Wills, Probate Records, and Deeds

We all realize the valuable information contained in wills and probate records, but many researchers discount deeds as only providing info as to when and where someone lived. In fact, many times land was bought and sold from and to family members, whether it be a sibling, cousin or in-laws. These facts make deeds more valuable than many realize.

Please share your wills and deeds with us, as they not only tell the stories of DeWitt County but the people who lived there. If you do not have time to transcribe a will or deed that you have copies of, you may scan it and I will see if I can get some volunteers to help us get them transcribed and posted. You can help make the County Page one that has information on every family having lived here.

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Probate Record Index

This index covers the probates from the forming of the county until 1950. If you don't find your ancestor here, he or she probably had a will or there were children involved. In addition, when I became county coordinator, there were no surnames online before 'H' or after 'M'. If you can help complete this index by transcribing a few names, please e-mail me.

To get copies of the following you will have to write the Circuit Court Clerk. Take into account that these names were transcribed by several different clerks over the years and they wrote the names the way they sounded to them, so check all variations of the spellings on the surname you are looking for. There are several incorrect spellings as this was formatted, but you will need to use these spellings to get the correct record.

Where to write for probate records:

Circuit Court Clerk
P.O. Box 439
Clinton, Il 61724
Phone: (217) 935-2195

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