Boone Co. Naturalizations
Listed on the 1920 Census (After 1905)

Transcribed by Martin W. Johnson


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The 1920 Census has very important information pertaining to the year a person came to the U.S. and the year they were naturalized. If the person was naturalized from 1906 on, they had a detailed form to fill out. This form asked what village or town they were born in; date and port of departure and arrival; name of ship; town and date wife and children were born in; date and place of marriage. Also included, is a picture of the person at time of citizenship. Two forms were usually required to be filled out. One is a Declaration of Intent to become a citizen. The other one is filled out about five years later for a petition of final citizenship. These forms could be kept at two different courthouses.


There were instances that the foreign-born did not get the question on the census filled out noted as being AL or Aliens: citizenship before 1906


If you have problems finding the records that you are trying to locate, the following may be the reasons why:


PA = Pending naturalization application at the court house.


Belvidere Township

   Johnson, Gust 1903 or 1908
  Nelson, Oscar K. 1909
  Johnson, Victor 1905 or 1915
  Christopherson 1911
  Dahlgren, Albert 1908
  Kjell, Carl 1916
  Kjell, Harold 1910
105 Johnson, Alice 1910
192 Swanson, Nels 1907
179 Larson, George 1911
  Homes 1913
138 Swanson, Axel PA
150 James, Kate 1907
204 Stern, Peter PA
214 Farland, George PA



Bonus Township

   4  Winter, Tom 1915
   5  Carlson, Gertie 1915
   6  Johnson, Victor 1915
 23  Kingren, Eric PA
 28  Brehmer, Dora PA
 32  Jensen, James PA
 41  Schuamn ?, Ellen 1913
 43  Carpenter, Stanley PA
  Carpenter, Harley PA
 62  Brohamer, Christ 1912
 65  Swanson, Theodore PA
 69  Lorine, Eric 1918
 73  Nordehn ? Gust PA
  Johnson, Chas. (Brother) PA
 79  Magnuson, Frank PA
  Magnuson, John 1918
 84  Jones, Humprey C. PA
 91 Ackerman, Wm. 1911
103  Carlson, Godfrey 1911
107  Carlson, Henry M. 1911
104  Pool, Thomas PA
  Pool, Jack PA
117  Anderson, Gust PA
181  Pearson, Nels 1916
182  Johnson, Nels A. 1909
194  Bye, Chas. A. PA
205  Swanson, Enoch 1916
214  Hulstedt, Arthur 1914
  Hulstedt, Anna E. 1915
221  Larson, Augusta E. 1910
224  Johnson, Esther 1920
  Anderson, Frank A. 1909



Boone Township

  Rassmussen, Anke? 1919
 15  Christiansen, Martin 1918
 18  Anderson, Ellis 1910
 19  Peterson, Einar 1919
 60  Grant, David 1915
 65  Buck or Brink, Albert PA
  Peterson, Einer PA
 99 Norstig or Norsvig, Swen 1917
104  Carlson, Carl 1912
105  Bronson, Katie PA
132  Hanson, Hans 1917
147  Christiansen, Peter PA
153  Bryan, Martin 1904 or 1908
174 Yeoman, Thomas 1919
  Yeoman, Victor 1910
175  Hedlund, John PA
211  Larson, Emanuel 1918
245  Klieve, Ole PA
267  Pederson, Helge 1909
268  Pederson, Hans 1916
  Norsvig, Viggo 1919
291  Lundin, Gust 1914
325  Kendall, Milo 1917
  Kendall, Benjamin 1918
329 Larson, Swan PA
330 Bolwell, Iver 1916



Caledonia Township – Poplar Grove Village

 15 Olson, Matt  1916 
 17 Olson, Selman  1908 



Caledonia Township 

 74  Carlson, Oscar PA
  Carlson, Axel PA
102 Westergen, Swan 1907
106 Sitterquist, John 1907
107 Peters, Ludwig 1918
165 Anderson, Magnius 1918



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