Cass County Photo Album


A Anderson - Richard, Jesse & Martin
Arenz School, Beardstown, IL, 1945-1946
Arenzville Cemetery
Arenzville 2001 Memorial Day Services
Arenzville Mill, Elevator and Depot
Arenzville Post Cards
Arenzville Presbyterian Church
Arenzville Public School
Arenzville Street Scene
Arenzville Veterans Memorial
Ashland Gass Station 1935
B Barkley
Batis, Mary Ann & Beard, John C.
Beard, William Wilson
Beardstown B&B Shoe Store Advertising
Beardstown Bridge & River
Beardstown Central School
Beardstown City Cemetery
Beardstown Civil War Vets
Beardstown Coal and Mining Co. Stock
Beardstown Congregational Church
Beardstown Court House
Beardstown 1920s/1930s Elementary Class
Beardstown-First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Beardstown First N.E. Church
Beardstown Fish Fry Ad
Beardstown Fish Market
Beardstown Flood
Beardstown Gamblers
Beardstown High School, 1934
Beardstown High School
Beardstown Laundry Cleaning Ad
Beardstown Macoupin Bay
Beardstown Main Street & Square
Beardstown Masonic Penny
Beardstown Mayor Harris Envelope
Beardstown Parade
Beardstown Park Square
Beardstown Park House
Beardstown Postal Service
Beardstown Postcard of Washington St. & 7th St.
Beardstown Postcards of Flood
Beardstown Postcards
Beardstown Railroad Bridge & Railroad Yard
Beardstown Schools
Beardstown Steam Laundry
Beardstown Wagon Bridge
Beardstown Water Works
Bishop & Greenman Certificate, Virginia, IL
Brainerd Family
   Winnie May Brainerd
    Winnie May Brainerd & Mary Axe
    Henry Harrison Brainerd
    Beardstown Fish Fry Postcard from Rosina Bond Brainerd

Brasel Brothers
C Campbell, Carrie
Cass County Historical & Genealogical Society 40th Anniversary
Cass Co., IL 1948 Dog Tag
Cass Co., IL Maps
Chandlerville, IL
Chandlerville, IL Pocket Watch
Chandlerville, IL & Train Depot
Chandlerville, IL Sales Tax Coins
D Anna Goff Davis
James Philo Davis Family
Davis Family Reunion - 1913
Denton, W.S. - Druggist
Deppe Bros. Advertisement
F Feldner, Edna
First Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
First National Bank $20 Bill
First National Bank of Beardstown 1882 $20 Bill
First National Bank of Beardstown
Flood of 1922, Fred Reichert's Market
Frey Hardware Co., Beardstown, IL
Fry Motor Co. Garage, Beardstown, IL
F.W. Woolworth Co. Store, after the fire
G Garm, John T. Sign
Glenn Service Matchbook
Greb Family & Farm
H Hammond Hospital, Virginia, IL
Henderson Farm, Virginia, IL
Hobrock Family
Hofstetter, William C.
Houston Family
Houston, Alice
Houston, Gertrude
I Illinoin Star
J Jockish
Johnson, A.L. Milk Caps, Chandlerville, IL
K Kallenbach
Knippenberg, A. F. Money
Kuhlmann, Delia Confirmation Book
L Lincoln High School & Class, 1920 Beardstown, IL
M Mason
Masonic Temple, Beardstown, IL
McClary Cigar Store
McLain Family Photos
Myers Grocery Store, Beardstown, IL
N Nauman, Phillip
Nolden, p.2
Nolden Family
Norvo, Red
O Oak Grove Cemetery
Old Colony Clock, Beardstown, IL
Onken Bros. & Meyer Coin, Arenzville, IL
P Pelker, Mrs. Fred Receipt from Huppers & Miller
Preckwinkle Family
R Rahn, Elizabeth
Rink's Drinks Bottles

Schaeffer Family
Schaefer, Lulu
Schaefer, Mary
Schmitt Memorial Hospital, Beardstown, IL
Schmoldt's Stave Works
Schultz, Baujan & Co.
Seymour - Murphy
Seymour, William & Lewis
Sims Family, Beardstown, IL
Smith, George
Snyder, John & Adam
Stambaugh, Paul Harvey
Stocker, John & Anna C.

T Taylor, Charles C.
Thron, Mary Rosa Baujan
Treadway Lake Club House, Beardstown, IL
Triebert, H. F., Advertisement
U Unknown, page 1
Unknown, page 2
Unknown, page 3
Unknown, page 4
V Virginia, Cass Co., $1 Dollar
Virginia Court House
Virginia Group Photo
Virginia Hotel Mann
Virginia, IL Town Views
Von Fossen Home
W Wade
Z Zahn, Phillip, Token

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