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1298 by 1528 Edgar County Map
750 by 883 Edgar County Map
600 by 706 Edgar County Map
The map is courtesy of Susan Tortorelli. Thanks Susan!!
The 1854 map is "Railroad and County Map of Illinois Showing its Internal Improvements 1854"
published by Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning, 156 William St. NY
The 1861 map is "G. Woolworth Colton's Railroad Map of Illinois", 18 Beekman St. NY
The 1861 Enhanced map is "G. Woolworth Colton's Railroad Map of Illinois", 18 Beekman St. NY (Red Outline of County Boundaries Included)
The 1895 map modified with permission of Ray Sterner from
The 1898 map is "Railroad Map of Illinois" prepared under the direction of Cicero J. Lindly, Chas. S. Rannells and Jos. E. Bidwell, Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners, Copyrighted 1898, Rand McNally & Co.
Edgar County Atlas (W. W. Hixon Atlas circa 1935)
[ Brouillets Creek; Edgar; Edgar County; Elbridge; Embarras; Grandview; Hunter; Kansas; Paris; Prairie; Ross; Shiloh pt 1 | Shiloh pt 2; Stratton; Young America pt 1 | Young America pt 2]
Edgar County IL Church & Cemetery Map (Please be patient, the map may take time to load)

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