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Name: Theresa Sherrill Reiter
Email: reiters@netins.net

My Location: Rockwell , IA

I am looking for information on the Louis WIESE [b.19-OCT-1877, d.03-MAR-1935] and Christina M. BLANKENBERG [d.01-JUN-1919]. Louis was born in Germany and when a child came to America with his parents. He lived in Sioux City-IA until 1918, when he moved to Hinton-IA. Louis married Christina Blankenberg on 20-NOV-1902 in Sioux City . They had the following children: Roy L. - married Marion E. BOYLE; Bertha - married Joseph SENTFLEBEN; Florence - married Elmer MOOK; Howard O. - married Bertha L. WYNIA; Walter E.; and Raymond. One son preceded Louis in death, name unknown. I believe Christina’s parents are Fred Blankenberg & Ernestine TESKE. Louis died near Hinton and is buried in Floyd Cemetery in Sioux City . Christina died in Sioux City and is also buried at Floyd Cemetery . Louis and Christina are my husband’s great grandparents. I have been looking a long time for information. Thank you for your help. I will share any info I have on these families.

Name: Wayne B. Hanson

Date: 15 Feb 2008 16:34:19 -0600
Email waynetheplain3000@yahoo.com
My Location:
I think Minne Weinreich (1867-1945) who was married to Christian Weinrich and is buried in Pierson, Greenwood Cemetery in Woodbury County, Iowa was my great grandmother's sister or my great Aunt. Can you tell me if any of Minne's children are still alive? I would like to meet them.

My name is : Wayne B. Hanson
Address is : 523 Coulee Trail
Hudson, WI 54016-8105
My great - grandmother was Augusta (Rekow) Doerer (oldest daughter).
Can you give some one my address or my phone number? It is 715 386-7779.
Respectively yours,
Wayne B. Hanson



Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 17:12:54 -0400
From: "Alice L. Luckhardt" allgel@bellsouth.net


Gustave Walter family lived in Iowa (Plymouth and Woodbury Co.) between late 1860s into the early 20th century. Gustave married Mary E. James and they had three sons: William J. Walter born 1863, Gustave Walter, Jr. born 1864 and George Walter born 1869. Anyone with any information on the family, I would like to share what I have.





From: "Pat Ulrich" iowagirl@peoplescom.net
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 19:49:16 -0500


Wasson, Hiram G. born in Iowa about 1850 lived in Sioux City for the 1900, 1910, 1920 Census. I am looking for any information anyone may have on this family. Wife was Henrietta, children Josephen, LeRoy, Lester, Sylvia and Goldie.



Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:59:00 -0600

My name: Ronald M. Upton
e-mail address : curly80013@hotmail.com
living in Ks right now

I am looking for information on the Charles AARON and Amy Amelia SHUFELT WESTON family that lived in Sioux City in the late 1890 and early 1900.


Amy had other children prior to the marriage to Charles in 1897 in Sioux City. Amy was listed as a WESTON on the marriage certificate. The children were Roland born in 1892, South Dakota. He was listed on 1900 census as Shufelt in Iowa and SD as Aaron living with his grandpartents John W Shufelt. There was a George P. , born Jan 1895, that was listed as Aaron but was born before the marriage. There was an Alice M. born in 1898 and an Alice G, born March 1900. Both were listed as Aaron.


Amy is my great grandmother and George HEENAN is my great grandfather and my grandfather is George P. Heenan. My grnadfather George had a sister Helen HEENAN, that listed Amy as her mother and was born in March of 1900. She married George MERCER in 1947 in Nebraska.


Charles was in the 1910 census listed as divorced and living with his mother, Anna AARON and brother Robert AARON and Robert's daughter Ruth.


Amy may have remarried but I can not find anything more on her or the other children, Roland, Anna, Alice, after the 1900 census.


If you know of these people please contact me.



Name: Cindy Walker

e-mail: Cimimo1@mchsi.com

My Location: ?????????????????



Looking for info about Mary Elizabeth Walker (husband Oliver Perry). They lived in Anthon at least during 1895 and 1900 census. She attended church at Church of Christ in Anthon, lived in Cherokee.

My name: Angela Heidrick

email: wingett2000@hotmail.com

My location: Blooomington, IL

Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 10:37:26 -0500


I am looking for information on William E Wingett b. 07/31/1881 Latham, MO d. 10/31/1979 Sioux City, IA. He married Jessie B Ritchie and had two sons. He later married Vera Stone (b 04/28/1904 in Coleridge, NE d. 05/16/1979 in Sioux City, IA).

John Paul Wingett b. 03/10/1909 Ottumwa, South Dakota d. 01/12/1974 Bloomington, IL.
Walter Wayne Wingett b. UNKNOWN.

Looking for information on William's parents. When/where Jessie died, and anything on Walter Wayne.


My name: Marita Harger

email: MCDMARITAS@aol.com

My location:  Tennessee

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:24:36 EDT


I am looking for information on John William West. I know he died in Woodbury County. He was born in Bristol, Iowa. Died in 1979. He was married to Lucy Dalrymple in Rock Rapids March 28, 1888. They had 9 children. He was a mortician, funeral director, and lived on a farm in Onawa for 30 years. I am looking for a copy of the obituary. I think he was born in 1865 but that of the death date may be off since I don't believe he lived to be 114. I got the death date from a niece who lives in that part of the country. I live in Tennessee. I would appreciate it if someone would look up obit in newspaper there and e-mail me a copy of it. I have hit a brick wall with his side of the family.


Name: Marilyn Izzi

e-mail: marilyn_izzi@excite.com

My Location: California

Date: 12-22-2003

Looking for information on Hans Jakob Torstenson WOLD. Born 1856 in Norway, died Oct. 2, 1890 in Sioux City, Iowa at a young age of 36. Trying to find cause of death. He was working as a molder in a foundry. Can't find any death records. Fire at the foundry? typhoid epidemic? accident? Thanks for any help.


Name: Dennis K. Bethards

E-Mail:  dbethards@gmail.com

My Location: Waterloo, IA

Date: Wed 11/26/2003 10:19 PM

Looking for Joseph Wagner b. 1838/39 IA or IL.  He married Alice R. Schwartz c 1876, probably in Woodbury Co. He appears on 1880 and 1895 census in Woodbury Co.  He might have died c 1899/1900 for in 1900 Alice is listed with her parents in Woodbury Co., and her obit says she married Joseph Graham in 1899(?). Her parents were John Schwartz and Charlotte Sills; he born Aug 1830 in PA and she Aug 1832 in OH.  They likely died 1900-1910 in Woodbury Co. for they are not found in 1910.  Would like any info on them as well.  Alice R. Schwartz/Wagner/Graham b. 20 Feb 1857 in Montogomery Co., IA d. 8 Aug 1942 in Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA.  Alice appears with Joseph Wagner in 1880 and 1895 in Woodbury Co.



Name: Jeanne Nelson

E-Mail: nelson230@comcast.net

My Location: Eustis, FL

Date: Wed 11/5/2003 12:06 AM

 I am looking for information on my paternal gr grandfather. I think he was born in Iowa but I have no b. or d. dates. I know he was in Sioux City on 15 April 1891 when his daughter, my grandmother, Florence Wilbur was born. Fred was married to Rosa Reyes, from Savannah, Georgia, b. 1854 and d. 1940's in Savannah. In the 1900 census Florence was 9 and was in an orphanage in Savannah. I think Fred probably died between 1891 and 1900 and her mother brought her back to Savannah. In 1900 Rosa was a boarder. I cannot find Fred in any census




Name: Barbara Krueger

E-Mail: bek4450@aol.com

My Location: Hartland, MI

Date: Wed 10/22/2003 10:27 AM


Samuel D. Williams died in Sioux City (911 1/2 Fourth Street) late July 1956 at age 96.  He was born in Boone County 19 Feb 1860 which made him 96 at his death.  Samuel graduated from teachers college in Emporia, KS, and probably taught in Parson, KS, Omaha, Chariton, Sioux City, and the state of Washington....according to the inscriptions on the back of old photos. 

The obit said Samuel was survived by a nephew Paul Williams, of Boone.  Actually, at least 2 adult grandchildren and five grgrandchildren also survived.  Samuel must have been estranged from his son Frank (1882 Parson, KS-1948 Fresno, CA) as no one remembers any talk about him at all.  The obit also said he came to Sioux City about 52 years before his death.  Actually, I have a copy of the invoice for purchasing a plot at Logan Cemetery in the late 1890s, but know he was in Washington in 1921.

Looking for any knowledge of Samuel D. Williams.


Name: Marvin Williams

E-Mail: whistleinthewind@hotmail.com

My Location: WVa

Date: Sun 7/13/2003 3:57 PM


Looking for information on Henry Barnes Williams, Sioux City, Ia, Grant, Ia, later moved to Cedar Co. Nebraska and died there in 1891. Henry was Civil War vet. Henry's son was David Andrew Williams, born in Iowa, either Sioux City or Grant, Iowa. David's son was LeRoy Williams, my grandfather. David Williams died in Yankton, South Dakota. I would like to find the roots to this family line. Henry Williams is as far back as I can go. Henry was born in North Carolina......some have listed him as being born in 1835, but if you go by the 1880 Census, Woodbury Co, City, Grant, he states his age as being 56 yrs, and that would put his date of birth in 1824.........Here is what I have gathered from a book published by one of the Winterringers

Sarah Jane Winterringer, Daughter of Moses B. Winterringer and Mary Frost. Sarah Jane Winterringer was born, 8 Jan 1848, in Fredericktown, Oh., the daughter of Moses Byram Winterringer and Mary E. Frost. She moved with her family, around 1853, to Cedar, Ia. There she attended school and helped around the family farm. Her father, who had enlisted in the Civil War, brought a buddy home from camp. His name being Henry Barnes Williams. After courting Sarah for a time, they were married on 21 May 1863 in Sioux City, Ia. Henry had been born in 1835 (1824- according to 1880 census) in North Carolina. To this marriage seven children were born, the first three in Iowa. David in 1865, Elizabeth in 1867, and Nellie in 1869. Nettie, Martha, Eldora and then their son, David O. was born 16 Feb 1888 in Cedar Co., Ne. Daniel died in 1976. Henry passed away in 1891 in Cedar Co, Ne. and Sarah Jane died 20 Aug 1920 at Yankton, S.D.

Also, David Andrew Williams passed away in Yankton, South Dakota, sometime in the early 1900's, before 1920 we know for sure.

MOSES WINTERRINGER, SARAH JANE WINTERRINGER, HENRY BARNES WILLIAMS......a special note here on Moses Winterringer and Henry Williams. They both served in the Iowa calvary in the Civil War. Thier names are on the list out of Sioux City, Iowa .



Name: Debora Ann (Mcfarland) Kroll

E-Mail: debkroll@hickorytech.net

My Location: ?

Date: Sun 5/25/2003 1:54 AM

 I need help on info My Great-Grandma was AMELIA COLE  who was married to ? SCHARF  whom was the father to my Grandma Nellie May SCHARF -MCFARLAND  born in Iowa by the census and her mother AMELIA  later married  a  CARL   WYMAN  maybe and lived with her mother and step father THOMAS   WYMAN. Then later was found married a JESS  WAUHOB   who worked for Sioux City Electric and Gas Company in the 20's and early 30's.AMELIA died in Oct.22,1925 in Sioux City buried in Graceland Park Cemetery and JESSE died June 13,1933 and buried next to her. I was there not long ago and found No markers. JESSE  brother ORVIL WAUHOB  does and some family members But having trouble finding info about there lives and other family. My Grandma mother died she lived with THOMAS  and ELLEN "ELLA"  WYMAN  then later NELL  and CHARLES  FINCH  .I like to find anyone with their obituarys are info about these family more Grandma NELLIE MAY SCHARF-MCFARLAND   Died in April 9,1959.But not much info on the obituary's. If any can help Contact  me willing to Exchange info of family. Thanks and God Bless all these sites for the help they give to there families.                              


Name: Marjorie Gipe

E-Mail: mgipe@shenessex.heartland.net 

My Location: 

Date: Fri 1/18/02 6:03 AM

Edward Wolfe owned a lumber yard in Anthon IA. he had 3 daughters and 2 sons Also Herman Wallinnng and attorney in Anthon IA would appreciate any information



Name: Peggy Weisser-Caress

E-Mail: edward1@gci.net 

My Location: Anchorage, AK

Date: Tue 7/3/01 1:08 AM

Looking for descendants of Christian M. and Belle Weisser. They had 3 children: twin boys, Robert & Raymond born June 2, 1894 and a daughter, Beatrice Weisser-Roosa born abt 1907. I believe Christian & Belle raised their children in Woodbury County, Sioux City, IA. Raymond was married to Esther and they had 3 children: Raymond, Robert & Kenneth who I believe were also raised in Sioux City. Hoping to hear from anyone with information of the Weisser Family. Would like to share and exchange information of Christian Weisser's youngest brother, Matt Weisser who was my great grandfather. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Peggy Weisser-Caress


Name: Debora Ann (Mcfarland) Kroll

E-Mail: debkroll@hickorytech.net

My Location: ?

Date: Fri 8/10/2001 8:14 AM

I found out my Grandma who died in 1959 dad was not Scharfe. My great-grandma was Nance Cole who married Jess I think it' spelled Wahob. That's what some one worte me. When Grandma Nillie was born her mother Nance died and her dad put her in some home but Nance Sister Nell Cole who was married to a Charlie Finch got her and rasied her up until She married my Grandpa Thomas Patrick Mcfarland Jr.. Can up up this on the site to see if anyone heard of  him are her.T hank You. I stuck and can't seam to Find this Jess Wahob? I heard he lived in Sioux City, Iowa and some one had to hear of him. I'm not sure on the Spelling of his last name so I ran he name spelled all way in SS but nothing.



Name: Curtis George Weins

E-Mail: lstr@wmonline.com

My Location:  Whiteriver, AA.

Date: Wed 6/13/01 6:20 PM

I was born 10/19/56 at Methodist Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa. I was adopted shortly after birth by individuals whom I believe were related to my birth mother; however, they did not disclose her name.  My parents are both deceased and I would like to know my birth mother.  Any help you can be would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



Name: Nevada Boslet

E-Mail: cataholic@keyconn.net 

My Location: ?

Date:Thu 5/24/01 12:09 AM

  I am looking for information on my great great grandfather Ole Waldum/Valdum. He was born in 1871 in Norway and came to this country with his parents and 6 other siblings in 1886 or so. The family lived in Minnesota and then Ole moved on to Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa around the 1890's. He married Ella Asbol about 1898 in Iowa. They had at least one child, my great grandfather, John Waldum Sept 29, 1898 in Sioux City, Iowa. Ole opened a black smith shop, possibly, across from the Sioux City stock yards around 1900. His wife died about that time from maybe tuberculosis (sp?) or from childbirth with a daughter? We aren't' quite sure. Ole died June 1972 in Sioux City, Woodbury county, Iowa and so did his son John Wladum, died in December 1972 within months of his dad. John married Gladys Pearl Casey abt 1920 and had 3 children; Orville, Robert, & Dorothy. All were born in Sioux City around 1920-1923. From what I know John and Gladys divorced by about 1925 or so and Ole came to live with his son and grandchildren. Any information on this family is greatly appreciated. Thanks 


Name: Mike Wade

E-Mail: bad email 

My Location: Manchester, IA

Date: Sun 4/29/01 9:38 PM

Thomas P. Wade was born on April 13, 1856. Last known address was 1212 Plymouth Street, Sioux City in 1947. Son was Claude Wade. I am looking for his obituary. Date of death was between 1947 - 1956. I did find a newspaper article in the Sioux City Journal (April 13, 1947), which announced his 91st birthday. I am looking for information on his wife and parents. 


Name: Peggy Weisser-Caress

E-Mail: edward1@gci.net 

My Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Date: Mon 3/19/01 11:46 PM

Christian M. Weisser born in Lancaster, NY in 1862. Father's name was John G. Weisser. Mother's name was Theresa Raisch - Weisser - Hartmann. Christian came to Marengo, IA first then on to Woodbury County, Sioux City, IA. Looking for any information on my great great uncle. His siblings names were: John G., Matt, Mary Ann Weisser - Corday and Rosa Weisser - Hartman. Please contact me if you have any information.

Name: Carol Lampson

E-Mail: seajay@prodigy.net

My Location: Malibu, CA

Date: Fri 3/16/01 4:21 PM

Hello, I am trying to find information about Sarah Whitsell born 16 Mar 1858 Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa according to her death certificate.  She married Charles Hutchins - date & location unknown.  Her parents were Nancy Haws & Jessie Whitsell.  I would appreciate any possible clues, including any possible siblings. Thank you


E-Mail: RockyRD33@aol.com 

My Location:

Date: Sat 3/3/01 8:45 PM

Robert Charles Williams, Father: john Williams Mother: Louisa Jane Butler Williams B; approx. 1860 , Sioux City.

Name: Donna Hay

E-Mail: DonnaLHay@aol.com 

My Location: 

Date: Fri 3/2/01 8:26 PM

I am looking for my great-grandparents' two young children who died in infancy in the late 1800's. From the 1885 census data, I know one was Sarah Widmann born in 1883. I believe the other child was born and died before 1885. I think this because my grandmother was born in 1887 and her sister in 1885, and I had the idea that both children who died were older. I am pretty certain the first child was born after 1880, since I cannot locate the Widmann's on the 1880 census, which would be the case if they did not have children (only indexed if children under 11 are present). I do not even know if the other child was a boy or a girl. The parent's names are William and Elizabeth Widmann. Any help you could lend would be most gratefully received. I forgot to mention that they lived in Sioux City at this time. I know they lived there in 1885 (census) and in 1892 (directory) but not in 1895 (census). Thanks!

Name: Dennis Johnson

E-Mail: djohnson@bmtc.net 

My Location: SD

Date: Fri 2/16/01 5:28 AM

Am trying to help a friend find her great grandfather, Fred O. Watson, who married Sadie Burright in Pierson, Woodbury Co., in 1890.  Please go to the "B" page of the Woodbury page for information on the Burright/Watson marriage and children. Thank you.

Name: Heather

E-Mail: SWAANY@prodigy.net 

Location: MN

Date: Tue 1/30/01 1:11 PM

Looking for relations to my gr grandfather Peter Winkel born to Dirk and Dirkje Bosch in March 1883 Hattem Holland, emigrated to Iowa 1886.  Peter lived until his death in 1971 in Sioux City and had 4 children, 3 deceased.  His father Dirk died around 1946 in his 90's.  Peters brothers and sisters were George, Unknown brother, Josephine and Mary.  Since these siblings have more American names, assume they were younger than Peter and born in Iowa.


Name: Robbie Mayfield

E-Mail:   myfldfmily@snowcrest.net 

Location: ?

Date: Thursday, October 12, 2000 10:38 PM

My name is robbie my email address is myfldfmily@snowcrest.net what info do you have on any watson's.

Name: Dave Jackson

E-Mail:  DRJ517@aol.com 

Location: Omaha, NE

Date: Wed 8/30/00 4:31 PM

I am researching my grandparents, Gerald Henry WELTE b 27 Feb 1900 d 15 Jun 1988 and Laura Ann COLLINS b 6 Dec 1908 d 26 Jul 1985. Lived in Danbury, IA and raised 11 children. He started Welte Vault Company, still operated by my 2 uncles. Any help would be appreciated.

Name:  Debora Kroll 

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Tue 8/29/00 2:28 AM

August David Wickey was born 1888 in Mapleton, IA. He had two sisters and one brother according to an obit I found today. He died 01/18/1966 in Sioux City, IA. His sisters names are: Mrs. Effie (Wickey) Burton of Battle Creek, IA and Mrs. Lillian Johnson of Smithland, IA. The one brother was Melvin Wickey. I'm lost and need help finding his family. He had his own business as a carpenter and contractor. He had four daughters from Gladys Copenhaver and two sons David and Edwin. My Grandmother said their mother was Ella Zeitler, she died in 1932 in Sioux City. She also said he had more brothers David Wickey and Edward Wickey too. Any information is welcomed. Thanks Debk.


Name:  Ellen Pope Rogers

E-Mail:  dead email

Location: Lufkin, Texas

Date: Sat 8/26/00 8:07 PM

HENRY WEIS married my paternal grandmother, Amelia Nettlebeck Pope ca. 1915-1919 and they were living in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, in 1929.   Amelia was born and raised in Fayette County, IL but there is no marriage record for them in Illinois (and no one seems to know how they met).   Amelia and Henry  had no children but Henry raised  Amelia's youngest child (Pearl Pope).  Amelia Pope Weis died 8 May 1937, is buried Dakota County, NB.  I would like to correspond with anyone who can tell me anything about this Henry Weis and also whether there is a marriage record for Henry and Amelia in Iowa. Will gladly exchange information. 

Name:  Audrey Hausen

E-Mail:  flowe70597@aol.com 

Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Date: Wed 8/16/00 8:26 PM

I am attempting to locate information on Creed Wilder. What info I have indicates that he came from the Tennessee/Kentucky area to Iowa and resided in the Pottawattamie & Woodbury, Iowa area (in or near Sioux City). I have obtained from ancestry.com a copy of his civil war pension file application which shows that he applied in Iowa. Some family "history" that has been passed down indicates that he robbed at train and got away with it UNTIL his daughter got mad at him because he didn't want her to marry a particular guy and she called the authorities and turned him in...I don't know how true it is or where it might have happened at. Any information would be appreciated if any is located. Thanks.

Name:  Patrick Montgomery

E-Mail:  p.montgomery@myactv.net

Location: ?

Date: Mon 7/10/00 2:41 PM

looking for information concerning my grandmother Emma Wenzel and her sister Nettie Wenzel Ulrich. Both were well known in Sioux City from 1910 to1960. Trying to establish family roots.

Name:  Phyllis (Gipson) Strain

E-Mail:  pstrain916@ixpnet.com.

Location: ?

Date: Wed 7/5/00 10:42 PM

I am seeking information on Ideler "Dell" (Gipson) White. Last information places her in Woodbury Co, Sioux City, IA in 1932.  She was born in Arkansas about 1874.  Parents were Preston Lee and Elizabeth (Herreford) Gipson.  Dell's first husband was Buddy Strawn, second husband was _____ White.  Most of her family stayed here in Washington and in Oklahoma. No other information, any info you have will be greatly appreciated.  Please email me at  Thank you and Good luck to you in your searches.



Name:  R. J. Benson

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Minnesota

Date: Sun 3/26/00 6:04 PM


PETER WALKER lived in Sioux City, Iowa around 1870. According to the 1870 Census of Woodbury County, Iowa, PETER WALKER, age 36, was a baker. PETER WALKER was born about 1836 and died about 1872.PETER WALKER married MARY J AGNES, of Plymouth County, Iowa on October 20, 1870 in Sioux City, IA. They had a son, LEWIS JAMES WALKER Sr. born on July 23, 1872, Peter died around 1872. MARY J AGNES WALKER lived in Le Mars, Iowa until her death, August 21, 1918. LEWIS JAMES WALKER, married MARY F. PATTON of Denison, Iowa in 1893. Their son, Clifford James was born on March 30, 1895. MARY F. PATTON died March 21, 1910 and Lewis married on June 28th 1910 to Lyda E. Harker of Merrill, Iowa. Lyda Harker and Lewis had two children, Rosemary and Lewis Jr. and lived in Blunt South Dakota until Lewis Sr. retired in Merrill, Iowa 1952. Lewis Sr. died in 1956. Any information on these people or others family members connected to them would be greatly appreciated.



Name:  Patrick Montgomery

E-Mail: p.montgomery@myactv.net

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Date: Thu 3/30/00 3:16 PM

My grandparents, Emma Belle Wenzel and Carl Christian Hogenson (Hogensen) were married by the Rev George L. Search, Supt of the Helping Hand Mission on what during my years of growing up in Sioux City (1938-1957) was lower 4th Street or the south Bottoms. Near where the Hipp Theater, the Tin Tin Tavern - the area of 4th and Court Street are or were. I am interested in any information concerning the mission and my grandparents.

Name: Linda Loser

E-Mail: sljdt@cybrzn.com

Location: Marinette, WI 

Date: Sat 3/11/00 4:40 AM

Looking for any descendants of Felix & Helen VERIHA. They were married at the Woodbury Co. Courthouse 2 Sept 1914 under the following names:Pelasz WEREYA & Alene PAULUCK. I am looking for this info for my daughter's boss, John Veriha, VERIHA TRUCKING, Marinette, WI

Name:  Betty Walding Franks

E-Mail: bettyf39@hotmail.com

Location: Arkansas

Date: Wed 3/8/00 7:38 PM

I am trying to locate relatives on my grandfathers side.  Was always told they were from Souix City, IA and my grandfather and two sisters were raised in a Catholic orphanage or convent, because their mother had died when they were young and their father could not take care of them.  The name is WALDING.  My grandfather was John Harry Walding and his two sisters were Maggie Ann and Mary Edna Walding.  Their parents were George and Alice Walding.  George born Iowa 1851.  George's parents were John Walding and Elizabeth O'Reilly Walding.  I do not find any WALDING'S listed on the 1860 and 1870 census index for Woodbury county, but he appears on Johnson county for 1860 & 1870.  I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.  

Name:  William R. Walters

E-Mail: drbill3@ix.netcom.com

Location: Vancouver, WA

Date: Sun 2/27/00 11:01 PM

According to my grandmother's obit, my uncle Robert M. WALTERS  was living in Sioux City, in 1932 because he attended her funeral, executed her will and gave his address as 305 W. 15th St in Sioux City.  I checked the 1920 census but he is not listed among the other Walters. Also attending the funeral was Geo. Preston of Sioux City and Mrs. Martin Dumphy also of that city - which may be clues.  I was hoping someone there might be able to check a city directory for that approximate date (1925-1935) to verify Robert's presence.  He would have been approximately 50 years old then.  Any information  pertaining to Robert would be much appreciated, and I would be happy to pay for search time, of course. Thank you for your attention to my request. 

Name: Dennis G Strain 

E-Mail: pstrain916@ixpnet.com


Date: Tue 2/8/00 1:21 AM

Ideler ("Della" "Dell") Gipson White was married to a ____ White.  According to her brother Charlie's obituary, she was in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA in  1932.  Believe she also died in Sioux City.  Have no info on children or spouse, this was her second and final marriage. "Dell" was the daughter of my ggrandparents--Preston Lee and Elizabeth Ann (Herreford) Gipson.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you and good luck in your searches.

Name: L. D. (Bert) Semmelink

E-Mail: lambertus.semmelink@unisys.com

Location: Minnesota

Date: Wed 12/1/99 1:10 PM

Looking for any information on VAUGHN, Alfred, Clara(Pierce/Widel) or WIDEL, Wilbur. They appeared in the 1920 census 1920 Sioux City, Woodbury IA vol 90 Ed 227 Sheet 25 line 96, Vaughn, Alfred PA Eng, unk carpenter, Vaughn, Clara 44 MI MI Can, Henning, Elvis d. 24 IA PA MI, Henning, Alva gd 3 SD MN IA, Henning, Gladys gd 2 IA MN IA, Widel, Wilbur step son 21 IA PA MI teamster, Vaughn, Fern d 5 1/2 IA PA MI

Name:  Marjorie Ferris

E-Mail: MBFerris@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Tue 8/31/99 3:29 PM

Would like to find any descendants of Johnson FARRIS (1829-1907) & Chlorinda Ann WARHUBB (1834-1911). Re their children, Amanda Jane FARRIS (1854-?) & Francis Frank FARRIS (1849-?) had 3 children born in Sioux City; Lavice FARRIS (1856-1937) & William CASSMAN (1849-1926) had 9 of their 10 children born in Sioux City; Vernum Hardin FARRIS (1859-1945) & Mary Louise ROE (1859-1932) had 4 of their 9 children born in Woodbury County and 2 others who died in Sioux City, as did Vernum; Sarah Emory FARRIS (1876-1945) & Samuel MARINE (1865-?) had 2 of their 9 children born in Sioux City. Any information appreciated.

Name: Janette Antone Nunez

E-Mail: lutonium@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sat 8/28/99 10:51 AM

 My Grandparents lived in Sioux City, Woodbury County during the Great Depression. MADDUX, Audrey...b/May 15, 1915 in Nebraska. She married Willis Lee WALKER b/June 1915 in South Dakota. They were married in Iowa in 1935. Willis Lee WALKER died in October of 1938 when my mother was three years old. He was buried at Sgt. Bluff Cemetery. We are unclear of his death. My grandmother was 23 years old at the time and gave birth after my grandfather died to my aunt. Willis Walker was very ill for several months. During the depression era with 2 small children, she must have married immediately as she applied for social security under the name of Audrey WARNER, December 1938 or 1939. Last known addresses of Audrey Maddux and Willis Walker: 1417 25th St. Sioux City, IA and 1121 8th St., Sioux City, IA. Address on Social Security Application for Audrey Maddux Warner: 1615 Center #21, Sioux City, IA. Thank you for your time. 

Name: Marilyn Dye


Location: Washington State

Date: Fri 8/27/99 10:43 PM

My husband,s Great grandfather was married to Deborah Woolhiser 1888  Sioux City. He had three children all born there, Theron  Grace, and Laura.Theron Larrbee died there 1898. I do not know where he is buried? ANY ONE ABLE TO HELP.  I am a resident of Washington State.   Thanks so much if I can help any one in either Skagit or Whatcom county WA. please let me know.   Marilyn

Name: Patti Hohne

E-Mail: phohne@mlode.com

Location: Twain Harte, California

Date: Tue 8/3/99 10:46 PM

I picked up a picture from a thrift shop that was taken at W. C. Ritcher Little Gem Gallery, Corner of 4th and Jennings Streets, Sioux City, Iowa circa 1890 (not sure).  The picture is of a young man and woman (on their wedding day?)  The name on the back says James and Kate WHITE. I would be happy to restore this picture to family. 

Name: Ernest C. Wright, Jr.

E-Mail: rghtbno@shenessex.heartland.net

Location: Shenandoah

Date: Sat 7/31/99 1:19 PM

I am trying to find all or any information on my Grandfather a ROGER C. WRIGHT who was born in Correctionville, his parents were a ERNEST C. WRIGHT and a LETTA MEY[MAE] WRIGHT not sure about her spelling, siblings think were a RUSSELL, LOUISE, LOIS, believe had a uncle named MELVIN from same area. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

Name: Denise

E-Mail: dizfred@voyager.net

Location: MI

Date: Thu 7/1/99 4:10 PM

Looking for information on PETER WALPOLE. b. approx 1845-52, Ireland. Marriage license applied for in Woodbury Co., to SARAH FRANKLIN, Apr 1871, but were married in Plymouth Co.(?) Had five known living children: Edward b 1871 in IA, James b. 1875 in MN, Peter T. b. 1877 in MN, Nellis, b. 1879 in IA, Mary/Mamie, b. 1881 in WY. Story #1: Peter abandons the family and takes one or two boys with him and was never heard from again. Story #2: Peter was killed somewhere between Sloan and Hornick during a cattle drive (?) My best guess for time period for either story would be somewhere between 1881 and 1895, as youngest child was living with a different family in SD in 1895. At one point Sarah is remarried to "unknown' GOWLING. Thanks in advance to anyone who can supply additional information.

Name: Pamela

E-Mail: L8dFlyer@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Mon 6/28/99 11:47 PM

I am trying to find any info on my dad's family. He was born in Woodbury, Iowa on the family homestead, 11/27/27. His name is Robert G Weber. His dad's name was Claude Abner Weber (11/3/03 - 1/70) and his dad's name was Clem Weber. My dad's mother's name was Mildred but we are unsure of her last name as she married a few times. We believe it might be Luscombe. My grandfather worked for the railroad, Sioux Line, resettled in Sherry, Wisconsin. My grandmother was a midwife. Any info I can get regarding this side of my family would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather is listed in the Death Index of Broderbonds Family Tree. It is also my understanding that my father's family is from Mason City, Iowa. Thanks

Name: Charlie Hendricks 

E-Mail namukid@magma.ca

Location: ?

Date: Thu 5/27/99 9:23 PM

I have information on the TURMAN family. Wiliam Turman and his brother John were early settlers in Smithland (1853).

Name: Richard R Williamson

E-Mail rrw122433@aol.com

Location: Tucson, AZ

Date: Sun 5/23/99 6:02 PM




Williamson, McFadden, Ryan, Kerr Web page

I would like to find genealogy information on a brother of my grandfather that lived in Sioux City, IA.

3 sons of Garrett and Carolyn BARNETT WILLIAMSON found there way from Preble Co, OH to the Sioux Ciity, Sloan, Salix, Climbing Hill, Correctionville area in the late 1800's. 1) Philemon Wesley WILLIAMSON m. Henriette RYSDAM 26 NOV 1896 in Sloan, IA. They moved on to SD in 1910. 2) Jesse C. WILLIAMSON (my grandfather) m. Cora May KERR 10 JAN 1895 in Macks Creek, MO and was in Salix, IA in 1902, because my aunt Carolyn was born there. He was in Correctionville, IA in 03 OCT 1906, because my dad Ray L was born there. He was still in Correctionville, IA in 20 DEC 1908, because my uncle Jesse Leroy was born there. 3) Lewis (Louis) WILLIAMSON is the mystery. Undocumented information is: b. 19 MAR 1874 in Preble Co., OH, married Jessie MCDONALD (from the Sioux City area) d. in FEB 1920 He was driving a tank wagon when it overturned and crushed him. (Sloan/Salix) A daughter of Philemon Wesley states that she can remember of talking to a postmaster in the Sloan/Salix area that remembers the roll over and death. Lewis( Louis) and Jessie had 2 children. They think their names were Gladysand Deward. Documented Information: In Sioux City, IA volunteered to look at the Sioux City directories and found this: The 1909 Sioux City Directory shows: Mrs. Jessie Williamson boards at 610 Perry. The 1908 Directory show the same thing. The 1907 Directory lists: Lewis C Williamson, salesman, resides at 707 Iowa. Jennie McDonald, boards 610 Perry James A. McDonald, checker, C.M. & St P. Ry(Railway) 610 Perry. George McDonald Jr., apprentice, board 610 Perry. George McDonald, wks C. S. Holman, residence 610 Perry. The 1906 Directory lists: Jennie McDonald, clerk T. Ss. Martin & Co., boards 709 Bluff George McDonald, washer, C. S. Holman, residence, 709 Bluff George H. McDonald, apprentice, boards, 709 Bluff James A. McDonald, checker, C.M. & St. P. Ry., boards 709 Bluff  The 1904-1905 Directory lists: George McDonald, washer, G. E. Westcott, residence, 709 Bluff George H. McDonald, laborer, boards 709 Bluff James A. McDonald, laborer, boards 709 Bluff Jennie McDonald, rooms 523 Pearl  The 1903-1904 Directoroy lists: George E McDonald, laborer G. E. Westcott, residence, 316 Sioux George H. McDonald, laborer, boards, 316 Sioux James A. McDonald, laborer, boards, 316 Sioux Jennie McDonald, clerk Pfohl & Smith, boards 511 Jackson Jennie McDonald, rooms 523 Pears. Also found this at the library from the Sioux City Journal: The first roll he picked to look in was the Jan 30, 1920 to Feb 29, 1920 and I’m assuming he didn’t look any further. Article from Sioux City Journal Feb 2, 1920. FORMER RESIDENT DEAD, L. C. Williamson succumbs to Heart Disease in Minneapolis. L. C. Williamson, aged 46, a former resident of Sioux City, died last Friday in a hospital in Minneapolis of heart disease. While living in Sioux City, he was a traveling salesman for the Independent Oil Company. He had lived in Minneapolis for a year. The body arrived in Sioux City yesterday and will be buried in Graceland Park cemetery at 2 o’clock this afternoon. Mr. Williamson is survived by his widow, a daughter, Gladys and a son, Deward. The children have been making their home in Sioux City. A perpetual calender tells me that Feb 2 1920 was a Monday so ‘last Friday’ would have been Jan 30, 1920. If my dob, 19 March 1874,  is correct, the age in the paper (46) is only 2 months off. The stories are so different. Last summer we were in Sioux City, so my wife and I went out to Graceland Park Cemetery. The computer print out in the stand outside the building did not have L. C. listed, but the caretaker looked in the book and found a L. C. Williamson listed for LOT 113, Rose Hill section. We located the grave, but we failed to get a copy of the entry in the book-name of purchaser of the plot, etc.

Name: Donna Zibell

E-Mail mailto:P1301@aol.com

Location: California

Date: Tue 5/25/99 9:08 PM

Requesting info on my g-grandfather's family: Otto Sylvester Wilcox,   birth: march 7 1859, in Oto Iowa. death: august 27, 1931 married: September, 8, 1879.  spouse: Melcena Abigail Hicks, their parents  names are unknown to us. my grandfather's name was: Robert  Franklin Wilcox, born in Anthon, Iowa in may 4, 1885, his death was march 14, 1906. my father's name was Aubra  (otto) Keith, Wilcox, born september 28, 1915 in Anthon, Iowa  thank you for your time.

Name: Wallace L. WilkinsE-Mail: dead email


Location: Crystal River, FL

Date: Thu 5/13/99 6:14 AM

Seeking any info on Mrs. MYRA WILKINS, born 1863 in Illinois, her parents and maiden name unknown, married WALLACE LEVERETTE WILKINS, abt.1914, either San Bernardino, CA. or Sioux City, IA., no children. She was widowed at his death 13 Feb.1918 while visiting his son, RAYMOND A.WILKINS, in Tampa, Florida. Myra lived at their home, located at 1915 Rebecca Street, Sioux City, until 1941 and perhaps until her death as late as the early '50s. Wallace was interred in Floyd Cemetery abt 20 Feb.1918, prob. with Military Honors directed by the G A R General Hancock Post No.22, of which he had been Past Commander. It is probable that Myra is interred also in Floyd Cemetery. Contact; Great grandson, WALLACE L. WILKINS Jr. write; Wallace L. Wilkins, 2300 N. Crede Ave., Crystal River, FL., 34428. Thank you, Wally.  I have extensive data on the Raymond A. Wilkins, branch for anyone interested.

Name: James Herbage

E-Mail: Dead email address

Location: ?

Date: Sun 5/2/99 2:27 PM

Herbage, Charles Ira b:3 sep 1857 in IL.  Married Theda E. Wilson 1882 in Sioux City, IA searching for Theda Parents. Thank you for checking.

Name: Kathie Harrison

E-Mail: mailto:NelliBlu28@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Mon 4/26/99 7:17 PM

I am looking for information on Peter Burgess and his wife Anna Comaskeri  who came from Dixon County in Nebraska to Sioux City, Iowa circa 1890. Peter was brother to my Ggrandmother Ellen Burgess McDonald of Dixon county. Peter had another sister who was Catherine >Katie> Burgess married to Charles Wilbur and they lived in Sioux City, IA also. Katie died there but was buried next to her parents in Dixon County. I am trying to find out if either Peter or his sister had children, & if so what were their names, births, etc.? Ellen Burgess was married to Barney J McDonald, my paternal grandmother's parents. The surnames that I am researching are: HARRISON, MCDONALD, BURGESS, BRICE, BOONE, CONNELL, OSBORN, OWEN, FOX, and MORGAN. The first 3 surnames are what I am focused on 

at this time.  Please e-mail me directly if there is a link to my Burgess & McDonald  families. Thank you .


Name: Diane Wilson

E-Mail: DLW3625H@aol.com


Date: Fri 3/12/99 8:12 PM

I'M looking for Information on Philip Maro Wilson it says he moved to Sargents Bluffs, the fall of 1862 he lived there for 5 yrs. Driving the North Western Stage Co. How could I get information on the company and possibly a picture of him. He's my husband's great great grandfather. His parents only have the obit where I'm giving you this information. Do you have census for that year I'd be happy for your help. It also says in June 1882 Morehead Ia became a member of the Reorganized Church J C latter day saints. Hope you can help me out. let me know what you find out. I wasn't sure were or what county it was located. We live in flo. But used to live in Ill. Thank you 

Name: Myra L. Walcott

E-Mail: MWalnuts@AOL.COM

Location: Darien, IL

Date: Mon 2/22/99 8:22 AM

Frank Mendell Walcott (might be listed as Francis Mendell Walcott or Mendell Walcott) b: November 30, 1879, in Rochester, Minnesota, married Harriett Jessie Reuschling in 1904 in Iowa. Children included Howard Orville Walcott b: June 27, 1905, in Morningside, Iowa and Charles Huestis Walcott b: February 23, 1918 in Sioux City, Iowa. Seeking death date which we believe to be about 1961 and full marriage date and city of marriage. Thank you for your time!

Name: Myra L. Walcott

E-Mail: MWalnuts@AOL.COM

Location: Darien, IL

Date: Mon 2/22/99 8:22 AM

Howard Orville Walcott b: June 27, 1905, in Morningside, Iowa, son of Frank Mendell Walcott b: November 30, 1879 and Harriet Jesse Reuschling b: 1904, legally changed his name to Orville H. Walcott or Orville Howard Walcott. Looking for a copy of legal record or information regarding this legal transaction. Specifically date, and revised name but any other information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time, myra

Name: Wallace L. Wilkins

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Crystal River, FL

Date: Wed 1/20/99 12:46 PM

Seeking any info on Mrs. MYRA WILKINS, born 1863 in Illinois, her parents and maiden name unknown, married WALLACE LEVERETTE WILKINS, abt.1914, either San Bernardino, CA. or Sioux City, IA., no children. She was widowed at his death 13 Feb.1918 while visiting his son, RAYMOND A. WILKINS, in Tampa, Florida. Myra lived at their home, located at 1915 Rebecca Street, Sioux City, until 1941 and perhaps untill her death as late as the early '50s. Wallace was interred in Floyd Cemetery abt 20 Feb.1918, prob. with Military Honors directed by the G A R General Hancock Post No.22, of which he had been Past Commander. It is probable that Myra is interred also in Floyd Cemetery. Contact; Great grandson, WALLACE L. WILKINS Jr.  write; Wallace L. Wilkins. Thank you. 2300 N. Crede Ave., Wally Wilkins, Crystal River, FL., 34428

Name: Janette

E-Mail: Lutonium@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/3/99 1:21 AM

Walker, Willis Lee, b/June 23, 1915, Madison SD. d/October 24, 1938, Sioux City IA, buried Sergeants Bluff, IA, married to Audrey Mae Maddux, Father/Harry Walker, Mother/Myrtle, Brother/Rowe Walker, Sister/Margaret Walker Culver, submitted by/Janette (granddaughter of Willis), lutonium@aol.com.

Name: Glenn Box

E-Mail: GBox@worldnet.att.net

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Date: Sun 1/10/99 11:18 AM

Am looking for information regarding the family of Joachim Puck, b. 1835 Holstin, Germany, and Sarah Jane Wilkins, who married 1871 and were living in the Sioux City area 1900. Children included Albert, Lenore, Ada, George, and Mable. Any information and place of burial would be appreciated. This family was included in the text "The Germans of Iowa and Their Accomplishments" pub. 1900 Des Moines, I would also like the full text of their article or the book itself, Thanks 

Name: Julian Lewis

E-Mail: julian@pharm.med.yale.edu

Location: ?

Date: Sat 1/9/99 5:02 PM

I am interested in finding out more about a relative of mine, John Williams of Moville. The only information I have about him is that he died during or around early 1926. I believe he was a brother to Harry J. Williams, of Horderley, Shropshire, England. He was an uncle to my great grandmother, from England. I also believe his estate was handled by attorneys Edward M. Corbett and Carlton M. Corbett of Sioux City. Their location was listed as 509-510 Security Bank Building, Sioux City. I would be interested to learn more about any connections he may have had in Woodbury county, including information on where he is buried. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Name: Tom Walsh

E-Mail: TomW2_@excite.com

Location: . Santa Cruz, California

Date: 6-11-2005

I would appreciate any information of my Grandparents. Family history has the year around 1911 for the marriage of Thomas Walsh to Mary A. Chapman. In Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa. Thank you in advance for your kindness.


Name:  Tom Walsh

E-Mail: TomW2_@excite.com

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Date: Thu 3/30/00 4:12 PM

I am looking for any information on my Grandmother, Mary A. Chapman Walsh. She lived in Sioux City in 1909 to 1916, I believe.. Married Thomas Walsh of Detroit Michigan in 1910 or 1911. Had two children, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth. Also had a sister come live with her from Texas, Mrs. Rip Parker. Please contract me if you have any information. Thank you.



Name: Tom Walsh 

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Date: Tue 1/19/99 12:41 PM

I am looking for any information on my Grandmother, Mary A. Chapman Walsh. She lived in Sioux City in 1909 to 1916, I believe.. Married Thomas Walsh of Detroit Michigan in 1910 or 1911. Had two children, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth. Also had a sister come live with her from Texas, Mrs. Rip Parker. Please contract me if you have any information. Thank you. 



Name: Tom Walsh

E-Mail: dead email

Location: . Santa Cruz, California

Date: Wed 12/9/98 2:19 PM

I would appreciate any information as to the exact date of my Grandparents wedding. Family history has the year as 1911 for the marriage of Thomas Walsh to Mary A. Chapman. In Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa. I believe the year could have been 1910 or 1909.  Again, thank you in advance for your kindness.


Name: Judith Good 

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Thu 12/3/98 4:22 PM

BROWN, Clara M. b. Aug 13, 1866 Winnebago Co., IL; d. Rhodes IA; m. Dec 25, 1885 Woodbury Co., IA to GOOD, Abraham. She was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin BROWN and Louisa S. WATSON. Any information on this family greatly appreciated. Willing to share information. Marriage license says this Abraham Good's 3rd marriage and Clare M. Brown's first.

Name: David Whitney

Email dw34551@navix.net

Location: ?

Time: Wed 11/4/98 9:27 PM

I am looking for any information about the family of Ulysses Grant Whitney, he was a representative for Woodbury County as a State Representative from 1906 to 1914. He died March 6, 1938 and is buried in Graceland Cemetery. He had three children, Martha, Craig, and George. Martha is listed as living in Sioux City in 1938 and had married Chester Taylor. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: Dennis Ronfeldt

Location: Smithland, Iowa

Email dennyfam@netins.net

Time: Thu 10/15/98 7:29 PM 

Looking for John G. Williams and Mary ? John born in Warrenburg, Indiana. The children are William H. born March 27, 1841; James Henry born 1847 this is my GGrandfather; Emma E. born 1857 married John Folsom lived and died and buried in Smithland, Iowa Woodbury County. Ida F. born 1860 married Thomas Wilkison; Douglas S. born 1862 married Ella Reed; Alice Williams married ? Wible; there was a ninth child also. James Henry Williams my Ggrandfather come to Woodbury County Danbury Iowa area around 1900, his wife name was Mary born 1850 in Indiana died 1910 in Alberta, Canada. There Children were Columbus Frank, Jack, Thomas Edgar born 1873 married Bertha Scott she is from Woodbury or Monona County Iowa, Florence H. married Robert "Cap" Fisher my grandparents, Bert E., Winfield born 1882, Fannie J., Alice M. Williams born 1889. If anyone has any information on any of these families I would appreciate it I will trade inf... James Williams went to Alberta Canada around 1904. Thank You

Name: Patricia Bennett

Location: ?

Email: mrsb@netins.net

Time: Thu 10/15/98 9:57 PM

Looking for anyone connected with the Weigel family. Henry Sebastion abt. 1840 married Elizabeth Booher. Their son George Elias b1867 d1945 married Hannah May Booher 1895. Need information about the other 6 children of Henry Sebastion. I have good records of George and Hannah May off spring if you would like that. I guess that I am not certain where they come from, but believe Woodbury County in Iowa is one of the places that they lived, as I do.

Name: Elaine Larson-Neuhaus

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Time: Tue 10/13/98 11:37 AM

I am looking for information about the parents of my grandfather whom I knew as JOHN THOMAS WEBBER, born in Sioux City, Iowa in May, 1885. From all the information I have gathered so far, there are three possibilities. First, from the 1885 Iowa state census, they were C. A. DUTTON (grocer) born in Illinois and his wife Anna/Annie born 1864 in Ireland and immig. 1880. In 1885 they had a 2 yr old son Charles who later died and John a newborn. When Mr. Dutton died, Anna and John moved to Illinois. Second, they were a Mr. FOWLER and Anna/Annie born 1864 in Ireland and immig. 1880. And third, upon the death of Mr. Fowler before 1891, Anna married a JAMES G. WEBBER and the family moved to Illinois.

Name: Susan Wertz Cannatella


Location: New Orleans, LA

Time: Wed 10/7/98 10:38 AM

Searching for information on the Wertz Family from Sioux City. Great Grandparents came from Byrne, Switzerland in the early 1900's. Grandfather was Carl Wertz, born October 18, 1914, worked for the Great Northern Railroad, Hwy 75, Leeds, Iowa for 44 years Retired in 1940. Grandmother was Minnie Landers Wertz (from Indiana). They had six children Evelyn, Margaret, Carl, Dorothy, Lucille and my father Lowol Raymond. Would appreciate any help

Name: Carole Jean Anderson Whitten

Location: ROCK FARM in Martin County, TX

Email: Cwhitten@midland.edu

Time: 9/11/98 3:10 PM [updated: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 6:15:27 PM]


Looking for CROWL, RITTS, WATSON, ANDERSON, MAYBERRY, BLAIR, MILLER, WARREN in Sioux City, Anthon, Washta, Cherokee, Correctionville.


Orson Fremont Crowl lived in Correctionville. He was my great grandfather. His eldest daughter Celestie (Lesta) Jeanettie Crowl Ritts Watson lived in Correctionville, IA; Anthon,IA; Algonquin, IL; and Sioux City, IA.

Name: Terri Gordon

Email: stirdly@email.msn.com

Location: ?

Time: Wed 8/12/98 10:42 AM

I am looking for traces of Leander and Mary MCDONALD WHISLER (Whistler, Wistler) of Sioux City. Originally from Beaver County, PA they were in Sioux City by late 1890's. Their daughter was Jennie Whisler and she was married to Theodore TOLLEFSON. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Debbie Naughton

Email: smndln@erols.com

Location: Centreville, Va

Time: Fri 8/7/98 1:55 PM

I am looking for information on Francis Marion Whisman born in the mid 1800's, location unknown. He married Hannah Amelia Franklin b. Nov. 15,1855 in Ill. The marriage location was Willow Creek, Cherokee Co. Iowa on November 11, 1876. They resided in Correctionville at some point, although their children were born in several places. Miron Whisman b. April 20, 1878 at Willow, Cherokee Co., Mabel b. Aug. 8, 1879 at Union, Woodbury Co., Floyd E. b. March 30, 1889 Union, Woodbury Co., and Claud A. b. August 22, 1896 in Cherokee Co. If anyone has any information on this Whisman family, or any data that can back up my facts, I would be glad for the help. Thanks.

Name: Frances

Email: FP2375@AOL.COM

Location: Putnam Co., in north central IL

Time: Wed 7/29/98 10:09 PM

William (b. abt 1800 in OH, d. 1874 in Putnam Co., IL) and Mary Wiley (b. 1812 in OH, d 1870 also Putnam Co.) Their children were: George A. Edwards, b. 1838 in Putnam Co., d. 1896 in Tama Co. IA, m. Elizabeth Ann Mullin. Children were: Walter b. 1878. Estelle, m. Freebern; Hattie; Charles T. m. Jessie Howe; Oscar J. m. Mayme Ellen Edwards; & Clarence Henry Harrison Edwards m. alice Kays, my grandparents Joseph A. Edwards, b. 1845, d. 1898 in Iowa City, m. Emma Hemsworth. One dau Anna. Anna Edwards,, b. 1848, d. 1917, m # 1, Dunbar, m # 2, Cassell Luella Edwards, b. 1850, d. 1903, m. Wm. Eisenhower Mary Jane Edwards, b. 1853, d. 1910, m. Owen Allen Will be very grateful if you can help me locate descendants of George A. and Joseph A., who moved on to IA. 

Name: Phyllis Moulton

E-mail: xmoulton@bellsouth.net

Location: Sioux City, IA

Time: 12:45 pm 7/25/98

I am searching for information regarding William J. COGHLAN born 1884 in Iowa. Supposedly from Sioux City area and had something to do with newspapers. Married Bertha WIRF, daughter Lucille born in Yankton, SD 1912. Any info on Coghlan or connections would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Donna Schuler

Email: Dfschuler@aol.com

Location: St. Charles, MO

Time: Fri 7/24/98 11:22 PM

I am searching for information regarding the family of John and Margaret (WALSH) SCHULER in Sloan, Woodbury Country, Iowa. They came from Illinois abt. 1903 - 1904. While in Sloan 3 children were born to them: Anna, George and Anthony. I would like to find the birth dates for these 3 and any marriage dates for them or any of their other 6 children who were born in Illinois: Herman, William, John, Nellie, Edward & Thomas.

Name: Deb Tobola

E-Mail: DEBTOBOLA@aol.com

Location: ? 

Time: Mon 6/29/98 11:19 PM

Looking for my grandmother's family. Her name was Pauline Emma Fowler. Her father was a streetcar conductor (Sioux City). She married Gerald WILSON in 1927 and Joseph TOBOLA in 1929.

Name: Elaine Larson-Neuhaus.

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?.

Date: 6/19/1998

I am looking for information about my maternal grandfather, John Thomas WEBBER (or FOWLER) born 1885 in Sioux City. His mother was named Anna/Annie and was born in Ireland in 1864 and immig. to U.S. 1880. James G. WEBBER was either his natural father or step-father. If step-father, then a MR. FOWLER was his natural father would have died before 1890. In 1891, another son was born to James and Anna WEBBER in Chicago. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Richard Harrison

Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 22:37:24 -0700

Email: artdept@compuserve.com

Welcome WINN was born ABT 1840 in OH and was married to Luisa Ellen (Nellie) HARRISON, daughter of Benjamin Harrison and Jane JEFFRIES, on June 3, 1866 in Anamosa, Jones, IA. Their daughter, Effie WINN was born ABT 1869 in Woodbury, Co., IA. They were enumerated in the 1870 census for Woodbury Co. and still resided there in 1876 at the time of Nellie's father's death. Interested in any information regarding this family. Thank you.

Name: Billie Jo Rhodes

Email: b.j.rich@juno.com

Location: California

Time: Monday, February 02, 1998 10:32 PM

I have Charles Eugene Woolridge married to Carrie Edith Rhodes living in Correctionville, IA in 1888. Both are buried in the Correctionville, IA Cemetery. Charles had a "Cherry Red" Brick factory and built the local opera house in Correctionville. 

Name: Billie Jo Rhodes

Email: b.j.rich@juno.com

Location: California

Time: Monday, February 02, 1998 10:27 PM

I have Samuel Lewis Rhodes married to Mary Adelaide Sears in 1867. Also Carrie Edith Rhodes married to Charles Eugene Woolridge of Correctionville, IA in 1888.

Name: Carol Edythe Stevens

Email: Ckeith4072@aol.com

Location: Fresno, California

Time: Mon Jan 12 07:03:41 1998

My grandfather Lewis Thomas White was born On May 17, 1888 in Woodbury County to Mary Catherine Clare White and Thomas Nelson White. Thomas Nelson died in 1890. If anyone has an info on him or his family please contact

Name: Ray Bassett

Email: raylou@usmo.com

Location: Sunrise Beach, MO

Time: Saturday, December 13, 1997 at 22:00:40

Comments: My father's obit, Burnice Clark Bassett, indicated that he was born in Woodbury Co., IA. He always had said that he was born in LeMars, but we have no proof. His parents were, Clarence William Basset and Cora Mary Wadsworth and were married at LeMars (Plymouth Co.) on January 21, 1884. We are not sure whether or not they lived in Woodbury Co. but did have 4 children: Elmer Ensign Bassett, b. June 10, 1885, Burnice Clark Bassett, b. November 25, 1886, Pearl b & d between 1887-90, and Cora Mary Bassett, b April 11, 1891. Cora Wadsworth Bassett died April 12, 1891. We do not know which Co. she died or where she is buried. Any info would be a great help.

Name: Barb Kuper

Email: kuper.barbara@gmail.com
update email address 8/5/2012

Location: Iowa Falls, IA, USA

Time: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 11:27:53

Comments: Looking for the Grant WELCHER family living in Sioux City in 1900. Living with him were Mary-wife, daughter Perl, Roy W, Gladys, and Mary's mother Frances LARIVIERE. 

Name: Neil Chisholm
Email: chisholm@ozramp.net.au
Location: Doncaster, Vic, Australia
Date: Friday, July 4, 1997 at 09:10:32
I am seeking information on Alice Vere WEDGWOOD, the daughter of Joseph JEFFERY & Rosamund CLEWS who migrated to U.S.A from Derbyshire England. Last known residence was Sergeant Bluff. In 1927 her address was 2124 St. Mary's Street Sioux City. She died in 1986? 




If you know of any corrections or missing information please contact me.


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