Veteran Burials in Beardstown Cemeteries

Veteran Burials, Beardstown Area Cemeteries

This information was obtained from The Cass County Historian, June 1997, source - Beardstown Enterprise, May 31, 1898, Memorial Day

Oak Grove Cemetery
Major Miller McLane - 114th ILL. Inf. 
Marjor Thomas Wilkins - 9th Missouri Art. 
Captain Charles Opitz - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Captain J.S. Allen - 118th ILL Inf. 
Lt. Charles Eams - 32nd ILL. Inf. 
Christian Schramm - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Henry Lynn - 18th ILL. Inf. 
A.J. Norton - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Alexander Irwin - 47th ILL. Inf. 
Thomas Ruby - 61st ILL. Inf.  
A.J. Livermore - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Daniel Rowley - 61st ILL. Inf. 
Edward Cotrell - 32nd ILL. Inf. 
John Winkler - 61st ILL. Inf. 
D.J. Reeves - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Ira Rhineberger - 15th ILL. Inf. 
Edward Meyer - 114th ILL. Inf. 
John Wedeking - 114th ILL. Inf. 
Henry Broeker - 18th ILL. Inf. 
Samuel Hoffman - 59th Ohio Inf. 
Charles Wolf - 5th N.Y. Battery 
George Speaker - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Thomas DeHaven - 145th ILL. Inf. 
Henry Wonder - 9th Maryland 
John T. Webb - 114th ILL. Inf. 
William Dutch - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Malachi Davis - 91st PENN. Inf. 
William Parsons - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Joseph Ewing - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Joseph Pierce - 35th WIS. Inf. 
Levi Fulk - ILL. Inf. 
M.R. Corya - 12th IND. 
William Van Tassel - 7th ILL. 
William Dehaven - 72nd ILL. 
Joseph C. Menckel - 61st ILL. 
John Seeger - 11th MO. 
Edward Saxton - 2nd ILL. Calv.

Luke Dunn Cemetery
J.B. Harris - 47th ILL. Inf.

John Dunn Cemetery
Charles Coleman - 47th ILL. Inf.

Seaman/Beard Cemetery
Jedediah Beals - 61st. ILL. Inf. 
Daniel Grant - 61st ILL. Inf. 
Seth J. Thompson - 32nd ILL. Inf. 
John W. Rose (no tombstone or information
may have joined in Chicago 

Wells Cemetery
J.A. Wells - 61st ILL. Inf. 
Charles Wells - 61st ILL. Inf. 
Alford Wells - 61st. ILL. Inf. 
W.C. Walton - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
W.E.F. Wells - 3rd ILL. Calv.

Carr Cemetery
J.H. Thornsbury - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Lemmuel Plasters - 114th ILL. Inf.

Schroeder Cemetery
Solomon King - 14th ILL. Inf.

Oetgen Cemetery
Henry Knores - 18th ILL. Inf. 
John Hess - 14th ILL. Inf.
Beardstown Catholic Cemetery
Peter Flannery - 18th ILL. Inf. 
Hugh Lyons - 18th ILL. Inf. 
John M. Riley - 114th ILL. Inf. 
James L. Black - 18th ILL. Inf. 
Melvin Buck - 18th ILL. Inf. 
Louis Renzt - 33rd ILL. Inf. 
Partrick Okeef - 36th ILL. Inf. 
John Worm - 114th ILL. Inf. 
John Lawler - 33rd ILL. Inf. 

Beardstown City Cemetery (new)
Lt. Albert McClure - 114th ILL. Inf. 
Lt. August Hoyer - 2nd ILL. Art. 
Lt. August Teleford - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Charles Lucking - 14th ILL. Inf. 
Anthoney Hill - 67th ILL. Inf. 
Richard McCandles - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Harrison Livingston - 145th ILL. Inf. 
Thomas Hamel - 18th ILL. Inf. 
Conrad Hendricker - 33rd ILL. Inf. 
Michael McFillen - 51st ILL. Inf. 
W.W. Chipman - 3rd ILL. Inf. 
Charles W. Gullick - U.S. Navy 
Louise Schmoldt - 3rd ILL. Calv. 
Rudolph Best - 32nd ILL. Inf. 
Gotlieb Marty - 12th ILL. Inf. 
A.J. Miller - Us gunboat/Benton 
John Rouch - 34th ILL. Inf. 
Ruben Legget - 1st N.C. Inf. 
Willis White - 145th ILL. Inf. 
John Leonard - 145th ILL. Inf. 
Casper Kuhlman - 3rd ILL. Inf. 
Thomas Cowen - 145th ILL. Inf. 
Thomas Durell - Mexican war (tombstone names Charles Durrel). 
John Shores - ILL. Inf. (no tombstone) 
William Manhurin - 63rd. ILL. Inf. 
George W. Miller - 18th ILL. Inf. 
 Pleasant Lanhorn - 8th ILL. Calv. 
Grenville Drew - Main Inf. 
Adjt. James Crow - 3rd ILL. Calv. or 34th ILL. Inf.

Beardstown City Cemetery (old) -
This cemetery was the earliest cemetery in Beardstown and had not been
used for many years before Beard School was built on the site in 1914.

Lt. Henry Stuartvant - 3rd ILL. Calv. - removed to Oak Grove Cemetery 
Lt. H.C. McPherson - 73rd ILL. Inf. - removed to Oak Grove Cemetery 
Thomas Bird - 32nd ILL. - removed to Beardstown Catholic Cemetery 
David A. Tull - 3rd ILL. Calv. - removed to Beardtown City Cemetery 
Peter Douglas - 114th ILL. Inf. - removed to Beardstown City Cemetery 
William McClure - 145th ILL. Inf. - removed to Beardstown City Cemetery 
David Clendennin - 4th ILL. Calv. - removed to Beardstown City Cemetery 
Joseph Haywood - 114th ILL. Inf. - removed to Oak Grove Cemetery.

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