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            Janice E. (Umbach) Adins was born to Marvin and Evelyn (White) Umbach on April 16, 1947 in Anthon, Iowa.  She attended St. Joseph Catholic School until 8th grade and then went to Anthon-Oto graduating in 1965.

            Janice married Gary Adkins, who was born on January 19, 19-.   He was the son of Orville and Lola (Peterson) Adkins. They are the parents of two sons:  Eugene, born May 4, 1965 and Timothy, born March 19, 1966.  Both boys attended Anthon-Oto High School. 

            We are self employed as carpenters and reside in Oto.

            By Janice Adkins.


Cecil Adler, page 316

            Cecil Adler was born October 18, 1908 to Max and Addie (Beaubien) Adler in Sioux City, Iowa.  He moved with his parents to the Anthon community when he was a small child.  He had a brother Kenneth and a sister Aurelia.  He was always interested in aviation and learned to fly in 1928.  His student pilot license was the 865th issued by the FAA.  After is marriage to Betty Ashley, February 8, 1932, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Anthon, Iowa, he farmed, until 1945 when he went into the electric business at Ida Grove.  Later the family moved to Sheldon and Clear Lake, Iowa before returning to Sioux City in 1959.  Cecil returned to flying and made it his business until his death in 1967.

            Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Ashley, third child of Charles and Mary (Johnson) Ashley was born February 8, 1914 at Anthon, Iowa.  She attended rural school, Wolf Creek No. 5, and graduated from Anthon High School.

            Betty and Cecil were parents of three children, Elizabeth Ann, born February 21, 1933, at Anthon, Iowa.  She married Howard Dykshoorn at Sheldon, Iowa, and they are the parents of six children.  Charles Max Adler was born February 24, 1934 at Anthon, Iowa and was married to Beverly Thompson, April 14, 1964 at Springfield, Missouri.  They are the parents of two sons.  Martha Mary was born June 17, 1936 at Anthon, Iowa and married Cas Cantrell October 22, 1960 in Sheldon, Iowa.  They had no children.

            Cecil Adler died January 27, 1967 in an airplane accident at Bloomington, Indiana.

            By Betty (Ashley) Adler


Max Adler, page 316

            Max Adler was born in 1880 at Maquoketa, Iowa.  He grew up in the Chicago and Sioux City, Iowa areas.  He and Addie Beaubein were married in 1907.  Addie Beaubein was born in Anthon in 1885.  The couple lived in Sioux City for four years and then moved to the Anthon area.  Mr. Adler died in 1933 and Mrs. Adler remained on the farm west of Anthon for many years.

            Their children were Cecil, born in 1908; Aurelia born in 1913; and Kenneth born in 1910.  Mrs. Adler died at Anthon in 1968.

            Cecil married Elizabeth Ashley in 1932.  They had three children; Elizabeth Ann (Dykshoorn); Max born in 1934 and Martha who married C. Cantrell.  Cecil died in 1967 and Elizabeth lives in Sioux City, Iowa.

            Aurelia, their only daughter married Raphael Curtis in 1950.  Their children are Joseph, born in 1951; Matthew, born in 1953; and Therese, born in 1956.  Raphael and Aurelia spent most of their married lie in Anthon.  Raphael died in 1966 and Aurelia in 1981.

            Kenneth Adler married Margaret Roark in 1941.


Mahala and John Admore, page 316, picture

            Mahala B. Mizer was born October 6, 1868 in Laclede County, Missouri and died December 25, 1951 in Anthon, Iowa.  She was the daughter of George Washington Mizer and Mary Jane Agee who were born in Tennessee and later moved to Missouri.  Mahala married John Farmer Admore who was born August 29, 1866 and died August 4, 1959.  John’s parents were Henry Admore and Angeline Wheeler.  Mahala and John were married on October 28, 1888.

            Their children were Maud, born August 1, 1889, and who died September 5, 1977.  Maud married James S. Davis.

            John Roy was born June 12, 1891 and died October 5, 1950.  He married Della Haines.

            George Chesley was born April 7, 1893 and died November 7, 1896.

            *Iva Pearl who marrie Robert Scates Lewis.  *See story elsewhere.

            John was a breeder of mules and horses in Missouri, and this was his main income along with his farming.  He would have sale bills made and would post them on trees around the country, to show what they had to sell and directions to his place.

            By Eleanore Lewis


Charles and Lois Ahrendsen, page317

            Chuck and Lois were both born and raised in Correctionville, Iowa.  They moved to Anthon in 1955.  Chuck was employed as the town’s electrician from 1955 to 1973 when he was injured.  Their children are:  Wm. David, born October 31, 1950.  He graduated from Anthon High School and got his B.A. degree from Wayne State

College.  He married Gloria Sawin who was born on January1, 1952.  They have one daughter Brooke who was born May 28, 1981.  They live in Santa Fe, New Mexico where David is employed as a CPA.

            Gregory Lee was born October 22, 1953, graduated from Anthon High School and works in Sioux City, Iowa.  He has one daughter Stephanie Jean born February 7, 1984.

            Melaina Irene was born March 16, 1959.  She graduated from Anthon High School and L.P.N. school in 1978.  She married Roger Pry of Correctionville and has one daughter Emily Irene born February 20, 1985.  They live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where Melinda works in a nursing home.

            Keven was born June 15, 1962 and graduated from Anthon High School.  He works on Schnetters Carnival during the summer and farm jobs in the winter.  He is engaged to Dawn Fitro from Pocahontas, Iowa.

            Charles is the son of Wm. And Goldie Gate Ahrendsen – twin sisters Marjorie Mann of Spencer, Iowa and Marvel Hayes of Storm Lake, Iowa.  His paternal grandparents were Mr. And Mrs. Hans P. Ahrendsen.  Their children are:  William, Kate, Adolph, Hans, Herman and Kate.  His maternal grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cameron.  Their children are:  Goldie, Lawrence, Clarence, Slyvia, Lorraine, LaVerne, Marvin and Arlene.

            Lois is the daughter of Leon and Ednah Strawn.  Their children are: Irene, Leon and Lois.  Her paternal grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. Justin Strawn.  Their children were Clint, Leon, Claire and twins Fern and Faye. Her maternal grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heath.  Their children were:  Ednah, Irene, and Evelyn and Charles.


Allman Family History, page 317

            Millard’s great grandfather (parents of Jacob Allman) came from Germany with son Jacob and family.  When they landed in New Orleans the great grandfather was ill with colera and died and was buried there.  They were taken ill soon after landing and taken to a hospital.  As they were not allowed to remain in New Orleans long, they moved up into Ohio except for one son, he had to remain in the hospital.

            When in Ohio, Jake, Chris, and Susan were born.  Also John, Caroline, Lewis and Katherine were born in Feiny, Germany.  Caroline was married and lived in Indiana.

            Millard’s grandma Allman died when Jake was 12, Chris was 10, and Susan was 2.  Jake had to do the work in the house and take care of the baby.  Lewis was sick many years and died when he as 21 years old.

            As the boys had to work in the field, they took little 5 year old Susan with them and sheate a poisonous weed and died.

            When Chris was 12 years old they moved to Fremont, Iowa on a farm.  At 14 Chris went to work out with one extra shirt and 50 cents.

            Millard’s grandpa Allman was very angry when Jacob Allman married an English girl and more angry when Jacob and wife, Nancy Draper Sykes Allman moved to Peiro.  As time went by grandpa Allman had moved to Piero to spend some time with Jacob and Nancy and after a while decided she was OK for an English.  So he went back to Fremont and planned to come back to Peiro, but was taken till and died.

            Millard’s father Chris Allman came to Woodbury County in 1867 for his first visit.  The Allman family has been in this area since.


Keith and Pat Allman, page 317-8, picture

            Summer baseball in 1957 was the meeting place where then, Pat Stodden of Smithland met Keith Allman of Oto, Iowa.  Her brother Dale was also playing baseball and she went along to watch the games.

            Pat attended Smithland High School and Keith attended Oto High School.

            On June 12, 1960 at the United Methodist Church at Anthon they were united in marriage.  They have made their home since, in the Peiro area, nine miles southwest of Anthon.  They attended Peiro-Bethel Methodist Church until it closed in 1966.  They are members of the St. John’s Evangical Church at German City, near Hornick.

            They both have been very active in Farm Bureau serving on the Young Members Committee and as State delegates to the National meeting, township director, woman’s county board and legislative committee.

            In the Woodbury County Pork Producers, Keith has served as township director, helping with pork promotions, membership drives and receiving the Hog Wild Award.  Pat has been equally active in the Woodbury County Porkettes serving on the county board, president for five years, receiving the Bell Ringer Award and bein instrumental in county education programs on pork and pigskin.

            Keith is currently serving on the Woodbury County Rural Electric Board as a director.  He has served as secretary for several years.

            Pat has been a member of the Peiro-Bethel United Methodist Women for 25 years.  She has served as president and received the honorary lifetime membership award.  She was also a member of the Twigbenders at he Anthon Methodist Church.  Pat was also on the Anthon Rescue Squad for several years.

            Both are very active in the Grant-Go-Getters 4-H Club as project leaders.

            They have three children:  Kevin was born October 28, 1962.  He is a graduate of Anthon-Oto High School, being active in football, baseball, National Honor Society and music.  Kevin graduated from Iowa State University and while there was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity and majored in animal science.  He also was a member of the state livestock judging team.  He is currently a field representative for Dupont Farm Chemicals and lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

             And Chris was born April 24, 1964 and graduated from Anthon-Oto High School.  He was active in football, basketball, track and band. He attended Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City, majoring in auto-fender body repair.  Chris is now employed by “Uncle Sam” serving with the army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He has a son Zachary Duane born June 3, 1984.

            Kimberly was born September 26, 1967.  She also graduated from Anthon-Oto High School. She was band majorette for four years, in the chorus, the concert band and participated in jazz band for four years.  She was a member of the jaz band when it won first at State competition in 1984.  She was also a cheerleader for three years.

            Kim married Todd Rose on September21, 1985.  Todd is currently serving in the Army, stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  They have one daughter, Trisha Rae who was born in 1985.

            Kevin, Chris and Kim were members of the Grant-Go-Getters 4-H Club.  While in 4-H, they all served as president of the club as well as other positions.  They were very active in showing  cattle and sheep.  All three exhibited Suffolk sheep in the country, district and the State Fair where they received county and district plaques.  Kimberly also exhibited her bread and home improvement projects at the Iowa State Fair.  They have continued their Suffolk sheep flock and now provide other 4-H youth with sheep for their projects.

            The Allman’s continue to farm and feed hogs while Pat is employed at the Hy-Vee store at Southern Hills Mall in Sioux City as cake decorator in the bakery department.

            By Pat Allman


Andersen – Brant, page 318-9

            In the spring of 1909 among the passengers on the ship Virginian were two young Danes.  They were sailing to the land of opportunity “American”.  The young man was Niels Laurits Andersen from Herning, Denmark and the young woman was Pedrea Pedersen from Lunde, Denmark.  Tho they were strangers coming aboard the ship, they soon met and a spark was ignited.  However, upon arrival at the Ellis Island Medical check point it was discovered that Pedrea had a goiter, so she was sent back home.  After surgery she again returned.

            They again met at Battle Creek, Iowa where Niels had found work on a farm and Pedrea was visiting a brother.  A short while later Pedrea was offered a job in Pasadena, California as a maid for a wealthy American family of Danish descent, so it was off to the west coast.

            Life in their new country was not easy.  Niels went to Grandview College to learn English and Pedrea learned it thru her co-workers.

            In 1916 Pedrea returned to Battle Creek and they were married on March 23, at the Danish American Church in Omaha, Nebraska.

            Niels had started farming several years before so they were at home south of Battle Creek.  Many Danish families settled in this area, creating a home like atmosphere for all of them.

            One of the highlights of their lives was becoming American citizens.

            On January 5, 1917 their first child, a son, Irving was born.  Seven years later his only sibling a sister was born.  She is Mrs. Gary (Ardis) Hartmann of Akron, Iowa.

            The Andersen’s were proud, thrifty, hard-working and stubborn.  Through their perserverence they realized the American dream of owning a farm.

            Niels passed away in 1974 at the age of 88.  Pedrea passed away in 1982 at the age of 96.  They are both buried in the Battle Creek cemetery.

            My side of the family, George and Carrie Brant lived most of their married life in the Anthon area.  George moved with his family to the area in 1989.

            George was  born November 16, 1980 and was the second child of Winfield Scott and Josephine Krowl Brant.  Their first child, John, died in infancy.  The Scott Brants had five other children.  Mary Brant Sands, the twins, Ira and Milo, Jennie Brant Heitman and Josephine.  Mary, Ira and Josephine lived most of their lives in the Anthon area.  Jennie lived in Sioux City, Iowa and Milo moved to California in the forties.

            Josephine Krowl Brant was of Chech decent.  Scotts nationality is unknown.

            When the Brant family came to this area they traveled by train, all except George.  At that time he was 9 years old and was thought big enough to help the hired hands with moving of the machinery, livestock and other  necessities to their new home.

            My mother Carrie Diment Brant was born June 18, 1890 northwest of Danbury near the Sharon Church.  Her parents were Henry and Annie Leetch Diment.  The Diments ancestors ere English.  Coming to the United States by way of Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland.  The Henry Diment family consisted of eight children, Robert, Margaret Sands, Ida Millard, Carrie Brant, Henry, Jennie Brant, Alice Dolan, and Hazel Secord.

            George and Carrie were married January 25, 1911 at Ida Grove, Iowa.  They moved to the farm four miles east of Anthon and except for three years they spent their entire lives together there.

            The George Brant family consisted of seven girls.  Irene Joy who passed away in 1985 from cancer.  She is buried at Washta, Iowa; Lelia Brant retired and lives in Sioux City; Glatha Brant retired and lives in San Diego, California; Thelma Andersen retired and lives in Anthon; Caroline Berger retired and lives in Sioux City; Georgia Florke a nurse in the Veterans Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska and Norma Joyce died in 1949 at the age of 19 after a long difficult bout with diabetes.  Norma, Carrie and George are buried in the Danbury cemetery.

            Irving Andersen attended a rural school near Battle Creek, Iowa through the eight grade.  In 1935 at the age of 18 he left for Detroit, Michigan to live with an uncle and look for work.  This was at the height of the depression.  After several months in the unemployment lines he was hired by the Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Co.  At that time there were no labor unions.

            I was born July 22,1919 on the George Brant farm east of Anthon Public School, graduating from the later in 1938.  I worked in Sioux City as a maid for several years.

            Irving and I met in 1937 and were married January 25, 1940 at the West Chicago Methodist Church in Detroit.  We purchased our first home in 1941.  On October 21, 1941 our first child, a daughter, Carol was born.

            Our city soon became the arsenal of democracy.  It geared up fast for the production of war materials.

            Irving registered for the draft as was mandatory for all abled bodied men.  However, he was classified 4-F because of the loss of three fingers on this left hand.  This loss was due to a farm accident when he was three.

            The factories were soon in full production and manpower was becoming shorter and shorter, so women were encouraged to take factory jobs.  It was then that we decided I too would go to work.  Irving as a finish grinder on crank shafts for Sherman tanks and I was a spot welder on the B-24’s.

            In the fall of 1945, with the war over, the urge to return to the farm was utmost in Irvings mind.  I was not nearly so anxious to return to a cook stove and kerosene lamps.  However, in 1946 we returned to Iowa.

            On August 19, 1946 our second child, a son, was born.  He died at birth and is buried in the Oak Hill cemetery at Anthon, Iowa.

            On June 28, 1952 our third child Erick (Rick) was born.

            In 1961 after the death of my Dad the home farm was to be sold.  We decided, for several reasons, we would like to buy it.  In 1963 we moved back and lived there until retiring in 1982.

            Our daughter Carol and her husband Jim live in Iowa City.  They are both employed in Criminal Justice work.  Carol is Director of Social Services at Iowa Medical and Reclassification Center at Oakdale.  Carol received her bachelor degrees and her master degree from the University of Iowain Iowa City, Iowa.

            Eric lives in Selah, Washington a suburb of Yakima.  He is Director of Land Management, Yakima Firing Center United States Army, Yakima, Washington.  He received this bachelor degrees from Washington State University at Pullman and his Masters degree from the University of Washington in Seattle.  While in college, Eric was a member of R.O.T.C.  He served in Korea in 1975-76. He was in the reserves six years following active duty.  He attained the rank of Captain.

            In 1982, two weeks after retiring, Irving lost the sight in his right eye due to a detached retina.

            Farming was very good to us.  It gave us a comfortable life and our children a chance for an education.  We never farmed more than 200 acres.

            In 1990 “The Lord Willing” we will have our 50th wedding anniversary and our farm will become a century farm.

            By Thelma Anderson, Anthon, Iowa

Homer and Arliss Walters Anderson, page 319-20, picture

            Homer was born on a farm 4 miles east and 1 mile south of Anthon, in March of 1923.  He is the son of Neils and Marie Madsen Anderson.  Both Neils and Marie were born in Denmark.  Neils in 1883 and Marie in 1886.  Marie died in 1935 and Neils later married Eunice McCory in 1937.  She helped raised Kenneth and Homer.  There were three other brothers Holgar, Paul and Neils Jr. Neils Sr. died in 1973.  He and Marie are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery at Anthon, Iowa.

            Arliss was born at Ute, Iowa to Wilbert and Margaret Christensen Walters in January of 1923.  Herparents were born at Castana and Ute and are buried in the Ute cemetery.  Arliss has an older brother Robert and a younger sister Zona Walters Christain.  The Walters moved from Ute to a farm south of Anthon in 1941and Homer met Arliss in 1946.

            After Homer spent a short time in the army, they were married on December 26, 1947 at the Anthon Church of Christ.  They started farming in 1948 on the Peter Jensen farm just across the road from where Homer was born.

            Homer attended school at the Banner Independent School for eight years.  In 1983 he went to Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City, Iowa and got his High School diploma.

            Arliss went to a country school near Ute and then attended high school in Ute.  She attended beauty school in Sioux City, Iowa at Stewarts.

            We farmed on the Jansen farm for 13 years, where 3of our children were born.  Roger, now of Sioux City, Cindy Owen’s of Hubbard, Nebraska and Jerri of Sioux City, Iowa.

            We had a farm sale in 1961 and moved to Anthon to the old Harshfield property.  Arliss hung up her sign and had her shop in our home.  I did carpenter work for a few years and then in 1962.  John Fundermann and I bought a backhoe.  After a year I went at it alone am still at it.

            In 1964 I bought Merritt Weathers farm west of Anthon.  I farmed it for several years.  Then Harold and Lucille Buettner helped me with it.

            Ronald Hayworth farms it for me now along with the Walters place.

            Arliss continued with the Beauty Shop until her health forced her to retire in 1977.  Eunice Hill Clause helped her in 1966 when our youngest girl was born.  In March 1978 Arliss passed away and is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

            I was privileged to serve on the Anthon City Council for two years 1971-72 filling out a vacated term.

            I have three granddaughters, Becky and Kelly Deitloff of Hubbard, Nebraska and Diana Marie Anderson of Sioux City, Iowa.

            By Homer Anderson


Bert Baker Ashley, page 320, picture

            This is the history of Bert Baker Ashley.  He was the 7th child of 9 children born to Elisha Baker Ashley and Martha Noel Shirley.  He was born July 27, 1874 in Logan County, Illinois.  He moved with his parents to Pottawattomi County, Iowa to a farm near Macedonia, Iowa in 1876.  In 1883, they moved to Woodbury County, Iowa near Battle Creek, Iowa and in 1890 to a farm near Anthon, Iowa where he continued to live until his death.

            On March 6, 1900 he was married to Austa Drake, she was born September 16, 1881 in Woodbury County, Iowa and died September 27, 1916 at Anthon.  They had 6 children who were:  Doris, was born February 1, 1901.  She married Dan Montana.  They have no children.

            Eldon Baker Ashley was born November 12, 1902.  He married Nellie K. Peterson.  Their children are:  Marion Louise, George Robert, Janice Marsha, Sharon Eunice, Evelyn and Blaine.

            Frank Marion Ashley was born October 23, 1904 at Anthon, Iowa.  He married Sylvia Paulsen Febraury 2, 1935 in Sioux City, Iowa.  She was born July 3, 1913 at Anthon, Iowa.  Their children are:  Janice Kay born and died April 16, 1938.  Bert Brian Ashley born July 5, 1939 Sioux City, Iowa.  Sonia Marie Ashley, born May 4, 1943, Sioux City, Iowa.

            Martha Shirley Ashley was born October 15, 1908 at Anthon, Iowa.  She was married to Emmert Reinking.  He was born March 13, 1910 at Kingsley, Iowa.  Their childen are:  Deanna Jane born February 20, 1938 at Pierson, Iowa.  Louis Emmert born May 11, 1941 at Kingsley, Iowa and Charles Edward born January 21, 1945 at Kingsley, Iowa.

            Berta Maxine Ashley was born May 12, 1913, at Anthon, Iowa. She was married November 26, 1942 in Seattle, Washington to Robert Walker Conrad who wa born September 16, 1911 at Milwaukee, Oregon.  Heir children are:  Richard Roy born December 26, 1943 at Seattle, Washington. Steven George born July 12, 1945 at Seattle, Washington.  Dennis Ashley Conrad born September 16, 1946 at Seattle, Washington.  Bruce Daniel born July 9, 1950 at Seattle, Washington.  Tami born June ---at Seattle, Washington.

            Infant son born October 1915 at Anthon, Iowa, died July 27, 1916.

            Bert Baker Ashley came to this country in a covered wagon.  He lived in two sod houses tht he told about.  He raised cattle, hogs and a large flock of sheep for many years.  He was a trustee for many years and a good school director.  He was a good neighbor and a friend to all.


Brian and Sheryl Ashley, page 320-1, picture

            Brian and Sheryl Ashley are both lifelong residents of the Anthon Community.  Brian was born in a Sioux City, Iowa hospital on July 5, 1939 to Frank and Sylvia Paulsen Ashley.  Sheryl was born in the Battle Creek, Iowa hospital  to John and LaVerna Butcher Hamann on May 8, 1943.

            Both of them attended the Anthon School, with Brian transfering form Wolf Creek Township No 4 country school in the 6th grade to graduate from Anthon in 1957.  Sheryl began kindergarten at Anthon and graduated from Anthon-Oto in 1961.

            Brian went on to join the Navy for 2 years, traveling to the Western Pacific, and upon returning home attended Iowa State University at Ames.  He then resumed farming in partnership with his father, Frank, on the home place northwest of Anthon.

            Sheryl grew up on a farm east of Anthon and after graduated married Brian at Midway Lutheran Church on June 11, 1961.  They made their home on the farm northwest of Anthon.

            They have 3 children: Kami Kay, born on September 26, 1962, Kendall Frank, born July 29, 1965, and Anthony Brian, born on July 24, all in Sioux City, Iowa hospitals.

            Kami and Ken were active 4-Hers, Kami excelling in State Awards and Ken being a State Officer.  After their graduations from Anthon-Oto, Kami and Ken attended Iowa State University.  Kami graduated with a double major in Marketing and Management in 1986 and now works in Customer – Relations for Ford Motor Co., in Falls Church, Virginia.  Ken is an Air Force R.O.T.C. pilot candidate and plans to graduate from Iowa State in 1988.  He has just received his private pilot’s license. Tony isa grade school student at Anthon-Oto and totally committed to sports as his main interest.  He is a new and enthusiastic 4-Her.

            Brian’s main interests through life have been: 4-H, gaining honors County President, and in National judging  contests.  He also spends time doing a lot of welding, remodeling his home and rebuilding his 1957 Chevy convertible.  His volunteer work includes: serving on the Anthon-Oto School Board for 12 years, Farm Bureau Board, Extension Council, 4-H Leader of the Wolf Creek Progressors, Masonic offices, Board of Directors of Woodbury County Cattlemen’s Association, Old Settler’s Fair Committee, the United Methodist Church Board and various church committees. 

            Sheryl was also a 4-Her.  Her interests range from art, antiques, singing and playing the guitar, to taking Spanish language classes at Western Iowa Technical College.  Her volunteer work has kep her busy.  She has held Eastern Star offices and coordinates various Woodbury County Fair Projects, such as the Queen Contest and Talent Shows.  She has served as President of Anthon United Methodist Women and presently is Vice President of  Sioux City District United Methodist Women.  She has taught High School Sunday School for 15 years, sings in the church choir and serves on her church’s board and various committees.  She acted in the Anthon Old Settler’s Melodrama and is serving as Treasurer and Entertainment Chairperson for the Anthon Centennial Committee.

            Their family has been joined for a year on 2 separate occasions by foreign exchange students from West Germany and France.

            Brian and Sheryl enjoy traveling and remodeling continually the former country schoolhouse which they moved onto their farm to serve as their home.


Charles M. Ashely, page 321-2, picture

            Charles M. (Charley) Ashley, youngest child of Elisha Baker Ashley and Martha Noel Shirley Ashley was born March 11, 1883 at Macedonia, Iowa.  He was brought by his parents to a farm in Woodbury County, near Battle Creek when only two weeks old. In 1890, the family moved to a farm in Wolf Creek Township near Anthon.  Charley remained in the vicinity his entire life.  He attended rural schools and farmed with his father as a youth.

            On January 1, 1906 he married Mrs. Mary L. Johnson, daughter of Louis and Ellen Emerson Johnson of Sioux City, Iowa.  Mary was born May 27, 1886 at Merrill, Iowa.  She attended school in Sioux City, where she had moved with her parents.  She later became a rural school teacher in Woodbury County, at Wolf Creek Township School No. 5, near Anthon.  This is where she met Charlie, his father Elisha being the school director.  She boarded in their home as was customary at that time.

            In 1906 they purchased the farm in Section 21, that his parents were renting and two years later moved to that farm where they lived the remainder of their lives with the exception of five months they spent in California.  Easily viewed from the country road were the neat white letters on the barn which proclaimed this as “Ashland”. Indeed it was as all the buildings standing were designed by them during their married life.  Charley was a lover of animals and took great pride in his stock of horses, hogs, cattle and sheep.


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