The first Bartlett Book was published in 1915 by A. J. Bartlett; it was the genesis for the second Bartlett Book, researched by Mrs. Lois Mildred Harris Willett in the ‘50s -‘80s, and published by my fourth cousin, Mrs. Norma Schaefer Bartlett Wilsand of Heltonville, Indiana. The book was typewritten, and was out of print. Due to numerous inquiries on the Internet, and my interest in seeing that the information gathered is preserved and disseminated, I decided to reissue the Bartlett book. The book is written in descendancy outline format, and has two graphics; many old letters are published. I have included a table of contents in the same descendancy format. The original introduction, and the front cover were also retained; several pages with xeroxed graphical material were omitted.

               With 7300 people in the Bartlett book, there is certain to be some errors. If you find any errors or omissions, please let me know and I will update the book.     

               Only the line of the son Samuel (B-8), John Bartlett (A-1) into Kentucky, New York, Michigan, and Illinois was followed in the original. The following additions to that line have been made:


1)            Norma Wilsand's, and my own research, into the line of Jeffrey Bartlett (E-2), Samuel (D-2), William Bartlett (C-1) into Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

2)            Work on the line of Jeffrey's brother Hanes (E-1) Samuel (D2) into Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, by Joan Pointer of Fauquier, Virginia, and Kim Norris of Wyoming.

3)            A comprehensive work on the line of Warren (D-6) Ebeneezer (C-5) Samuel (B-8), into Illinois and Nebraska, from Mr. A.A. Jones of Wheatridge, Colorado.

4)            Work on the descendants of Fanny (F-10), Eli (E-4), Samuel (D-2) from Carl Morgan of Pepperell, Massachusetts.

5)            Research on the line of Ossa Bertram Bartlett (H-1) Alonzo (G- 6) Samuel Jeffrey (F-5) Jeffrey

 (E-2) by Dan Todd of Heltonville, Indiana.

6)                        Judy Vietri, Mike Slone, and my work on the descendants of Enos (E-3) Samuel (D-2) into Indiana,

Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

7)                        Research on the line of Ebeneezer (D-1) William (C-1) into Kentucky and Illinois.

8)                        The descendancy of  Betsy (Elizabeth) (D-9) William (C-1) Samuel (B-8) in Kentucky, Illinois,            

and Texas, from Gerald Reid Tudor, of Madison co, KY.

9)                        The descendancy of Mahala (E-5), Samuel (D-2) from Judy Vietri of Mesa, AZ.


                With the proliferation of Internet websites devoted to genealogy, much more material on the Bartlett family is coming to light. All of this needs to be verified, as there is much that is wrong also.


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Version: 06/08/03

This introduction was written by Lois Mildred Harris Willett.


                Little did I realize what a conversation spoken around a dining room table ca 1952 in Fraser Twp, Bay Co. MI. would become.  The conversation was between me and my mother Myrtle Brewer Harris, a daughter of William Willis Brewer and Ada Frances Bartlett regarding my maternal grandmother not knowing anything about her Bartlett ancestors or the family due to the death of her father when she was quite young.


                The family resided in Calhoun Co. MI, having come there from New York state.  My mother told me that my grandmother had known of a small printed booklet on the Bartlett Family and which she thought might be in the possession of one of my grandmother's sister's daughter who resided in Battle Creek, MI.  There was also some memory of a relative visiting from New York many years before, possibly before my mother was born.


                I asked my mother to contact this distant cousin in Battle Creek to see if she had such a Bartlett book, and if she did could I have a copy made of it for my use.  Shortly afterwards I received the Bartlett Book which was compiled and printed by Mr. A. J. Bartlett of Romulus, NY before his death in 1915.  It is not known how many copies of this book were printed, but evidently not very many.  As I read and reread this book I could see that I was going to have a time trying to make heads or tails out of the material.  I knew very little about the task of doing genealogy work at that time, but I was determined to learn about my ancestry and so I began.


                The booklet did give some names, births and death dates, and the locations of some members of the family, other families were left dangling somewhere across the United States. Mr. A. J. Bartlett had served the family well that stayed in the New York area, but those that pioneered into the West and South had very little information and sometimes even lacking proper identification.


                I questioned my mother for all the information she could remember of her mother's family, asking for any type of newspaper clippings, obits, etc, and anything that my grandmother might have kept for years. Even a hint sent me on a search for information. I also questioned my Aunts who were living and who had lived in the area all of her life. Her memory brought forth some new leads.


                My own childhood memories of going to certain places, like a school house for a reunion, or people coming to visit with my grandmother while she was still living brought more questions to be answered. As was the fashion in the early 1930's people attended barn or house dances and my parents always took us three girls with them, and I had memories of distant relatives being at these dances. I could remember of going to different cemeteries in the area with my parents and grandmother so knew there must be relatives buried there. It took lots of questions, answers, stamps, envelopes and paper but I finally had some success.


                Letters to the sexton's of the cemeteries were not always fruitful, but I finally found what I needed since there were no death records kept as early as that time period. The wife of a sexton spent many hours searching the old cemetery records for me and found the place of burial and dates for my great grandparents.


                I searched the Court House records in Marshall, Calhoun Co. MI. for many records and found them.  I have since learned that there are more records to be found there, but someone else will have to get these as I will not be able to get back there for some time. All kinds of letters were written to friends, Register of Deeds, Probate Court and the neighbors in the area.


                Other letters were written to Romulus, Seneca Co. N.Y. where contact was made with descendants of the brothers who remained there. One gentleman was so very helpful and even sent me a silver spoon which had belonged to one of my ancestors. He knew much about the family and advised me where to search for more information about other descendants. Much to my surprise, I learned through this man, that a daughter of A. J. Bartlett resided in Saginaw, MI. only a short drive from where I resided. She was quite old and not well, but I had the pleasure of visiting with her several times before she died unexpectedly. I went to the Memorial services for her before the body was shipped back to Seneca Co. NY for burial in the Bartlett Cemetery at the Sampson Ordnance Depot. She had lived with a maiden aunt for years in Saginaw. Shortly after Rose Bartlett Hagerty died this aunt wrote to me to come as she had some things to give to me. This included many old letters and indentures which Rose had saved. Among these letters were some written by my own great grandfather, Thomas N. Bartlett, and his brother Aaron B. Bartlett, and the sister Kesia Bartlett Krewson. Copies of these letters were sent to MIigan State Library, Family History Section. The old original letters written by Kesia Krewson were given to her descendants who resided at Gaines, MI, who I visited many times. A package of these old letters was returned to Seneca Co. NY and sent to Waterloo NY for use of other persons.


                Contact was made about 1957 with descendants of Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett who settled in Clark Co. IL.  I was sent a copy of "The Descendants of Ebenezer Bartlett" written by C.F. Baker. A very helpful County Clerk supplied much information on this family. I corresponded with many of the descendants of this man. About 1979 or 1980 I became more involved in doing more research on Ebenezer's descendant and the material has been added to what I already had.


                I also made a contact in Louisville, Ky. in an effort to locate the descendants of the two brothers, Samuel and William Bartlett who went to Kentucky about the time of the Revolutionary War. I corresponded with many Bartlett people, but some I could not place. One day I received a letter giving me the name and address of another lady who had done considerable research on her Bartlett family. In this letter she stated the names of her Bartlett men and I knew that we had made the right connection as the family names had been handed down for many generations. We were two very happy people, because I was able to supply her with the information she had been looking for. With this information she had research done in Conn. and we found our ancestor there. There is much information in Kentucky and Virginia, but I am not able to include all of this in my book.


                In 1970 I made a trip to Kentucky to visit with several of these descendants and learned that my correspondent was very ill and I was unable to visit with her. Possibly her information was given to some Historical Society in KY, either at Louisville, or Maysville.


                As I am still involved in doing research on these Bartlett families and also some of the sidelines there maybe additional data added before this family history is finally ready for copying. There will be errors found and some lines left dangling for lack of information but I feel it is time to get this material in some kind of order. I can only say Thank You to all of you who have helped In some way to make this history as complete as it is; without your help and additional data it would never have reached this stage.


                To all the descendants of John Bartlett and his wife Elizabeth Hanes (Haynes) and all the others I wish you well, and hope someday someone with lots of hopes will continue my work.


6 Jan. 1982 Lois Mildred Harris Willett (8)

Table  of  Contents


A-1        John Bartlett                           .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ......................................................... 8

                B-1     Elizabeth Bartlett

                B-2      Hannah Bartlett

                B-3      William Bartlett

                B-4      Isabel Bartlett

                B-5      Mary Bartlett

                B-6      Sarah Bartlett

                B-7      John Bartlett

                B-8      Samuel Bartlett....................                         .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ....................................................... 14

                            HANES Information...................................                         .......................                         .......................                         ....................................................... 12

                            C-1      William Bartlett                     .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ....................................................... 15

            D-1      Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett                                                                                                             ........................................... 20

E-1      Sarah Bartlett

E-2      Elizabeth Bartlett

E-3      Lucinda Bartlett

E-4      Eliza Bartlett

E-5      Franklin James Bartlett

E-6      Henry Jackson Bartlett

E-7      Mary Jane Bartlett

E-8      Malinda Bartlett

E-9      Sally Ann Bartlett

            D-2      Samuel Bartlett....................                                                                                                                     ........................................... 26

E-1      Haynes Bartlett

E-2      Jeffrey Bartlett

E-5      Sally Bartlett

E-6      Mahala Bartlett

E-7      Enos Bartlett

E-9      Eli Bartlett

E-10    Silas Bartlett

            D-3      Anna Margaret Bartlett                                                                                                               ........................................... 61

E-1      Polly Foster

E-2      William Foster

E-3      Aaron Foster

E-4      Harrison Foster

E-5      Phoebe Foster

E-6      Lettice Foster

                        E-7      Dorcas Foster

            D-4      Dorcas Bartlett....................                                                                                                                     ........................................... 65

                        E-1      Abigail Wilson

                        E-2      James Wilson

                        E-3      Mary Wilson

                        E-4      Mira Wilson

            D-5      Joseph Bartlett....................                                                                                                                     ........................................... 67

            D-6      Polly (Mary) Bartlett                                                                                                                    ........................................... 68

                        E-1      Malinda Prather

                        E-2      Ashford Prather

            D-7      Phoebe Bartlett....................                                                                                                                     ........................................... 68

                        E-1      Wm. Preston Duncan

            D-8      William Bartlett, Jr...............                         .......................                         .......................                         ....................................................... 69                                    E-1      Squire Bartlett

E-2      William Bartlett III

            D-9      Nancy Bartlett.....................                                                                                                                     ........................................... 68

                        E-1      Preston Buchanan

                        E-2      Coleman Buchanan 

            D-10    Betsy (Elizabeth) Bartlett                                                                                                            ........................................... 70

                        E-1      James Samuel Swarts

                        E-2      Caroline Swarts

                        E-3      Thomas Swarts

                        E-4      Margaret Swarts

                        E-5      Francis Swarts

                        E-6      Zechariah T. Swarts

C-2      Hannah Bartlett

                            C-3      Hannah Bartlett

                            C-4      Haynes (Haines)(Hanes)(Eanes) Bartlett............                         .......................                         ....................................................... 79

                                        D-1      Thomas Nicholson Bartlett                                    .......................                         ................................................................      84                                                                   E-1      Louisa B. Bartlett

                        E-2      Squire  E. Bartlett    

                        E-3      Edgar Bartlett

                        E-4      Julia Marie Bartlett

                        CHANDLER, SMITH, SEARS..................                         .......................                         ....................................................... 89    

                        PATTEN                    .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ....................................................... 91

                        E-5      California  Bartlett

                        E-6      Andrew J. Bartlett

                        E-7      Haynes Bartlett

                        JOSEPH BREWER OF ENGLAND...................................                         ..................................................... 100

                        E-8      Nicholson Bartlett

                        E-9      Nancy Eliza Bartlett

                                        D-2      Ebeneezer Seeley Bartlett               .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 106

                                                    E-1      Ruth Cooley Bartlett

E-2      Hannah Bartlett

E-3      Martha Bartlett

E-4      Emma Seeley Bartlett

E-5      Andrew Jackson Bartlett

E-6      Ebenezer Seely Bartlett, Jr.

                                        D-3      Kesia Mary Bartlett............                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 121

                                                    E-1      Haynes Bartlett Krewson

                                                    E-2      Benjamin B. (Bartlett?) Krewson  

                                        D-4      John Bartlett             .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 123

E-1      Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett

E-2      Caroline B. Bartlett

E-3      Haynes B. Bartlett

                                        D-5      Aaron Burr Bartlett.............                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 123

                                                    E-1      Watson Bartlett

                                                    E-2      Mary Kesia Bartlett

                                        D-6      Benjamin Bartlett.................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 124

E-1      Hudson Bartlett

E-2      Martha Bartlett

E-3      Mary Bartlett

E-4      Eliza Ann Bartlett

HENDY                      .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 135

                            C-5      Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 141

D-1      William Bartlett ...................                                                                                                                   ......................................... 140

E-1      Hannah Bartlett

E-2      possibly a Betsey

E-3      possibly an Eliza Jane

E-4      Mary (Polly Bartlett

E-5      Jane Bartlett.

E-6      Job Bartlett

E-7      Possibly a Charlotte

            DOUGHTYS                                                                                      148

            TINGELYS                                                                                                                                   ......................................... 150

D-2      Hannah (Elizabeth) (Betsey) Bartlett                                                                                      ......................................... 154

            E-1      Hannah Hendy

            E-2      Susan Hendy

D-3      James Bartlett .....................                                                                                                                   ......................................... 155

            E-1      Minerva Bartlett

            E-2      Matilda Bartlett

            E-3      Ebenezer Bartlett  Jr.

            E-4      Martha Bartlett

            E-5      Warren Bartlett

            E-6      Lemuel Bartlett

D-4      Sarah Bartlett ......................                                                                                                                   ......................................... 170

D-5      Susan Bartlett .....................                                                                                                                   ......................................... 170

            E-1      possibly a Samuel Hendy

            E-2      female b. ca. 1812

            E-3      Charles Hendy

            E-4      male    b. ca. 1819

            E-5      Marilia B. Hendy

            E-6      male b. ca. 1827

            E-7      female b. ca. 1828

            E-8      Harriett Hendy

D-6      Warren Bartlett ...................                         .......................                         .......................                                                                   ......................................... 170     E-1              Martha Bartlett

            E-2      Hannah Bartlett

            E-3      Job Bartlett

            E-4      William Bartlett

            E-5      Elizabeth Bartlett

            E-6      James Bartlett

            E-7      Lucy Bartlett

            E-8      Matilda Bartlett

            E-9      Alice Bartlett

D-7      Jefferson Bartlett ................                                                                                                                   ......................................... 176

            E-1      a son d. infancy.

            E-2      Sarah Pauline

D-8      John Bartlett  ......................                                                                                                                   ......................................... 176

            E-1      Archer Bartlett

D-9      Jane Bartlett                                                                                                                                ......................................... 180

D-10    Sally Bartlett             .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 180

D-11    Job Bartlett                .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 180

C-6      Mercy (Mary) Bartlett....................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 181

D-1      Julie Seeley               .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 181

                                        D-2      Betsy Seeley             .......................                         .......................                         .......................                                                                   ......................................... 182

                                                    E-1      Moses S. Osgood

            E-2      Charles W. Osgood

            E-3      Celestia R. Osgood

            E-4      Alzina Osgood

            E-5      Clemenia M. Osgood

            E-6      John D. Osgood

            E-7      Edmond Ofling Osgood

            E-8      Harriette T. Osgood

            E-9      Henry M. Osgood

            E-10    Viana Osgood

            E -11   James A. Osgood

D-3      Mahala Seeley.....................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 186

            E-l       Henry J. Morris

                                                    E-2      Edward Llewellyn Morris

                                                    E-3      Clinton Morris

                                                    E-4      Harriett L. Morris

                                        D-4      William Seeley ....................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 187

                                                    E-l       Margaret Seely

                                                    E-2      John F. Seely

                                                    E-3      Hannah Ann Seely

                                                    E-4      Benjamin C. Seely

                                                    E-5      Juliaette Seely

                                                    E-6      Betsey Almira Seely

                                                    E-7      Eliza Ann Seely

                                                    E-8      Catherine Emily Seely

                                                    E-9      Polly Seely

                                                    E-10    James Seely

                                                    E-11    Sally Jane Seely

                                                    E-12    William Thompson Seely

                                                    E-13    Fanny Emma Seely

                                                    E-14    Esther Angeline Seely

                                         ANCIENT HOUSE OF SEELEY                .......................                         .......................                         ........... 191

                            C-7      Samuel Bartlett                     .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ..................................................... 195                                        NAME INDEX                                              .......................                         .......................                         .......................                         ........... 196


            A-1     John Bartlett (1) born in England 5 Oct. 1678, d. 5 Aug. 1761, age 84 years in Norwalk, CT, where he is buried at Pine Island Yard, South Norwalk, CT. He married (1) 20 Feb. 1706-7 at Norwalk, Elizabeth Hanes (Haines) (Haynes), b. 1691 possibly in England, d. 6 Feb. 1723-4 age 32 years at Norwalk, CT. She was daughter of William Hanes, (2) abt. 1724, Mary Betts.


                William Hanes (Haines) Haynes (1) b. 1648 in England, d. 2 April 1712 Norwalk, CT, m. 1st Elizabeth Hussey, m. 2nd Marcy Marvin, d. 1711, dau. of Matthew Marvin who d. 26 Dec. 1782 age 87 years. His children:

 By first marriage:

                Elizabeth Hanes who m. John Bartlett

                Isabel Hanes who m. Samuel Hanford.

By 2nd marriage:

                Mary Hanes who m. lst Jebediah Buckingham, m. 2nd James Fitch.


Children of John Bartlett and Elizabeth Hanes, recorded at St. John's Episcopal Church Norwalk, Conn. furnished by Lulu Reed Boss in 1961 were as follows:


                B-1     Elizabeth Bartlett (2)             bapt.   4 Dec. 1707

                B-2      Hannah Bartlett (2)              bapt.   13 Oct. 1709

                B-3      William Bartlett (2)               bapt.   10 Dec. 1711,  died before 1761

                B-4      Isabel Bartlett (2)                  bapt.   18 Aug. 1714

                B-5      Mary Bartlett (2)                   bapt.   17 April 1716

                B-6      Sarah Bartlett (2)                  bapt.   20 Sept. 1718

                B-7      John Bartlett  (2)                   bapt.   5 April 1719

                B-8      Samuel Bartlett (2)                bapt.   17 April 1723


B-1         Elizabeth Bartlett (2) m. 2 June 1729 Ebenezer Smith. They had a grandson Bartlett Smith baptized at St.                John's Episcopal Church.

B-2         Hannah Bartlett (2) m. 1 Sept. 1752 Samuel Hanford.

B-4         Isabel Bartlett (2) m. Ephraim Smith, Ebenezer's brother.

B-5         Mary Bartlett (2) m. Lindall Fitch.

B-6         Sarah Bartlett m. ca. 1740 Jonas Seyley (Seeley, Seely), and were of Gotham, Orange Co. NY in 1749.  Both

                probably died in Orange Co. NY.

B-7         John Bartlett (2) went to Orange Co. NY, and d. there.

B-8         Samuel Bartlett (2) b. 17 April 1723 Norwalk, CT, d. 16 Nov. 1762 at Goshen, NY, but is buried at Norwalk,            CT, m. ca. 1744 probably at Norwalk or Stamford, CT, Mercy Seeley (Seyley, Seely) b. 19 April 1723

                Stamford, CT, dau. of Ebenezer Seeley and Mercy Dean. Information on the Seeley family will follow the

                Bartlett data.



                There was actually no research done on of these children except for the last born, from whom we all are descended, so there is lots more information on the Bartlett family to be found and recorded. It is not known exactly when Samuel Bartlett and his wife Mercy Seeley moved to New York State, but it is known that her father Ebenezer Seeley with 10 of his children, plus others left Conn. for Orange Co. NY in 1744.  It is known that Jonas Seyley (Seeley) and his wife Sarah Bartlett (B-6), John Bartlet (B-7) and our Samuel Bartlett and wife Mercy Seeley, sister of the above Jonas settled in Orange Co. NY. LMHW.
                John Bartlett  was a prominent man in Norwalk and is mentioned in several published books, but they give nothing of his ancestry. He was admitted as an inhabitant of Stamford, CT. in 1703. In 1706 he was in Norwalk. He was a lawyer, probably self educated, and a large landowner through his wife's estate (Haynes). The records indicate that John Bartlett was a very rich man for the time in which he lived. John Bartlett was a Representative and Deputy to the General Assembly of Connecticutt, for this service all descendants are entitled to hold membership in any and all Colonial organizations.


                The Will of John Bartlett  is located at Norwalk, CT; it is dated 11 April 1761, proven 11 August 1761 and gives wife Mary Á100, 2/3 household goods, life interest in house and lands. Mentions son, Samuel Bartlett, daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah, Isabel, Mary and Sarah and their grandfather William Haynes estate. Also mentions daughters Ann and Rebecca, and land left to his wife. The executors were James Fitch and Nathaniel Benedict.  Witness: Samuel Jarvis, Benjamin Isaacs and John Gregory, Jr. (No mention of sons William or John Bartlett  in his will.)


                Inventory of John Bartlett 's property dated 25 August 1761 by Joseph Platt and Matthew Keeler. Totaled Á1426-11-2 of which Á1222 was for land homestead, Out Meadows and shipyard, Hoyt lot and Rockwell Field, Middle Clabbord Hill, Lower Clabbord Hill, Rockwell Hill Farm, Brook Lot, Bartlett's Ridge and near Kellogg Ridge.


                                        Deeds Norwalk                     John Bartlett


                Vol.     p.         83        5-28-1706                   to Samuel Raymond

                1          p.         207      3-2-1703-4                  Daniel Messenger, New Haven to John Bartlett

                            p.         217      3-2-1702-3                  Andrew Messenger, Norwalk to John Bartlett

                            p.         217      6-27-1705                   Jonathon Abbot, Norwalk to John Bartlett

                            p.         220      5-7-1705                     John Gregory, Sr, Norwalk to John Bartlett

                            p.         300      6-26-1706                   Richard Cosiar, Norwalk to John Bartlett

                Vol.     p.         76        3-16-1707-8                John Raymond, James Lockwood land laid out to

                4                                                                      James Sension, deed to John Bartlett

                            p.         56        3-16-1707-8                Daniel Raymond to John Bartlett

                            p.         77        5-25-1709                   John Belden to John Bartlett

                            p.         77        3-16-1707-8                Thomas Gregory to John Bartlett

                            p.         77        1708, recorded          12-22-1709 3 parcels by Town to John Bartlett

                            p.         77        3-1-1709-10                Isaac Sherwood to John Bartlett

                            p.         78        2-1-1709-10                John Keeler, Jr. to John Bartlett

                            p.         78        3-20-1709-10  Thomas Scrivenor to John Bartlett

                            p.         97        3-20-1709-10  Division of land at Rhoton by Town. Andrew

                            p.         99        2-1-1708-10                Exchange of land by John Bartlett  and John Keeler

                            p.         182      5-9-1712                     John Bartlett  to Zerubbabell Hoyt

                            p.         183      5-9-1712                     Zerubbabell Hoyt to John Bartlett

                            p.         64        5-25-1709                   John Bartlett  to Thomas Fitch

                            p.         103      4-51710                       Andrew Messenger to John Bartlett  to Samuel Comstock

                            p.         85        2-2-1748-9                  Abel Hoyt to Capt. Ebenezer Carter and Samuel Bartlett


                11        p.         128      10-30-1755                 John Bartlett to son Samuel Bartlett

Will of John Bartlett


                "In the name of God Amen.  I, John Bartlet of Norwalk in the Co. of Fairfield and Colony of Conn. being of sound mind and memory, Thanks be to God, therefore calling to mind my mortality and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die Do make and ordain in this my last Will and Testament that is to say, first of all, I commend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor nothing doubting but I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and as for such worldly goods and estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give, devise, bequesth and dispose of in manner and form in following ..... that is to say


                I give and bequeath unto Mary my well beloved wife the sum of one hundred pounds lawful money to be paid to her by my Executor out of my personal or moveable estate.  I also give and bequeath to my said wife two thirds (2/3) of my household furniture. Also three cows and ten sheep to be her own  forever.  I also give and bequeath to my said wife the use and improvement of my dwelling and barn and all my land adjoining therewith the appurtenances, that is to say all my home, also the use and improvements of all my land at the Lower Clabbord Hills for and during this time and term she shall remain my widow all which bequeaths so made to her are in line of her right of Dower in my estate.   and I also order my Executors to deliver out to my said wife provisions of every kind sufficient to support her one year which I give to her.



                I give and devise unto my son Samuel and daughters, Elisabeth, Hannah, Isabell, Mary and Sarah and to their heirs and assigns forever all my land at Rockwell Hill to be equally divided among them for and account of that part of their grandfather Haynes Estate both real and personal that I had the use and improvement of and have not delivered already to them ( which  I judge to be more than a ) .... provided they will accept of the same on account thereof and discharge and give Quite Claim to any other of my children where it shall so happen that any part of their estate of Wm. Haynes shall be mixed in with my estate and give to any other of my children and also give (Quite Claim for any part of Wm. Haynes estate that I have sold and if they will not accept of these land at Rockwell Hill on the conditions as aforesaid then I order my Executor to sell and dispose of the same for the purpose of paying them their demands on account of that part of their Grandfather Haynes estate that they have not yet received of me and if the land at Rockwell Hill should sell for more than to pay them their due on account of their grandfather Haynes estate the overplus I give and bequeath to my said daughters Elisabeth, Hannah, Isabel, Mary, and Sarah and I do hereby authorize and impower my Executors to make and execute a Deed or Deeds of the said land at Rockwell Hill.


                I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann, one third (1/3) part of my household furniture also two cows and ten sheep to be her own forever.


                I give and bequeath unto my daughters, Elisabeth, Hannah, Isabell, Mary and Sarah all the remainder of my personal or moveable estate forever to be equally divided among them except what I shall give to my Executors and to pay my just debts and funeral charges.



                I give and devise unto my son Samuel and to his heirs and assigns forever all my lands lying at Bartlet's Ridge so called and also all my rights of commonage to be to him and his heirs and assigns forever.



                I give and devise unto my daughters viz.; Ann and Rebecca and to their heirs and assigns forever my  dwelling house and barn and all my land adjoining thereto with the appurtenances there unto belonging which they are to take after the bequest of the same to my said wife and is to be equally divided between them.



                I give and devise unto my daughters Elisabeth, Hannah, Isabel, Mary and Sarah all the remainder of my real estate to be to them and to their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided among them with the incumberances of the use and improvements of some part of it as before bequeathed to my said wife.



                I give and bequeath unto my Executors the sum of 3 pounds each lawful money and do hereby order that they be paid a reasonable satisfaction one and above this bequest of their trouble and service.


                Finally, I do hereby constitute and appoint Mr. James Fitch and Nathaniel Benedict both of Norwalk, Executors, of this my last Will and Testament satisfying and confirming this and no others to be my last Will and Testament.

Witness whereof I have unto set my hand and seal this 11 day of April 1781.


Signed, sealed, published, pronounced

and delivered by John Bartlett  the

testator to be his last Will and Testament

in presence of us.


(signed) John Bartlett   Samuel Jarvis,

Benjamin Isaacs

John Gregory, Jr.


Fairfield Co. 11 day Aug. 1761.  There personally appeared Samuel Jarvis, Benjamin Isaacs and John Gregory, Jr., the witness to foregoing will and made solemn oath that they, each of them, saw John Bartlett  the Testator of said will, sign and seal the same and at the same time judged him to be of a sound mind- and memory and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament..... That they then set to their hands as witnesses in the presence of the Testator and of each other.


Sworn before me        signed Joseph Platt   Justice of  Peace.


                At a court of Probate in Fairfield Aug. 18, 1761, personally appeared Mr. James Fitch and Nathaniel Benedict named Executors to the foregoing Will, accepted the trust committed to them by the Testator and exhibited the said Will to said Court for approbation which being proved is by said Court approved and ordered to be recorded."


Hanes Information


                William Hanes (Haines, Haynes) (1648-1712) sailed from London England, 8 Jan. 1683 on board the "Betty", James May, Captain.


                William Hanes bought land in Norwalk, CT. in 1697.


                Norwalk Cemetery Inscription: "Here lyes buried the body of Mr. William Hanes.  Aged 64 years.  Died April Ye 2d 1712."


                Will of William Haynes of Norwalk, dated 1 April 1712, proven 15 April 1712, mentions daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Bartlett; children of Elizabeth by John Bartlett, daughter Isabel, wife of Samuel Hanford and her children, and daughter Mary Haynes, his daughter by his wife who d. 1711.  Also mentions Ralph Keeler and brother Samuel Marvin, the Exe.  P.S. "Cousin Sarah Betts Á5 besides her wages".  Wit: John Marvin and John Copp.  His property was divided 8 Nov. 1749.


                Vol. 10, P. 113 dated 5 Nov. 1749 Division of land of William Haynes by James Fitch and wife Mary, dau. of William Haynes; children of Elizabeth Bartlett wife of John Bartlett; children of Isabel Hanford, wife of Capt.  Samuel Hanford, daughters of William Haynes.  Deed signed:


                James Fitch and wife Mary, Ebenezer and Elizabeth Smith, Ephriam and Isabell Smith, Hannah Bartlett,  Samuel Bartlett, Lyndel and Mary Fitch "all of Norwalk", Jonas and Sarah Seyley of Gotham, Orange Co. N.Y., Samuel Hanford, Jr., Thaddeus Hanford, Haynes Hanford, Hezekia Hanford, William Hanford" all of Norwalk",  Jonathon and Isabel Hall of New Haven."


                Vol. 4 P. 109 (Norwalk, Conn. records) dated 6 April 1710.

William Haynes to son-in-law John Bartlett  - 22 acres of Town allotment.


                Vol. 4 P. 182 (Norwalk, Conn. records) dated 4 July 1710 Matthew Marvin..... love and affection for daughter March(y) Haynes, to Mary Haynes, only daughter of said Marcy.  If she dies before 18 or marriage then to grandson Daniel Benedict.


                Vol. 4 P. 182 (Norwalk) dated 4 March 1712, deed.

William Hanes to daughter Mary, dwelling house and 9 acres and household goods at his death.  If she dies before  18 or without issue then to daughters Elizabeth Bartlett and Isabel Hanford.


                Vol. 5 P. 124 (Norwalk) Indenture dated 2 Jan. 1720-1,

Samuel Hanford, John Bartlett  and Samuel Buckingham (of Saybrook) executors of Will of brother Jebediah Buckingham, late of Norwalk for the benefit of William Buckingham, son and heir of said Jebediah.  Whereas Samuel Hanford,  John Bartlett  and Jebediah Buckingham married daughters of Wm. Haynes Norwalk merchant,


Source:   "Headings in New Canaan History” - New Canaan, Conn.  Historical Society

                1949, History of New Canaan 1801-1901 by Charlotte Chase Fairley

                P. 159, 160


Levi Hanford went to Walton, N.Y. in 1808, and was still living there in 1881 when he was in his ninetieth year.


                To Walton also had come the aged John Benedict 4th, the first male child barn in Canaan Parish.  He had lived there but three years and died two years before the sixteen year old Levi Hanford arrived to make his permanent home there.




                The old Red House is the only dwelling for about a mile south of the Hoyt homestead, but beyond that  on both sides of the road you will find homes of the Hanfords all descended from Elizabeth Haynes Hanford, daughter of that William Haynes who gave his name to Haynes Ridge.  There on the west side, opposite "the road to the mille", the present Lakeview Avenue, is the dwelling soon (in 1830 ) to be demolished, built by Theophilus Hanford, the pioneer from Norwalk, where his grandchildren, Joseph and Bartlett, were born.  A few rods north is Bartlett Hanford's house, for many years in later times to be known as the Jackson Raymond place (at present belonging to Mr. A.B. Walker.)


                Perhaps you will meet old Eben Hanford coming out of his home at the foot of the hill to take the sun.   Once a soldier in the Revolution, now he shuffles along on two canes, raising one now and then to kill  only a golden butterfly.  You should have to plod half a mile farther to find the house erected by Capt. Samuel Hanford, an early comer from Norwalk.  "The Little House at Four Corners" of Mrs. Willard Parker's book.  Opposite is the home of Samuel Hanford, Jr. which is to descend to his staunch Methodist son, Capt. Holly Hanford.


                If you would keep to the highway you will have to return as you came, for there is no cross road as yet.  But there is not much more to be on the village Main Street; only Samuel Raymond's house (where Dr. White now lives) and then not a single building on the west side from  Keeler's wagon shop all the way back to Meeting House Hill, except the home and little silversmith shop of Edward Nash just north of where the First National Bank and Trust Company now stands.


                If you were by any chance taking your walk on a certain Sunday afternoon in 1816, there would indeed  be something to see; smoke and flames pouring out of the Nash home, and poor Mr. and Mrs. Nash  coming home from the Episcopal Church, a mile away up the ridge, to find their home in ruins.


                But it is not likely that you would be so irreligious as to be strolling about for pleasure on the Sabbath.  There is not much more of interest on Main Street.  Moreover, keeping to the road would not insure good walking - merely a clear track for highway.  Not only are there no sidewalks as yet but the little lads you meet in the course of your walk will have to live to a ripe old age if they are ever to enjoy such a luxury.




                So suppose you cut across the woods and fields about where Church Street now runs to White Oak Shade Ridge, the present Park Street. Walking north to return to the Meeting House, you will pass, on your left, the home of Colonel Ezra Benedict (the Mead House), while on your right nearly opposite is the house built long ago by Trowbridge Benedict, who there did clock and watch repairing and silversmithing. (The original part of the Ardsley Inn).  Next on your left is the substantial home of Dr. Noyes, with whom you must become better acquainted.


                You are now in the region of the future railroad station, gas station, electromatic automobile signal; but none of these casts its shadows upon the wagon track you are treading.  Past the hip-roofed house of Joel Hoyt, the harness maker, and up the hill, with its new Academy on your right in the present

Community School grounds, and on your left the little red schoolhouse. LMHW.


B-8         Samuel Bartlett (2) b. 17 April 1723 Norwalk, CT, d. 16 Nov. 1762 at Goshen, NY, but is buried at Norwalk, CT, m. ca. 1744 probably at Norwalk or Stamford, CT, Mercy Seeley (Seyley, Seely), b. 19 April 1723 Stamford, CT, dau. of Ebenezer Seeley and Mercy Dean. Information on the Seeley family will follow the Bartlett data. Samuel Bartlett and Mercy Seeley had seven children before his death in 1762 and these births are recorded at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Norwalk, CT. These are baptismal dates and two are not recorded. After Samuel Bartlett’s (B-8) death, Mercy m. 2nd Huff and had a son, name unknown, and a daughter Abigail who m. in 1786 Joshua Reeves, b. 1746 Southhold, L. I, N.Y, d. 1812 Romulus N.Y. His first wife Mehitable Howell d. 1782-6 near Goshen, N.Y. No date of death has been found for Mercy Seeley Bartlett Huff.


             C-1             William Bartlett (3)                 b. 11 Oct. 1750 New Canaan, Conn.

             C-2             Hannah Bartlett (3)                b. 11 Oct. 1750 New Canaan, Conn. d. y.

             C-3             Hannah Bartlett (3)                b. 24 June 1752 New Canaan, Conn. 

             C-4             Haynes (Hanes) Bartlett (3)  b. 4 March 1757 Newburg, Ulster Co. N.Y.

             C-5             Ebenezer Bartlett (3)              b. 4 Oct. 1759 Newburg, Ulster Co. N.Y.

             C-6             Mercy (Mary) Bartlett (3)     b. ­­­_______ m. 4 Jan. 1779 Samuel Seely

             C-7             Samuel Bartlett (3)


                William Bartlett (C-1) and Hannah Bartlett (C-2) were twins, but since she died very soon, the next child Hannah Bartlett (C-3) was given the same name.


                Haynes, Ebenezer and William Bartlett all served in the Revolutionary War. It is possible that Samuel also served but no research was done to locate him.


                Much of the research done on William Bartlett (C-1) b. 11 Oct. 1750 was done by one of his descendants Mrs. Lulu Reed Boss of Maysville, Ky. who had spent 20 years looking for the parents of her ancestor. In all her years of searching she was never able to learn the name of his first wife, who was the mother of his ten children, but she did collect considerable information on the Bartlett family of Kentucky, some of which I will copy, but I am sure that most of her information will be found in some Historical Society in Kentucky. I was able to supply her with the “missing link” in the Bartlett family and she had research done in Norwalk, Conn. to finish the Bartlett line back to our common ancestor John Bartlett  (A-1). Mrs. Boss of Maysville, Mason Co. Ky. belonged to the National Society of Daughters of 1812, River Raisin Chapter, No. 14,782, State No. 212, admitted 27 June 1949 on William Bartlett's service in War of 1812.  He entered the service on 30th day of Sept. 1812 and appears on the rolls in other regiments.LMHW.


Will of Joseph Hildreth


                   "Will Of Joseph Hildreth of Wythe Co, VA "In the name of God Amen: I Joseph Hildreth of the county of Wythe and State of Virginia, being very weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, think it proper to make my will. I sumit my soul to God in humble hope, my body to be interred at the discretion of my executors.

                   As to my worldly estate I dispose of it in manner following: All my lands I devise to my son Jeffery in fee simple. All my personal estate I vest in my executors to be sold as the law directs and after my debts are paid out of the produce, the balance to be divided in manner and form following.

To my daughter ABIGAIL, five shillings; to my Daughter ANNA, five shillings; to my son, John, five shillings; to my daughter, Sarah five shillings; to my daughter Ruth, five shillings; to my daughter, Polly, five shillings; to my daughter Pheby, five shillings; to my daughter Keturah, twenty pounds.

I appoint my son Jeffery Hildreth and Robert Adams executors hereof and request them to take the burden of the same upon them.

In testimony hereof I have here unto set my hand this Twenty fourth day of January. one thousand seven hundred ninty-two.

Signed by the testator and published as his last will in the presence of Ruben Coley....Thomas Venderly......Henry (X) Umbarger.

                   At a court for the county of Wythe on Tuesday the 11th day of August 1792. The last will and testament of Joseph Hildreth, dec. was exhibited in court and proven by the oaths of Ruben Coley and Henry Umbarger, the witnesses thereto and thereupon it is ordered to be recorded."




C-1         William Bartlett (3) b. 11 Oct. 1750 New Canaan, CT; d. 1820 Nicholas Co. Ky, bur. Hammond Cemetery; m. 1) unknown, 2) Phebe Hildreth Buchannon, widow of James Buchannan, who d. 19 Aug. 1782, and daughter of Joseph Hildreth. In the letter written by John Bartlett, son of Enos Bartlett, on p19, John states that " He recollects William Bartlett married two sisters." According to the will of Joseph Hildreth, above, Pheby had these sisters: Abigail, Anna, Sarah, Ruth, Polly, and Keturah. Seems like a good project for several years of research in Virginia. JM.


His children:

                D-1      Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett (4)  b. ca. 1777               m. ca. 1798, Rebecca Standiford

                D-2      Samuel Bartlett (4) b. 1780 Va.(1850)                     m. ca. 1800, Mary (Margaret) Tully

                D-3      Ann Bartlett (4) b. abt. 1781                                   m. 2 Oct. 1799, Harrison Foster

                D-4      Dorcas Bartlett (4) b. 1784 Va. (1850)                    m. ca. 1802, James Wilson

                D-5      Joseph Bartlett (4) b. 1784-1788                             m. 30 Jan. 1806, Nancy Jackson

                D-6      Polly (Mary) Bartlett (4) b. abt. 1792                     m. 15 Mar. 1810, Ashford Prather

                D-7      Phoebe Bartlett (4) b. abt. 1793                              m. 21 Oct. 1811, Benoni Duncan

                D-8      William Bartlett, Jr. (4) b. abt. 1794                        m. 16 Aug. 1815, Rachel Hildreth

                D-9      Nancy Bartlett (4) b. abt. 1797                                m. 10 Sept. 1815, James Buchanan, Jr.

                D-10    Betsy (Elizabeth) Bartlett (4) b. 1805                     m. 30 Sept. 1819, Geo. W. Swarts


                The above birth dates are guesses based on marriage dates, and the Census.


History of Maysville and Mason Co. by Glenn Clift, Vol. 1. p. 34.  "The third company of 1776 came in Feb, made up of Samuel Wells, Haydon Wells, Thomas Tebbs, John Tebbs, Matthew Rust, John Rust, Thomas Youngo, William Bartlett, Richard Masterson and John Riggs. They marked and improved claims on the North Fork, between Mill and Lee Creek erecting their cabins usually about one half mile apart. Land book, op. cit., pp. 31, ff., 201-202.

p. 37  Of the many claims taken in the country in 1776, only a few can be listed here. Fourteen improvements were made on Mill Creek by a company of seven men, Samuel Boggs, William Lindsay, Jacob Lindsay, John Vance, David Vance, Andrew Steele, and William Bartlett, who built two cabins each. Bartholomew Fitzgerald member of another company also …….


Domesday Book of the Conquest of Kentucky, also called ‘Certificate Book’, Virginia Land Commission 1779-1780, in the possession of the Clerk of Fayette Co. Court gives  …….James Bartlett by William Bartlett this day claimed a preemption to a tract of land in the District of Kentucky on account of marking and improving the same in the year 1776, lying at a sinking spring about one mile south of the Trough Spring on Green Creek waters of Kentucky  ………. preemption of 1,000 acres of land to include the above location and that a Certificate be issued accordingly.”


"Militia Pay Roll 1782" Lincoln co, KY;   William Bartlett (3) served in the Revolutionary War under “Frontier Service; from original in the Virginia State Library, Richmond VA; also printed in " The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society", Frankfort KY, Oct. 1951 Issue, Vol. 49, No. 169, p.396-397.


Collin’s History of Kentucky Vol. 2, p. 550  ……..John Banks by Wm. Bartlett,  ……..improvement in year 1776, North Fork of the Green Creek adjoining the land of James Bartlett ….. Certificate issued.” Wm. Bartlett had approx. 11,000 acres surveyed on Goose Creek from 1783-1786.


Virginia Land Grant Book P 51A, Book 6, P. 463: James Buchannan 615 acres, surveyed 4 August 1784 Fayette Co. located Lower Blue Licks. By division of counties from Fayette this land was in Nicholas Co. when same was sold.


Militia Pay Ensign in Militia of Madison Co. Ky, Tuesday 27 Feb. 1787.William Bartlett (3) served in the Revolutionary War under “Frontier Service


Will Book A, p. 37 dated 23 Dec. 1789: states “Wm. Bartlett of Madison Co, State of Virginia, being of full age”. 


Register of Kentucky Historical Society, Vol. 28 p. 3 Governor Isaac Shelby’s Journal pub. “William Bartlett elected Captain of the First Battalion, 19th Regiment, Madison Co. Ky. 28 June 1792".


Simon Kenton His Life and Period 1755-1836 by Edna Kenton, p. 87 “Signatures of Kentucky Pioneers …. reduced facsimile from Petition of the early inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of Virginia.... 1769-1792.  Names listed - Daniel Boone, Isaac Shelby, John Niblick, William Bartlett, J. Patterson, Joseph Crockett, Benjamin Logan, Gabriel Madison, James Gerrard, Michael Goodnight, William Groom, Squire Boone, James Wilkinson, Charles Henzeley, A. Venable, Richard Durrett, Levi Todd, George Jameson, Daniel Trahue, Simon Kenton, George Muter, David Hathaway, Samuel McDowell.”


No Bartletts found in Mason co back to 1789. JM


Mason Co. Ky. Court Record 18A Will Book "A" P. 336.  "The disposition of William Bartlett of full age, taken at  improvements made by him and others on the North Fork of the Licking near the house of Joseph Berry, on North Fork of Licking which was formerly called the East Fork of the Licking, this 22nd day of Jan. 1798, taken in obedience to an order of Mason Co. and in conformity to an act of assembly for perpetuating testimony and by a notice given in the Kentucky Herald here produced by John Overton, the Deponendt, Wm. Bartlett being first duly sworn ...... stated that in the month of Feb. in the year 1776, he with Samuel Boggs, Joseph Lindsay, John and David Vance and others, William Lindsay, Andrew Steele, Bartholomew Fitzgerald, John Simrall, John McGraw, John Williams and Thomas White."


Nicholas county, Deed bk B,  pp 31-35, 4 Jan. 1802.  This is a quitclaim.

                   This Indenture made the fourth day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and two, between Humphrey Marshall of the one part and William Bartlett of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Humphrey Marshall for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings to him in hand paid by the said Wm Bartlett … Humphrey Marshall doth him acknowledge, hath granted bargained and sold, alien and confirmed….. unto the said William Bartlett ….. all the rights title claim, interest property and demand of the said H Marshall by virtue of a deed from Robert Morris who held by Deed from William Bell to whom a Patent Issued for the Land, …..Containing twelve Hundred Acres, be the same more or less, and bounded as follows Viz, Begining for the same at a Sassefras, Gum and Oak being a corner of the original Survey for 2500 Acres, thence So. 45 E 480 Poles to a Stake, thence No. 45 E 400 Poles to a Black ash and Hickory and WHite Oak, thence No. 45 West 480 Poles to two Hickories and White Oak, thence So. 45 West 400 Poles to the begining in the County of NIcholas. …..IN WItness whereof the said H. Marshall hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above mentioned –

H Marshall           Seal


Nicholas County St 4th January 1802

I Joseph Morgan Clerk  of the Court of quarter Sessions for the County aforesaid, do certify that this Indenture of Bargain and Sale from Humphrey Marshall to William Bartlett was produced in my office, and acknowledged by the said Humphrey before me according to Law, and duly Recorded

                   Teste                             Joseph Morgan


                   I think this land is the original Bartlett property; it is on both sides of the Licking river, about 3 miles upstream from Lower Blue Licks, between the John Standiford property and the John Herndon property. The Bell patent was signed by Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia. See p. 20.  JM


Deed Book H, P. 368, dated 5 June 1822 Bartlett Heirs Agreement Nicholas Co. Ky Court Records. Heirs listed:

                Joseph Bartlett, Dorcas Bartlett m. James Wilson, Polly Bartlett m. Ashford Prather, Nancy Bartlett m. James Buchanan, Phebe Bartlett m Benoni Duncan, Betsy Bartlett m. George Swarts(z), Samuel Bartlett m. Mary Tully, Ebenezer Bartlett m. Rebecca Standiford, Ann Bartlett m Harrison Foster.

                "Whereas, the said William Bartlett deceased departed this life having first made a will, and he left Joseph Bartlett, Dorcas Wilson, Polly Prather, Nancy Buchanan, Phoebe Duncan, Betsy Swarts, Samuel Bartlett and the said Ebenezer Bartlett, and also William Bartlett and Ann Foster, who was Ann Bartlett, the two latter of whom have departed this life, his children, heirs and legal representation. That the said William Bartlett, last named, left 2 children, who are now living and entitled to his portion of the estate of his deceased father. That the said Ann Foster, also left 7 children, who are now living and are entitled is to their mother's portion of her father's estate and, Whereas, also the widow of said William Bartlett first named, to wit: Phebe Bartlett is entitled to one third of the estate of the said William Bartlett deceased and the said Ebenezer Bartlett has purchased out her interest in the said estate......." she has become dissatisfied with the contract and wishes and is attempting to set aside the contract that the said Ebenezer Bartlett agrees to give the said Phebe Bartlett, one thousand dollars for her interest in the said estate and the parties of these present agreed and now agree that they will not take under the Will of William Bartlett, their ancestor, but that they will take as his heirs and distribute according to the Statute of Distribution, each one an equal share and part of the estate, real, personal and........, in the same manner as if the said William Bartlett, intestator, that the parties of the first part are and shall be equally interested with the said Ebenezer Bartlett in the purchase of the interest of the aforesaid Phebe Bartlett, in and to the estate aforesaid. The said Joseph Bartlett has now sold his entire interest in the estate to Ebenezer Bartlett, whereby Ebenezer Bartlett is entitled to two parts thereof: Written on the margin of the contract "Sept. 30, 1829 delivered to Ebenezer Bartlett."


Nicholas Co. Court Records Certified copy Deed Book H, page 381. Bartlett Heirs deed to James Buchanan, the 22nd day of July 1829 for a parcel of land of 1200 acres, being the same tract of land conveyed by H. Marshall to William Bartlett in 1802. Reserved out of this tract is the quantity of 217 acres conveyed to William Bartlett to Samuel Bartlett and 245 acres conveyed to Ebenezer Bartlett. This tract of land is the one which William Bartlett possessed and lived on at the time of his death. Heirs named. Shows that all of William Bartlett's daughters were deceased by 1829.

                Phoebe Buchanan Bartlett filed a suit against Ebenezer Bartlett as the Administration of the estate of William Bartlett, but the suit was dismissed and Phoebe ordered to pay court costs. Recorded Nicholas Co. Ky.


Will Book "B", p. 138-141 Sale Bill of William Bartlett.  Lists the piece of property or article bought plus the price and Name of purchaser. Some of those named were, Josiah McCabe, Isaac Hughes, Benone (Benoni) Duncan, Samuel Bartlett, Phebe Bartlett, Haynes (Haines) (Hanes) Bartlett, James Mullican, George Swart(z), James Wilson, Franklin Bedinger, James Buckhannon (Buchannon), Ebenezer Bartlett, William Powell, William Mutican,  Jos. Ellerbach, Segran Pitt, Henry Spau, Benjamin Prather, William Wiggins, Ashford Prather, James Standerford, John Hunter, James Nelson, Zadock Moor, John McCord, Andrew Snider, Thomas McCarty, Robert Edwards, Jeremiah Prather, Jacob Eaton, Jeffrey Bartlett, William McCabe, Thomas Herendon, Henry Dalles, John Jud, Solomon Bedinger,  Jacob Spau, Samuel Swartz, Richard Dogget, Henry Shaw, Tidehiah More, D. Bedinger, John Hildreth, Joseph Mitchel, Henry Bishop, Samuel Griffith, John Terrenel, D.P. Bedinger, John Brown, William Hunter, William Shackelford, John McCord, Jr.


William Bartlett Heirs vs. James Buchannon.  Bill Chancery filed Sept. 1830 continued till 1844.  Bartlett heirs to wit: Ebenezer Bartlett, Joseph Bartlett, James Wilson and wife, Samuel Bartlett, Ashford Prather and wife Polly ______ Foster and wife.  Polly, William,  Aaron, Harrison, Pheba, Lettice and Dorcas Foster, children and heirs of Ann Foster, deceased, late Ann Bartlett. William Bartlett and Squire Bartlett, children of William Bartlett, Jr. deceased.  Betsy, William Preston, Mary, Mahala Duncan, children of Pheba Duncan, deceased late Bartlett, and George Swart and his wife, late Bartlett, legal heirs of said William Bartlett.


Duncan Heirs vs. Duncan Administrator (Jas Buchanan) Phebe Duncan deceased in 1825. Children all under 21 except Betsy who was 21. James Buchanan, adm. of estate. The Duncan heirs claimed Buchanan kept money from the sale of property of Phebe Duncan.


                William Bartlett and Phebe Buchannan were orators in a case concerning James Buchanan, deceased in 1816.  This pertained to a debt of Buchanan's in 1781.


                Note:  I believe Phebe Buchanan Bartlett should have been given her dower share of William Bartlett's estate, but who am I to say. LMHW.




Joseph Bartlett             m. Nancy Jackson                1/30/1806       Bourbon co.              Son of William Bartlett

Polly Bartlett                 m. Ashford Prather              3/15/1810                                           Daughter of William Bartlett

Nancy Bartlett             m. James Buchanan             1815                                                    Daughter of William Bartlett

Haynes Bartlett                        m. Polly Hildreth                   5/21/1820                                      Son of Samuel Bartlett

John Bartlett                 m. Sally Chaney                    2/10/1820                                           Probably son of Samuel Bartlett

Jeffrey Bartlett              m. Sarah Jarvis Herndon     4/17/1819                                           Son of Samuel Bartlett

Polly Bartlett                 m. Wm. Armstrong              1819                                                   

Elizabeth Bartlett          m. Aquilla Hildreth               3/14/1822                                           Daughter of Ebeneezer Bartlett

Cynthia Bartlett            m. Elisha E. Clayton 3/14/1822                                          

Eliza Bartlett                  m. Josiah McCabe                10/1/1826                                           Daughter of Ebeneezer Bartlett

Rachel Bartlett              m. Henry Duvall                   1827                                                   

Sally Bartlett                 m. Benjamin Prather l828                                                     Daughter of Samuel Bartlett       

Enos Bartlett                 m. Mary Snowden                1/30/1830       Estill co.                     Son of Samuel Bartlett

Mahala Bartlett             m. Ralph Evans                     12/15/1831                                         Daughter of Samuel Bartlett

William Bartlett III        m. Sophia Porter                   12/23/1835                                         Son of William Bartlett Jr.

Silas Bartlett                  m. Barbara McDaniel           4/19/1837       Mason co.                 Son of Samuel Bartlett

Eli Bartlett                      m. Barbara McDaniel           6/19/1841       Fleming co.                Son of Samuel Bartlett

Frances Bartlett            m. Sam P. Johnson               8/18/1852                                          


"Battle of Blue Licks" by Samuel M. Wilson. Sent to me by Mrs. Louise Crain Bartlett, whose husband is a descendant of William Bartlett.

                “ On June 25, 1787 James Parberry, then of Henry Co, Va. conveyed to James Buchanan of Bourbon Co.  one half of the entire tract of 450 acres and on Feb. 22, 1816, Phoebe Buchanan, widow and relict of James Buchanan, deceased and James Buchanan, Jr, heir in law of said James Buchanan deceased, with Mary Buchanan his wife, convey this half interest to William Bartlett of Nicholas Co. Ky.

                In the fall of 1815 or the winter of 1815-1816 William Bartlett undertook to survey and lay off a town at the Blue Licks by the name of Bartlettsburg and in the month of March 1816, held a public sale of the lots so laid off.  The original plot of this town was offered for record in the County Court of Nicholas Co. on Oct. 28, 1817, but being later amended was not regularly recorded until Nov. 28, 1817. Out of this enterprise and certain controversies which it developed respecting the rights of lot and land owners claiming under Bartlett on the one side and Major George M. Bedinger on the other side in the use of the salt springs on the North and South side of the Licking at the Blue Licks, arose a protracted law suit which was instituted in the Nicholas Circuit Court in the year 1821 by Major George M. Bedinger as the complainant against William’s, Radford, Whittenmore and Ballingall and the heirs of William Bartlett (who had previously died) and which finally reached the Court of Appeals, by which it was decided adversley to Bedinger on 31 Oct. 1829.


Carlisle Mercury Newspaper.  Nicholas Co. Ky.   23 Sept., 1926. The Famous Blue Lick Springs, noted throughout Dixieland and far into the North, as being in its time the most fashionable summer resort in the South, has been the subject of litigation in the Courts of Kentucky for many years.  William Bartlett, a rugged pioneer from Va., stopped at Stonier Creek, Bourbon Co...... he followed a buffalo trail and located at Blue Lick Springs, secured a grant of an extensive body of land from Virginia State Government, which included the famous Blue Licks Springs.  With his wife, son and son-in-law James Buchanan, lived at the springs and made salt.  He divided a part of this land into town lots, built cabins and called it "Bartlettsburg".

                The hearing of this case will come up in the November Term of Court for possession of this, the most historic Springs, in the United States, the home site of the first and only genuine Blue Licks Springs, which was originally granted to William Bartlett.

                Once, each year Kentucky pauses to commemorate the last battle of the Revolutionary War, which was staged at Blue Lick Springs in Nicholas Co. on August 19, 1782.  The ceremony is held on the site where 58 pioneers and patriots were slain by a force of 240 Indians of six tribes and a number of Canadian troops under command of Capt. Elm Caldwell.

                This spot is now a State Park and there is a shaft there erected by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with the names of the pioneers who lost their lives in what is considered the last battle of the Revolutionary War.


This is a story told by Thelma Sampson Standiford (Mrs. JA) as told by her paternal grandfather, Henry Bishop Sampson b. 1824. I had much correspondence with Thelma and really enjoyed her letters which were full of information on the area and the Bartlett family". LMHW.


                "William Bartlett Pioneer once owned all the land that could be seen from the top of the hill above Lincoln Abnee’s. This land included the Famous Blue Lick Springs and that Mr. Bartlett deeded it to the next owners reserving one half interest which he deeded to the public. This water had valuable minerals in it and was bottled and sold. Anyone could go and drink all they wanted and take a jug home with them. This property changed hands several times and finally came into possession of a man who sold all of the water, even by the glass, at five cents a glass. In the late 1800, early 1900's the water began to cease flowing. Some people thought it (the fracture) was a providential matter, others that there was a fault and the water was flowing into the Licking River. A $500 reward was offered to anyone who could find the cause of the failing water. No one ever found the cause. My maternal grandfather Thomas Wilson Hunter began excavating about the spring. About 20 feet below ground he found bones of buffalo, deer and elk, also a tusk 8 ft. long.  He was given the bones for his trouble". She also stated she lived in sight of the Blue Licks, and walked to grade school around Blue Lick Springs and attended church there. She visited the Hammond graveyard May 5, 1948 and found what was a cemetery with eleven native stones marking graves on the farm of W.L. McLean.  There were two trees, a cedar and an elm on either end. One stone had H.H. carved by hand, Oct. 31, possibly 59 and one J.V., also "Pioneer William Bartlett" d. Feb. 1821 (This date is not right and should be 1820.) Misdated stone placed there during litigations.

                Mrs. Jessie Hughes said that her grandfather Buchanan is buried in the small burying ground as William Bartlett (d. 1820). James Buchanan died during the last battle of the Revolutionary War August 19, 1782 at Blue Lick Springs, Ky. She also told about all kinds of trouble between the Bartletts and Buchanans over property left by William Bartlett. The Kentucky legislature finally settled the matter.


Excerpts from letters written to Lulu Reed Boss by John Bartlett  b. 1853, d. 1936 who lived at Salt Lick, Ky. for a time. He was a great grandson of Pioneer William. These letters were dated 21 Feb. 1936, 26 Feb. 1936 and 7 March 1936:

                "My father called William Bartlett granddad. My grandfather's name was Samuel Bartlett. Samuel had a brother Ebenezer. My dad always told me that William Bartlett owned Blue Licks and several thousand acres of land around Blue Licks, including the place he is buried, which is about three miles from the Licks on what is now called the Hammond farm. I have been to the grave of William Bartlett many times ...... on his tombstone is this simple inscription "William Bartlett, Pioneer, died 1820".


                William Bartlett was making salt at the Licks at the time of the Battle of Blue Licks and my dad spoke of William Bartlett as having been a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and that at the Battle he and several others saved their scalps by swimming the river right fernenst the battle ground and hid in a fallen tree top ..... the  Indians passed near but did not see them.


                The Bartlett Mansion on the Hammond farm is well preserved in the yard is an old style anvil, my dad said it was part of William Bartlett's old ship. I have in my possession William Bartlett's arithmetic and slate. The arithmetic is "Smiley's" .... I learned my "Figgers" from it. The slate is a large one with whangs securely tied across the corners .... on it is the cost mark in shillings and pence. I first saw this slate 80 years ago.


                My Dad was born in 1818 (Note: He was son of Enos, son of Samuel, son of Wm. d. 1820). My dad told me William Bartlett came from Virginia to the mountains of Kentucky when Kentucky was still a part of Virginia. He founded a Salt spring on Goose Creek, bought a lot of ground there and made salt, calling it "Goose Creek Salt Works".  Later he removed to Blue Licks, bought a lot of land there and made salt. He leased his land and salt well to parties Holidays as I remember the name ….  lease to run 100 years. I lived many years in Kansas and while there the Bartlett's made up a purse to investigate our claim. The envoy sent on this mission was S.J. Bartlett of Fredonia, Kansas. This was about the year 1886. S.J. Bartlett reported he found 1,000 acres of land in William Bartlett's name. When Richmond burned all records were destroyed and the statute of limitations and taxes together with adverse claimants had extinguished the Bartlett claim. 7 March 1936. John Bartlett age 84 states there were several daughters in the family of William Bartlett. One married George Swart and he mentioned "Aunt Betsy Herndon and Floyd Herndon”.  He recollects William Bartlett married two sisters.

NOTE: We have not yet proven that the William Bartlett of Madison co. is/is not the same as the William Bartlett of Nicholas co.















Standiford cem. is 2/3 way up left edge.


Herndon cem. is ½” up from bottom, 1/3 way from right edge.


Bartlett cem. is just inside blue boundary, ½ “ left and down from James Hammond.

D-1         Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett (4), Wm (3), Samuel (2), John (1), b. ca. 1777, d. 2 Dec.1843 Hancock Co. IL; m. before 10 Jan. 1799, Rebecca Standiford, b. 27 July 1782 Baltimore, MD, d. 2 Dec. 1845 Hancock Co. IL, where both are buried. She was dau. of Aquilla Standiford II, b. 24 August 1741, his second wife was Christine Wright, his third wife was Sarah Clark b. 10 June 1744, dau. of Jno. Clark on 27 Dec. 1764. He was son of William Standiford an adult in 1687.


Will of Ebeneezer Bartlett


Dated October 30, 1843, Carthage, Hancock Co, IL

Will Records, Hancock Co, IL, Will Book G, pages 6-8


“I Ebenezer BARTLETT of the county of Hancock and State of Illinois being of sound mind do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following:


First it is my Will that my funeral expenses, and all debts be fully paid.


Secondly I give to my wife, Rebecca, all the remainder of my property, real and personal during her lifetime or widowhood with full power while she remain my widow until death to dispose of it as she think proper but if she shall marry or die without first making a will then it is my will that my daughters Malinda DUNCAN, Sally Ann CRANDER (or Crowder) and Mary Jane BARTLETT have fifty dollars each then the balance of my property be equally divided between my two sons viz: Franklin J. BARTLETT, Henry J. BARTLETT, and my three daughters Malinda DUNCAN, Sally Ann CROWDER and Mary Jane BARTLETT, and Lastly I name my son Franklin J. BARTLETT and William DARNALL executors.


In Testimony whereof I set my hand and seal this 30th day of October A.D. 1843.


(Signed) Ebenezer BARTLETT


Witnesses: William DARNALL, Nathan H. GRAFTON"


Will of Ebenezer Seeley Bartlett was proven Dec. 1843.

                A note from Mrs. Alice Evarts Hurd, widow of Samuel W. Widney of Denver, Colo.  "Ebenezer Bartlett and wife Rebecca Standiford left Nicholas Co. Ky. ca. 1828-30 and went to Springfield, IL, where they lived four years, and then to Pike Co. IL, where they stayed two years and finally to Hancock Co. IL, where he owned a grist and saw mill and died there”. -LMHW.


                In 1818, an Ebeneezer Bartlett, of Salem, Massachusetts, received a warrant on land in McDonough county, in the Miltary Land Bounty section of west Illinois: SE  S19,  4N, 2W,  N. 4th PM (160 acres), for his service in the War of 1812, 9th Infantry, US Army (Capt. Turner Crooker’s Company), in the Battle of Chippewa; he sold it immediately in Washington DC. This land is on Grindstone Creek, a tributary to the LaMoine River, south of Macomb. I don't know if this was the same Ebeneezer.

                Ebeneezer (D-1) is in the taxes of Nicholas co, from their beginning in 1800 until 1826; he is in the 1830 Census of  Fleming co KY, p16, signed off 27 November.

                On 25 October 1830, Eb bought Lot #4, Block 31, in the town of Springfield (7th and Madison), Sangamon county, Illinois, which he sold on 3 Aug. 1833. On May 16, 1831 Eb homesteaded 80 acres in the southern part of town, the S½, NE¼, S6, T15N, R5W; he sold this to John Crowder, brother of his son-in-law Albert Crowder, Oct. 14, 1834.

                Eb's son Frank was married to Lydia Karges in Pike county to the west on 6 Jan.1834. On March 12, 1834, Aquilla Hildreth, Eb's son-in-law by his daughter Elizabeth, received his patent on the NW¼ of  S32, T3S, R2W, which he sold to Frank Bartlett in May 1834; 1835 is the earliest date Aquilla had a child born in Illinois. In 1836, Eb sold the NW¼ of the NE¼, T3S, R2W, next door; in 1840 he received another patent on the same land, and his son Henry J. received one for the ¼¼  to the east. Eb is listed there in the 1840 Census with his son Frank J. This land is just south of Chambersburg.

                In September 1837, his son Henry J. was married in Hancock co to the north, his daughter Malinda was married there in 1838; Aquilla Hildreth received a patent on land in Section 1, R5W, T5N in 1840. At the same time, Eb and Frank received patents there, in Hancock township, about 4 miles northwest of the town of Colmar. Frank’s deed says he was in Pike county at the time. This land is on the Lemoine river, next to a grist mill then owned by Samuel Brown. Frank was owner of a mill, on Crooked Creek, where he sawed wood and ground wheat. His neighbors in the 1840 Census are the same ones listed as local homesteaders; these people were the pioneers in the area. Eb died 2 Dec. 1843, and is most likely buried either in the Bloyd/Belknap, or the Brown cemeteries, which have many unmarked graves.


                                                                Census Data for Ebeneezer Seeley Bartlett


Statistical analysis of Census records indicates 7 girls and 2 boys.

 The identities of the two older males in the 1810 are unknown.


                            Nicholas Co                    Fleming Co                           Fleming Co                     Hancock Co.

                     1810                                      1820                                      1830                                1840

             2 males 16-26                        2 males under 10                   1 male 10-15                    1 male 60-70

             1 male 26-45                          2 males 10-16                         1 male 15-20                    1 female 10-15

             4 females under 10               1 male 26-45                           1 male 50-60                    1 female 15-20

             1 female 26-45                       1 female under 10                  1 female under 5             1 female 50-60

                                                            3 females 10-16                      1 female 5-10

                                                            1 female 16-26                        1 female 10-15

                                                            1 female 26-45                        1 female 50-60


                Children of Ebeneezer Seeley Bartlett and Rebecca Standiford, all born in Kentucky:


E-1          Sarah Bartlett (5) m. Lapham.

E-2          Elizabeth Bartlett (5) b. 1805, m. 14  Mar. 1822 KY, Aquilla Hildreth.

E-3          Lucinda Bartlett (5)  b. 30 Nov. 1807, m. 11 May 1824, Mason co KY, Robert Fristoe.

E-4          Eliza Bartlett (5) b. abt. 1808, m. 1 Oct. 1826, Nicholas co KY, Josiah McCabe.

E-5          Franklin James Bartlett (5) b. 1810-1813, d. abt. 1843, m. 1 July 1834, Pike co. IL, Lydia Karges.

E-6          Henry Jackson Bartlett (5) b. 7 March 1818, m. 7 Sept. 1837, Hancock co. IL, Isabella Huddleston.

E-7          Mary Jane Bartlett (5) b. 1819 KY, m. 9 May 1844, Hancock co IL, James Legrande Sanford.

E-8          Malinda Bartlett (5) b.12 Nov. 1820, d. Nov. 1903; m. 13 Dec.1838, Hancock co. IL, Wm. Preston Duncan.

E-9          Sally Ann Bartlett (5) b. ca.1822, d.1848, Sangamon IL; m. 29 Dec. 1840, Hancock IL, Albert G. Crowder.


                The last 5 children are named in Ebenezer’s will; they are  probably the 5 children at  home in the 1830 Fleming Co. census and went with him to Illinois.  He may have given property to the first four girls before he left Kentucky.


E-2          Elizabeth S. Bartlett (5) b. 17 Nov. 1805, Nicholas co, KY, d. 25 May 1866, LaHarpe IL; m. 4 March 1822, KY, Aquilla Hildreth, b. 27 Feb. 1792 KY, d.27 Jan. 1864. The Hildreths moved to Illinois 1833-1835; they are in the 1850 Census of Hancock co IL, LaHarpe twp, p 428b, and are buried in LaHarpe cem.

                F-1      Ebeneezer Hildreth (6) b. 24 Nov. 1823 Maysville KY, d. KS; m. 02/26/1852, Hancock

                            co, IL, Margaret E. Moss b. 1831, IN. They are in the 1870 KS, Johnson co, Oxford twp, Olathe P.O.

                            Bur. LaHarpe cem.

                            G-1      William Jackson Hildreth (7) b. 1 Feb. 1853, Hancock IL.

                            G-2      James Buchannan Hildreth (7) b. 28 Nov. 1856, Hancock IL.

                            G-3      Elizabeth Hildreth (7) b. 4 Jan. 1857, d. 8 March 1862, bur. LaHarpe cem.

                            G-4      Douglas McArthur Hildreth (7) b. 25 Dec. 1858, Hancock IL.

                            G-5      Eliza Rilda Hildreth (7) b. 15 Nov. 1860, Hancock IL.

                            G-6      Franklin Lafayette Hildreth (7) b. 6 Mar. 1863, Hancock IL.

                            G-7      Frances Hildreth (7) b. 28 Oct. 1866, Hancock IL.

                F-2      William S. Hildreth (6) b. 1828 KY, m. 2 Jan. 1848, Rush co. IN,  Lavonne Y. Carley, b. 1830 ME.

                            Censuses: 1850 Rush IN, p408b, wagon maker; 1860 Clay co, MO, Liberty twp, City of Liberty,

                            p 949; 1870 Champaign IL, Tolono twp.

                            G-1      Hortensia A. Hildreth (7) b. 1849 IN; m. 21 Dec. 1873, Champaign IL, John H. Hoy.

                            G-2      Winfield Scott Hildreth (7) b. 29 Oct. 1859, Liberty MO.

                            G-3      Carley Fremont Hildreth (7) b. 15 Aug. 1861, Cameron  MO.

                            G-4      Lucy Hildreth (7) b. 1869 IL.

                F-3      Columbus Franklin Hildreth (6) b. 5 Sept. 1834 KY; m. 27 Mar.1856, Hancock IL, Henrietta Shinn,

                            b.1838 VA, dau. Moses Shinn and Sarah Kyle.

                            G-1      George Kirkpatrick Hildreth (7) b. 20 Jan. 1858, Burr Oak, Jewell, KS.

                            G-2      Jennette Hildreth (7) b. 1858.

                F-4      Mary Jane Hildreth (6) b. 19 Dec. 1835 IL, d. 1920, South Dakota; m. 07/02/1857, McDonough co IL,

                            John W. Ward, b. 14 Dec. 1838, Pike IL; d. 16 Mar. 1874, Avoca, Pottawatomie co, IA. She rem,

                            1875, Avoca IA, Andrew Boomer. They moved to Black Hills SD, then to Camp Crook, Harding co,

                            SD. Mrs. A.J. Boomer is there in 1910.

                            G-1      Arabella Ward (7) b. 1860, d. 1921; m. John Sankey, b. 1851, d. 1903. On 12/09/1907, Arabella                                              Sankey received patents on two pieces of property; the E½SE, and the N½NE, of  S14, twp.

                                        17-N, Range 2-E, Black Hills, Harding co, SD. On 04/28/1910, she homesteaded the W½ of

                                        SW¼ of  Section 14, in the town of Harding, Harding co, in the Black Hills of SD.

                                        H-1      Maude Sankey (8).

                                        H-2      Mabel Sankey (8).

                                        H-3      Harry Sankey (8) b. 1884  IA.

                                        H-4      Elmer Sankey (8).

                                        H-5      Charles Oliver Sankey (8).

                                        H-7      Mona Sankey (8) b. 1895 IA.

                                        H-8      Edwin Sankey (8) d. age 22 in IA.

                            G-2      William C. Ward (7) b. 1858, d. 1937.

                            G-3      James M. Ward (7) b. 1861, IL, d. 1946; m. Della M. ___, b.1883, KS. On 03/17/1913, James

                                        received a patent on Lot 5, SW NW, of Section 6, 16-N, 2-E, in Harding co. He was in Hardin,

                                        SD in 1910.

                                        H-1      J. Edgar Ward (8) b. 1903, SD.

                                        H-2      Edith M. Ward (8) b. 1904, SD.

                                        H-3      Edna M. Ward (8) b. 1905, SD.

                            G-4      Johnnie Ward (7) b, d. 1866.

                            G-5      Annie B. Ward (7) b. 1870, d. 1874.

                F-5      John P. Hildreth (6) b. 1839 IL, m. 08/23/1866, Hancock IL, Amanda Beaseley, b. 1830 TN, d.

                            20 June 1901, LaHarpe, bur. Green City MO. He was a Private in Company C, 28th IL inf.

                            G-1      Elizabeth Hildreth (7) b. 1869.

                            G-2      Jane Hildreth (7) b. 1871. Both unmarried in 1900 Census.

                F-6      Aquilla Hildreth (6) b. 13 Feb. 1840 IL; d. 16 May 1864, during the Civil War. He had served

                            with Co. K. 118th IL. Inf.  Census says b. 1840, gravestone says March 1842, bur. LaHarpe cem,.

                F-7      Franklin Hildreth (6) b. 8 Feb. 1843 IL.

                F-8      Rebecca Hildreth (6) b. 28 Jun 1845 IL; m. 15 Nov. 1865, Pike IL, James G. Young.

E-3          Lucinda Bartlett (5)  b. 30 Nov. 1807 Mason Co. KY, d. 15 Nov. 1867 Mason Co. Ky, m. 11 May 1824,

                Mason KY, Robert Fristoe, b. 4 April 1801 Stafford Co. VA, d. 16 June 1873 Mason Co. KY, son of  Richard        Fristoe IV and Sarah Hardin.

                F-1      Elizabeth Hildreth Fristoe (6) b. 20 Aug. 1826 Mason Co. Ky, d. 4 Dec. 1917 Maysville, Ky; m                                         1) 12 Oct. 1845, Mason KY, Byram Harding, Jr, m. 2) 17 April 1855 Jacob Reed of Mason Co. Ky.

                            G-1      Lucinda V. Harding (7) b. 1847;  m. J. C. A. King.

                            G-2      Robert Parker Reed (7)  b. 27 Oct. 1858, d. 29 May 1859.

                            G-3      Charles Franklin Reed (7) b. 17 Sept. 1861 Mason Co. KY,  d. 5 March 1955 Maysville;                                                         m. 1 Feb. 1885 Jennie M. Kehoe, b. 8 Aug. 1859, d. 7 Dec. 1949.

                                        H-1      Elizabeth Reed (8) b. Jan. 1886.

                                        H-2      Nora M. Reed (8) b. July 1887.

                                        H-3      Lulu A. Reed (8) b. 2 July 1889, d. Dec. 1972, Maysville KY, m. Boss.

                                        H-4      James Reed (8) b. Nov. 1891.

                F-2      James Bailey Fristoe (6)  b. 10 April 1828, Mason Co. Ky, d. 3 Oct. 1910,  m. 29 Jan. 1879

                            Elizabeth A. Kelly, b. July 1859 KY. They lived in the Orangeburg precinct.

                            G-1      Nettie A. Fristoe (7) b. Feb.1880, Mason KY.

                            G-2      Ida M. Fristoe (7) b. Feb. 1882, KY.

                            G-3      Lenora L. Fristoe (7) b. Nov. 1884 KY.

                F-3      Silas Franklin Fristoe (6) b. 30 April 1833, Mason Co. Ky, d. 2 June 1917, Hamilton co, OH; m.

                            4 May 1859, Julia Shackleford, b. 1837 KY.

                            G-1      Katie Poyntz Fristoe (7) b. 6 July 1861 Mason KY.

                            G-2      Sarah B. Fristoe (7) b. 1862 Mason KY.

                            G-3      Lucinda Fristoe (7) b. 1862 Mason KY.

                            G-3      Annie L. Fristoe (7) b. 1867 Mason KY.

                            G-4      James B. Fristoe (7) b. 1877 Mason KY.

                            G-5      Lena B. Fristoe (7) b. 1877 Mason KY, they were twins.

E-4          Eliza Bartlett (5) b. abt. 1808, m. 1 Oct. 1826, Nicholas Co. KY,  Josiah McCabe. (1830 Nicholas).

                F-1      Cynthia McCabe (6) b. 16 Nov. 1827, Nicholas KY, d. 25 March 1905, m. 12 July 1849 George

                            Standiford, b.1823, d. 1903. He was her second cousin, twice removed. In 1860, they were living next

                            door to Enos Bartlett, her first cousin.

                            G-1      James Franklin McCabe Standiford  (7) b. 21 April 1850, d. 17 Sept. 1941, Nicholas KY; m.

                                        Sarah Vaughn Hildreth, b. May 1855 KY, from which line Mrs. J.A. (Thelma) Standiford's

                                        husband comes. They lived at Lower Blue Licks.

                                        H-1      Simon Kenton Standiford (7) b. Nov. 1874 Nichlolas KY, d. 12/04/1959, Nicholas.

                                        H-2      Sarah V. Standiford (7) b. 1876 Nicholas KY.

                                        H-3      Ollie D. Standiford (7) b. 1878 Nicholas KY.

                                        H-4      Mary M. Standiford (7) b. 1879 Nicholas KY.

                                        H-5      Etna J. Standiford (7) b. Feb. 1879.

                                        H-6      Carrie H. Standiford (7) b. Nov. 1890.

                            G-2      John Bruce Standiford (7) b. 19 May 1859, d. 18 April 1919; no children.

                            G-3      Robert McCabe Standiford (7) b. 1861, m. Dorothy Hickman.

                            G-4      Rebecca Ann Standiford (7) b. 30 Oct. 1865, d. 6 Oct. 1866.

                            G-5      William McCabe Standiford (7) b. 1865, m  Addie Hickman, b. 1867, d. 1892; both bur.

                                        Standiford cem.

                            G-6      Chas. Baker McCabe Standiford (7) b. 15 Oct. 1868, d. 1954, m. Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie)

                                        Hickman, b. May 1875, d. 30 March 1923, Nicholas KY.

                                        H-1      Ella Standiford (8) b. April 1900.

                                        H-2      Pauline M. Standiford (8) b. 1913, d. 15 April 1919.

                F-2      Lucy McCabe (6) b. 1830, d. 1857, m. 8 Sept. 1852, Henry B. Sampson and moved to Kansas.

                F-3      James McCabe (6) b. 1831, m. Elizabeth Bingham, b. 1831 IN. He was a RR contractor.

                            G-1      Alice McCabe (7) b. 1856 KY.

                            G-2      Robert McCabe (7) b. 1864.

                F-4      Rebecca McCabe (6) m. 18 Aug. 1847, Allen P. Bishop and moved to Texas.

                F-5      William McCabe (6) b. 1817 KY, d. 1927; m. 16 April 1840, Nicholas KY, Nancy Myers, b. 1826.

                            They are near Thomas Myers m. Margaret, in 1860 Census. All kids b. KY.

                            G-1      James M. McCabe (7) b. 1844.

                            G-2      Mary McCabe (7) b. 1849.

                            G-3      John McCabe (7) b. 1853.

                            G-4      Eldridge Walter McCabe (7)  b. 15 Sept. 1855, d. 01/18/1928, Nicholas Co.

                            G-5      William McCabe (7) b. 1858.

                            G-6      Jefferson McCabe (7) b. 1860.

                            G-7      Annibele McCabe (7) b. 1867.

                            G-8      Cynthia McCabe (7) b. 1870.         

E-5          Franklin James Bartlett (5) b. 1810-1813 Nicholas co KY, d. abt.1842; m. 6 Jan. 1834, Pike co. IL, Lydia

                Karges, b. July 1814 OH, d. 14 Oct. 1859, bur. Griggsville cem. She was a sister of  Peter Karges, a

                neighbor, b.1799 MD, d. 1870, and Elizabeth Karges, d. 1856. I think Frank is buried there also, but his

                stone is too badly eroded to read clearly.

                F-1      Rebecca Ann M. Bartlett (6) b. 1835, d. 12/21/1863, bur. Griggsville Cem, m. 15 Nov. 1857, Pike IL,

                            George E. Sheff, b. 1830, son of John and Susan Sheff. He rem. 20 May 1866, Anna Marie Carson.

                            They lived in Deroy twp. He d. 31 May 1878, New Martinsburg,  Pike IL.

                            G-1      Charles Henry Sheff (7) b. 2 Sept.1858, d. 22 June 1931 Haven, Reno co, KS; m. 12/24/1886,

                                        Pike IL, Marcella N. Moore.

                            G-2      Edward Sheff (7) b. 10 Sept. 1861, d. 1 Oct.1862, bur. Griggsville cem.

                By Anna Marie:

                            G-3      Cora F. Sheff (7) b. 16 August 1867, d. 29 March 1934, Granger WA; m. 02/01/1883, Adams

                                        IL, William Spies.

                                        H-1      Eva Spies (8) m. McCulley.

                                                    I-1       Merrianna McCulley (9) m. Walker.

                            G-4      Effie Sheff (7) m. 11/08/1893, Pike IL, Stephen Douglas Coultas, b. Feb. 1863 MO, both bur.

                                        LaHarpe cem, no children found. He was son of  Jacob Coultas and Eliza Cox, m. Mar 4, 1857,

                                        Scott County, IL. In 1900 Stephen listed with Effie, father Jacob, and mother-in-law, Maria

                                        Sheff in Pike County. Jacob Coultas was the son of William Coultas and Mary Sanderson, m. 14

                                        Feb 1814, Pickering. William Coultas was christened 1790, Pickering, Yorkshire, England, son

                                        of William Coultas and Elizabeth Hornsby.

                F-2      Henry J. Bartlett (6) b. 29 July 1836, d. 26 Nov. 1900, m. 28 Aug. 1858, Pike IL, Sarah Jane Sheff, b.

                            1840, d. 1924, both bur. Griggsville Cem. He was a carpenter and wagon-maker.

                            G-1      Franklin Charles Bartlett (7) b. 1860, d. 4 Nov. 1927, bur. Griggsville cem; m. 28 June 1878,

                                        Pike IL, Ida Emma Gratton.

                                        H-1      Frank L. Bartlett (8) Lived at 5115 Palm st, Inglewood CA, in 1927.

                                        H-2      Charles E. Bartlett (8) b. May 1879. In IL State Reformatory in 1900, Griggsville in


                                        H-2      Bessie Bartlett (8) b.1883, m. 02/28/1900, Pike co, Herman Vandament, b.1878 IL. In                                                         1920, they lived on Archer st, Tulsa OK. She lived at 2745 E. 5th st, Tulsa OK, in 1927.

                                                    I-1       Pay Vandament (9) b. 1901 IL. Daughter.                                      

                F-3      Harmon Bartlett (6) b. 1841. He was in Pike co in 1860, Henry J. released as guardian.

E-6          Henry Jackson Bartlett (5) b. 7 March 1818 KY, m. 7 Sep. 1837, Hancock co. IL, Isabella G. Huddleston, b.

                1818 TN, father L.D. Huddleston, b. 1782, NC. He was living with them in 1860 McDonough co.

                F-1      William T. Bartlett (6) b. 1839, IL.

                F-2      Lucinda Bartlett (6) b. 1840, IL

                F-3      Malinda Bartlett (6) b. 1845, IL

E-7          Mary Jane Bartlett (5) b. 1817 KY, d. 1889, m. 9 May 1844, Hancock co IL, James Legrande Sanford,

                b. 1818 NY. (1850 Hancock).

                F-1      Henry W. Sanford (6) b. 1848, m. 10/25/1868, Hancock IL, Mary C. Williams.

                F-2      George W. Sanford (6) b. 1849 IL.

                F-3      lda M. Sanford (6) b. 1852 IL, m. 11/12/1874, Hancock co IL, Thomas Bush (Rush).

                F-4      Willis Sanford (6) b. 1855 IL.

                F-5      Albert Sanford (6) b. 1863 IL.

                F-6      Eddie Sanford (6) b. 1868 IL

E-8          Malinda Bartlett (5) b. 12 Nov. 1820, d. 17 Oct. 1903, m. 1) 13 Dec.1838 Hancock co, IL, Wm. Preston

                Duncan, gone in 1850. They were cousins, See page 50; m. 2) 4 mar. 1851, LaHarpe IL, Elias Bower, b.

                1822 PA, d. 3 Aug. 1898. Bur. LaHarpe cem.

                F-1      James Franklin Duncan  (6) b. 1839, d. 1949.

                F-2      Amanda Duncan (6) b. 1840-1845, d.1847.

                F-3      Sarah Ann Duncan (6) b. 8 Dec. 1841, La Harpe IL, d. 26 April 1934. With Sanfords in 1850; m. 26                                                  March 1868, Hancock IL, Samuel E. Hurd, b. 1825 NY. He was a drygoods merchant in LaHarpe.

                            G-1      Alice Evarts Hurd (7) b. 8 Feb. 1869, LaHarpe, d. June 1946, Denver CO; m. 16 Jan. 1892,                                                                  Samuel W. Widney.

                                        H-1      Harold Widney (8) b. 2 June 1894, m. 30 Sept. 1923, Susan May Wilson of

                                                    Denver, CO.

                                        H-2      Alfred Widney (8) b. 6 Dec. 1895, Denver CO, d. 10 March 1911.

                            G-2      America Hurd (7) b. 1870 LaHarpe.

                            G-3      Blanche Bartlett Hurd (7) b. 12 June 1870 (NY?), d. 8 Nov. 1928 Mt. Vernon, NY, m. 1) 10

                                        Nov. 1891, NY,  Frank S.R. Douglas, m. 2) 5 Feb. 1921, NY,  W.E. Hotchkiss.

                                        H-1      Bernice Hurd Douglas (8) b. 4 Feb. 1902.

                F-4      George F. Bower (6) b. 24 July 1852 IL, d. 23 Jan. 1888: m. 3 Jan. 1878, Ella Ely. Bur. LaHarpe


                F-5      Charles B. Bower (6) b. 1854 IL, d. 1928.

                F-6      Jennie Bower (6) b.1863 IL.

E-9          Sarah (Sally) A. Bartlett (5) b. abt. 1822 KY, d. 3 June 1846; m. 29 Dec.1840, Hancock IL, Albert G.

                Crowder, b. Oct. 16, 1816, Green county  KY, d. 17 Mar. 1846. Both d. Sangamon county, where they had

                two children. He came to Sangamon county with his parents in 1830.

                F-1      Mary J. Crowder (6) b. abt. 1841, m. 03/08/1861, Sangamon IL, William Wade Lapham, b. 1840.

                            They Resided Decatur.

                            G-1      W. Albert Lapham (7) b. 1862.

                            G-2      Minnie F. Lapham (7) b. abt.1864.

                F-2      Fannie Crowder (6) b. 1846, Sangamon Co IL, d. 17 May 1918; m. 09/05/1866, John Jamison. He was

                            born Sept. 24, 1834, in Glasgow, Scotland, d. after 1888. They resided Chatham & Auburn in 1874, a

                            Mary Jamison 55, b. Scotland, lived with them in 1870.

                            G-1      Maria L. D. Jamison (7)  b. 1860, d. before 1918.

                            G-2      Mary F. Jamison  (7) b. 1867, d. before 1918.

                            G-3      Sarah S. Jamison (7) b. 1869, d. 13 Sept. 1928, m. Willis. No children. They lived in Cheyenne

                                        WY, and Springfield IL.

                            G-4      Edward Jamison (7).



                Information on the following descendants of Samuel Bartlett (D-2), the second son of William Bartlett, was supplied by Mrs. B.F. (Louise Crain) Bartlett of Paris, Ky, Mrs. Arch (Laura Bartlett) Lutes, whom I tried to correspond with in 1958, 1959, but due to her age and being the youngest of his children did not know the older members of the family, and Margaret Bartlett Cole who I corresponded with in 1960. There is confusion here as exact number of children, names, etc. is not known. Some Census data is given. LMHW.



D-2         Samuel Bartlett (4) b. 1780 in VA, d. 1859 Nicholas co, KY; m. ca. 1797, Mary (Margaret) Tully (Tulley), b. 1777 Maryland. He was in the Nicholas co. taxes, on the Bartlett property, on the Licking river, from their beginning in 1800; taxed $70 in 1855, $40 in 1856, $50 in 1857, listed but not taxed in 1858 and 1859, not listed thereafter. Analysis of Census records through 1850 indicate 7 boys and 3 girls. No will or settlement was found. Samuel was apparently living with Enos when he died, and is most likely buried in the Bartlett cemetery.


                                  Census Data for Samuel Bartlett for 1810, 1820, 1830  Nicholas Co. Ky.

                                  1810                                                    1820                                                    1830

                          2 males under 10                               4 males under 10                                 2 males 10-15

                          1 male 10-16                                       1 male 16-18                                         2 males 15-20

                          1 male 26-45                                       1 male 16-26                                         1 male 20-30

                          2 females under 10                           1 male 26-45                                         1 male 50-60

                          1 female 16-26                                   3 females 10-16                                   1 female 15-20

                          1 female 26-45                                   1 female 20-30                                     1 female 40-50


E-1          Haynes Bartlett (5) b. ca. 1797-1799, m. 20 May 1820 Polly Hildreth. (1820 Nicholas).

E-2          Jeffrey Bartlett (5) b. 1800, m. 17 April 1819 Sarah Jarvis Herndon. (1820 Nicholas).

E-3          Boy b. ca. 1802-3. (maybe John who m. Sally Chaney 1820). In 1833, Samuel sold land on Licking river to              John Bartlett, whose only child and heir was Sarah Bartlett. John d. about 1835.

E-4          Girl b. ca. 1804. (maybe Cynthia m. Elisha Claughton 3/11/1822).

E-5          Sally Bartlett (5) b. 1806, m. 1 Jan. 1828, Benjamin C. Prather. (1830 Nicholas).

E-6          Mahala Bartlett (5) b. ca. 1810; m. 15 Dec. 1831, Ralph Evans, b. 1810-1820. (1840 Fleming). She died before Aug. 15, 1847, when he remarried.

E-7          Enos Bartlett (5) b. 1813, m. 30 Jan. 1830, Mary Ladonia Snowden.

E-8          Boy b. 1814-1815. Single 1830; (maybe William who m. Sophia Porter 12/24/1835). There is also a Perry                 Bartlett in the Nicholas taxes in 1835, who is unaccounted for.

E-9          Eli Bartlett (5) b. 1815, m. 19 June 1841 Margery E. Barrett. Note: Eli was 35, 43, 54, & 63 in census records.

E-10       Silas Bartlett (5) b. 1820, m. 1837 Barbara McDaniel.



E-1          Haynes Bartlett (5) b. ca. 1797-1799 Mason county, Kentucky, d. ca. 1843, Lawrence co, IN. He m. 20 May 1820, Nicholas Co, KY, Polly Hildreth. The date of death on the “Mary A wife of H Bartlett” gravestone in Smith cem. is November 30, 1863; the "at age", gives a birth date of April 6, 1801. Haynes is in the taxes of Nicholas co, KY 1821 - 1825, and in 1834, about the time they moved to Lawrence co, IN, where he was evidently squatting on land not yet in the public domain, just west of Lawrenceport. Probably buried Smith cem. At least 8 children. His son James was living on the same land in 1850.

                F-1      James B. Bartlett (6) b. 1823 KY, d. Dec 1871 Lawrence county IN, bur. Smith cem, m. 1) 20 April 1843 Lawrence co. IN. Catherine J. Frost,  d. before 1850, Dau. of Israel Frost , b. 1790 NC, who m. 1817, Francis Henderson, m. 2) 31 Aug. 1854 Mary Ann Vest, b. 1827. She rem. Isaac Collins. Children listed as Bartlett Stepchildren.

                            G-1      Katherine J. Bartlett (7) b. 1848 Lawrence co, IN.

                            G-2      Bennett Bartlett  (7) b. 1850 Lawrence co, IN.

                            G-3      Elizabeth J. Bartlett (7) b. 1850 Lawrence co, IN.

                            G-4      John Wesley Bartlett (7) b. March 1856, d. 1944 Lawrence co, IN,  m. 17 Jan. 1878 Elizabeth

                                        Akin, b Oct. 1847, d 1932. Both buried Lawrenceport cem.

                                        H-1      Ettie Bartlett (8) b.1878.

                            G-5      James B. Bartlett (7) b. 1860, d. 1939 Lawrence co, IN, m. 14 Oct. 1887, Barbara Chastain, b.                                                              1863, d. 1944. Both buried Lawrenceport cem,

                                        H-1      Lester Bartlett (8) b. 24 June 1911, d. 3 Oct. 1966, Lawrence co, IN, m. Eva _____,                                                                              b. 2 July 1916. Buried Lawrenceport cem.

                                                    I-1       James W. Bartlett (9). He lives Mitchell, IN.

                            G-6      Julia Bartlett (7) b. 1863 Lawrence co, IN.

                            G-7      Schuyler Bartlett (7) b. 1868 Lawrence co, IN.

                            G-8      Oscar Bartlett (7) b. 1872 Lawrence co, IN.                                 

                F-2      Josiah (Joseph) Bartlett (6) b. 15 March 1836, Lawrence co. IN, d. 21 Aug. 1911 McDonough  IL,

                            m. 11 Feb.1855 IN, Martha Jane Hanks, b. 8 May 1838 Monroe co. KY, d. 25 Sept. 1911. Both buried

                            Irwin cem, Plymouth, Hancock co, IL.

                            G-1      Sarah Mildred Bartlett (7) b. 1 April 1856, d. 26 May 1926 Colmar, Mc Donough co, IL, bur.

                                        Carthage Mausoleum, Hancock co, IL, m. 20 April 1876 Warren Leroy Babcock, Mc Donough

                                        co, IL, Lic. # 699.

                                        H-1      Josephine Babcock (8) b. 26 July 1878, m. Clem Mason.

                                                    I-1       Beatrice Mason (9).

                                        H-2      Otho Lee Babcock (8) b. 16 August 1879, d. 31 Oct. 1961 Tucson AZ, m. 1903 Ethel

                                                    Johnson, d. 1956.

                                                    I-1       Eura Babcock (9) m. Skip Barber, Lived in Tucson AZ.

                                                    I-2       Floyd William Babcock (9) b. 7 Oct. 1906, Plymouth, Hancock co, IL; d. 27 Oct. 1994, Daytona Beach, Volusia, FL; lived in MI.

                                                    I-3       Hila Francis Babcock (9) b. 23 Jan. 1909, Carthage IL, d. Aug. 1989; m. Kenneth

                                                                Wayne Wissinger, b. 4 Aug. 1907, d. June 1979. Both d. Grand Blanc, Genessee,


                                                    I-4       Forest Babcock (9).

                                                    I-5       Otho Lee Babcock (9).

                                                    I-6       Warren Babcock (9), b. 28 June 1922, IL; d. 7 June 1993, Daytona Beach, Volusia,

                                                                FL .

                                                    I-7       Lester Babcock (9) b. 23 Sept. 1919; d. July 1987, Tucson, Pima, AZ. Lived Wash.


                                                    I-8       Harriett Babcock (9).

                                        H-3      Martha Ellen Babcock (8) b. 24 July 1881 Hancock co. IL, d. 25 Sept. 1957, bur. Oak

                                                    Grove Cem, Macomb, McDonough co, IL, m. 1st 6 April 1904, Keokuk IA,

                                                    Raymond Johnson, m. 2nd Steven Smith.

                                                    I-1       Hallie Johnson (9) b. 5 Nov. 1904, Carthage, Hancock co, IL, d. 19 Jan. 1983,

                                                                Hamilton, Hancock co, IL.

                                                    I-2       Hugh Warren Johnson (9) b. 29 April 1906, Carthage, Hancock co, IL, d. 25 May

                                                                1979, Carthage, Hancock co, IL.

                                        H-4      Clyde William Babcock (8) b. 20 Nov. 1883, St. Mary's twp, Hancock co, IL, d. 29

                                                    June 1962, Huff, ND, bur. St. Mary's Cemetery, Hancock co, IL. Never married,

                                                    Occup: teacher.

                                        H-5      Arthur Swift Babcock (8) b. 27 Feb. 1885, St. Mary's twp, Hancock co, IL, d. 5 Oct.1930,

                                                    died of injuries suffered when struck by an automobile while laying gas pipe in the town

                                                    of Kankakee, IL, m. Cecilia J. Stokes.

                                                    I-1       Ruth Babcock (9).

                                                    I-2       Evelyn Babcock (9).

                                        H-6      Bertha Carrie Babcock (8) b. 23 Dec. 1888, Colby KS, d. 1 April 1964 Keokuk, IA, m.

                                                    24 Feb. 1909, William Hagmeier.

                                                    I-1       Herman William Hagmeier (9) b. 16 June 1910, d. 25 Sept 1910.

                                                    I-2       William Herman Hagemeier (9) , b. 16 June 1910, d. 24 Mar. 1997, Keokuk, Lee, IA.; they were twins.

                                                    I-3       Esther Hagmeier (9) b. 21 Oct. 1911.

                                                    I-4       Arthur Leroy Hagmeier (9) b. 21 April 1913, 17 Oct 1995, Keokuk, Lee, IA.

                                                    I-5       Chester Hugh Hagmeier (9) b. 29 June 1917.

                                                    I-6       Florence Hazel Hagmeier (9) b. 4 Jan. 1919.

                                                    I-7       Warren Lee Hagmeier (9) b. 2 Jan. 1924, d. 15 May 1997, Spicker, Grundy, MO.

                                                    I-8       Clyde William Hagmeier (9) b. 16 Aug. 1928, d. 19 Feb. 1998, Hamilton, Hancock, IL.

                                        H-7      Gertrude Sarah Babcock (8) b. 22 Mar. 1890, Colby KS, d. 6 May 1946, Biggsville, IL,

                                                    m. 9 Jan. 1909, Carson City, NV, John Earl Lawyer, b. Feb. 1886, d. Dec. 1960.

                                                    I-1       Mildred Naomi Lawyer (9) b. 2 Oct. 1909, d. 12 Feb. 1939; m. 2 Oct. 1938, Kenneth Whiteman. No children.

                                                    I-2       Faye Marie Lawyer (9) b. 10 May 1911, m. 1) 28 Feb. 1926, Paul Gibson, 2) 18 April , Herschel Wahrer.

                                                                J-1       Rachel Mildred Gibson (10) b. 13 May 1927; m. Robert Neff.

                                                                            K-1      Michael Lynn Neff (11) b. 30 July 1946.

                                                                            K-2      Dallas Steven Neff (11) b. 29 Aug. 1949, m. 5 Sept. 1970, Marcia                                             Lovell. No children.

                                                                            K-3      Debra Sue Neff (11) b. 23 Sept. 1952.

                                                                            K-4      Martha Ann Neff (11) b. 13 Dec. 1958.

                                                                            K-5      Denise Irene Neff (11) b. 2 May 1962.

                                                                J-2       Richard George Gibson (10) b. 10 May 1929.

                                                                J-3       Paul Gibson (10) b, d, 20 Jan. 1968

                                                    I-3       William LeRoy Lawyer (9) b. 31 Mar. 1913, d. 27 Mar. 1966, bur. Arlington Cemetery; m. 1) 14 Feb. 1931, Opal Huff; m. 2) 18 Dec. 1953, Dorothy Juan Ryken.

                                                    Children of Opal Huff:

                                                                J-1       Betty Ruth Lawyer (10) b. 9 Oct. 1931, m. 25 Nov. 1954, Warren Cook.

                                                                            K-1      Kim Allison Cook (11) b. 28 Aug. 1955; m. 25 June 1977 Jack

                                                                                        Norris, b.  22 Nov. 1945.

                                                                                        L-1      Christopher Warren Norris (12) b. 3 April 1978, Galesburg IL.                                     Lives in Bloomington IL.

                                                                            K-2      Katherine Ann Cook (11) b. 11 Dec. 1957; m. 26 Jan. 1980,

                                                                                        Galesburg IL, Terry Campbell, b. 9 Aug. 1956. Lives Abingdon IL.

                                                                                        L-1      Tony Warren Campbell (12) b. 15 Aug. 1980.

                                                                                        L-2      Tyson William Campbell (12) b. 24 Feb. 1986.

                                                                J-2       Barbara Jean Lawyer (10) b. 19 July 1935; m. 26 Dec. 1953, Harold

                                                                            Lindgren. Lives Houston.

                                                                            K-1      Michael Carl Lindgren (11) b. 18 June 1955; m. 1972, Sharon, 2

                                                                                        boys;  m. Elaine.

                                                                                        L-1      Stephen Carl Lindgren (12) b. 2 Oct. 1973; m, lives in Orange

                                                                                                    Beach FL.

                                                                                        L-2      James Michael Lindgren (12) b. 14 Aug. 1978.

                                                                J-3       Beverly Naomi Lawyer (10) b. 16 Oct. 1940; m. 18 Aug. 1962, William

                                                                            McGuffey. Lives Bakersfield.

                                                                            K-1      Sheryl Renee McGuffey (11) b. 18 June 1963; m. Tony Feliciano.

                                                                                        L-1      Meghan Feliciano (12) b. 18 Sept. 1987.

                                                                                        L-2      Nicholas Feliciano (12)

                                                                            K-2      Denise Diane (DeeDee) McGuffey (11) b. 21 Sept. 1968.

                                                                J-4       Bonnie Kay Lawyer (10) b. 17 July  , m. Gary Garman. M. three times.

                                                                            K-1      Gary Bradley (11) b. 22 Dec. 1962; one son Garrett Bradley.

                                                                            K-2      Bambi Lynn Garman (11) b. 8 May 1964; m. 1) George Rogerson, m.                          2) Brock Glover.

                                                                                        L-1      Cody Rogerson (12) b. 16 Aug. 1985.

                                                                                        L-2      Sammie Jo Rogerson (12) b. 28 Aug. 1986.

                                                                                        L-3      Brooke Glover (12).

                                                                                        L-4      Levi Glover (12).

                                                                            K-3      Brian Wayne Garman (11) d. 3 days.

                                                                            K-4      Heidi Marie Garman (11) b. 14 May 1968; m. Floyd Robertson.

                                                                                        L-1      Brian Wayne Robertson (12).

                                                                J-5       Bonita Lynn Lawyer (10) m. Roger Smith. Lives Burlington IA.

                                                                            K-1      Angela Marie Smith (11) b. 19 March 1975.

                                                    Children of Dorothy Juan Ryken, all b. Yankton SD:

                                                                J-1       Patricia Ann Lawyer (10) b. 31 Oct. 1954.

                                                                J-2       Jan Maureen Lawyer (10) b. 2 Jan. 1957.

                                                                J-3       William Leroy Lawyer, Jr. (10) b. 23 April 1958.

                                                                J-4       Susan Marie Lawyer (10) b. 7 Jan. 1960.

                                                                J-5       Taryn Rae Lawyer (10) b. 6 Jan. 1961.

                                                                J-5       Tamara Kay Lawyer (10) b. 1 Aug. 1963.

                                                    I-4       Gazella Lawyer (9) b. 14 July 1914; m. 1) Chalmer Gibson, b. 23 Dec. 1930, 2) 22 Dec. 1956, Joe Dura.

                                                                J-1       Shirley Ann Gibson (10) b. 1 Nov. 1931; m. 1) 1950, Glen Smith, m. 2) 22

                                                                            Dec. 1956, Joe Dura.

                                                                            K-1      Glenda Ann Smith (11) b. 5 July 19; m. June 1969, Robert Rodeffer.

                                                                                        L-1      Gretchen Smith (12) b. 13 March 1970.

                                                                            K-2      Lori Sue Smith (11) b. 26 July 195; m. 1) June 1971, Jerry Smith, 2)

                                                                                        22 April 1976, Thomas Gearhart.

                                                                                        L-2      Trenton Lee  Smith (12) b. 11 April 1972.

                                                                            K-3      Craig Lee Smith (11) b. 22 March 1959.

                                                                            K-4      Nancy Lynn Smith (12) b. 15 Nov. 19

                                                                J-2       Patricia Dura (10) b. 5 June 1933; m. 1) 29 Oct. 1950, Dale Pruett, 2)

                                                                            K-1      Michael Pruett (11) b. 11 June 1952; m. 15 Dec. 1973, Mona.

                                                                                        L-1      Monica Pruett (12) b. 15 Aug. 1975.

                                                                            K-2      David Pruett (11) b. 11 Jan. 1954; m. 1972, Lauri.

                                                                                        L-1      David Ryan Pruett (12) b. 3 June 1973.

                                                                                        L-2      Regan Denise Pruett (12) b. 22 June 1975.

                                                                            K-3      Gregory Pruett (11) b. 5 Jan. 1957.

                                                                            K-4      Gale Maria Pruett (11) b. 19 Oct. 1959.

                                                    I-5       Gladys Fern Lawyer (9) b.30 Aug. 1919; m. 19 June 1936, Gale Ross.

                                                                J-1       Melvin Gale Ross (10) b. 26 Jan. 1941; m. 1) Judy, 2) Judy.

                                                                            L-1      Michael Gale Ross (12) b. 21 Nov. 1963.

                                                                            L-2      Peggy Ann Gale (12) b. 31 Oct. 1960.

                                                                J-2       Jacqueline Ross (10) b. 19 Sept. 1943; m. David McIntyre.

                                                                            L-1      David McIntyre (11) b. 2 Oct. 1959.

                                                                J-3       Rick Ross (10) b. 29 Nov. 1958.

                                                    I-6       Ethel Irene Lawyer (9) b. 9 Aug. 1920; m. 6 June 1937, Ervin Burright.

                                                                J-1       John Sheldon Burright (10) b. 11 Aug. 1940; m. 31 May 1959, Ann.

                                                                            K-1      Bret Sheldon (11) b. 6 July 1960.

                                                                            K-2      Toby Sheldon (11) b. 13 Oct. 1961.

                                                                            K-3      Cindy Sheldon (11) b. 21 Nov. 1962.

                                                                            K-4      Bridgett Sheldon (11) b. 7 Nov. 1963.

                                                                J-2       JoAnne Sheldon (10) b. 31 Dec. 1941; m. 19 Aug. 1959, Richard Cannus.

                                                                            K-1      Richard Cannus Jr. (11) b. 15 Dec. 1961.

                                                                J-3       Penny Sheldon (10) b. 7 Mar. 1952; m. Steve Shimkus.

                                                                J-4       Debbie Sheldon (10) b. 24 Jan. 1956; m. Jan. 1976, Chris Shelhammer..

                                                                J-5       Kimberley Sheldon (10) b. 5 Feb. 1960.

                                                                J-6       Michael Sheldon (10) b. 20 Feb. 1968.

                                                    I-7       Gertrude Francis Lawyer (9) b. 11 April 1922; m. 1) George Cox, 2) 22 June 1946, Monroe Sands.

                                                                J-1       Marie Sands (10) b. 8 Sept. 1951; m. Hetrick.

                                                                            K-1      Wendy Hetrick (11) b. 10 June 1971.

                                                                            K-2      Stacy Lea Hetrick (11) b. 28 Feb. 1975.

                                                                            K-3      Tracy Lynn Hetrick (11) b. 27 Feb. 1975. Twins.

                                                    I-8       George Earl Lawyer (9) b. 15 Aug. 1924; m. 9 Dec. 1942, Jean Churchill.

                                                                J-1       Trudy Rae Lawyer (10) b. 1 Oct. 1942, m. twice, no children.

                                                                J-2       Von Ray Lawyer (10) b. 9 Dec. 1947; m. twice.

                                                                            K-1      Todd Lawyer (11) b. 2 Aug. 1958.

                                                                            K-2      Caren Lawyer (11) b. 3 Oct. 1967.

                                                    I-9       Richard Hugh Lawyer (9) b. Dec. 1925, lived two days.

                                                    I-10     Lawrence Lee Lawyer (9) b. 21 Nov. 1929; m. 7 Oct. 1951, Barbara Duncan.

                                                                J-1       Larry Lawyer (10) b. 12 Aug. 1953; m. 22 June 1973 Sheree.

                                                                J-2       Linda Lawyer (10).

                                                                J-3       Lani Lawyer (10) b. 5 Dec. 1954.

                                                                J-4       Robert Leroy Lawyer (10) b. 6 Nov. 1966.

                                        H-8      Alta Ica Babcock (8) b. 29 August 1894, IA, m. Everett Roberts, b. 11 Sept. 1890, d.

                                                     Sept. 1968, Plymouth, Hancock, IL.

                                                    I-1       LeRoy Roberts (9) b. 19 Mar. 1916, d. 25 Jan. 1991, MaComb, MacDonough, IL.

                                                    I-2       Wayne Roberts (9).

                                                    I-3       Laverne Roberts (9).

                                                    I-4       Lester Roberts (9) b. 5 Nov. 1919, d. Jan. 1975, Hancock, IL.

                                                    I-5       Wendell Roberts (9).

                                        H-9      Alma Ida Babcock (8) b. 29 Aug. 1894, IA, d. 19 March 1951, Mac Neal Memorial

                                                    Hospital, Berwyn, Cook co, IL. Never married. Occupation: Nurse. Twin to Alta.

                                        H-10    Iva Lee Babcock (8) b. 13 Feb. 1893, Rexford, Thomas co, KS, d. 7 Oct. 1972, Stuttgart,

                                                    Germany, buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Hancock co, IL, m. 1st 26 Nov. 1914, Lester E.

                                                    Lyons, m. 2nd 5 May 1928, John Calvin Pointer, 1st Methodist Church, Plymouth,

                                                    Hancock co, IL. She taught school for 40 years in Hancock and McDOnough counties.

                                                    I-1       John Everett Pointer (9) b. 17 Dec. 1933, Colmar, IL, m. Joan Marian Payne, 20

                                                                Oct. 1956, High Barnet, Hertfordshire, England.

                                                                J-1       Denise Pointer (10) b. 1957.

                                                                J-2       A boy (10) b. 1960.

                                                    I-2       Jesse Earl Pointer (9) b. 9 Jan. 1936, Colmar, McDonough co, IL, m. Wilma

                                                                Ussery, 14 June 1959, Colmar, McDonough co, IL.

                                                                J-1       Jesse Pointer Jr. (10) b. 25 May 1960.

                                                                J-2       John Pointer (10) b. 12 Mar. 1962.

                                                                J-3       Teresa Pointer (10) b. 8 May 1963. Still live in Colmar.

                            G-2      William Nathaniel Bartlett (7) b. 16 Dec. 1858 Hancock co, IL, d. 2 Jan. 1931 Topeka KS, m.

                                        25 March 1880, Macomb, McDonough co, IL, Clara Hedrick  b. 28 August 1859, daughter of

                                        Moses and Mary Farrell Hedrick. William and Clara are in 1900 Census Thomas co, KS.

                                        H-1      Etta Bell Bartlett (8) b. 2 March 1880, IL.

                                        H-2      Orville Joseph Bartlett (8) b. May 1882, IL.

                                        H-3      Frank Silby Bartlett (8) b. 17 Sept. 1883, IL

                                        H-4      George Whittie Bartlett (8) b. 2 April 1888, KS; d. Oct. 1967, Topeka, Shawnee, KS.

                                        H-4      Everett Bartlett (8) d. age 12.

                            G-3      Charity Bartlett (7) b. 1861 IL, d. 1928, m. 9 Feb. 1887, Hancock IL, Adolphus Cain, License #

                                        8688, V 4, p 190.

                                        H-1      Everett Cain (8) b. 5 Feb. 1893.

                                        H-2      Minnie Cain (8).

                            G-4      Newton H. Bartlett (7) b. 1863 IL. In 1880 census, nothing else known.

                            G-5      Emma Lee Bartlett (7) b. 1869 McDonough co, IL. Bur. Hancock co, IL, m. 1)  22 Mar. 1891

                                        Hancock co. IL, Samuel Elder, m. 2)  Borbon Thompson. No known children.

                            G-6      Carrie Bell Bartlett b. 1873 IL, m. 25 Feb. 1896 Hancock co, IL, Everett Weaver.

                F-3      Haines Bartlett (6) b. 1838 Lawrence co. IN, m. 25 July 1867 Elizabeth J. Vest.

                            G-1      Charles Bartlett b. 1868.

                F-4      Mary A. Bartlett (6) b. 1838 Lawrence co, IN.


                            Information on Josiah Bartlett mostly supplied by Joan Pointer of Fauquier, VA.


E-2          Jeffrey Bartlett (5) b. 1800 Mason Co. Ky, d. 1866-1870 probably Lawrence co, IN,  possibly buried Smith cem; m. 17 April 1819 at Nicholas Co. Ky, Sarah (Sally) Jarvis Herndon b. 1798 VA, d. after 1866, possibly Louisville, KY; dau. of Thomas Collins Herndon and Mary Ann Seal of Fauquier, VA. The wedding bond of Jeffrey and Sarah was signed by Samuel and Jeffrey Bartlett.

                Jeffrey Bartlett (5) is listed in the 1820 Census of Nicholas Co. KY: 1 male 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26; and in the taxes 1820 - 1825. They lived next door to Samuel and Haynes Bartlett. Jeffrey appears to have missed the 1830 Census, although his son John's pension papers place him in Fleming county in 1831. In 1839-1842, Jeffrey was in Carter county; in 1847, in Sec. 35, Greenville twp, Floyd co, IN. He moved to Lawrence co, IN, about 1856. Some of the following information on Jeffrey Bartlett was collected by Norma Jean Clark Shaeffer Wilsand of R#l, Box 244, Heltonville, IN. 47436, some was given by Mrs. H.W. (Oweetah) Bartlett Mitchell of Bedford, IN.

                F-1      Harriet Bartlett (6) b. ca. 1820, Nicholas co, KY.

                F-2      Margaret Bartlett (6) b. 1826 KY.

                F-3      Solomon  Bartlett  (6) b. 1827 KY.

                F-4      John H. Bartlett (6) b. 1831 Fleming  co, KY.

                F-5      Samuel Jeffery Bartlett (6) b. 1832 Fleming co, KY.

                F-6      Sarah Bartlett (6) b. 1835 KY.


                F-1      Harriet Bartlett (6) b. 1820 Nicholas co. KY, m. 27 Nov. 1852, William W. Hawkins, Floyd co. IN.

                F-2      Margaret Bartlett (6) b. 1826, Nicholas co, KY, m. 31 December 1847, Michael Reasor, Floyd co.

                            IN. Michael was the son of Daniel and Mary Agnes Reasor. He was living with son John

                            in 1900.

                            G-1      Letitia Reasor (7) b. 1849, Floyd co. IN.

                            G-2      John F. Reasor (7) b. 28 Oct. 1855, Floyd co. IN, d. 1937; m. 23 Jan. 1877, Floyd co, IN,

                                        Adaline A. Searles, b. Oct. 1857, IN, d. 1950. Both bur. Atkin Chapel cem, Lafayette twp,

                                        Floyd co, IN.

                                        H-1      Irene A. Reasor (8) b. 7 Dec. 1877, Greenville, Floyd, IN; d. 23 July 1898; m. 17 Oct.                                                                           1895, Greenville, Floyd, IN, Martin E. Jacobi, b. Dec. 1876 IN. Both bur. St. Mary's                                                                             Navilleton Cem, Floyd co, IN.

                                                    I-1       Albert M. Jacobi (9) b. 16 Jan. 1898, Greenville, Floyd, IN; d. May 12 1983,

                                                                Floyd, IN; m. Alma C, b. June 27, 1900, d. 27 Dec. 1973. Lived in Kentucky.

                                                                Both bur. St. Mary's Navilleton Cem.

                                                                J-1       Albert M. Jacobi Jr (10) b. 26 Oct. 1925, d. 6 Apr. 1981; m. Regina B,

                                                                            b. 7 Oct. 1926, d. 3 Apr. 2002. Both bur. St. Mary's Navilleton Cem.

                                        H-2      Della Reasor (8) b. June 1879, Greenville, Floyd, IN.

                                        H-3      Bertha Reasor (8) b. Aug. 1883, Greenville, Floyd, IN.

                                        H-4      Emma Reasor (8) b. 3 Aug. 1885, d. age 4, of blood poisoning.

                                        H-5      Charles Reasor (8) b. Mar. 1886, Greenville, Floyd, IN.

                                        H-6      Clarence Reasor (8) b. 14 Sept. 1888, Greenville, Floyd, IN; m. 17 Sept. 1910,

                                                    Greenville, Floyd, IN, Violet I. Jackson. He is bur. Atkin Chapel cem, Lafayette twp,

                                                    Floyd co, IN.

                                        H-7      Martin H. Reasor (8) b. 1 Jan. 1895, Greenville, Floyd, IN, d. Nov. 1972, Floyd co;

                                                    m. 1 Jan. 1916, Greenville, Floyd, IN, Fannie E. Goss, b. 1894, d. 1966. Both bur.

                                                    Hillcrest cem, Floyd co, IN.

                            G-3      James D. Reasor (7) b. 1861, Floyd co. IN, d. 25 Feb. 1887, suicide.

                            G-4      Haines Reasor (7) b. 1863, Floyd co. IN. Not in 1870 Census.

                            G-5      Mary Reasor (7) b. 1867, Floyd co. IN.

                F-3      Solomon C. Bartlett (6) b. 12 June 1827, Nicholas co. KY, d. 14 Feb. 1874, Floyd co, IN; m. 1) Ruth                                                 A. Arnold, b. 27 June 1828, IN, d. 12 July 1888, Horner's Chapel, her 2nd. Possibly her first was 2                                               Nov. 1845, Harrison co, IN, to Robert C. Voiles; m. 2) 20 June 1869, Washington co, IN, Eliza Jane                                                   Lightner b. 1834 OH, daughter of John Lightner, of OH, and Mazely A. Lightner, of PA. The                              Lightners are in the 1860 Census of Washington co, Jackson twp, p. 44.

                            G-1      Candas Bartlett (7) b. 1852, OH.

                            G-2      Melvina Bartlett (7) b. 1856, OH.

                            G-3      Taylor M. Bartlett (7) b. 29 Oct. 1856, IN; d. 29 Oct. 1893; m. 22 Feb. 1877,Washington IN,

                                        Sarah Jane Boss, b. 20 Jan. 1856 IN, d. 10 Dec. 1929; both bur. Martinsburg cem, Christian

                                        Church, Martinsburg, Wash. co, IN. Sarah was the daughter of Simeon Boss and Susan                                                                 Hamilton. NOTE: Taylor is here based on the statements of his descendants; I have not found                                                                  him in the 1860 or 1870 Censuses.

                                        H-1      Elza Valentine Bartlett (8) b. 1 Oct. 1882, Pierce, Washington, IN, d. Jun.1968, Pekin,                                                                         Washington, IN; m. 1917, Zella G. Purkhiser.

                                                    I-1       Bruce Bartlett (9) b. 24 Oct. 1923, m. Josephine Miller, b. 30 May 1926.

                                        H-2      Susan E. Bartlett (8) b. 19 May 1878, Pierce, Washington, IN; d. 31 Dec. 1943; m. 30                                                                          Apr.1905, Carl Allen Turner, b. 2 Mar. 1882, d. 22 Jan. 1945,  both bur. Martinsburg                                                                           cem. The Turners were of Scotch, Welsh, English ancestry.

                                                    I-2       Menlo Clayton Turner (9) b. 28 Sept. 1907, d. 1952; m. Bernice Z. Bush, b. Feb.                                                                                  1900, d. 1970.

                                                                J-1       Warren Dale Turner (10) m. Virginia.

                                                                            K-1      Robin Turner (11).

                                                                            K-2      Charles Turner (11).

                                                                            K-3      Jill Marie Turner (11).

                                                                            K-4      Eris Ralph Turner (11).

                                                                J-2       Willa Sue Turner (10) m. Clifford Donnely.

                                                                            K-1      Wesley Donnely (11).

                                                                            K-2      John Donnely (11).

                                                                            K-3      Colleen Donelly (11).

                                                    I-2       Thelma Turner (9) b. 3 Apr. 1912, d. 11 Apr. 1996, El Paso TX; m. Ralph Lee

                                                                Campbell, b. 10 Sep. 1911, d. Mar. 1994, El Paso, TX; both bur. Old Church cem,                                                                    Christian Church, Martinsburg, Wash. co, IN.

                                        H-3      Ella M. Bartlett (8) b. 27 Nov. 1879, Pierce, Washington, IN.

                                        H-4      Lenna E. Bartlett (8) b. 19 Nov. 1884, Pierce, Washington, IN; m. Moore.

                                                    I-1       Forrest Moore (9).

                                        H-5      Elva Pearl Bartlett (8) b. 17 Dec. 1887, d. Feb. 1973, Monroe, IN; m. Reginald Rodman,

                                                    b. 23 May 1919, d. Feb. 1986, both Monroe, IN.

                                        H-6      Ora Jennie Bartlett (8) b. 27 Jan. 1889, Pierce, Washington, IN, d. 11 Mar. 1965,

                                                    Houston, Harris, TX; m. abt. 1914, Pierce, Washington, IN, Roscoe Elmer Blackman, b.

                                                    23 Dec. 1885, d. 28 May 1971, b. Martinsburg cem.

                                                    I-1       Ivan H. Blackman (9) b. 1 Nov. 1920, d. 30 Sept. 1983, bur. Martinsburg cem.

                                        H-7      Estella V. Bartlett (8) b. 7 June 1892, Pierce, Washington, IN; d. 26 Jan. 1961; m. Roy


                            G-4      Samuel Bartlett (7) b. 1865, OH.

                            G-5      Marion Bartlett (7) b. 1867, IN.

                F-4      John H. Bartlett (6) b. 15 April, 1831, Fleming co, Ky, d. 6 February, 1899, Russellville, AR; m 8 August, 1853, Floyd co, IN, Desdemona Smallwood, b June 1833 Indiana, d 22 November 1910, Russellville, AR, both buried Pisgah cem. She was probably daughter of Russell Smallwood, b1810 Kentucky, and Jane Clark, b1814 IN, m. 1832 Floyd Co, IN; John and family moved to Lawrence county about 1855. They had 7 children, all born in Floyd co. or Lawrence co, Indiana:

                            G-1      Frank Bartlett (7).

                            G-2      Julia Ann Bartlett (7).

                            G-3      Thomas H. Bartlett (7).

                            G-4      Sarah Ann Bartlett (7).

                            G-5      Clara Bartlett (7).

                            G-6      Augusta May Bartlett (7).

                            G-7      Eliza Jane Bartlett (7).


                            G-1      Frank Bartlett (7), b. 1854, probably Floyd co, in 1860 census of Lawrence co. at age 6, was                                                             with family at age 11, according to father's application for poverty relief. No further record                                                              found.

                            G-2      Julia Ann Bartlett (7), b. September 29, 1855 Lawrence co, IN, d. 11 March 1932 Tonkawa,

                                        Kay co, OK, buried Maple Grove cem, Wilson co, KS. She went to Kansas with family in

                                        1870,   m. 9 June 1872, Benedict, Wilson co, KS, James Richard Myers, b. 29 Nov. 1845, d.

                                        20 Jan. 1920  

                                        H-1      Elizabeth Myers (8), b. 23 February 1873, d. inf, buried Maple Grove cem, Roper, KS.

                                        H-2      Lena Leotta Myers (8), b. 17 June 1875, Benedict, Wilson, KS, d. 1 March 1957, Kilgore, Upshure, TX; m 19 November 1904,  Wakita, Grant co, Oklahoma Territory, William Frederick Barr, both bur. Wakita cem. He was son of John Baptiste Bahr and Elizabeth Trautman, both of Germany. His second marriage. Aunt Lena is in the 1900 Census of Wilson co, KS, and about that year, went into Oklahoma Territory. On her marriage certificate, she gave her mother's name as Julia Elder, and her residence as Oleta, now Fargo, in Ellis county.

                                                    I-1       George E. Barr, (9) b 1906, Co. L, Oklahoma Territory, d. 14 May 1998, Kilgore                                                                                    TX; m . 1927 Wakita, Grant, OK Gertrude Byers.

                                                                J-1       Nelda Jean Barr (10), b 14 June 1930, Anthony KS, m. 20 March 1952 Ft.                                                                                  Worth Texas, Charles W. Young. Lives Jackson Beach, FL.

                                                                J-2       Mary (Aubrey) Ellen Barr (10), m. Price.

                                        H-3      Charles Richard Myers (8), b. 4 August 1877, Benedict, Wilson, KS, m. Ollie Jane

                                                    Tarter, 27 February 1901, Benedict, Wilson, KS, d. 13 August 1952, Pendleton, Umatilla,