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Name: George Hirt


My Location: unknown

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 22:43:27 -0400

I am looking for an obituary for Robert Frederick Kilgour who died in Sioux City, Iowa on August 15, 1932. He was born in Mt. Forest , Canada in 1865. If anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated. Robertís wifeís name was Pauline. He had two children, Frederick James and Edith.


Name: Cathy Peterson

Email: Dead Email address

My Location: New Ulm, Minnesota

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 23:13:44 -0600


I am looking for Kelly, Eugene, b <1862> in IL married Derscheid, Elizabetha, b 08/01/1861 Chicago, IL They were married about 1884 in Sioux City, Iowa. I do not know if this is the exact year for my Great-great grandparents marriage. Elizabetha (Lizzie) committed suicide in Beadle County SD in 1895. Eugene, as family legend has it, was in trouble with the law many times and returned to Sioux City with his 3 children. Alphey Columbus, Thomas Latauette, and Marry Snow. The Sioux City authorities removed these 3 children from Eugene's care and placed them in an orphanage. He was arrested for child abuse? I do not know if this is factual or not but if anyone could help me I would appreciate it.


Name: Betty Kendall Kersch


My Location: ????????????????????

Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 13:00:16 -0500

I am searching for information on Joseph Kendall and his wife Sophia. Joseph was born in New York in 1863. He came to Iowa in about 1883/88 and first setteled in Willow, Woodbury, Iowa. In the 1930 census he was in Hornick, Woodbury, Iowa. They had eight children, Lora, Matilda, Esther, Edith, Goldie,Cecil, Iva, Elanor. I do not have a death date for Joseph or Sophia. I believe they are
probably buried in the county of Woodbury, Iowa. Can you shed any information on my search? Thank You



Name: Leah Hubbard

Location: Omaha, NE
Date: Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 8:58 pm

Looking for information on my biological grandfather Fredrick A. KERN, 3rd born of 11 children. Fred was born in Jan 1892 in Iowa. Died 10 May 1922, in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA. He was married to Fay M. HOLLOWAY on Apr 1918 in Sioux City. Fred's other siblings were Anna M., b. 1890, d. 1891; Ida, b. 1892, d. ?; Emil Jr., b. 1895, d. 1942; Hilda, b. 1898, d. 1971; John, b. 1900, d. ?; Frank, b. 1902, d. 1902; Edward, b. 1902, d. 1902; Walter A., b. 1903, d. 1991; Frieda E. b. 1906, d. 1908; & Marie A. b, 1908, d. 1986.

Fred's father was Emil Bruno KERN, Sr. b. 4 Feb 1862 in Germany, d. 1913 in Sioux City, IA; mother Mary (Maria) AMMAN b. Apr 1870 in Germany, d. 1959 in Sioux City, IA. Walter A. owned KERN ADVERTISING in Sioux City. Frank H. & Edward P. were twins and died within 2 days of each other.

Anna, Frieda, Emil (father), Mary (Marie, mother), Fred, Emil B., Edward & Frank all buried at Floyd Cemetery in Sioux City, IA. Walter and wife Eileen S. SLOAN are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Sioux City, IA

Email me as I don't get to these boards as often as I should. Thanks, you are all terrific.

Leah Hubbard


Name: LaRea Rose


My Location: ?????

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:09:07 -0500

I am looking for the family of ELLA KNAPP who married Harvey Kephart who left his children with relatives after Ella died. Harvey later married an Enger ( Inger ) Hanson and Harvey is buried in the Sergeant Bluffs Cem and there was no mention of Enger being buried with him. Maybe she was placed with the Hanson family because a Frederick Hanson was the informant for Harvey's burial information. More than likely he was one of the older children of Enger since Harvey and Enger had no children together. Harvey died the 10th of July, 1931. Ella Knapp Kephart is buried in Fremont County.
It certainly would be nice to find Ella's parents. I do know she had one sister- Hilda.


Looking for the Kepharts and Knapps from 1880- 1930. Especially any information on the divorce of Harry t. Kephart and where his son went to. The son's name was Donald Kephart. Harry died Dec of 1926 at Bronson.


I am looking for the burial site and obituary of HARVEY R. KEPHART who may have did in 1931. I have the 1930 census showing him as 79 and a wife ENGER abot 76. They lived in Sergeant Bluffs and that is where he is supposed to be buried. There was a son and other members of the family listed in the same household. The sons name was FREDRICK HANSON. ( the census is hard to read.) The son was probably ENGER'S son from her first marriage. Harvey had also been married before tro an Ella Knapp but after she died he must have remarried. Ella Knapp is buried at Mt Zion cemetery in Fremont County but Harvey was not buried with her. It could be that Harvey and Enger are buried together in the Hanson ( Hansen) Plot at the cemetery. Any help you can off would be appreciated and I will pay for any obits Etc. Thanks you so very much for your time.

LaRea Rose  Monte Vista, CO


Name: Nancy Kirkpatrick


My Location: ?????

Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 12:02:07 -0500

I am looking for information on the Kirkpatrick and Trucks family that lived in Woodbury County in the late 1890's and early 1900's.
I have tried emailing Cathy Gudenath that is listed as interested in the Kirkpatrick's but have been unable to get her through the email address listed for her.


Name: ???????


My Location: ?????

Date: Tue 7/27/2004 4:08 PM


Searching for more info on Johanna & S Kimm & Johnny Kimm.  Johanna b. 1863 d. 1903 and Johnny, d. 29 Nov 1892, age 13 days are buried at Pierson, Greenwood Cem. Woodbury Co. IA.





My Location: SE SD

Date: Tue 12/16/2003 9:33 PM




Am tracing the KNEEBS name as it goes from England to Wakonda (SD), Sioux City, Wakefield (NE) and Jones Co. (SD), 1840's to 1950's. Found reference to a Madge Kneebs, married to a Gilbert Martin Stone, June, 1918. Have this Stone lineage: Porter, James, married - Weir, Elizabeth Taylor.

: . . 1 Porter, John Alexander, m-Oyler, Sophia Eliza.

: . . : . . 1 Porter, Harriet Elizabeth, m-Stone, Gilbert Martin 2/26/1896. Gilbert d-5/1898.

: . . : . . : . . 1 Stone, Gilbert Martin, b-7/15/1887, m-MADGE KNEEBS 6/1918.

Do know that Harriet Elizabeth Porter died in Sioux City 12/28/1931 and a second marriage was to a James Conley. A son, Daniel Conley, was mayor of Sioux City in 1948. Anyone know of this lineage as it relates to Madge Kneebs?



Name: Bill Kinkel


My Location: 

Date: Tue 11/4/2003 11:46 PM


 I have found Paul Kinkel, his wife Bertha and son Wilfred in the 1910 census living in Dakota Township, Dakota County and Dakota Village, could be that Dakota Village is now Dakota City. Anyway, we believe that Paul died in Dakota City around 1920 or before and Wilfred too. Bertha died in Nebraska in 1964. Paul was born in Le Sueur Minnesota. Wilfred in Minneapolis and Bertha Cardine Kinkel was born in Germany. We were wondering if you have any info on where Paul and family are buried in either Dakota City or some where else close by. I have Bertha receiving her Social Security number in Iowa, there was no number listed for Wilfred, that is why I believe he died before 1935. Paul was born November of 1856, so he would have been too old for getting a Social Security card. Please advise, it would be much appreciated.



Name: Mary Jonas

Email: (updated 12/7/2005)

My Location: Lake County, IL

Date: Tue 10/14/2003 9:52 PM

I am looking for information on Dimitry (James) Kull. Born in Russia Oct 26,1888 and came to the US in 1909. By at least 1911 -1913 he was married and living with his family in Sioux City. Is it possible to find out where he was born and if there is a marriage certificate I can obtain? Thanks so much for your help.



Name: Mary Bykowski


My Location: Germantown, WI

Date: Wed 8/27/2003 4:39 PM

Looking for info on a Thomas Kem(m)is and family. he lived in Sioux city for an unknown number of years and died on July 5, 1929 and is buried in Graceland Park Cemetery. Anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated!!


Name: Marjorie Eddy

Email: dead email

My Location: ????????????

Date: Fri 2/22/02 11:37 AM

My grandmother was Mary Ellen Kirkpatrick who married my grandfather, Joseph Wallace (from Prince Edward Island). I always understood she was from Kingsley, Iowa. I don't know where they were married, but I assume in Iowa. My mother was born about 1899, so I assume they must have been married between 1890 and 1896. She had a sister and brother older than her. My grandparents apparently moved after marriage to Southern Calif. as they were all born near Santa Ana, Calif. My grandmother died about the time my mother was 10 yrs. old, so she knew very little about her or her family. Unfortunately, they are all gone and I am the only family member left, except for a daughter of my Mother's younger brother. Any information of any Kirkpatrick family would be most welcome. I could not find anything on the Kingsley website and do not know where else to look. Thank you. 



Name: Bradley David Kellogg


My Location: Irving, Texas

Date: Mon 7/23/2001 1:19 AM

I was born in Sioux City, Woodbury Country, Iowa. I am looking for any Family for my father Harry LaVerne Kellogg Sr. and any one of his three wives. The first was a German woman named Margarita. They were divorced. Second wife was Goldie Leaneer Stutter. Harry and Goldie had three daughters, Linda, Kathleene and Susan. They were divorced with the 3 girls going to Harry. Harry then married Laura Lorraine Wood Honeywell. Laura had a son and a daughter and pregnant with a 3rd when widowed. Harry's parents were Harry and Lillie Irwin Kellogg. Any info on any of the families here would be great.



Name: Dianna Anderson


My Location: ?

Date: Wed 5/30/01 11:44 PM

Would like to exchange information on the following family: 

1   Simeon Kesner b: 1834 in , ,Pendleton, West Virginia d: 16 Jun 1888 in Jerico Springs, Cedar, Missouri. +Nancy Coffelt b: 1838 in , , Owen, Indiana m: 04 Sep 1856 in Monticello, Piatt, Illinois d: Aft. 1880 in <Uniontown, Bourbon, Kansas?

    2   Harriet Ellen Kesner b: 23 Sep 1857 in Monticello, Piatt, Illinois d: 13 Sep 1912 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. +James Robert Dyer b: Abt. 1852 m: Abt. 1877

    2   John Henry Kesner b: 08 Aug 1862 in Monticello, Piatt, Illinois d: 02 Oct 1932 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa . +Eliza Clarisa Ashby b: 31 Jan 1868 in Tama, Tama, Iowa m: 23 Dec 1890 in Sloan, Woodbury, Iowa d: 20 Apr 1917 in Sioux City,  Sioux, Iowa

    2   George Perry Kesner b: Mar 1866 in Marion Twp, Bourbon, Kansas d: 18 Feb 1932 in Sioux City, Dakota, Nebraska . +Ida Mercina Woods b: 22 Nov 1867 in Wisconsin m: 07 Aug 1889 in Emerson, Dakota, Nebraska d: 10 Dec 1945 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 

    2   Mary Belle Kesner b: 1868 in Marion, Bourbon, Kansas. +Thomas Douglas Nichols b: Abt. 1865 m: Abt. 1886 

    2   Margaret Anna Kesner b: 23 Oct 1871 in , , Dallas, Missouri d: 24 Aug 1948 in Sioux City, Dakota, Nebraska . +John Thomas Knepper b: 10 Jun 1858 in Indianapolis, , Indiana m: 1888 in , , Burt, Nebraska d: 1932 in Sioux City, Dakota, Nebraska

    2   James Newton Kesner b: 27 Nov 1872 in Jerico, Cedar, Missouri d: 22 Mar 1946 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa .. +Joanna Marie Ellerbroek b: Abt. 1877 m: Nov 1900 

    2   Charles William Kesner b: 04 Jul 1875 in Marion, Bourbon, Kansas d: 05 Mar 1946 in Severy, Bourbon,  Kansas .... +Fannie Della Lacey b: 1881 in Marion, Bourbon, Kansas m: 31 Aug 1899 

    2   Robert Fulton Kesner b: 05 Oct 1878 in UnionTown, Bourbon,  Kansas d: 14 Jul 1939 in Severy, Greenwood, Kansas.... +Effie Elvira Back b: 14 Jun 1876 in Mitchell, Mitchell, Iowa m: 14 Jan 1902 in Osage, Mitchell, Iowa d: 08 Jun 1976 in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California *2nd Wife of Robert Fulton Kesner: .... +Harriet M. Johnson b: Abt. 1900 m: 16 Jan 1926 in Eureka, Greenwood, Kansas 

Thanks very much


Name: Nancy C. Adkins

e-mail Address: 

My Location: ?

Date: January 24, 2001

Searching for descendants or anyone willing to share information re: Leonard L. KELLOGG who married Elizabeth Pritchard and had a daughter, named, Alice Marie KELLOGG Nov. 1884. Alice married ______ MOSELY, and had a son. Leonard L. KELLOGG died in Sioux City, Woodbury Co. Iowa in 1925.



Name: Tammy Pomernackas

Email: or

Place: ???????

Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 1:26 PM
I am researching Kinnaman.  This may have various spellings. Thanks!


Name: Craig Stephens


Place: Texas

Date: Sun 8/27/00 1:43 PM

I am looking for information on the Kapsch family. I have a Bertha Pauline Kapsch born 15 Feb 1877 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA. I believe her father was Ernest Kapsch. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Linda BLOOD Donnici


Place: KC, MO

Date: Tue 8/22/00 11:54 PM

I have found a marriage license for Albert BLOOD and Minnie KLIBANSKY. They were married in Woodbury Co IA in 1907. They went back to Cleveland OH by 1910. Albert BLOOD's parents were divorced in 1885 and I suspect that he went to IA to see his father James Monroe BLOOD. Any one having or finding info on James BLOOD, marriage, death, census ect. PLEASE let me know. I have been trying to learn abt this man for more than 25yrs. Thank You.

Name: Nancy Cozine


Location: ?

Time:  Fri 7/14/00 7:54 AM

I am looking for birth information for Erma Tavilla Koch who I believe was born in or around Moville, IA on August 15, 1889. Her parents were David P. Koch and Florence Kimball Koch. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Name: Tammy Pomernackas

Email: or

Location: ?

Time: Tue 6/20/00 9:55 PM

 I am working on my g g grandfather.  I am looking for information on Elick Kinnamen who married Elizabeth Headlee on 18 May 1887 in Woodbury County, Iowa.  There have been several misspellings of both of his names.  I need to verify the spelling, his birth date and his parents name if possible.  I know he was born in Iowa but I am not sure where.  Any information you have on Elick would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give.  I am meeting with my great-uncles and grandfather this weekend so they can try and come up with more information between them. 

Name: Carmen R. Collins


Location: Troy, MI

Time: Mon 5/22/00 8:00 PM

I am searching the surnames Krusen, Provost, Sharp, perhaps from the Sioux City area. Names include: Milo KRUSEN, Donna Belle KRUSEN, Rose PROVOST (from Jefferson, SD originally), Lorraine KRUSEN or SHARP, Kenneth SHARP. Little to no information available. Lorraine SHARP is my mother, born in IA the mid-1910's, perhaps 1912-13 or 1918. Her sister, Donna Belle KRUSEN, was born in IA in 1909. By 1920, I have found they moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and Milo Krusen was married to a woman named Catherine. Milo KRUSEN may be my grandfather, Rose PROVOST is my grandmother. Send information to: Carmen R. Collins, 2236 Isabell, Troy, MI 48083 or 

Name: Britt Gustafson


Location: Minnesota 

Time: Thu 5/18/00 8:31 PM

Researching the following names in Woodbury, Co., Iowa.


Edward EPLING married Alma TOBOLT around 1910-1917.  Edward was born 1877-1882 in Stanton Twnsp, IA to Herman EPLING and Henrieta TOBOLT.   Alma was born 1885 in Germany to Edward TOBOLT and Amanda BLUCHER.  Edward EPLING died in 1943 in Merrill, IA.  Alma's social security card was issued in Sioux City in 1965, Alma passed away in 1967.  Thier son Arvin Carl EPLING was born Nov. 10 1917 in Merrill, IA and died 1981 in CA. 

Alva Edwin PERRY married Lydia/Lide KNEPPER Nov. 11, 1912.  Alva was born 1882 in Mankato, MN to John K. PERRY and Emma YATES.  Lydia was born 1884 or 1890 (depending on the source) in Smithland, IA to Edgar KNEPPER and Anna Nancy STEPP.  In 1937 Alva PERRY lived at 1413 Willa Ave, Sioux City.  He was working for the WPA project-2518 (?) in Sioux City.  Alva died 1959 or 1966 (depending on the source) in Utah.  Alva and Lydia's daughter Idabelle PERRY was born April 26 1922 in Sioux City and died 1996 in Le Mars, IA.

Arvin Carl EPLING married Idabelle PERRY in 1942. 

n Lydia KNEPPERs parents obits (edgar died 1920, annie died 1926, both buried in Graceland Cem.), Lydia is listed as Mrs. Lydia SCHWARTZENBACH or SCHAWRTZENBOUN living at 3219 Linn Street, Sioux City.  I am wondering why, if Lydia married Alva in 1912, and a daughter was born in 1922, how was she a SCHWARTZENBACH???  And who was the Schwartzenbach??

If anyone can shed any light on these family names, I would appreciate it very much. 

Name:  Joleene Duff


Location:  Onawa, Iowa.

Date: Tue 5/16/00 2:58 PM

I am trying to find info on May Amelia Krumvieda born 1879 in Harrison Co., Iowa She married Harold Maaske in 1903 in Harrison Co. Iowa and later was married to Charlie Burke. An obituary for her Mother stated that in 1945 May was living in Woodbury co. Iowa--Sioux City--as Mrs. Charlie Burke. Would like to hear from anyone having any info for me. Thanks a bunch.  





William Scott Kinkaid, b. County Cort, Ireland, d. abt 1912-Council Bluffs or Sioux City, Iowa, possibly buried in Floyd cemetery.

Name: Darlene Smith 



Date: Tue 3/21/00 4:31 AM

Looking for a Susan Kamm, married to C. R. Kamm, born 11-06-1891,Dec.1983 Last Residence 51103 Sioux, Woodbury, IA. This information was from SSDeath Index. Any help would be appreciated. 

Name:  Karen Lynne {King} Johnson


Location:  Seattle, WA

Date: Sat 2/26/00 11:05 AM

Am Looking for info on KING, KILLION, McGRAIN, CALDWELL, FITZPATRICK, REIMERS. Wendell King b:10-17-26 in Germany married Rosa Kaeshemier b:8-1-1834 in Germany. Married in 1854 near Cinn. Ohio. They had Michael born Sept 29,1855 Married Kate Mc Gloine Dec 30,1884 had a daughter Rosa Anna King b:Oct 3,1887 she married John Reimer June 25,1906 at St. Mary's in Danbury. Rosa's mother died when she was 2, Michael may have remarried in Denison and had 4 more children. He died at Maplton ___. Lewis King married Mary Warren they had eight children William, Bertha m:Bybee, Blanche m:Butler  Raymond, Clarence, Irvin, Grace m:Wessel, Eugene. Emma King married Peter A. Killion they had 3 children George,Luke and Louis. Mary King married George Mc Grain they had 3 children Helen, Leo, and Lawrence. Kate King married E. J. Fitzpatrick they had 7 children Ruth, Alice, Dan, James, Lucy, Charles and Leo. Rosa King married a Caldwell. This is all the information I have and am searching to fill in the blanks.

Name:  Laura Van Dusen


Location:  Littleton, Colorado

Date: Fri 12/10/99 5:00 PM

Jay Cecil KING born 12 Aug 1885 possibly in Clark Co, MO (parents Jay KING & Alice ALLEN) married Freda Catrina Johanna HARM on 22 Aug 1917 in Des Moines, died 12 Oct 1937 in Sioux City. Lived in Woodbury County, in and near Pierson & Correctionville from 1916 to 1937. Freda was born 4 March 1889 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany to John Henry HARM and Auguste S. WIECK. Freda died 7 Feb 1956 in Cherokee, IA. Jay & Freda were my grandparents. Looking for other researchers in the family who may be able to fill in some blanks in the family tree.

Name:  Marisa Baldwin 


Location:  ?

Date: Mon 11/29/99 11:40 AM

Kate Koob d.o.John and Eva Burg Koob on LeMar's m. a man Mathwig no first name known. Kate was raised Catholic, in 9-9-1893 when her father died she was married and living I'm told in Sioux City, IA. She has Mary Koob Streff of WI, Joseph of Iona, MN, Annie Koob Kramer of Lismore, MN, Theresa Koob Kelly of Le Mars, IA. Any one with Mathwig surname contact me at above address or

Name: Jay Kvidera


Location: ?

Date: Mon 11/15/99 8:02 PM

He was in Woodbury Count from 1910 to around 40's He would  have worked at  Wonder bread bakery or a different bakery. He lived in Sioux City in  Riverside (Sioux City) or Central (Sioux City) down around  the Fire and Police station is at now.  I am looking for information for a Bill Keegan or William Keegan His father was Patrick Keegan and Mother Was Anna Keegan. He is my Great Uncle, I am looking for when he was born and when he died it has been very difficult to find because he was wanted for a crime I believe back in the 40's or 50's I am not sure. If you could give me any direction I would sure appreciate it allot.

Name: Robert D. Kass, jr. 

E-Mail:  (or) 

Location: ?

Date: Sat 11/6/99 6:56 PM

Albert Lived at 3024 Pierce St. Sioux, City, Iowa, with his wife Ruth Drews and their two sons Robert and Tom and their only daughter Mary. Albert died in 1938 as a member and the President of the Bar Association in 1938. Article in the Sioux City Journal: Monday, Nov 21, 1938 announces his death. Is their any information to be found on this family? He was my Grandfather. Your assistance is appreciated.

Name: Bonnie Lou Kirchoff


Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Date: Tue 10/26/99 5:42 PM

I am searching for my birthmother - last name Kirchoff? I was born in Sioux City on January 14, 1952. My birth name was Bonnie Lou Kirchoff. Any information from Woodbury Co. on my birth records would be appreciated. The doctor's name on my birth certificate was Leroy Ayers - any info. on where his records might be located would also be helpful. My birthmother was the youngest of 7 siblings (5 girls and 2 boys). 

Name: Karla Staudt


Location: Ticonderoga, NY

Date: Wed 9/29/99 2:47 PM

Updated: 1/6/2013

I am looking for information on the family of John KUNTZ who lived in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA in Sept. 1902. John may have married a woman named Mary Ann RICE. He was brother to my g.g.grandmother Josephine KUNTZ (1844-1902) and her obituary states that she was born in Schwarch, Austria, so I am assuming that John was also. I have found information on one other sibling who stayed in Germany. I have decadency and personal information to share on Josephine and would be very interested in talking to anyone who has knowledge of this family. Thanks for any help you are able to offer!  

Name: Ellen Bishop


Location: Rapid City, SD


I am seeking information on Hazel King, that is her maiden name, she was born and grew up in Piedmont SD and when still very young (maybe) married someone her mother didn't like and must have run away with him. She is listed in her Grandmother Jennie Keil Patterson Kings obituary of March 4,1941 as living in Sioux City, Iowa. I am hoping she left descendants there who might be curious about her family, I have an email client who is descended from a brother of Jennie's.

Name: Merrily Tunnicliff


Location: Clarinda, Iowa

Date: Sat 9/25/99 11:09 AM

Seeking information on  my mother's KUDRLE, JUZEK and PORADEK  and related families of Woodbury County, primarily Sioux City and northward into Plymouth County and other areas of NW Iowa.  Bohemian immigrants in the 1870s and later.  Have some information to share; hoping to find more and to contact relatives, Thanks!

Name: Arlene Willet


Location: Texas

Date: Tue 8/24/99 10:31 PM

I have received a copy of a page from the Sioux City City Directory, for 1875/76. It lists my great grandfather, James T Kemper, as proprietor of Christiania House, on 2nd between Pearl and Douglas. Can anyone tell me what Christiania House is/was, and does it still exist. I am searching for info on James T Kemper and his parents. Any info will be greatly appreciated.  in 

Name: Barbara Wright

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Sun 8/22/99 2:43 PM

Searching for a person's (Greg's) birth mother Family name Krause. This person was adopted from the Critterion Home in Sioux City which IS IN WOODBURY COUNTY, IOWA. May be able to help this person's search if I can contact directly.

Name: Lois Kleinhenn Lanier 


Location: MD

Date: Thu 8/5/99 7:19 PM

Seeking information about my great-grandmother, Wilda (or Hulda) Jennie KNAPP, who was born in Sioux City on Dec 28, 1873 (according to her wedding certificate from Palo Alto County. She was the daughter of Kingcade and Mary Ann KNAPP, about whom I know nothing. She was orphaned at a young age and raised by an aunt and uncle (surname BETZ/BETTS?). Any leads will be greatly appreciated.


E-Mail: .

Location: ?

Date: Wed 6/16/99 10:14 PM



Name: Gary


Location: ?

Date: Thu 4/15/99 5:47 PM

Hi there! I am trying to trace the genealogy of my wife's father Edwin Korab. Here is what I know; Edwin Edward Korab Birth 2/6/1900 Cushing, IA., Death 1/5/97 Aberdeen SD. Wife Esther Grace Andersen, Sister Mary, Sister Anna, Sister Emma, Brother Paul, Father William Korab, Mother Mary Wilimek. Anything sound familiar? Any ideas where the best place to search is? Thank you, Gary

Name: Daniel J. Kelley


Location: Oregon City, OR

Date: Mon 4/12/99 1:37 PM

Hattie Kelley (Minert) - husband was Alfred. Had four children. Family lore is that she died in a wagon accident in March, 1897. Family farmed in Leeds in the 1890's. Parents were James Minert (Meinhart) and Nancy Jane McClure. Would really appreciate help in getting a copy of obituary, if one were available. Thanks,

Daniel J. Kelley, Deputy District Attorney for Clackamas County, Clackamas County Courthouse, 807 Main Street , Oregon City, OR 97045, (503) 723-2922  

Name: Jannette Hendricks



Date: Sun 3/21/99 8:17 PM

I am searching for David and Hyacintha (MULLEN) KANE/KEENE, who lived at 1720 Grand Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa in 1938. Hyacintha (b. June 1880, in Chickasaw Co IA) was the daughter of Christopher C. MULLEN and Catherine A. TIERNEY MULLEN of Chickasaw County Iowa. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of David & Hyacintha. Would especially like to learn if they remained in Sioux City, Woodbury County Iowa, ie. if they are buried there... and dates of death. Thanks much.

Name: Patricia W. Grudzinski

E-Mail dead email


Date: Sun 3/21/99 4:28 PM

Would like additional information on Henry Austin King who was born Jan 16, 1859 in Black Hawk County Iowa. He married Susan C. Keller Aug 1, 1883 on Pottawattomie Co. Iowa. He died Jan 28 1921 and is burried at Correctionville, Iowa. His parents were Austin King & Mariah Conley-Mahin-King, the mother buried at Battle Creek, Iowa. Both his parents were married previously. He has half brothers & sisters, George W., Mandana, James A., Samuel J. and Susannah King. Also a brother John R. who may have lived at Anthon Iowa. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Jackie Nielson 



Date: Wed 2/17/99 3:26 PM

I am looking for info on the Daniel COOPER/Francis Augusta KAMINSKY family. They lived in Woodbury Co in the 1920's. They had one daughter Anna who married Charles HULING, and lived in Sioux City in 1925. They are also related my marriage to the VAUGHN family of Correctionville.

Name: Marisa Baldwin 



Date: Mon 2/15/99 5:14 PM

I am looking for a Great aunt who lived in Sioux City, IA in the late 1800-19=. She is the dtr. of John and Eva Berg Koob of Le Mars, IA. She had Annie Koob (Kramer of Lismore, MN) Mary Koob (Streff of Milwaukee, WI) Thresa Koob (Kelly of Le Mars, IA and Joseph Berg Koob Le Mars and moved to Iona, MN. These are her siblings! I believe she was born in LeMars, IA.

Name: Cathy Gudenrath


Location: ?

Time: Sat 2/6/99 12:13 PM

I would like to update a request sent in earlier today to you. In addition to Craft Kirkpatrick, I am also looking for information on his wife, Metta Katherine Hennings. She was born in 1892 in Manilla, Ia and he was born in 1888 in Woodbury County Iowa.

Name: kenneth.lambert 


Location: ?

Time: Thu 1/28/99 12:12 PM

Seeking any info about the KERN family. Andrew G. Kern was born in 1838 in Wurttemburg, Germany, died in 1921 in Potosi, Wi. His obit says he lived in Sioux City, Iowa before moving to Wi. And says he was the oldest child in his family. He mar. 1st Lizzie Stuckler, 2nd Lena Grosser. Children: Ludwig, Elizabeth, Louisa, Benjamin, Andrew and Fred. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Name: Jon Arnold


Location: ?

Time: Tue 10/27/98 2:23 PM

Looking for info on a James J. ARNOLD and his Louisa lived near Sloan, Ia. in late 1800's Their last daughter Nina ARNOLD went to high school there. Melissa Jane Arnold KELSO and her husband William C KELSO also lived there for a time. James and Louisa are supposed to be buried there. William Benjamin ARNOLD married a Etta BEAVER in Woodbury Co. Etta BEAVER ARNOLD is supposedly buried in Sloan. Their kids Suel O. ARNOLD, Lyman ARNOLD, Samuel ARNOLD, and Mattie ARNOLD may have gone to school there. Any info on these families or if you are a descendant of one of these people, please email info. Thank you 

Name: Joy Fleischer, 

Location: Calgary Alberta. 


Time: Thu 9/17/98 2:14 AM

I am searching for any information on a Frank (Franz) Kochen and wife Maggie who came to the Sioux City area around 1906 from Canada, (Winnipeg area) , with them they had 4 boys who were born in Canada, Harold Gordon, Frank, Earnest and Herbert, they were born between 1876 and 1900. Frank came to America through a ship in Vancouver I was told jumped ship, he was listed in the 1901 census for the Selkirk Manitoba Area as born October 20,1871 in Denmark and immigrated in 1887 Danish and Lutheran. His wife Maggie's last name was either Slater or Cook, While living in the Sioux City area they had several other children, I am looking for who they were and where Frank was buried. 


Name: Arlene Willet


Location: ? ?????????

Time: Tue 7/21/98 10:30 AM

My Great Grandmother, Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper, died on Oct. 10, 1880,in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa. The story is that she was struck by lightening, while doing chores, and died as a result. If this is a true story, is there any report of this event? She would have left five children, alone, as she was a widow. They youngest would have been only 1 year old. The children's names were Sarah, William, Lydia, James and Timothy. If you do not have any info on this, can you give me a name of a newspaper that might have carried the story. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Marge Galus Sandlier

Email: dead email

Location: Omaha, NE

Time: Wednesday, December 3, 1997 at 18:44:17

KUDRON According to my family, my GMother's brother, Andrew KUDRON, moved from the Platte/Nance County NE area to Sioux City, IA. Notes in a spiral notebook that belonged to my GMother indicate Andrew was born 6/1893 in Poland, and died 10/15/1957 (presumably in Sioux City,IA). I've called the following Sioux City cemeteries: Calvary (Catholic), St. Michael's (Catholic), So. Sioux City, NE, Graceland, Logan, Floyd & Memorial Park. None show Andrew was buried there. Andrew was not in the 1920 NE census. Does anyone have access to the IA 1920 Soundex to do a lookup? (Soundex code K365) I would be ever so grateful. I'd be willing to do a NE lookup in return, as I have access to them at the Omaha Library.

Name: Janet Blackford Peters
Location: Sioux City, IA
Date: Sunday, August 10, 1997 at 00:47:37
Doing research on my fathers family. Need info: Gt. parents: William / Alice E. Brown Kinkaid? Gt. Gt. parents: Charles Henry / Hannah W. Cody Brown? sibs? Any info for BROWN / CODY / KINKAID / BLACKFORD would be very helpful. Thank You

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