Lee Post VFW # 221, Smithland, Iowa

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Chartered, August 21, 1883 with 15 members
Disbanded January 1, 1889
Information comes from the GAR Post index cards
* denotes member of other GAR Posts
Peggy Mayberry Powell, compiler

1. *Adams, William Henry: Private, Co E, 4th Iowa Cavalry; bur Smithland
2. Aldrich, Liberty: Private, Co D, Vermont Infantry, bur Smithland
3. Bartlett, Charles C: Private, Co F, 10 New York H. Art; bur Smithland
4. *Beebe Arcinae L: Private, Co K, 42nd Wisconsin Infantry, bur Holly Springs
5. *Bellows, Benjamin F: Private, Co B & A, 1st Dakota Cavalry
6. *Bowen, Benoni C: Corporal, Co B, 9th Michigan Cavalry; bur Smithland
7. *Bullis, Frederick E: Private, Co G, 106 New York Infantry
8. Butcher, Joseph: Corporal, Co A, 2nd Iowa Cavalry; bur Holly Springs
9. *Campbell, Alexander: Private, Co A, 40th Iowa Infantry, bur Cuba Cemetery, Avery, Iowa
10. *Colburn, Harrison: Private, Co K, 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry; bur Smithland
11. *Conner, Joseph: Private, Co A, 7th West Virginia Cavalry; bur Grant Township Cemetery, Ticonic
12. Corbin, Benjamin: Private, Co F, 34th Iowa Infantry
13. *Creager, Levi A: Private, Co I, 162nd Indiana Infantry; bur Burlington, Iowa
14. *Fuller, Sidney: Private, Co L, 2nd Iowa Cavalry, bur Oto
15. *Houser, Daniel H: Private, Co I, 7th Iowa Cavalry; bur Graceland Park
16. *Hoxie, Thomas W: Private, Co I, 19th Wisconsin Infantry; bur Floyd Park
17. Jones, Isaac B: Private, Co E, 114th New York Infantry
18. Kellogg, Francis M: Q.M. Sgt. Co A, 11th Iowa Infantry
19. Kelsey, George Allen: Private, Co D, 136th Illinois Infantry; bur Holly Springs
20. Kelsey, Heman Elias: Sergeant Co K, 1st U.S. Eng; bur Holly Springs
21. Miller, Edwin A: Private, Co I, 9th Iowa Infantry; bur Smithland
22. *Miller, Milton: Private, Co I, 9th Illinois Cavalry, bur Oto
23. O’Neil, Frank: Corp Co G, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry, Tr to Indiana Battalion Co B
24. *Peterson, Joseph H: Private, Co A & K, 10th Kansas Infantry
25. *Petty, William Henry Harrison: Sergeant Co B, 11th West Virginia Infantry; bur Oto
26. Ruthroff, John Charles Private, Co L, 4th Iowa Cavalry; bur Graceland
27. *Shepherd, Jeremiah S: Private, Co D, 36th Wisconsin Infantry; bur Logan Park
28. *Shoup, Joseph Snowden: Private, Co C, 42nd Illinois Infantry; bur Smithland
29. Slightam, Henry; Private, Co B, 1st Battalion Nebraska Volunteer Cavalry; Private, Co A, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry; bur Spokane, Wash
30. Smith Chauncey S: Private, Co I, 7th Iowa Cavalry; bur Riverton, Iowa
31. Stratton, Willard B: Private, Co F, 4th Minnesota Infantry; bur Smithland
32. *Warner, Burwell S: Private, Co K, 13th West Virginia Infantry; Pension SC 119 013, filed 9.20.1870
33. Wellington, Edwin R: Private, Co F, 111th Pennsylvania Infantry; bur Mt Hope Cem, San Diego, Calif
34. Wightman, Edmond S: Private, Co ,B 14th Wisconsin Infantry; Private, Co I, 8 Wisconsin Infantry; bur Wellington Cem, rural Smithland
35. *Yockey, Edward: Private, Co C, 116 Ohio Infantry, bur Smithland

Burials not found
Benjamin Bellows
Frederick E Bullis
Benjamin Corbin
Francis M. Kellogg
Frank O’Neil
Joseph H. Peterson
Burwell S Warner


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