Federal Pensioners on the Roll as of January 1, 1883

On December 8, 1882, the U.S. Congress called for a senate resolution that directed the Pension Office to prepare a listing of individuals receiving pensions for war service. The Pension Office produced a list called Pensioners on the Roll as of January 1, 1883. The pensioners were primarily Union veterans from the Civil War and survivors of the War of 1812, but also included other service as well. Confederate veterans were not eligible for federal pensions from Civil War service.

Pensioners on the list at the time included not only the veterans themselves but other family members such as widows, mothers, minor children., etc., based on service. The list gave the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address of the recipient, the rate of pension per month and the date of original allowance.

If your ancestor served in the Civil War, there is most likely a record of their service at the National Archives. If they, or a member of their family, received a pension there may be valuable genealogical information included in the records. To obtain the records you must apply to the National Archives on the proper forms.


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Cert. #    Name of Pensioner PO Address Cause Rate Orig. Allow. Date
183,981 Adams, Susan P. Lane Widow 8.00 Apr. 1879
17,645 Allen, Mary A. Weldon Widow 8.00  
85,245 Alsup, Wm. Clinton ch. diarr. 18.00  
32,684 Ashton, Cynthia Farmer City Widow 8.00 Sep. 1882
166,075 Bail, Wickliffe Clinton Minor 10.00  
66,477 Bateman, James W. Kenney fracture of r. leg 2.00  
14,570 Bates, Francis M. Clinton wd. of l. hip 6.00  
200,040 Beal, Henry H. Clinton dis. heart, diarr. & res. ind. 4.00 Dec. 1881
73,572 Beebe, Orley Clinton wd. of l. leg 4.00  
208,883 Boggs, Robert P. Midland City neuralgia 6.00 May 1882
182,014 Bowman, Cathin Clinton Widow 8.60  
28,855 Brown, Cathin M. Farmer City Widow 30.00  
217,423 Brown, Francisco Clinton inj. r. ank., c. diar., dis. ab. vis. 8.00 Aug. 1882
187,704 Brown, John D. Weldon g. s. w. l. hand 4.00 May 1881
193,991 Brownlee, Horace Farmer City inj. of l. side and loss of sight of eye 4.00 Aug. 1881
64,309 Bryant, Eveline Wapella Widow 8.00 Feb. 1866
223,101 Buchanan, Wilson S. Farmer City g. s. w. of l. foot, with loss of mid. toe & dis. of liver 6.00 Dec. 1882
51,440 Burford, Wm. T. Farmer City wd. of l. leg 8.00  
112,815 Byerly, Thos. M. Clinton wd. of l. thigh 4.00  
218,621 Callison, Benj. DeWitt inj. to both wrists 4.00 Oct. 1882
2,716 Campbell, John N. Clinton Widow 8.00 Aug. 1879
213,438 Carlock, James S. Clinton ch. diarr. 6.00> Jun. 1882
91,985 Carter, Stephen K. Clinton wd. of l. thigh 8.00  
180,428 Clemens, John M Waynesville g. s. w. of head 6.00 Jun. 1881
222,892 Coon, Chas. M. Wapella dis. of lungs & resulting dis. of heart > 8.00 Dec. 1882
94,460 Cooper, Nathan Kenney partl. parl. lower extremities 12.00  
184,143 Cooper, Thomas F. Kenney g. s. w. of r. arm & l. thumb 4.00 Mar. 1881
217,309 Cromer, Wm. H. Clinton ch. pharyngo laryngitis & neuralgia of chest 4.00 Aug. 1882
144,769 Cuppy, Angeline Clinton Widow 17.00  
180,270 Curl, John W. DeWitt scurvy & dis. of brain from concussion 8.00 Dec. 1880
172,048 Curry, Dominick Clinton dis. of eyes 8.00 Aug. 1880
20,474 Curtis, William Farmer City g. s. w. left leg 6.00  
39,647 Daigh, Elizabeth E. Wapella Widow  
97,804 Dass, Sam'l H. Lane dis. of eyes 6.00  
106,855 Davenport, Hugh Lane dis. of eyes & lungs & flux 4.00  
107,278 Davenport, Jeremiah Weldon dis. of eyes 8.00 Apr. 1880
102,300 Dillavou, John T. Weldon heart dis. 4.00  
88,656 Dennis, Joseph Clinton rupture, &c. 4.00  
188,721 Dewey, Edwin A. Farmer City g. s. w. of mouth 4.00 Dec. 1881
219,026 Duff, John Lane ch. diarr. 4.00 Oct. 1882
Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883.
National Archives, Washington, DC; Government Printing Office, 1883. 5v.
Volume 1, pages 436-438

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ab. abdominal paral. paralysis
ank. ankle parl. paralysis
ch. chronic partl. partial
chr. chronic r. right
cr. chronic res. resulting/resultant
diarr. diarrhea rheum. rheumatism
dis. disease rt. right
fev. fever sh. shoulder
flux. reflux shr. shoulder
frac. fracture var. varicose
g.s.w. gunshot wound vis. viscera
ht. heart wd. wound
inj. injury &c. etc.
l. left