Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

From Sue Jones, October 2017, there are a couple additions/corrections to this article: (1) at the death of Aldridge Walters' first wife, he married Margaret R. Mitchell, and at her death he married Martha Jane Delzell. (2) John Davis, the Revolutionary War soldier mentioned, was married to Polly Taylor, b. 1769 and died in 1853.

Olive Pearl and Effie Murl Walters: daughters of Aldridge and Martha Jane (Delzell) Walters. In the early days there were two Walters brothers who came from Kentucky, one of them settled on a farm near Palestine, Illinois by the name of Isaac and one of his children was Jacob Walters, whose first wife was Polly Jeffries and they had one son, Aldridge Walters, who married Hannah Mitchell and they had a son now living, Jacob S. Walters and he married Jennie Henderson and to them were born seven children, Burl Walters, Lois Walters Wilson, Gladys Walters, Doris Walters McWhorter and Clifford Walters, the two deceased children were Floyd and Grace Walters.

At the death of Aldridge Walters first wife he married Martha Jane Delzell and to this union were born Olive Pearl, Effie Murl, Guy A. and Mary Florence, Guy A. and Mary Florence being deceased. Guy A. was married to Irene Knoell, to which union one son, G. Robert was born.

Most of Aldridge Walters life was spent in Crawford County, engaged extensively in farming, stock raising and shipping livestock; he was Supervisor of Robinson Township and City Mayor of Robinson and it was while Mayor that he cast the deciding vote that made Robinson "bone dry"; this was a scoring victory for the W.C.T.U. and as a token of esteem they sent him a large bouquet of flowers. His second wife, Martha Jane Delzell, whose father was Robert Addison Delzell, whose wife was Mary Ann (Wilson) Delzell. Robert Addison Delzell was the son of Robert Delzell, whose wife was Dorcas Davis, a daughter of John Davis, a Revolutionary Soldier born in 1757 in Micklenburg County, North Carolina and died in 1859 in Blount County, Tennessee, their two children were John Davis who was born in 1815 and married to Martha Maxwell and Dorcas Davis born in 1797 and married to Robert Delzell.