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1980 History of Crawford County, IL - Vol. 1. $45.
1980 History of Crawford County, IL - Vol. 2. $40.
Limited number available. If both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are purchased together, the total price is $80.
1909 Crawford County History Book
The price is $32.50, plus $7 for shipping.
1910 Plat Map of the County
This is by The Standard Map Co., Robinson, IL. and is basically a map showing where all the oil wells are located during this timeframe. However it is also a plat map and so it also has all names of land owners, etc. Due to the map being old, some locations are hard to read, but the majority of the map is readable with a magnifying glass. $8 plus $1.00 mailing. JUST REPRINTED!!!
Index to "History of Crawford & Clark Conties, Illinois." W. H. Perrin, Editor. 1883.
An index to this 800-page pictorial history of Crawford County. $15, plus $7 for shipping.


Ten notepads with envelopes in a set, containing two each of the following pictures:

The notepads, with envelopes, are $5.00 per set plus $2 postage and handling.

Robinson and Crawford County

Book cover with photo of Robinson courthouse.

By Evelyn M. Wallace and Sue Jones. The histories of Robinson, Palestine, and Oblong, along with the smaller towns of Crawford County, are rich and colorful, reaching back to 1680 when a French trading post was established near the Wabash River. In these pages, readers will learn about Crawford County's Pioneer City and where Abraham Lincoln stayed when his family came through and will see homes and businesses of the prodigious leaders of Robinson and their improvements to this rural area. Readers will experience the oil boom of the early 1900s, the horrible fate of the Hutson family, the flying Rousch brothers, and the life of James Jones, author of From Here to Eternity. Cost is $20, plus $7 for shipping.

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