July 19, 1901 
Clinton Register
Clinton, Illinois


The gravel pit is so close to the Hutchin cemetery that a few are exhuming their friends and relatives and taking them to places easier of access.

Submitted by Judy Simpson

November 5, 1901 
The Decatur Review
Decatur, Illinois

Allen Pryor Killed by Blow from Beer Bottle.

Allen PRYOR died at the Phares hotel in Clinton as the result of injuries received in a bar room fight on Saturday night. An autopsy was held on the dead man at 11 Monday and the coroner's inquest at 2 p.m. The jury found that Pryor came to his death as a result of a wound inflicted by Henry BOWLES with a beer bottle, and held Bowles to the grand jury without bail.

The latter is now in the county jail at Clinton. Bowles came to Clinton some years ago from Lincoln, where he bore a bad reputation. He has been several times in the hands of the police there on minor charges, principally of drunkenness.


The trouble which resulted in Pryor's death happened on Saturday evening in Clinton in the "Blue Goose," a saloon run by Allen REYNOLDS. It seems that Pryor and Bowles got into a dispute, both having been drinking. Pryor was not working for Reynolds at the time of the dispute, having resigned his position as bartender several days before. It is probable that the quarrel was over some imaginary injury conjured up in the addled brains of the drunken men. When the scuffle took place, a beer bottle was used by Bowles and the fight created some excitement.

Policeman HENSON, the day man, was standing just across the street from the "Blue Goose" at the time, as there had been previous disturbances there and it had been subject to regulation by the city authorities. Attracted by the fight, Officer Henson rushed across the street and arrested both Pryor and Bowles. The two men were taken to the police station, where they were kept in the office while a cell was warmed for them. Pryor gave no sign of being injured, but talked with people in the office as he sat there. Bowles was bleeding profusely from a wound on the neck.

Sunday morning Pryor was found unconscious in his cell, when he was at once removed to the Phares hotel and received medical attention. He was found to be suffering with a fractured skull and died as a result.

Bowles, who is held for the killing of Pryor, is a single man, 40 years old, the son of the late R. H. BOWLES, who fell dead in Clinton recently. He has borne a good reputation when not drinking.

The saloon license of Reynolds, the proprietor of the "Blue Goose," was revoked by the Clinton authorities yesterday.

Submitted by Sheryl Byrd

Friday, November 15, 1901
Clinton Register
DeWitt County, Illinois


Dangerously Hurt While on Her Way to Clinton From Wapella—
Trouble is About a Girl.

Saturday evening Miss Maria GREENE, of Wapella, started to Clinton in a buggy. On the way her horse ran away and her buggy struck a wagon loaded with lumber, throwing her out. She was following Thos. J. GREENE and Pat HEHIR, who had forcibly taken from [her] a girl, her niece, Anne GREENE, who was in her care. When the girl's mother died about 12 years ago, she was placed in the care of Jas. D. GREENE, Maria Greene’s father. Mr. Greene died two or three years ago, and the girl had since lived with her aunt. Saturday the two men demanded possession of the girl, and being refused they took the girl and drove toward Clinton. Miss Greene followed, meeting with the accident. She claims Mr. Hehir struck her, causing the wound on her head, which it was claimed was caused in the runaway. At first it was reported the fracture of her skull was so dangerous that she could not live, but she is improving. Mr. Greene took his daughter to South Bend, Ind., to place her in school.

Submitted by Judy Simpson

November 28, 1901
The Decatur Review
Decatur, Illinois


From the Clinton Public's personal columns Wednesday:

Miss Goldie PORTER of Decatur is the guest of Mrs. W. S. REID and Mrs. M. KLEIN.

Alderman and Mrs. H. BOGARDUS and son, Russel, will enjoy tomorrow with Mr. and Mrs. H. O. BOGARDUS in Decatur.

Miss Ida CLINE of Decatur was the guest of Mrs. G. W. HUGHES.

Submitted by Sheryl Byrd

December 3, 1901
The Decatur Review
Decatur, Illinois


The Clinton Gas company has prospected for gas for several days on the I. S. SWEARINGEN farm, three and a half miles northwest of Wapella. Rock stopped the progress of the drill and a new well was commenced on Saturday. Monday morning a flow was struck in a well forty feet deep. It made a large blaze in a 4-inch pipe. The well will be bored deeper in the hope of getting a stronger flow. If enough as can be secured it will be piped to Clinton. Gas has been found on this farm before in three different places at forty to sixty feet.

Submitted by Sheryl Byrd