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On this page you will find what has been added to the site along with the contributor of the information and the date it was added. It is here to help you see what has been been added to the site since your last visit and to help the contributor and myself keep track of what is going on. If you have submitted something to the site and don't see it listed here after 30 days (I try to do it in a 72 hr time frame) get in touch with me at Sometimes things do get lost in the mail or placed in a wrong folder, but I assure you that it is nothing personal and never done deliberately.

Description of Submission Date Contributor
Gokey Family Bible    
Added Family Bible index 20 Feb 2005  
Added new Guest Book his one uploads automatically 13 Feb. 2005 N/A
Added Naturalizations
Belvidere City
Townships A - E
Townships F - Z
23 Dec 2003 Martin W. Johnson

Added 19 Pictures to Photo Gallery

25 Nov. 2003 Mark Chidichimo 
1883 Pensioners List 19 Nov. 2003 Deb Haines/Katy Hestand



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