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The two newspapers active today are listed below, along with the mailing addresses:

Clinton Daily & Weekly Journal
1463 State Rte 54 W.
Clinton, IL 61727-2195
Phone: (217) 935-3171
Fax: (217) 935-6086

De Witt County Constitution
104 S. Monroe Street
Clinton, IL 61727-2058


These pages contain early newspaper articles typed by Earliene Kaelin, Sheryl Byrd, Judy Simpson, and other helpful volunteers.  They give an insight into how our ancestors lived their daily lives and the hardships and blessings that came their way.  This is an on-going project, so be sure to check back often to see what's new.  As the articles are typed, more links will be added below.

If you have any newspaper articles, why not share them?  You can either type them and send them by e-mail or send copies and we will see that they get posted.

Featured Article

Friday, February 14, 1913
Clinton Register


At Sylvester’s mill in the south part of city, there is a “bunch” calling themselves the Sanitary Surprise Club.  The object of the members is to see that certain persons, well known on the streets of Clinton, take a bath, shave and hair cut at least once a year, whether they need it or not.  Pete CONRAD was recently put in shape, and yesterday the members of the club worked on “Dutch” WALDEN.  The latter rebelled, and the boys were obliged to bind his limbs.  Then a pair of sheep-shears were produced, also a razor, soap, comb, etc., and when “Dutch ” went home and took a look in a mirror, he thought he was another fellow.  The club expects shortly to work on another subject.


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Note: The Clinton Public was also known as The Central Transcript, The Weekly Central Transcript, and The Clinton Public and Central Transcript. The name changed frequently in the early days of the paper, but it eventually ended up as The Clinton Public so, for simplicity's sake, it is often just referred to as The Clinton Public.


Public Reaper November 1879 (First Edition)
Public Reaper December 1879


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Civil War News
Born, Bound, and Buried - 1879
A View of Clinton
Taylor-Magill Hotel

Special thanks to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, through whom we can share some of these pages from the past with you. We are also especially grateful to C. H. Moore, who saved all his newspapers, bound them every year, and left them to the city.  If it were not for him, we would never have had all the newspapers on microfilm.

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