. From the Fayette County, Marion County area.

Posted by Jan Clausen <[email protected]> on Mon, 11 Oct 1999

FRANCIS MARION ALLENDER, born 5 May 1862/4, died 13 Dec 1957 in Vandalia. Buried in Farmer's Cemetery, Fayette County. Lived most of his life in Shobonier (Fayette) IL; primarily worked on the railroad. Married 8 Dec. 1880 Nancy Elizabeth Wyant in Pope Township (Fayette) IL. Married Viola Wyant 1887. Children: Martha Elizabeth (1883-1983), Floyd (1886-1886), Walter Ambrose (1887-?), Clifford Vergil (1893-1902), Andrew (1889-1960), Emma and Emmit (1896-1896), Leonard (1900-1961), Lillian Leona (1898-?), Francis Marion (1903-1970). Have Wyants back to 1725, Schmitts to 1838 in Hanover, Germany. Francis Marion Allender's parents were Ambrose Preston Allender and Mrs. Martha Epley Duncan. Interested in filling in blanks, locating descendants etc. Have lots of information as well as deadends. Jan Clausen

Posted by Bette Bellefeuille <[email protected]> on Wed, 06 Oct 1999

Looking for information on the family of John Alonzo BILLS and Dorothy GLEASON. They came to Ramsey, Fayette, IL about 1851/52. John died there on 17 Dec 1857. Dorothy lived in Fayette or Decator counties until her death in 1885. She and John are buried in the Greenwood cemetery, but I don't know if that is Fayette or Decator county.
Children who came to IL with them were; John Newton born 1830, Benjamin Gardner, born 1832, and George Henry, born 1842. All the children were born in Rensselaer County, NY and stayed in IL. Benjamin Gardner BILLS married Sarah E ANDERSON on 28 March 1858 in Fayette county, IL. She died 1858 in Decatur.

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