Cass County Circuit Court Cases 1873

Cass County, Illinois Circuit Court Cases, 1873

These names were originally copied from the books held at Cass County Courthouse, typed, then re-typed for this page. Please double check this information at the courthouse in case any typographical or transcription errors occurred.

The society members will not look up or copy any additional information concerning court cases at Cass County courthouse. The records are not easily searchable and some records are stored and not easily found.

Source - "The Cass County Historian," Issue December 1996

Honorable Cyrus Epler, presided on Monday to open the August term of court for this county. The attendance of members are the bar of L.C. Chandler, prosecuting attorney, T.H. Carter, Henry Phillips, J. Henry Shaw, Dale and Waldo of this city, L.J. Ketchum, H.E. Dummer, W.H. Barnes, L.L. Morrison, O.A. DeLieu and H.B. McClure of Jacksonville, G. Pollard of St. Louis, C.G. Whitney of Pekin, J.N. Gridley, LeRoy Carpenter and R.W. Mills of Virginia, Robert Hanna of Fairfield, Judge Bailey of Macomb, J.G. Malone of Decatur, Judge Hodges of Carrollton and F.B. Huckstep of Winchester.

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Beardstown Illinoian, August 21, 1873
1.    Case of the People vs James McGOWEN, recogniance was tried and defendant discharged on payment of cost.
2.    People vs. John A. and Charles LYNN, assault and battery. John Lynn fined three dollars, Charles Lynn fined twenty dollars.
3.    John____ vs. John WALKER, assumptive, dismissed by plaintiff.
4.    Samuel SHORT vs James L.BEGGS, assumptive, dismissed by plaintiff.
5.    HEMMINGHOUSE and CO. vs. William E. EARL, assumptive continued.
6.    Samuel WILLIAMS vs A.G. ANGIER, assumptive continued.
7.    Rachel FRACKELTON vs Thomas FINN, appeal stricken off.
8.    Ellen MILSTEAD vs William CLARK, appeal stricken off.
9.    A.S. PHILLIPS vs H. WILKINSON, assumptive dismissed.
10.  C.E. YECK vs G.W. UTTER, assumptive, judgement by default.
11.  C.E. YECK vs J.A. MORGAN, assumptive, judgement by default.
12.  The seventeen suits against P.P. and J. RAILROAD continued by plaintiffs.
13.  I.O. OVERALL vs John L. DOWLER, assumptive conclusion judgement by defendant for sum of $1,415.32.
14.  James NEEDHAM vs P.P. and J. RAILROAD, suit compromised.
15.  S.A. McCANDLES vs DeWitt C. McCANDLES, divorce, dismissed for want of prosecution.
16.  Margaret B. MILLER vs L.L.B. MILLER, for partion. Widow and heirs made parties.
17.  Elizabeth HILL vs Anthony HILL, divorce continued.
18.  Jane PALMER vs Thomas S. PALMER, divorce. Case referred to Master for proof.
19.  John T. RAY vs Elizabeth RAY, divorce, referred to Master.
20.  Nettie L. MATHEWS vs H. MATHEWS, divorce, referred to Master.
21.  A.B. BOWERS vs R.B. BOWERS, divorce, referred to Master.
22.  John COMBS vs Charles H. WILHITE, assumptive.
23.  Nancy DAUGHERTY vs Robert DAUGHERTY, divorce. Motion for temporary alimoney overruled.
The docket now stands at 9 Criminal, 78 common law and 62 chancery cases yet to be heard.

Beardstown Illinoian, August 28, 1873
1.    People vs John H. DAVIS, assault with intent to kill, continued.
2.    People vs Patrick OBRIEN, larceny. Grand jury reported an indictment endorsed a "true bill". Defendant arranged, pleaded not guilty, jury trial
        held, with verdict of not guilty, defendant discharged.
3.    People vs Patrick RICE, recogniance, defendant discharged with costs.
4.    People vs Adam MIHLEMBROCK, recogniance, bill ignored by grand jury, defendant discharged.
5.    Eli DALE vs Pierre DeNENIUIRS, machine lien, jury trial held, verdict for plaintiff for sum of $50.37.
6.    Jacob WARD vs Jacob DUNAWAY, assumptive continued.
7.    James H. LURTON vs St. L.J. and C. RAILROAD, jury trial, verdict for plaintiff for $1,300. Motion for new trial overruled, defendant appeals
       to Supreme Court upon filing bond of $2,600.
8.    KEATOR and WILSON vs Benjamin G. BRIGGS, mechanic lien, Master's report of sale approved and cause continued.
9.    E.B. RANDALL vs James McHENRY, appeal dismissed by plaintiff.
10.  WOOD BROS. vs Samuel K. JONES, judgement by default against defendant, making him party to judgement.
11.  Lydia BARNARD vs Joseph M. SPRING trespass. Defendant takes change of venue to Morgan County.
12.  Robert HALL vs William ARMSTRONG, jury trial held, verdict for defendant, not guilty.
13.  Stephen BARNS vs C. and A.B. RAILROAD, judgement for plaintiff $60, consent of parties.
14.  William C. HAGENER vs Fred KNIPPENBURG, dismissed.
15.  William H. SCRIMSCHER vs John C. WALKER, dismissed.
16.  John COMBS vs Charles WILHITE, default, damages assessed at $387.70, appealed to Supreme Court.
17.  James STAFFORD vs S. and I.S.E. RAILROAD, dismissed by plaintiff.
18.  Homer S. CARTER vs John PUTNAM, assumptive, judgement to Theo. LELAND by default, court assessed damages at $387.71 and
       judgement therein.
19.  J. and J.W. BUNN CO. vs George T. SPRINGER, assumptive, court assessed damages at $285.05, judgement on same.
20.  Jacob WARD vs Jacob DUNAWAY, continued.
21.  G.H. SEEGER, guardian vs Charles A. SEEGER. Masters report of sale approved and cause continued.
22.  Horace BILLINS vs John GOLDiNG, vendors lien, continued.
23.  John McHENRY vs E.B. RANDALL, injunction dismissed by complainant.
24.  F.J. ARENZ vs David TURVEY, injunction, dismissed by complainant.
25.  Noel BEARDSLEY adm. vs John K. DAVIS, foreclosure, dismissed by complainant.
26.  Mary BLACK vs David BLACK, divorce, continued.
27.  John C. WALTON vs Joseph H. OSBOURN, foreclosure, decree of foreclosure and sale.
28.  C.E. YECK vs John CHRISTEY, foreclosure, stricken from docket.
29.  Samuel H. GUST vs Sophia NOLDEN, foreclosure, decree by consent of parties.
30.  John PRUNTY vs William SCHRIMSCHER, injunction. Motion by defendant to dissolve injunction, motion overruled, cause heard and decree
31.  John T. RAY vs Elizabeth RAY. Masters report approved, decree granted.
32.  Nettie MATHEWS vs Henry H. MATHEWS, divorce, dismissed.
33.  Nancy DAUGHERTY vs Robert DAUGHERTY, Masters report approved, decree granted.
34.  John A. ARENZ vs Michael DEVLIN, foreclosure, report of Master approved and decree for foreclosure and sale.
35.  Thomas KING vs John FINN. Master approved for foreclosure of sale.
36.  John N. WILSON vs Jasper PLUMMER, Master decree approved for foreclosure and sale.

Beardstown Central Illinoian, September 4, 1873
1.    People vs John H. DAVIS and R.L. DAVIS, commit to kill, were allowed separate trials. John H. DAVIS on Tuesday pleaded guilty, a jury with
       the following persons was composed, Marcus CRUM, Julius CIRE, Frank MANUEL, Christian DUCHARDT, Henry G. UNLAND, Robert
       RUSSELL, Peter BEALS, J.F. HACKMAN, James ISHMAEL, G.F. KLIENSTIBER and Henry FRAMMAN. Wednesday the verdict was
       given, the defendant was guilty of assault on John DAVIS. Penalty to be determined by court. Cause of Richard L. DAVIS to continue.
2.    City of Virginia vs John FINN, appeal, case for a violation of city ordinance. Jury trial held, defendant found guilty and fined $25.00. Defendant
       moved for new trial, which court overruled, took appeal to Supreme Court.

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