Sidney Fuller Post # 458, Oto, Iowa
Chartered, March 16, 1889 with 12 members
Disbanded in 1901
Information comes from the GAR Post index cards
*denotes member in other GAR Posts
Peggy Mayberry Powell, compiler

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1. *Adams, William Harrison: Private, Co K, 7th Iowa Cavalry; bur Smithland
2. Baxley, Francis M; Private, Co D 1st Iowa Cavalry; bur Smithland
3. *Bellows, Benjamin F: Private, Co A, 1st Dakota Cavalry
4. Chattin, John F: Corporal, Co A, 20th Iowa Vol Infantry; bur Oak Hill, Anthon
5. Collins, Thomas M/Michael: Private, Co I, 7th Iowa Cavalry; bur St Patrick Cemetery, Danbury
6. Connett, Andrew I: Private, Co A, 3rd Iowa Cavalry
7. *Cotton, Franklin B: Private, Co I, 24th Iowa Infantry; bur Bentonville, Arkansas
8. *Creager, Levi A: Private, Co I, 152nd Indiana Infantry, bur Burlington, Iowa
9. *Davis, Wesley: Private, Co D, 3rd Vermont Infantry
10. *Dedrich, George: Sergeant, Co F, Iowa Cavalry; Corvalis, Oregon
11. Donery, Charles: Corporal, Co C, 52nd Wisconsin Infantry; St Marys Cemetery, rural Oto
12. *Fuller, Sidney: Private, Co A, 9th Iowa Infantry: Co L, 2nd Iowa Cavalry; bur Oto
13. Gott, Richard M: Private, Co F, 17th Illinois Cavalry
14. Hayes, William H: Private, Co L, 3rd Colorado Cavalry; bur St Patrick Cemetery, Danbury
15. Herbert, Thomas: Private, Co K, 115th Ohio Infantry; bur Oto
16. *Hoxie, Thomas W: Private, Co I, 10th Wisconsin Infantry; bur Floyd Park
17. Kellogg, Henry C: Musician Co A, 11th Iowa Infantry; bur Marshalltown
18. King, Daniel: Private, Co A, 151st Illinois Infantry; bur Liston Township Cemetery, Danbury
19. Knowles, Leonard; Private, Co B, 31st Iowa Infantry; bur Smithland
20. Megan, Edward: Private, Co C, 6th Wisconsin Infantry
21. *Miller, Milton; Recruit Co L, 9th Illinois Cavalry, bur Oto
22. Monk, Thomas D: Private, Co F, 57th Indiana Infantry; Custer County, Oklahoma
23. Muir, Archibald: Private, Co B, 53rd Illinois Infantry; bur Marshalltown
24. Newell, Rufus Henry: Private, Co F, 33rd N.Y. Infantry; bur Oak Hill Cemetery, Anthon
25. Page, Alson: Private, Co B, 13th Vermont Infantry; bur Oto
26. Peterson, Joseph H: Private, Co A & ,F 10th Kansas Infantry; bur Geddes, South Dakota
27. Petty, William Henry Harrison: Sergeant, Co B 11th West Virginia Infantry, bur Oto
28. Pierce, James P: Private, Co G, 117th Ohio Infantry or Co G, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery
29. Pearce, Levi L: Private,, Corporal, Co A 9th Iowa Infantry; bur Lodi, California
30. *Potter, Joshua: Private, Co E, 25th Michigan Infantry
31. *Pridgeon, Isaac: Private, Co D, 23rd Illinois Infantry
32. *Reed, John C: Private, Co M, 2nd Iowa Cavalry; Bethel Cemetery, Peiro
33. *Seidell, Frank H: Private, Co B, 10th Ohio Light Artillery; bur Oak Hill Cemetery, Anthon
34. *Shields, John H: Captain Co C, 47th Iowa Infantry; bur Oak Hill Cemetery, Anthon
35. *Shirner, John D: Private, Co A, 23rd Indiana Infantry; service also lists surname Shimer
36. Smith, William R: Private, Co D, 197th Ohio Infantry
37. *Solomon, Louis: Corporal, Co D, 4th Iowa Infantry; bur Correctionville
38. Thompson, Andrew P: Corporal, Co H, 38th Iowa Infantry, bur Marshalltown
39. Thompson, Benjamin F: Private, Co A, 103rd Ohio Infantry
40. Walling, Herman; Private, Co D, 15th Iowa Infantry; Mt St Joseph Cemetery, rural Anthon
41. *Warner, Burwell S: Private, Co K, 13th West Virginia Infantry; Seattle, Washington
42. *Welch, William Alfred: Private, Co A, 9th New York Heavy Artillery; bur Oto
43. Wendel, Daniel Sterling: Corporal, Co L, 2nd Iowa Cavalry; bur Smithland
44. Woodruff, Adam: Private, Co E, 24th Iowa Infantry, bur Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose, California


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