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The Glass family. (Builders Edward Byron and his sons)

Stan, Merrill, Art and Vernita Glass,1915
Cecil, Olive, Margaret, Merrill, Lois Glass, and John Stewart (c. 1916)

Art, Vernita, Stan, Lois, Jessie, Olive, Ed, Cecil, Margaret, Merrill Glass(c. 1921)

Art, Stan, Ed, Merrill, Cecil Glass 

Mark Chidichimo and Doc and Irene Knapp
Merrill Glass c. 18 years old
infant Merrill Glass
Lila Glass, Ed Glass, Jessie Glass, c.1930

Cecelia DeEtte Glass, Charles Glass, Sarah C. See Glass, Louise Glass

Art Glass, 6/30/1902
Art Glass in Naval uniform, holding sister Lois, w/ mother, c. 1917
Art Glass
Edward Glass, c. 1894
Edward Glass
Jessie Graham Glass
Lila Glass, c. 1945
Lila Glass and Frank Chidichimo, c. 1950
baby picture, marked Youndt, Belvidere , Ill – probably Vernita Glass
Catherine and Merrill Glass
Belvidere Street Car
Boat House
County Buildings
c1870 Royal Neighbor Woodmen Parade
Fire House
Gossard Corsets

Katy Hestand


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