Following is one of the Biographies and Stories which where gathered by Charles Sumner McKamy in the 1950s for publication in a Crawford County History Book. Unfortunately he passed away before the book was published.

John L. Johnson, who was an early pioneer in Iroquois County, was born in Benton County, Indiana February 17, 1837, and moved with his family near Milford in the fall of 1868. They bought a farm there and endured the many privations of the early settlers. Mrs. J.L. Johnson, who was before her marriage Martha A. Sale, was born in Ohio Dec. 29, 1844, and had moved to Warren County, Indiana at the age of 12 years. They lived on the farm in Iroquois County until early February 1892 when they moved with their family of six children, all about grown, to a farm of 202 acres, southwest of Robinson which was purchased from John C. Richart.

It was during the time when apple orchards were at their best, and there was a young producing orchard of 23 acres on the farm. All the children, Lydua Elizabeth, Clara Alice, John Charles, Martha Adaline, Harriet Ann and Walter Scott spent most of their time for several years working in the orchard or doing other work on the farm.

Four of them were teachers, Lizzie, Adda, Anna and Scott. None were College Graduates in those days, but like Lincoln, in earlier days had to dig things out from "rock bottom". Lizzie won a Life Certificate by hard work and study, and helped the younger ones in their studies. She also bought a small tract of land, through rigid economy; and, liking nature and especially flowers, was the one who later developed what a good many called the "Dahlia Farm".

Allie and Charlie preferred staying on the home farm. Anna was married to Ogden Richart, and years later, with their family, moved to the far west. Scott graduated from medical school in St. Louis. He was for many years a Doctor of enviable reputation, and later an M.D. in government service on Indian Reservations in different states "out west". He, with his wife, the former Mabel Martin, did much to help the Indians, both by healing their bodies medically and teaching them in better living. They were much devoted to the Indians and the Indians became their devoted friends. They claimed the west as their home. Dr. W.S. Johnson spent the rest of his days there. They both wore out in the service. Mrs. Johnson still lives in Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Johnson died the same day, Feb. 16, 1916, during one of the times when the flue took as many. Allie passed away at the old home in 1932, Charlie in 1939; Anna in the State of Washington in 1943, Lizzie at her home here in 1948, and Scott at Hemet, California in 1954. Martha A., the only one left of the family was married to Sylvester Crozier in 1934 and they live near Duncanville on a farm. They were all members of the Church of Christ.