Harry Mason; son of John M. Mason and Mary Richardson; brother to Ruth (Mayme) Mason-Nolden, husband to Dorothea (DODE) Nolden. Member of the Masonic of the Eastern Star. b. June 27,1881 d. April 30,1943
Ginger Weston


Harry Mason and Dorothea (DODE) Nolden-Mason
Harry son of John Mason and Mary Richardson
brother to Ruth Mason
Dorothea Nolden-Mason wife of Harry Mason
Dorothea is the daughter of Frederick Nolden and Maria Adeline Geils.
Dorothea (DODE) was born August 11,1874-Sept.18,1953

Ginger Weston


Dorothea Nolden-Mason also known as Dode
Spouse: Harry Mason
see other photos of her and husband
Daughter of Maria Geils and Frederick Nolden

Facts b. Aug.11,1874 Beardstown, Illinois,Cass County
m. Nov.19,1904 Beardstown, Illinois,Cass County
d. Sept.18,1953 Beardstown, Illinois,Cass County

See Beardstown City Cemetery Photos

Courtesy of Bernice Saling

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Mason,Wesley-Young Photo.bmp (177533 bytes)

This is Wesley Mason possibly 16 years old.
Ginger Weston

This is Wesley Mason and his wife Martha (unknown).
Ginger Weston

This is a photo of the Mason brothers.
We believe the one on the right is grandpa Wesley Mason,we are not sure who
the other brothers are.
Ginger Weston

This is a Mason family photo
Wesley, Ruth, Harry
Mary Richardson-Mason and other son.
Ginger Weston

We believe this to be either Grandpa Richardson, Mary Richardson-Masons'
father or Grandpa Mason, we are not sure.
Any help appreciated.
Ginger Weston

This is Grandpa John M. Mason at a younger age,
came from Willmington, Delaware.
He is the spouse of Mary Richardson. Father to Harry,Wesley, Ruth (Mayme) and
others, have not figured them out.
Ginger Weston