Cass County Historical Related Items
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Abraham Lincoln visits Beardstown, Illinois

April 23rd-26th, 1832 - Mr. Lincoln has his company drilled in Beardstown for the Black Hawk War.

November 15, 1853 - Mr. Lincoln came to Beardstown for the deposition of H.E. Dummer for a lawsuit.

May 6th and 7th, 1858 - Mr. Lincoln came to Beardstown to defend Duff Armstrong for a murder. After one hour of deliberation the jury found Armstrong not guilty.

August 12, 1858 - Mr. Lincoln arrived back in Beardstown to campaign for senator running against Stephen A. Douglas.

Lincoln Courthouse
3rd and State Street
Beardstown, Illinois

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This courthouse is opened to the public for tours. It is famous for the Armstrong trial which Abraham Lincoln took part of.

Rexroat Prairie
Virginia, Illinois

This parcel of land just south of Virginia was named in honor of Rollo T. Rexroat whom operated the Rexroat Grocery in Virginia. He was a botanist and is known throughout Illinois for his plant studies and cataloging methods. There is a trail and parking for the public.

Beardstown Public Library
3rd Street

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