Scrapbook Pages


Surname Data Type Source
DeWitt County School Directory Schools Kathy Ikeda
Ballard, Cantrell, Farris, Flanigan Pictures Beverly Flanigan
Bell, John Pictures Dave Herr
Susan Bell's Album Poscards Susan Bell
Bill Chamberlain Album Misc. Bill Chamberlain
Clearwaters, Nathan Biography Nathalie C. Patton
Coppenbarger, Jacob & Catherine (Snavely) Biography Earliene Kaelin
Coppenbarger, John Bible Earliene Kaelin
Cox, Floyd Images/Misc. Erik Thorson
Davenport, Thomas Biography Earliene Kaelin
DeWitt County Postcards Images Erik Thorson
Edwards, Caleb Marriage License Paula Snyder
Ellington, Daniel News Clippings Marcia Wriggle
Ellington, William & Martha Marriage License Marcia Wriggle
French, John Elson 1st Family Jesse French
Goble, Rebecca Diary William Gonda
Hall Family Bible Bible Joni Pontius
Howard, Joseph Biography Lois (Vergo) Fullington
Huddlestun (Huddleston), Charles H. 1st Family Nathalie C. Patton
Jones, Campbell C. Biography Trish Couture
Lillard, Benjamin H. Misc. Erik Thorson
Newberry, Laura Frances (Cook) Funeral Program Trish Couture
Newberry, William and Laura (Cook) Biography Trish Couture
Newberry, William S. Funeral Program Trish Couture
Page, Minnie Autograph Book Yolanda Lewis
Stansbury, Ezekiel & Ester 1st Family Nathalie C. Patton
Taylor, William H. Bio./Family Data Mary Vanderheydt
Trowbridge, Jacob Biography Marlyn J. Duff
Turner, Rachel (Hutchin) News Clipping Mike Malerich
Zilich Family 1st Family Benjamin C. West


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