The Hutsonville Historical Society maintains a cluster of cabins predating the Civil War era, and located outside of present day Hutsonville, Illinois. The cabins are located on outer Rose Street, south of the Hutsonville Park. Cabins are open Sundays from June to September, from 2 to 4 PM, or by appointment. Tours are always welcome. During the summer months various churches hold services in the old log cabin church. Weddings may also be held in this church. The newest cabin is the "Brashear Inn -- an 1812 Log Inn". Besides the church cabin, visitors will also find a general store and barbershop, a barn, working outhouse, and family cabin. There is also a covered wagon located at the Hutson cabin site.

The Hutsonville Historical Society was recently donated one more original log cabin used as a stagecoach stop located in the southern section of the county. The cabin has been dismantled from its original site and has been rebuilt at the Hutson Cabin Site. This cabin, with a large fireplace, is available for Family Reunions/Meetings, etc. during nice weather for a nominal fee.

The Hutsonville Historical Society is a non-profit organization and appreciates any and all donations. Membership dues are $5 a year, which helps the society maintain the cabins. There is no central office for the society. Anyone interested in contacting The Hutsonville Historical Society may write to the society at 10953 E. 1825th Ave., Hutsonville, IL 62433 or through the Crawford County Historical Society e-mail: [email protected]

Below are pictures of the reconstructed cabins.

Barn, Weaver and Church
Hutson Cabin and Museum
Barn and Weaver
Country Store

Just behind and to the left of the "Country Store" is being reconstructed yet another cabin that was previously used as a stagecoach stop. We will try and keep this page updated with the new cabin upon its completion.

"Hutson Cabin"

Note: The Hutson Cabin, Oblong Oil Field and local school photos were taken by Warren Jennings in August 1999. A special thank you to Warren for his time and effort.