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This listing is from the Graceland Cemetery Interments book that are at the entrance of the cemetery. Remember to cite your sources, as this source may contradict another source. The city has done a wonderful job in making these books available at the three largest cemeteries. They are also at the Main Public Library, Sioux City, IA.

Eline Aasen to  Baby of A.G. Adamson

Elizabeth Adamson to  Emily Jane Alkire

Mabel R Alkire to  Harry B Amos



Name Section Lot Burial Date
Bernice Booton Edgewood 85 10/18/1951
Gertrude Mae Booton Hillside 137 8/14/1997
Iona Mae Booton Greenlawn 192 3/8/1946
William Ulysses Booton Greenlawn 192 6/14/1952
Gertie May SAMS 1888-1965

(headstone faces Lakeport Avenue)

Edgewood 124 1/15/1965
Alvin W SAMS
Edgewood 124 12/30/1966
Helen Marie SAMS

Daughter of  Gertie May & Alvin W

Edgewood 124 Note: In the Graceland Interment book it lists a "Marie SAMS" with a burial date of 2/8/1919.


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